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Alt-right glossary

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For primarily non-Anglophone terms, see the Alt-right glossary (non-Anglophone). For terms specific to India and Russia, see the Indian alt-right glossary and Russian alt-right glossary. For (more of) their repugnant views on women see Manosphere glossary.
But Orcs and Trolls spoke as they would, without love of words or things; and their language was actually more degraded and filthy than I have shown it. I do not suppose that any will wish for a closer rendering, though models are easy to find. Much the same sort of talk can still be heard among the orc-minded; dreary and repetitive with hatred and contempt, too long removed from good to retain even verbal vigor, save in the ears of those to whom only the squalid sounds strong.
—J. R. R. Tolkien, Appendix F of The Return of the King[1]

The alt-right uses a lexicon filled with memes, stolen left-wing terminology with altered meanings, and in-jokes. Whether this is because the alt-right consists of a bunch of cringey manchildren or because they hope to hide their racist intentions, the world may never know.[note 1]

The linguistic poverty of Nazi Germany was noted in Victor Klemperer's 1947 book, The Language of the Third Reich.[2]:17-21 The importance of linguistic poverty in propaganda and fascism was emphasized in Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf.[3]:53-55

There are terms in this glossary that are used extensively outside of the alt-right. Some of these terms are used in various online communities and even precede the creation of the Internet. The hijacking of these harmless terms is one of their main strategies, as they aim to mask their blatant neo-Nazism; as always, listening to context and method of usage is important for separating innocuous usage from malicious cover.

Symbols and numbers[edit]


The bear (🐻) emoji, especially alongside the hashtag #unBEARables, denotes fans of alt-right internet personality Owen Benjamin.[4][5][6] (The bear may also be used more innocuously by people from California, whose flag features a bear. Again, context is important.)


See SuperStraight


See Clown World


Milk, emojified as 🥛, is another dogwhistle similar to 👌. This dogwhistle originated from a 4chan thread[7] centering around a Nature article about a genetic mutation in Europe that caused lactase production and eliminated lactose intolerance in adulthood.[8] Ironically, a similar mutation arose independently in Africa.[9] Whether as a form of dimwittery or trolling, some in the alt-right have also engaged in milk chugging.[10] However, recent evidence shows that people in modern Kenya and Sudan were drinking milk beginning at least 6,000 years ago, before humans evolved the "milk gene" that allows milk to be digested.[11]


A Twitter profile displaying "🏳️‍🌈🚫"

The self-explanatory "no gay" (🏳️‍🌈🚫) sign, the LGBTQ+ Pride flag emoji overlaid with (or aside) a crossout Unicode character, appears among Twitter and other online alt-righters as an endorsement of homophobia. The overlaid version was first found around February 19, 2019, and at first, it was thought it was an official emoji. However, it was later found to be created with a character known as the Zero Width Joiner,[12] which can be used to combine Unicode characters to make new ones, most notably emojis. Many emoji fonts, however, display the emojis overlaid into one another if no official combined emoji exists, resulting in the overlaid emoji.


The OK Hand Sign, emojified as 👌, is a dogwhistle that alt-righters use to show that they are alt-right without explicitly stating it, echoing both Trump's and Pepe's usage of the sign.[13] The alt-right use originated as bait for a /pol/ "prank" or trolling attempt,[14] but as the media failed to fall into the trap, its usage rapidly shed whatever irony it had. As of January 2018, Snopes has listed the symbol as ambiguous as to whether it is an alt-right symbol or alt-right trolling.[15] The sign is also used relatively innocuously in the "Circle Game".[16] It's so devious because it can be very difficult to know if someone is using it as a dogwhistle or a harmless hand sign.


🐸 is the emoji form of Pepe.


The pine or spruce tree emoji 🌲 expresses a combination of "Nordic" roots and alt-right sympathies, especially as it connects to ecofascism.[17][18][19] Note that this may also be used by people in the Pacific Northwest or who are interested in conifers, so context is important.


The ☸️ emoji represents the dharmachakra, a symbol common in Indian religions with no racist connotations. It’s sometimes used to represent the Sonnenrad, particularly on Twitter.


The doubled ⚡, to the alt-right, does not represent two ordinary lightning bolts, but the insignia of the Nazi SS, the SS bolts. To obfuscate its true meaning to those not in the know, the two emoji may be placed on either side of a name, word, or phrase.[20][21]


See the main articles on this topic: Triple parentheses and International Jewish Conspiracy

Triple parentheses (also (((echoes))) or coincidence markers) are used to highlight the names of those of Jewish, partial-Jewish ancestry, or even imagined Jewish ancestry as such: (((NAME))). Users of triple parentheses allege that triple parentheses highlight how much control Jews have over the world, which bears close resemblance to the "International Jewish Conspiracy" conspiracy theory, sometimes indicated with "(((they)))".[22] It's also a convenient way to poison the well by smearing someone or something as Jewish in a racist appeal to identity. The Nazi blog The Right Stuff calls these cases "coincidences" in which "Jewish surnames echo throughout history".[23] The hashtag #Cohencidence (which trended on Twitter for a while) is linked to the idea of coincidence marking as a portmanteau of the word "coincidence" with the common Jewish surname "Cohen".[24]

Intentionally using triple parenthesis around one's own name (e.g., on Twitter) is sometimes seen as an act of defiance against the alt-right.[25]

Sometimes used in an inverted manner )))like this((( to signal that one, or someone else, is an antisemite.[26][27] Sometimes [[]] (Double brackets) are used instead of triple parentheses to avoid getting noticed as an antisemite and getting banned.


See the main article on this topic: Swastika

A character that the alt-right uses, in this case a Kangxi Radical symbol used in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, alongside many other cultures. The symbol existed thousands of years before the Nazis did.[28] However, in the early 20th century, it was appropriated by extreme right-wing groups in Germany because of Germany's supposed Aryan past, which led Hitler to do the same.[29] Although its use has been "tainted" in much of the world, it still sees use in many eastern religions like Jainism and Buddhism.


See Three Percenters


13%, 13/50, or 13/52 is a racist dogwhistle for African American people, in reference to the supposed statistic that "despite being only 13% of the population, African Americans commit approximately 50% of homicides in the USA" or "despite making up only 13% of the population, African Americans make up 52% of all homicides in the United States".[30][31] Similarly, 13/90 refers to a related claim that 90% of all violent interracial crimes in the U.S. are committed by Blacks against Whites.[32] Never mind that these figures are decades old[33] and that based on numbers arrested, African Americans have gone from committing 49.3% (56,909/115,495) of all violent crimes in 1995[34] to 37% (172,980/470,890) of violent crimes in 2019, showing that this meme is out-dated and currently should be "13/37".[35] Since these statistics are based on arrests, not convictions, they are subject to bias from racial profiling. One study estimated that as much as 16-33% of arrests of racial minorities could be due to racial profiling in areas that have not had police reform.[36]

Michael Harriot of The Root published a Twitter thread in June 2020 exposing the distortions in "13/50"; for instance, the overwhelming majority (nearly 99 percent) of African Americans have not committed a crime.[37]


For WP=White Power, based on letter position in the alphabet, similar to 88=HH. Sometimes also 16/23, which, as well as being a transparent disguise, also relates to "peckerwood", formerly black slang for whites now used as self-identification by white supremacists.[38]


According to a National Transgender Discrimination Survey, 41% of trans people have attempted suicide at some point in their lives.[39] Transphobes often misrepresent this statistic, and similar statistics about suicidal idealization among trans people, as the percentage of trans people who have died by suicide or who will end up killing themselves (which is interesting considering ~95% of suicide attempts end in survival), and then use it to imply trans people should kill themselves; it may also be used to falsely suggest that the trans suicide and suicide attempt rates don't decrease post-transition.[40][41]



Also known as Amerimutt, La Creatura, Le 56% Face, or Der Untermensch; it refers to the claim that the USA is 56% white.[42]

109, 110[edit]

109 stands for the 109 locations that Jews were alleged to have been expelled from, and of course, implies it was their own fault every time. Nazis usually conflate these locations with 'countries'.[43] One may also see a 110, meaning Jews must be kicked out of another country.[44][45]


1290 was the year that Jews were expelled from England by King Edward I.Wikipedia Jews were not allowed to return until Oliver Cromwell readmitted Jews to Britain in 1656.[46]


1488[47] or 14/88[48] is a reference to two racist concepts, the Fourteen Words created by white supremacist David Lane ("We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children," or more rarely, "Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth") and 88 (Which originally referenced Lane's "88 PreceptsWikipedia", but now represents two H's (8th letter of the alphabet) to make "HH", for Heil HitlerWikipedia). It is claimed that the 14 words were inspired by a specific sentence from Volume 1, Chapter 8 of Mein Kampf, which is exactly 88 words in length, though neither Lane nor his publisher Fourteen Word Press ever claimed this, and it is probably a coincidence.

