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To embed a video use the Embed Video extension.

Sites supported:

As of version 0.1, EmbedVideo supports embedding video content from the following services:


precede the site name with"#ev" The EmbedVideo parser function expects to be called in either of the following ways:

  • {{#ev:site|id}} -or-
  • {{#ev:site|id|width}}


  • service is the name of a video sharing site.
  • id is the id of the video to include
  • width (optional) is the width in pixels of the viewing area (height will be determined automatically)

To embed a YouTube video, for example, one uses the format below:


(The code "T69TOuqaqXI" is the unique identifier for the YouTube video.) This produces the video on screen:

To embed as a thumbnail:


Examples for how to embed videos from all six services are given at the extension's project homepage.

A quick plea[edit]

Whilst this extension is fun and can be used for a great many things, it is also time consuming for the server's CPU and for a user trying to open a page with videos on it. Also consider that both the site and a person browsing have to pay for bandwidth. Please use sparingly.