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If you were looking for the deceased peace activist Janet Bloomfield,Wikipedia you've landed on an article about her polar opposite who has used "Janet Bloomfield" as a pen name.

Janet Bloomfield, also known as... a hell of a lot of other names. As she appeared on Viceland.[1]
A lunatic Chaplin imitator
and his greatest fans

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First as tragedy
Then as farce
Attention #ISISちゃん PLEASE KILL @JustinTrudeau FIRST. He's fucking gay.
—"Deplorable Janet"[2][3]
Women destroy children and men if they are allowed. #WhyWomenShouldNotVote
—"Deplorable Janet"[4][3]
Yes, I'm a Nazi. And how are you? I'm the daughter of a Lebensborn.Wikipedia Grand-daughter of an SS Officer. I'm Aryan by culture and by blood. ... Tall, fit blondes are better than everyone else.
—Janet Bloomfield[5][6][7]

Janet Bloomfield, a.k.a. Andrea Hardie is a straight-up neo-Nazi whose grandfather was an actual Nazi-SS officer by her own account.[5][6][7][8] Bloomfield described her parents during her childhood in Alberta, Canada as "crazy and violent" Seventh Day Adventists whom she feared.[9] Bloomfield is also known as a longtime hoax-generating Internet troll,[10][11][12] and of course she's swallowed a heaping dose of internalized misogyny.[3][13] She formerly wrote for the MRA website A Voice for Men (for which she was the social media director) under the moniker JudgyBitch.[10][14][15] Needless to say, she supported Gamergate, and in very-intellectually-honest fashion posted blatantly-fake quotes attributed to Gamergate's targets like Anita Sarkeesian.[11][12] Bloomfield has argued in favor of her husband beating her under certain hypothetical circumstances.[13]

Hoax websites[edit]

More recently, she's apparently taken to creating hoax websites such as IQfy,[10][16] and AFRU (claims to be "Black-led and Black-owned", which is doubtful to say the least).[17] The sites generate headlines advocating totally super real "social justice causes" like: "Encourage women to smell their poop to be more inclusive to Trans women",[10] and "Why is this a thing? 10 statues that white people just can't stop sexually harassing".[18] In turn, her ideological colleagues at A Voice for Men and elsewhere feign outrage.[10] If you can't counter real arguments made by social justice movements, why not just make shit up instead, after all? And it's well in line with her above-mentioned activity during Gamergate — nothing new under the... sun.

In the case of IQfy, at least some of the site's less objectionable content appears to be plagiarized from other sources. For example: the article "How people used to download games from the radio in the 80s" on IQfy (credited to "Anonymous"),[19] seems to be almost completely identical to a 2014 article that was once published by Kotaku and attributed to Lewis Packwood.[20]

Other domains known to be linked to Bloomfield include Femoid.com ("femoid" being a dehumanizing incel term for a woman), judgybitch.com, and lulz.com; these have previously hosted articles similar to those found on IQfy and Afru.[10]

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