In short: If their username has "14" and/or "88" in it and they whine about white fertility rates, get out the Nazi-beating-stick.

AryanPrincess1488 finds your accusation of racism deeply offensive.


6MWE is an abbreviation for "6 million wasn't enough", a reference to the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust. Shirts bearing this acronym have been seen at Proud Boys events.[49][50]




An onomatopoeia that one supposedly makes verbally while in the act of hanging themselves. In the alt-right, this phrase is used as a well poisoning technique against transgender rights to imply the person saying so is suicidal. It usually is added to arguments of their opponents (i.e. "Trans people contemplate suicide because of transphobia" becomes ">Trans people constipate suicide because of transphobi-ACK!") and is usually accompanied with a soyjak of a strawman trans woman committing suicide by hanging. [51]


An attempt by radical Islamists to rebrand their ideas using memes and imagery more commonly associated with the alt-right, such as Pepes and wojaks. They frequently emphasize views that the two movements share in common, such as misogyny, homophobia, and support for authoritarian Islamist regimes overseas such as the Taliban. Andrew Tate, a misogynistic manosphere influencer who converted to Islam, is popular with this crowd.[52]


A sarcastic description of shoplifters and other thieves. A reference to the classic Disney movieWikipedia about a young petty thief who is helped by a genie to become a prince. In his introduction song, Aladdin steals food to survive, but gives food to orphans as well. When used by the alt-right, it's to suggest the Left views all criminals as just Aladdins who only steal food and help others. Note that the Proud Boys's name is also a reference to the movie.

Ally points[edit]

The reward gained for virtue signalling. Ally points place the recipient slightly higher in the eyes of the leftist overlords. They are revoked at the first sign of disloyalty. "Brownie Points" is a similar concept, albeit with the additional implication of obsequiousness.[53][54] Used sarcastically by the left as well to call out performative wokeness.

Alphabet People[edit]

Alphabet People is a conservative slang term for anyone who is part of the LGBTQ+ community and usually refers to any LGBTQ+ member who has any sort of social or political power in the media.[55]


See the main article on this topic: Alt-center

A misleading term used by some racialists in an attempt to portray themselves as moderates.


See the main articles on this topic: Christian Identity and Traditionalist Catholicism

Short for "Alternative Christianity", Alt-Christianity is used by alt-righters who openly believe in the religion of "Christianity". Many Christian alt-righters share similar views to the hateful Christian Right, with a twist of white supremacy added into the mix (never mind that Jesus almost certainly wasn't white…). Prominent Alt-Christians include the Ku Klux Klan, Theodore Beale, Rick Wiles, Matthew Heimbach, Matt Walsh, InfoWars, John Earnest, Teddy Von Nukem, Jim Caviezel, Pastor Steven Anderson, Jesse Lee Peterson, Ron DeSantis, Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Proud Boys and Christian Nationalists.[56] Not to be confused with cultural Christianity, which despite its name, is a secular orientation (though one with quite a few alt-right adherents in its own right). The term Christofascism is also different and is generally associated with theocratic Christians.


The alt-left (also CTRL-left) is a term that The New York Times claims was made up by the right to create a sense of false equivalence between the far right and "anything vaguely left-seeming that they didn't like."[57] The term was originally coined by Robert A. Lindsay to describe some on the far-left moving away from identity and social justice politics and moving towards focusing more on economic populism[58] — the opposite of those whom the alt-right (theoretically) use the term against, who would presumably be those who double down on identity politics and the like. It also originated as a term used by centrist and moderate Democrats against the far-left within the party (as well as left-aligned independents) who support "progressive ideals" (like pushing Seth Rich murder conspiracies, praising Bashar al-Assad, claiming chemical attacks were false flags, and still denying that Russia meddled in the US election).[59][60][61][62][63] The term has even been used by Hannity to describe mainstream media.[64][65][66]

The term "regressive left" is often used as a substitute for "alt-left" and a shitty insult for the far-right to use against the far-left ("see? the Left has crazies, too!"). However, the original meaning of the term "regressive left" was as a political epithet against liberals/leftists who allegedly fail to criticize reactionary or ideologically authoritarian elements within radical Islam — or Islam in general, depending on who you talk to — in the name of tolerance, multiculturalism, diversity, and/or other forms of alleged Cultural Marxism. The term has also seen some use among leftists who are (seen as being) too friendly towards authoritarian regimes as long as they profess to be "anti-imperialist".


Alt-lite (or alt-light) is a loosely-defined term used to refer to at least one of the following:

  • a subfaction / breakaway faction of the alt-right that wants to steer the alt-right towards more (read: relatively) moderate Trump-esque grounds, hoping to use this "moderation" to "re-take" Europe with candidates such as Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders. Steve Bannon was an example of the alt-lite. Bannon, who is a racist but publicly disavowed ethnonationalism, now regards it as a mistake to have ever identified his publication Breitbart, and by implication himself, as part of the alt-right, and he is not the only alt-lite individual to feel this way about the alt-right. It's possible that Bannon got played in this regard by his erstwhile "journalist" Milo, who posed as a part-Jewish "controversial gay conservative" but was secretly an antisemitic alt-right member hobnobbing with alt-right individuals like Richard Spencer and trying to use Breitbart to build a recruitment pipeline from more conventional right-wingers into the alt-right. (In 2018, Milo was asked repeatedly but could not provide hard evidence of his claimed Jewish ancestry.[67])
  • right-wing individuals whose political positions are dangerously close to the alt-right but generally stop short of explicit white nationalism.

The alt-lite thus hopes to abandon (overt) antisemitism and racism, which upsets the more militantly white-nationalist alt-right subfaction. "Alt-lite" is both a pejorative (similar to cuck) slung at alt-rightists who aren't racist enough and a self-description of the Proud Boys subgroup.[68]

The alt-lite is willing to embrace most other forms of bigotry: according to the Anti-Defamation League, the alt-lite "embraces misogyny and xenophobia, and abhors 'political correctness' and the left."[69]


See the main article on this topic: Alt-right

The alt-right (also new right or dissident right) is the dominant group within the regressive right. The term is supposed to distinguish them from neocons, who are held to have betrayed conservatism by being globalists. The alt-right's fundamental beliefs are:

The alt-right bundles these concepts into the feel-good buzzword of Western civilization, which is an Unquestionable Good Thing.

Many alt-righters are (literal) Nazis or fascists. This stems from the belief that the actor behind the above attacks is "The Jews". Those alt-righters who are not Nazis generally hold that Cultural Marxists and/or "globalists" are pulling the strings (and these terms can serve as antisemitic dogwhistles for Jews). This conspiratorial thinking underlies much of alt-right rhetoric about the liberal media and an ongoing culture war.

