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Hanne Tolg Parminter

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Hanne Tolg Johansen (born 1965) is a Norwegian Islamophobic blogger and anti-immigration advocate. She writes under the name Hanne Tolg and is also known by her married name, Hanne Tolg Parminter.

She is listed as one of three highlighted staff authors together with Hans Rustad and Christian Skaug, in the far-right Islamophobic publication An official report on extremism on the Internet prepared by the Norwegian Police University College and published by the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security cites as an example of an "extremist website" alongside Stormfront and Gates of Vienna.[1] According to the Financial Times, it is "a website rife with anti-Muslim and hard right rhetoric."[2] received media attention in 2011, when it was revealed that the mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik had been an active contributor to the website; according to the BBC, "Anders Behring Breivik left racist, extremist right-wing comments along with fellow anti-Muslims" on the site.[3]


Born in Norway, she moved to the United Kingdom upon marriage, ironically making her an immigrant herself. Divorced from her husband, she remains in the UK with her daughter. Although described on the site as a "market analyst, lecturer in marketing, translator and writer at since 2013," she was in fact employed as a clerk with a provincial fire service in the United Kingdom, the North Wales Fire and Rescue Service since 2002. In August 2015, in the midst of a lengthy investigation into her racist and Islamophobic behaviour by the fire service, she was forced to resign before the enquiry, which would have resulted in her dismissal, was concluded. This was reported widely in the local media.[4] Following her forced resignation, she revealed in a blog post on that she is now paid by the blog's owner Hans Rustad to write Islamophobic content for the website.[5]

Style, or lack thereof[edit]

Her contributions to the publication mainly involve pieces which criticise Islam and Muslims, deal in conspiracy theories (usually involving either Muslims or "the political establishment", often both), and express opposition to immigration and multiculturalism. A particular focus of hers is reporting meticulously on crimes committed by Muslims. As with the others involved with she is very much a pseudo intellectual, constantly plagiarising articles from the British press and publishing them in Norwegian so as to appear as her own work.

Hans Rustad, her boss, can be seen as the archetypal representative of the counter-jihad movement, that is dominated by embittered men in their 60s with little formal education, who become fanatically devoted to a single issue.[6]


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