The alt-right does not endorse any particular economic views, though they typically oppose economic globalization based on "foreigners taking our jobs and controlling our companies" arguments against outsourcing and foreign investment, respectively. As such, alt-right is essentially synonymous with extreme social conservativism. Given that the alt-right and the Religious Right both whine about the same things, this isn't hard to believe.

The term originated with William F. Buckley in 2003 in the Usenet group soc.history.what-if ("A right without a Buckley will probably be smaller, and uglier to boot. I would expect this alt-right to be a lot more vigorously opposed to the civil rights movement."), but was popularized beginning with the racist Taki's Magazine in 2009.[70]


Short for "Alternative South", Alt-South is a term coined by Alabama native, anti-Semitic racist, and Occidental Dissent writer Brad Griffin to refer to a sub-section of the alt-right that combines racial Neo-Confederate/Southern Nationalism with the tactics and ideology of the alt-right as an alternative to mainstream conservatism in the South.[71] The Identitarian organization Identity Dixie (aka "Rebel Yell") is an Alt-South group. Appropriately, just like the alt-right, the "Alt-South" has its own glossary.[72]


Alt-tech refers to "free speech" internet websites that are alternatives to mainstream internet outlets.

More often than not, these "alt-tech" websites are littered with typical alt-right content since many of them are "free speech websites", with Rightpedia and GoyFundMe being exceptions. Even though they don't explicitly identify as alt-right, they have plenty of users who endorse and/or push alt-right views. Unsurprisingly, so-called "alt-tech" websites are often vastly inferior to their mainstream counterparts.[73]

Some "alt-tech" websites (and their mainstream counterparts):

Le American Bear[edit]

The original Le American Bear

Le American Bear refers to a series of do-it-yourself Paint cartoons and singular panels conceived on YlilautaWikipedia ca. 2012-2013, as well as to the titular character; it was initially not racist. In the alt-right recharacterization, a morbidly obese and dimwitted American caricature consistently falls for tricks and traps set by Le Happy Merchant, yet never sees anything wrong with the situation and keeps calling him "my greatest ally".[82][83]


Amerikaner, a portmanteau of 'Afrikaner' and 'American' (and also the German word for 'American'), is a term used in some alt-right circles to refer to all white Americans as supposedly having the same ancestry, regardless of their actual ethnic backgrounds — which might not even be Aryan.[84] It also refers to the alleged "white genocide" of Afrikaners at the hands of black South Africans in post-Apartheid South Africa, which is a major focal point of the alt-right's persecution complex. The implication is that a similar "fate" awaits white Americans if they do not act.


Amish is used when the perpetrator of a crime is an "expected" suspect, such as a Muslim for an act of terrorism, African American for a murder, etc. The speaker will make a comment like "must be the Amish", with the intent that by pretending to scapegoat an unlikely suspect, they indicate to their audience that the demographic of the suspect is obvious by the nature of the crime.[85]

Inejirō Asanuma[edit]

The televised assassination of Japanese socialist politician Inejirō AsanumaWikipedia by Otoya Yamaguchi of the far-right Greater Japan Patriotic Party has been used as a meme by the alt-right to excuse unprovoked violence against socialists and other leftists.[86] The assassination was reenacted in 2018 by then-Proud Boys leader Gavin McInnes before a Proud Boys riot[87] that resulted in several convictions.[88] The current (as of 2020) leader of the Proud Boys sells a T-shirt on his online shop that says, "Yamaguchi Did Nothing Wrong".[89]


The term's first known appearance on Twitter was as a boast by a gun nut in 2010.[91] It has since also become an insult directed at gun nuts, implying that they have a literal firearm sexual fetish.[92] Also occasionally used to mock trans/non-binary/general queer concerns, as with Attack helicopter/Apache.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white is a reference to a "mantra" that alleges that mass immigration is causing white genocide. The mantra begins:


It's about as stupid as it sounds.[note 3] Similar phrases include "diversity is anti-white", "multiculturalism is anti-white", etc. The subphrase "anti-white" has become widely used among the alt-right.

The original Apu Apustaja


Apu is a Pepe-like frog named Apu Apustaja ("help helper"), originally from the Finnish image site Ylilauta,Wikipedia[93] part of the Pepe/Groyper amphibian NPC collective repertoire.[94]

Around blacks, never relax[edit]

A slogan originating from an A. Wyatt Mann racist cartoon, advising against letting one's guard down in proximity to black people “due to their violent nature and potential of attack/robbery”.[95]

The ‘comic’ in question.

Attack helicopter/Apache[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Non-binary gender

The phrase "I sexually identify as an attack helicopter" or ammosexual, and other variants of "I sexually identify as [something transparently ridiculous except being funny]" are used to mock people who are non-binary or who believe that non-binary genders can exist. The phrase is often accompanied by a long shitpost about the rights the shitposter allegedly demands due to being [something transparently ridiculous]. Since the alt-right is a movement that partly grew from chan culture, expect allusions to furries or otherkin. "Apache attack helicopter" is perhaps the most common phrase, as it features in the popular 2014 copypasta that coined the joke:[96]

I sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of soaring over the oilfields dropping hot sticky loads on disgusting foreigners. People say to me that a person being a helicopter is Impossible and I'm fucking retarded but I don’t care, I’m beautiful. I’m having a plastic surgeon install rotary blades, 30 mm cannons and AMG-114[sic] Hellfire missiles on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me "Apache" and respect my right to kill from above and kill needlessly. If you can't accept me you're a heliphobe and need to check your vehicle privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.

Not to be confused with aeromorphs, which actually are sexualized depictions of anthropomorphic aircraft.

Austrian painter, mustache man[edit]

Austrian painter is a cutesy alt-right pseudonym for Adolf Hitler,[97] based on his lackluster watercolor career in Vienna before he chucked it all, moved to Munich, and enlisted in the Bavarian Army.

A similar cutesy pseudonym is mustache man,[98] in reference to Hitler's famous toothbrush mustache. Interestingly enough, Hitler had been known for his large and luxurious mustache before the German military ordered him to trim it down to get a proper seal on his gas mask, which didn't save him from being injured and temporarily blinded in a British gas attack in 1918.[99]

Autistic dark web[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Autistic dark web

The autistic dark web (ADW) is a small radical group composed of alt-right internet trolls who pretend to have autism (and possibly a handful of self-loathing autistics) who troll and bully autistic people while promoting far-right ideology. The ADW opposes the Autism rights movement, identity politics, feminism, egalitarianism, and social justice. Strawman arguments are common, such as claiming that neurodiversity advocates think autism is "fashionable" or that they think autism isn't a disability (which it obviously is). Autistic people who don't hate themselves or who dare to appreciate any of the positive aspects of being autistic are unacceptable to members of the ADW. The ADW often harasses people with autism and promotes the Clown World meme, anti-vaccination conspiracy theories, and claims that Jews "invented" autism.[note 4]

Autistic screeching[edit]

The original autistic screeching meme
See the main article on this topic: Ableism

The phrase "autistic screeching" is used to mock people being offended by the alt-right and/or to ridicule autistic people.[100][101][102] It is also associated with the text 'REEEEEEE', indicating a corresponding sound that a particular species of frog makes.[103] Both terms originated from 4chan.[102][103]


Based is a euphemism for someone or something considered authoritative, "unbiased", and redpilled.[104] The alt-right generally describes anyone who promotes bigotry as "based".[105][106] The term gained mainstream usage through Gamergate's descriptions of pro-Gamergate YouTubers as "based", although it was initially used by American rapper Lil BWikipedia the "BasedGod" in a different context; he defined the term that denotes a lifestyle of positivity and tolerance, the complete opposite to the alt-right's appropriation of the phrase. Alt-righters often pair the term with the adjective cucked: something or someone that doesn't accept alt-right views.


Basketball-American is a mocking term for African Americans based on the association between that community and the sport.[107] Variants like "Watermelon-American", and others featuring basically any cultural trait stereotypically associated with black people, are also used.

Be A Man Among Men[edit]

Rhodesian military recruitment poster.

Be A Man Among Men is a catchphrase commonly associated with Rhodesian military propaganda posters.[108] You may see it used among more militant members of the alt-right.


Beta is interchangeable with cuck and is often used along with it.

The term refers to "beta male", which in turn means "not alpha male" — the alpha male being a concept from the study of lions and other like animals, meaning the leader of the pack, who tends to enjoy greater sexual success. Like the word "cuck", it's probably intended to have humiliating sexual overtones when used to label men in particular. However, since the most obvious translations of "alpha male" into a human social context would be government leaders and CEOs, calling someone a "beta male" arguably means "you're a male human being who isn't an extremely high-profile leader… at least not at the present time". Perhaps not quite what they had intended. The terms alpha, beta, and cuck were adopted from the men's rights movement.

Bix nood[edit]

Bix nood is a nonsensical phrase used in mockery of African American Vernacular English,[109] likely popularized by an A. Wyatt Mann cartoon showing a black person babbling nonsensically into their phone.

"…bix nood…" by A. Wyatt Mann

Blood and soil[edit]

"Blut und Boden" in the Reichsnährstand logo

Blood and soil is one of the rallying cries of the alt-right. It is a translation from the German Blut und Boden,Wikipedia a phrase that originated in German 19th-century agrarian nationalist-romanticism and was adopted by the Nazi Ministry of Food and Agriculture (Reichsnährstand). Under the original Nazis, it indicated then that the original descendants (Blut) belonged to the land (Boden) and was used as an ideology to support the Nazi eugenics program and the Lebensraum ideology. Vanguard America, a white supremacist group, also uses the motto, "blood and soil". As a symbol, they use either an eagle with a Roman fasces (modern symbol of fascism) or a crossed pair of fasces.[110]

Needless to say, the application of this concept by neo-Nazis to the US is absurd.[111] White people are not indigenous to the US. Moreover, white people do not share a unified "blood" as Hitler envisioned it, given that they don't share a "natural" language or "natural" culture — Italians and Swedes do not speak Italian or Swedish in the US, and only "pure" Anglo-Saxons can claim English language and culture.[note 5]

Blue, bluish/blueish[edit]

Blue and bluish/blueish are synonyms/dogwhistles for Jew and Jewish. A picture is shown of people who are Jewish or of Jewish descent, and the uploader will color them blue.[114][115] However, in political compass memes, the blue color refers to the authoritarian right and is not antisemitism in that context.

Boogaloo, boogalo, big igloo, big luau, and the Hawaiian shirt[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Boogaloo boys
Boogaloo boys patch worn at a rally, featuring Pepe[116]

Boogaloo, boogalo, boog, and big igloo are code words for a rebellion against perceived tyranny, but they are often used as a cover for (or misinterpreted as) a race war[117][118][119] and the second American Civil War.[120] The term boogaloo is derived from the 1984 movie Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo,Wikipedia[note 6] a commonly used phrase online to indicate any sort of sequel, particularly a poor-quality one.[122][123] Big igloo is a derivative synonym that refers to boogaloo[124] and probably to the "big tent" idea of inclusiveness (but for white people since igloos are white), but more likely as a way of evading attempts at moderation. In search of homophone-ish phrases for their shitposting, this term further morphed into the phrase big luau online as a reference to the unusually high number of "Boogaloo boys" posting images wearing Hawaiian shirts.[125] This led to a bizarre situation during lockdown protests regarding the 2019-20 COVID-19 outbreak, where many of the far-right extremists that attended showed their devotion to white supremacy by (in reference to the luauWikipedia) dressing in Hawaiian shirts.Wikipedia[126][127][125]

It's been claimed, primarily by the online community of Second Amendment supporters (often internally referred to as the "2A Community"), that the boogaloo movement is "not a racist/neo-Nazi movement", but it is worth pointing out that its origins can be traced from within 4chan's /k/ — Weapons board and the alt-right, dating back to at least 2012 on Reddit.[125] Boogaloo groups began invading Facebook around 2018, and reportedly 125 such groups were there as of April 2020.[125][128] The boogaloo movement has been involved in armed anti-quarantine protests during the COVID-19 pandemic.[125] Unsurprisingly, the boogaloo movement is either an outgrowth of or allied with the militia movement.[125] Following former presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke's comment regarding confiscating personal rifles from the American people, the meme of "The Boog" has gained even more steam, leading to an avalanche of "Boogaloo Side-Quest" memes online. These memes describe activities that should be taken on during a hypothetical uprising, originally as mild threats, then to flat-out stupidity (like teaching a bear — a literal grizzly bear — its second amendment rights and arming it) and history puns (an example being to kidnap an IRS official and throw them in the Boston Harbor, a reference to the Boston Tea Party in the 19th century), then later as potentially actionable threats. Despite the wide range of interpretations of the Boogaloo online, it has been firmly asserted by several pro-gun influencers (notably Brandon Herrera, owner of "The AK Guy" Kalashnikov factory based in Fayetteville, NC and mildly popular YouTuber) that the idea of a revolution, while funny to joke about, should be a last resort in response to government tyranny. There are memes in this vein that reinforce this standpoint, creating side-quests targeting white nationalists and the alt-right to "Keep them from turning [The Boogaloo] into a race war".


Bop was popularized as a cutesy term on the Fren World subreddit, meaning to hit, but quickly became used in the barely-covert alt-right Fren memes as a euphemism for 'attack' or 'kill', particularly in the phrase bop the non-frens.[129] When Fren subs began to be banned by Reddit, "bopped" also became a common term to describe a post, user, or subreddit being banned.

Brother war[edit]

Though the term may be used in other contexts, the term brother war (also seen as "brothers" or "brother's") is used by white nationalists to describe various conflicts that they see as (((nefarious forces))) pitting white people against each other, to the detriment of the white race. While frequently used to refer to World War II, it can also be used to refer to World War I or basically any conflict where white people fought white people and racists are concerned by it, including the modern Ukraine War.[130]


Hitler saluting the Sturmabteilung in 1932, two years before the Night of the Long KnivesWikipedia

The term brownshirt (and more uncommonly, blackshirt) is sometimes used to refer to white members of the left, especially Antifa, with the implication being that they, like Hitler's paramilitary Brownshirts (Sturmabteilung),Wikipedia are violent thugs who beat up people for being political dissidents.[131][132][133]


The term bugman refers to left-wingers who are seen as being hollow technology- and trend-obsessed consumerists whose opinions and tastes are entirely determined by the mainstream consensus of other bugmen. It is similar in meaning to the incelese term bluepill. They have no individuality and are sometimes said to be "soulless" and have a thousand-yard "insectoid" stare that gives away that they are "dead inside". Their lives are empty and without meaning or purpose except to be consumers and serve corporations. It is a clear dehumanization attempt and similar to the NPC meme.


Carolus Rex[edit]

The Latinized name of Charles XII of Sweden,Wikipedia king of Sweden from 1697 to 1718. He has long been idolized by Swedish far-right groups,[134] being seen as the last king during an era when Sweden was considered a great power. November 30, the day of his death, was used by Swedish neo-Nazis and other extremists as a day for their rallies. Due to the influence of the Internet, this status spread to other parts of the far right. Notably, when one of Tucker Carlson's writers was caught on an online neo-Nazi forum, he used the pseudonym "CharlesXII".[135]


See Goy.


A pejorative term for Christianity wielded by the pagan parts of the alt-right that see it as too soft, too Jewish-derived, and/or not racist enough.[136][137]


The term is probably derived from the 1984 B-movie, C.H.U.D. (Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller).[138] It was used in the left-wing Chapo Trap House fandom to refer to right-wing keyboard warriors. Later it was "reclaimed" by 4chan users, though it's still occasionally used as an insult. For either of these uses, it has appeared in 4chan memes, particularly during the early 2020s.[139][140][141]

See Shitlord.

Civic nationalism[edit]

Civic nationalism, or civnat, is a philosophy that defines nationhood in terms of civic institutions and creeds rather than race, ethnicity, or religion. It is thus condemned in alt-right circles as the province of cucks and consequently flung as a pejorative.[142] Andrew Anglin, the owner of The Daily Stormer, was accused within alt-right circles of engaging in this when he put an image of George Washington on The Daily Stormer's banner.[142]

Clown World[edit]

Clown Pepe/Honk Honk/Honkler

Clown World (a.k.a. Clown Pepe, Honk Honk, or Honkler) is a meme created by 4chan trolls to claim that clowns are racist.[143] Clown World is a xenophobic and neo-Nazi dog whistle based on the idea that it's nihilistically humorous that the supposed destruction of Western civilization (through the normalization of autistic people, LGBTQ+ people, immigration, interracial sex, and anything else that the alt-right hates) is allowed without consequence. The emoji for Clown World is 🤡🌎.

Coal burner[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Miscegenation

A white person (typically a woman) who has sex with a black person (typically a man). Coal digger and mud shark are similarly-employed pejoratives. Contrast with bed wench, used in some black supremacist circles to describe black women having sex with white men.

Accordingly, the rhyming phrase "Burn the coal, pay the toll" expresses schadenfreude towards white people who have sex with black people and then face a terrible comeuppance for their crimes against the white race.[144]


Taking their coat means defeating someone in a debate or banning them from an Internet forum. Putting on a coat is synonymous with taking the red pill. The terminology began when Trump suggested that a protester be thrown into the cold from his rally without their coat.[145]


See ((())).


Nickname asserting that the state of California is communist.

Conquered, Not Stolen[edit]

"Conquered, Not Stolen" is an anti-Native American phrase used to celebrate the colonial system and genocides perpetrated by European settlers. The phrase is also used as a chauvinistic statement to downplay the death toll of indigenous peoples. It is used by the white nationalist group Patriot Front in their graffiti propaganda.[146]

Conservatism Inc.[edit]

Conservatism Inc. is a derogatory term for conservatism practiced by those deemed insufficiently pro-white, also known as cuckservatives.


The prototypical coomer meme

A subtype of Wojak who has "severe masturbation addiction" or violated the "No Nut November" pledge.[147][148] It originated on 4chan and is derived from the words "cum" + "boomer" (Baby Boomer) or "cum" + "zoomer" (Generation Z).[147] It is worth knowing, however, that "Coomer" is not an exclusively alt-right meme, and it has been adopted by those who jokingly call themselves "Coomers".


A supposedly clever but completely transparent term used to deny that one is an antisemite while simultaneously asserting it.[149]


A cuck is someone who doesn't hold alt-right views. It is used as a pejorative with absurd frequency. The term "cuck" originates from "cuckold",Wikipedia which describes a man married to an adulterous woman, specifically in the fetishWikipedia sense: the implication is seemingly supposed to be that the recipient holds views that they know are wrong, but is too pathetic to do anything about it. The term was taken from the men's rights movement (see Manosphere glossary#Cuckold). Someone who is not cucked is instead based or red-pilled. There are also racist ideas attached to the term, in that allowing a black man to have sex with one's white wife is viewed as an unforgivable offense. So the term is applied to targets deemed to be race traitors in any way.


A cuckservative is a conservative who doesn't hold alt-right views on race and immigration and therefore is cucked instead of based.[150]

Cultural enrichment[edit]

Cultural enrichment is a sarcastic term used by the alt-right to mock those who think immigration from countries that aren't majority white or East Asian is not an inherently bad thing. The term is used as a mocking euphemism for terrorist attacks, street crimes, or other problems the alt-right believes to stem from large minority or immigrant populations.[151] For example, after the June 2017 London Bridge attack,Wikipedia a likely alt-right account tweeted:

Another day of cultural enrichment in Londonistan. Weaponised vehicles, a few dead people. Sadiq Khan’s Londonistan #londonattack.[152][153]

The term is also switched around with a similar term, culturally enriched, with the same predictable results and statements from alt-righters.

Cultural Marxism[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism (also Cultural Bolshevism or Kulturbolschewismus, in the original German and frequently what the alt-right is talking about when they say "The System") is a conspiracy theory in which the Frankfurt School (a body of Marxist writings) and critical theory (critiques of society, with some origins in Marx's work) are the products of leftists' concerted efforts to (successfully) sneak communism into academia and culture at large. In turn, the conspiracy goes, modern gender/race/sexuality/etc. movements are ultimately grounded in these communist writings – and so they are communist themselves. The theory is absurd. The Frankfurt School was obscure and had a negligible impact on broader society. The methods used by social justice advocates – analyzing society through lenses of class/gender/race/etc. – long precede the Frankfurt school.

Most often, the examples of "Cultural Marxism" will be from the so-called "Science Wars",Wikipedia a period when a bunch of postmodernist critics who really should have known better tried using critical theory on demonstrably accurate scientific principles as if they were social constructs, leading to some truly bizarre claims such as Sandra Harding describing Newton's Principia Mathematica as a "rape manual"[154] or Luce Irigaray's claim that E=mc2 is a "sexed equation" that "privileges the speed of light over other speeds that are vitally necessary to us."[155] While this is a thing that definitely existed and still does to an extent, it is not and never was the all-encompassing conspiracy it is painted as, and many of those involved in producing the examples cited have stated they regret their prior work and acknowledge all they did was gave ammunition to reactionaries.

In short: social liberalism is actually communism in disguise, and the leftists know it. (Nothing new here!) Calling something Cultural Marxism is an easy way to dismiss it without actually engaging with its arguments.

People who whine about Cultural Marxism often attribute it to a supposed International Jewish Conspiracy.

Day of the Rope[edit]

The Day of the Rope is an alt-right fantasy taking place in the future when "justice" will be served to those who took part in the attempted genocide of the white race. Typically, the fantasy involves publicly hanging everyone the alt-right perceives as enemies. The term was taken from the book The Turner Diaries.[156] A vicious Twitter hate campaign called "Day of the Brick" targeted Huffington Post reporter Luke O'Brien after he reported in 2018 about one particularly active Nazi on Twitter.[157][158] "Day of the Rake" is another term derived from this, referring to a U.S. conquest of Canada.[159]


Yet another -oomer variant, based on the word "debunk", deboonker is a denigrating term for people challenging the conspiratorial views commonly held by the alt-right.[160]

Deep state[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Deep state

The deep state is a conspiracy theory that a body of people secretly manipulates or controlls US government policy, and the President must serve their interests or risk assassination.[161] It serves as a convenient excuse for the alt-right as to why Trump can't get anything done (e.g., It doesn't matter, the deep state is stopping him at all costs, and he needs to make sure they don't take him out!).[162] Like many alt-right expressions, the term can be used as covert antisemitism.[163]

Define woman[edit]

See What is a woman?


See the main article on this topic: Degenerate

Degenerate, or degeneracy, is a common descriptive term used by the alt-right for anything they consider unacceptable in their ideal society.[164] The word "degenerate" refers to terms used in Nazi Germany (entartete), such as degenerate art and degenerate music.Wikipedia

Deus vult[edit]

Deus vult is Latin for "God wills it". Deus Vult was the battle cry of the Crusaders. The use of the term implies that another crusade is necessary. SaracenWikipedia is an associated term and was used by medieval Europeans to refer to Muslims, particularly Muslims in former Roman provinces. It's a good sign you've stumbled upon an internet tough guy[165] or an alt-liter attempting to use it in a memetic fashion to hide its racist intentions. This term may be less trustworthy than others, and may be that you've met with an internet historian making a joke. Or both. It's also commonly used in a purely-joking fashion by fans of the strategy game series Crusader Kings, which is set during the era of the Crusades, so examine the context carefully before passing judgment.


Contraction of "Deseret Nationalist": a Mormon alt-righter.[167][168]

… Did nothing wrong[edit]

The "[person's name] Did Nothing Wrong" meme began as a piece of general 4chan culture, with its first usage as "Hitler Did Nothing Wrong" being as early as 2011 by a poster on 4chan's /sci/ (Science & Math) board. In August 2012, a 4chan troll campaign was kicked off against a Mountain Dew soft drink contest in 2011. The trolls entered the aforementioned phrase overlaid on the Mountain Dew logo for the contest.[169] Mountain Dew canceled the contest one day later, claiming they "had lost to the internet."[170] Over the years, the phrase picked up popularity, receiving more generalized modifications often applied to morally questionable fictional characters to bait fans of the works these characters appear in into a flame war. This specific usage of the phrase continues to this day, and as a result, not everyone who uses it is automatically using it as an alt-right dogwhistle (as is common with some of the co-opted phrases). Instead, one should examine the context in which the phrase is used to determine whether or not the person is claiming that a horrible person did nothing wrong.

The phrase was co-opted into the general alt-right culture, and by 2017, the neo-Nazi Matthew ColliganWikipedia began spewing the meme "Hitler did nothing wrong."[171]

The did-nothing-wrong meme has subsequently been taken up by the current (as of 2020) leader of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, on his merchandise shop to promote other infamous characters: Augusto Pinochet (coup leader who committed crimes against humanity), Kyle Rittenhouse (acquitted by a jury),[172] Roger Stone (ratfucker and felon), and Otoya Yamaguchi (the assassin of Inejirō Asanuma).[89][173][174] Members of the alt-right group Patriot Prayer,Wikipedia including their leader, Tusitala “Tiny” Toese, were seen wearing the Pinochet T-shirts at the 2018 Portland, Oregon protests.[175]

As the background of this meme, one can see the Russian philosopher Ivan Ilyin'sWikipedia (1883–1954) fallacious concept of inherent Russian innocence in defense of fascism and opposition to the rule of law.[176]:22-24 The innocence concept, and Ilyin's philosophy generally, has been elevated to a national philosophy by Vladimir Putin.[176]:17-18,89-90 It has also been parroted by fascist Lyndon LaRouche and para-fascist Ron Paul.[176]:215

Did you see Kyle?[edit]

Did you see Kyle? is rhyming slang for the Nazi salute, "Sieg Heil",[177] probably a reference to Kyle Chapman.

Dindu Nuffin[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Black brute

Dindu Nuffin is a contraction of "didn't do nothing", often shortened to Dindu. Both may be accompanied by he wuz a good boy.[178][179] The terms are bandied about whenever a Black person is the victim of police brutality.[180][181][182][183][184] It's used as a counter to anyone complaining about police brutality to imply that the Black victim was actually a violent career criminal that was "asking for it". The word 'dindu' could be viewed as a form of psychological projection by the alt-right when viewed against their own usage of the crime-justifying phrase "… Did nothing wrong".

Dinosaur Month[edit]

Dinosaur Month refers to a 2023 trolling campaign from the right-wing humor site, iFunny in which online users believe that June should be used to celebrate and honor dinosaurs instead of LGBTQ+ Pride.[185] Such a campaign is seen as homophobic and transphobic because it diminishes the importance of the LGBTQ+ community since June is used for LGBTQ+ Pride Month. Same trolls have been attempting to replace LGBTQ+ Pride Month with Dinosaur Month for June while promoting anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric.[186] Dinosaurs were selected for this trolling campaign because June 1st is Dinosaur Day and that Jurassic June has been used as an alternative name. Ironically, many LGBTQ+ artists and content creators used the campaign to include dinosaurs in their Pride Month art projects and drawings.

Discussion club[edit]

A "discussion club" is a codeword for an alt-right meeting. The term abuses the alt-right's use of "free speech" as an all-purpose defense of their activities.[187]

Dissident right[edit]

Another synonym for the alt-right.


Diversity (often mangled to dieversity) is a hated word in the alt-right (unless it's being used sarcastically, a la cultural enrichment).

Dual citizen[edit]

The term dual citizen (and its variants) are used to claim that anyone who is Jewish is automatically an Israeli citizen and, by extension, of suspect loyalty to their home country. The phrase is commonly used in unsupported declarations like "X members of the US Congress are dual citizens."[188] In reality, Jewish persons with no other ties to Israel are eligible to apply for and gain Israeli citizenship under the 1950 Law of Return but are not automatically citizens. And, of course, accusing Jewish people of divided loyalties to the country where they live goes back for centuries.


Dysgenics is the study of factors producing the perpetuation of disadvantageous genes and traits in a population's offspring. It is the antonym of eugenics. In alt-right-speak, dysgenics means "too few pure white babies."[189][190]

Early life[edit]

The "Early life" section of a standard Wikipedia biography tends to detail the parents and early experiences of the subject, often including what religion they were raised in. If, for example, a journalist named John Rosenbaum writes an article criticizing racism, the alt-righter will comment online, "Google 'John Rosenbaum early life'" to indicate to readers that they should note he is Jewish. The implication is that Jewish people actively promote equality, racial integration, LGBT acceptance, and other values hated by the alt-right.[191]


Synonym for alt-right. Often used to imply they're not actually white supremacists and are just doing all that stuff to shock the normies.[187] The tendency for this claim to be true is inversely proportional to the mental age of the speaker.[citation NOT needed] This word is also used in the wider Internet culture as an insult to someone who attempts to be overly shocking or dark to seem cool. These people may also be referred to as "Edgelords," so as with Deus Vult, pay attention to context.

Electric Jew[edit]

The electric Jew is a reference to the popular alt-righter belief that "Jew media", specifically television, is an example of how DA JOOZ control the media. The meme was popularized among alt-right circles by A. Wyatt Mann.[192][193][194]


Ethnonarcissism is the alt-right's favored synonym for ethnocentrism, which they claim to be something only nonwhite people engage in.

Every single time[edit]

While 'every single time' is often used innocuously by non-racists, among the alt-right, it is a code word for the International Jewish conspiracy that Jews are behind everything the alt-right hates. This phrase or its abbreviation (E.S.T[195]) can be discerned as racist when it is used in isolation with mention of antisemitism, particular Jews acting badly,[196] or racist memes.[195]



FAFO is an acronym used by some Proud Boys, most notoriously by "Spazzo" at the 2021 U.S. Capitol riot.[197] It comes from outlaw biker terminology and stands for 'Fuck around and find out'.[198] Note that the term is also used against the alt-right to describe what usually happens to them when people decide to stop tolerating them, e.g. "Ashleigh Babbit fucked around and found out."[note 7]

Fake chimney[edit]

Fake chimney is a reference to the PRATT that the chimney in Auschwitz isn't connected to anything and is therefore fake. References to a chimney not being connected to anything can be used as a dogwhistle for Holocaust denial.[199]


See the main article on this topic: Fashtag

Similar to the OK sign (👌🏻), the fashtag (#) was an attempted trolling attempt by the alt-right originating in 4chan. This hoax attempt failed miserably.


Fashwave is a fascist variant of the non-racist genre of electronic music called Vaporwave. While its songs don't necessarily have lyrics, they make up for it with stock footage, catchy tunes, and cover art demonstrating Nazism. It's frequently used by alt-right outlets such as The Daily Stormer under their "Fashwave Fridays" block.

Fashy haircut[edit]

Hitler Jugend boy band member Richard Spencer discusses his hair care products

A fashy haircut (short for fascist haircut[200]), known in polite company as an undercut,Wikipedia has short hair on the sides/back and long on top. It has been used by various people for various reasons (too poor to afford a haircut, gang identification, fashion statement). In the case of the alt-right, however, it is directly linked to the Nazi German armed forces (Wehrmacht) and Hitler Youth (Hitlerjugend), where it was common. In such cases, it is sometimes referred to as a jugend or a Hitler Youth haircut.[201][202] One white nationalist, Nathan Benjamin Damigo, sported the haircut and tweeted under that name before he was banned on Twitter in 2017.[200][203]

Faustian spirit[edit]

The idea of a Faustian spirit, as applied by the alt-right, says that white Europeans have an especial intrinsic drive to conquer, create, or explore driven by something other than necessity, and other ethnicities do not.[204][205][206] This supposed immeasurable quality offers an unscientific alternative to white supremacist arguments about IQ and whatnot; it can serve in this way as an escape hatch from acknowledging certain possible contradictions within their ideology.[206] The phrase is originally derived as a reference to Faust,Wikipedia the protagonist (himself based on Johann Georg Faust)Wikipedia for an 18th century play by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Faustian indicates that one shares qualities with this character, and has never been exclusive to far-right terminology.[207]

The peculiar appropriation of this term in far-right terminology occurred especially by the late-20th and early 21st centuries. The more approximate origin for this defining of Faustian spirit however appears to be Oswald Spengler,Wikipedia an early 20th century German nationalist writer. He used it somewhat differently from how it's used here, albeit the basic idea can still be figured.[204][208] The idea was later promoted by William Luther Pierce, the white supremacist author of The Turner Diaries who may be the progenitor of the term's more current definition. He said it was "the Faustian urge which has made our race the pre-eminent race of explorers, which has driven us to scale the highest mountains in lands inhabited by men of other races who have been content to remain always in the valleys. It is what, more than intellect alone, has made us likewise the pre-eminent race of scientists".[205] It has seen renewed use by the alt-right; the term found use in this context by Richard Spencer as early as 2016.[206]


To fedjacket is to build a case against someone on an alt-right forum that they are a federal agent.[209]


See also: Glowie/Glownigger

Not solely confined to the alt-right but heavily favored in that community, "fedposting" means content allegedly posted by a federal agent to get a community in trouble.[210] So someone on a right-leaning subreddit who calls for explicit acts of violence might be accused of "fedposting". That said, the definition can get a bit more nebulous, as some rightists will make comments like "I'm gonna fedpost", which could either mean they'll post something shocking, such as an agent provocateur would post, or that they're reinterpreting/misunderstanding the term to mean "make a post that will draw federal law enforcement attention".

Fellow white people[edit]

"Fellow white people" is a phrase used against Jewish people to imply that Jews are white when it suits them, but not when they wish to be seen as a persecuted minority, tear down America from the inside, or promote multiculturalism, immigration, etc.[211] Also seen in variants such as "As a white person…"


Finna is a shortened form of "fixing to", a phrase originating in the southern United States that is roughly equivalent to "going to".[212] While it originated in AAVE, it has been widely used by the alt-right to mock black people.[213]

Forced diversity[edit]

Forced diversity is a dog whistle used by the alt-right, which claims that the social justice warriors are ruining mainstream media with identity politics and with fewer neurotypical, white, heterosexual men in films, video games, TV shows, and comic books.

Free helicopter rides[edit]

A meme where members of the alt-right "joke"[214][215] about giving leftists "free helicopter rides" (read: executing their political opponents).[216] This is in reference to the extrajudicial executions (death flightsWikipedia) during the Dirty War in Argentina and following the 1973 Chilean coup. Political opponents of Argentina's Admiral Luis María MendíaWikipedia and Chile's Augusto Pinochet were flown over the ocean in an airplane or helicopter and pushed to their death.[217][218] This meme seemed to gain popularity early in Donald Trump's campaign when he gave helicopter rides to children at the Iowa State Fair.[219] To Trump's credit, he did not murder them.

Much of the evidence for the Chilean military's murderous campaign had been intentionally destroyed or hidden, indicating consciousness of guilt on the part of the military.[220]

Free speech rally[edit]

A freezepeach free speech rally is a neo-Nazi rally disguised with the thinnest of rhetorical veneers.


Fren is a corruption of the word "friend". It is a dog whistle used by a subsection of the alt-right, commonly found on the r/FrenWorld subreddit on Reddit. The idea is to talk like a small child or intellectually disabled person while still talking about general alt-right bigotry, the pattern of which emerged with the aforementioned Apu Apustaja meme.[note 8]

Closely connected to the honkler/Clown World memes, the Honkler and other Pepes can be seen in many of their memes. After the CringeAnarchy subreddit was shut down when the moderators refused to delete posts calling for genocide, many users migrated to the r/FrenWorld subreddit,[223] which was shut down in June 2019. This word is also used by fans of the band Twenty One Pilots, plus it is the name of Swedish streamer Vargskelethor's mascot character, so check the context.[224][225]

Gamma male[edit]

A pejorative term that the alt-rightist Vox Day coined in his "sociosexual hierarchy" as an intermediary between "alpha/beta males" and "omega males". He meant a 'gamma male' to mean any activist pushing for social reform. To Vox Day and other alt-righters, pushing for social reform (social justice) "proves" one is insecure and has an immoral jealousy of the leaders ("alphas") in society. The word is, therefore, a way to label all social activists as "lesser than". It's also used to call someone a 'nerd'. The term was further adopted by others.[226]

Gender studies[edit]

"Gender studies" is used as a shorthand for any and all fields of academic study that the alt-right finds useless (read as: everything except racist pseudoscience). "Getting their gender studies degree" is spoken of as some rite of passage for the left. It is also a not-so-subtle diss of feminism.


"God-Emperor of the United States", i.e. Donald Trump.

Get them out![edit]

Get them out! was a phrase used by Donald Trump at some of his campaign rallies in 2016 to urge his supporters to evict protesters and/or unfriendly media from the rallies. Trump was sued in 2017 for allegedly having incited violence at the rallies.[227] The phrase was also used by Trump in reference to undocumented immigrants: "We are going to get them out and get them out fast."[228]

Get woke, go broke[edit]

The phrase Get woke, go broke is a right-wing form of schadenfreude directed explicitly at media or cultural ventures that lose money and/or popularity when they become (if they weren't already) woke. This phrase is repeated in a mocking sense ad nauseam in online forums and social media circles frequented by the alt-right and neo-reactionaries whenever a "woke" venture goes "broke". When woke ventures succeed, users of this phrase stay quiet.

This phrase can also mean that things that are "woke" have become morally and intellectually bankrupt,[note 9] but the former usage is far more common.


Gibsmedat is a mocking term for African Americans, as an attempted imitation of someone speaking an archaic form of African American Vernacular English used in Uncle Tom's CabinWikipedia (1852), saying, "Give me that."[229] Used to imply that black people depend on government largesse, have a strong sense of entitlement, and/or are inclined to robbery and theft. Sometimes government benefits are derivatively referred to as gibs.


See the main article on this topic: Globalization

Globalism is sometimes used as a synonym for globalization, but usually (particularly with 'globalist') with overtones of xenophobia, anti-immigration, antisemitism (i.e., International Jewish conspiracy),[230] and general conspiracy theories.

In contrast, the term 'globalism' was first used in 1943 concerning Hitler's Lebensraum.[231][232]


Globohomo is a portmanteau of globalism and homogenization that insinuates that there is a global conspiracy to homogenize cultures around the world.[233][234] It also insinuates that Jews (globalism)[235] and homosexuals (the homosexual agenda)[236] are behind the conspiracy.[233] Sometimes globohomo gayplex is used to make it sound extra gay.[233][237]

Glowie / Glownigger[edit]

Terry A. Davis during his declining years

Referring to the nonsensical phrase "CIA niggers glow in the dark" that programmer and mental health patient Terry A. Davis famously used, glowies or glowniggers are used by posters of the alt-right online community to denote those among them who are suspected of working for law enforcement agencies and/or might be agents provocateur[238][239][209] – 'glowing' in turn refers to acting like a perceived federal agent.[209] Ridiculous claims abound about how to reveal a poster as one, such as by bringing up Israeli WMDs, as they allegedly are a topic that employees of the U.S. intelligence community are not allowed to discuss.[240]

Following the 2021 U.S. Capitol riot fomented by the alt-right, the alt-right has become warier of perceived 'glowies'. People who look like they might be trying to entrap someone into committing a crime (talking about violent or threatening things) on alt-right fora can result in a 'fedjacket' (i.e., building a case against) of the suspect.[209]

Go Bald for BLM[edit]

Another failed 4chan prank, #GoBaldForBLM was a campaign in 2020 to try to create unwilling skinheads out of Black Lives Matter supporters.[241]


See Muh.


"The Goyim Know" t-shirt
See the main article on this topic: Goy

Goy (Hebrew: גוי; plural: goyim) is the standard Hebrew biblical term for a "nation", but has also acquired the meaning of "someone who is not Jewish" (synonymous with gentile). It is not an inherently pejorative term, although it may sometimes be used that way by Jews.

In the context of its alt-right usage, the term is put in the mouths of Jews as a supposedly contemptuous slur against non-Jews, to reinforce the idea of an International Jewish Conspiracy.[242] A common alt-right "joke" is to reply to assertions of shadowy Jewish puppet masters by saying, Oy vey, the goyim know, shut it down![243] Those in the alt-right will sneeringly refer to a non-Jewish person who opposes antisemitism as a "good goy" (shabbos goy[note 10]), the implication being that they are a cuck who is knowingly or unknowingly serving the eeeeevil Jewish conspiracy.

Neo-Nazis sometimes try to claim that "goy" means cattle.[245][246] This claim's origin, or at least popularization, is likely William Cooper's book Behold a Pale Horse.[247] :267

The term goyim has been appropriated by neo-Nazi Jon Minadeo II,Wikipedia a virulently antisemitic agitator and troll who runs a small hate group called the Goyim Defense League.


Goyslop is an antisemitic slang term for mass-produced fast food and soy-based products, which the alt-right argues are made by the Jews to make the goy (non-Jews) weak, lazy, and unhealthy.[248] The term can also be used for entertainment pieces like movies and video games the right sees as too woke.

Grandpa Moderna[edit]

A derogatory nickname for Donald Trump used by critics on the right upset by his endorsement of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, his ties with Anthony Fauci, and other COVID actions and restrictions the former president supported.

Great Replacement[edit]

See the main article on this topic: The Great Replacement

Greatest ally[edit]

See Le American Bear.


Groomer is an anti-LGBTQ Snarl word to attack drag queens and members of the LGBTQ community, generally by insinuating that they're pedophiles. Popularised by Matt Walsh and alt-right, Christian nationalist Twitter troll Libs of TikTok.


The original Groyper[249]

Groyper is an obese toad (similar to Pepe) who likely originated on a 4chan board, although his origins are disputed.[250] Groyper would later gain popularity on July 28, 2017, when a YouTuber named Savickas uploaded a video titled "Groyper Mesmerizes you to sleep".[250] The original image of Groyper is a fat frog who crosses his hands together. Since then, the character has served as an alternative to the popular Pepe the Frog. Unlike Pepe, Groyper is not the intellectual property of someone opposed to the alt-right. Users add Groyper hands to their avatars on Twitter to honor Groyper. The top terms associated with Groyper are "Bazooo", "Henlo", and references to being cozy. He is notable enough to have received media attention.[250]

Since 2018, a gaggle of groypers has formed in support of Nick Fuentes, calling themselves the Groyper Army.[251]

Le Happy Merchant[edit]

Where have we seen this before?
See the main article on this topic: Le Happy Merchant

Le Happy Merchant is an anti-Jew meme used widely among antisemites and the alt-right. It depicts a stereotypical Jew with a yarmulke, oversized nose, greedy grin, and "conspiring" hands. It is common to see the image edited onto left-wing political posters or liberal candidates depicted as Happy Merchants. In short: it's a meme-friendly way to Jew-bait.

The image itself comes from a cartoon by the pseudonymous "A. Wyatt Mann" (say it out loud), a pseudonym for ultra-low budget director Nick Bougas, who was also known for illustrating the "anti-political-correctness" zine Answer Me. The illustration was one of many cartoons produced during the 1980s and 1990s by the same artist; many were published by white supremacist Tom Metzger (founder and leader of White Aryan Resistance).[252]


According to the alt-right, "hatefacts" are "politically incorrect but true statements."[253] In essence, the term is used so that the alt-right can claim that those who deny their hateful claims are denying facts.[254] Such "facts" support racialism, antisemitism, Holocaust denial, ethnonationalism, anti-diversity/multiculturalism/immigration, homophobia, transphobia, or Islamophobia.[253] The alt-right use "hatefacts" to present a narrative about the white world being "under attack", often taken out of context or distorted.[255]

Hey rabbi, whatcha doin'?[edit]

The original "Hey rabbi, whatcha doin'?" meme

A rhetorical question inspired by a memetic A. Wyatt Mann cartoon of a stereotypical hook-nosed Jew caught spray-painting a swastika on the wall of a synagogue, promoting the idea that most reported hate crimes are false flag hoaxes committed by the supposed targets themselves.[256][257]


See 1488.


Holocauster is another term for Jews, used to try to evade keyword filters while simultaneously trivializing the Holocaust.[258][259] The term is frequently posted as a fake malapropism, conflating 'Hollister' (a city in California and a clothing brand name) with the word 'Holocaust'[260] or 'roller coaster' with 'Holocaust'.[261]


See the main article on this topic: Holocaust denial

Holohoax is a portmanteau of "Holocaust" and "hoax". The term is used by Holocaust denialists and is often used as a Twitter hashtag.[262] The term frequently is a cause for confusion by grammatically-impaired Holocaust denialists[note 11] because the term 'hoax' grammatically negates the term 'holocaust'; such people do not understand the ambiguity problem of the double negativeWikipedia in the English language. For example:

  • "The holohoax is a lie":[263] What did this grammatically-impaired neo-Nazi actually intend to mean: that the Holocaust is a lie, or that the 'Holocaust hoax' is a lie? Based on the neo-Nazi's other posts about Jews, it is the former, ungrammatical meaning.[264]
  • "holohoax and 911 are bigger frauds":[265] The grammatically-impaired neo-Nazi intends to mean that the Holocaust and 9/11 are bigger frauds, but grammatically could just as easily mean that the Holocaust hoax and 9/11 are bigger frauds.
  • "Holohoax didnt' happen." was intended to state that the Holocaust did not happen.[266]


See Clown World.


A form of black supremacy that identifies heavily with Ancient Egypt. Being highly reactionary, racist, homophobic, and misogynist as well as promoting pseudohistory and race pseudoscience, this movement can be seen as the black version of the alt-right.[267]


See the main article on this topic: Identitarianism

Identitarianism is a synonym for Nazism that sounds less Nazi-like.

In Minecraft[edit]

A member of the alt-right will make a threat of violence and end it with "in Minecraft" as if to invalidate the threat. It is believed to have originated in /pol/.[268] In March 2023, 4chan user Richard Golden was arrested after he made a threat against Volusia County Sheriff, Mike Chitwood by posting about shooting Chitwood and murdering him in Minecraft.[269]

Islam is right about women[edit]

"Islam is right about women" (abbreviated IIRAW) is a term that emerged around late 2019. Alt-righters posted signs about how "Islam is right about women" appeared in Winchester, Massachusetts, in November 2019.[270] The intent is to put "liberals" in a quandary, in actuality a false dilemma, where they are torn between supporting Muslims and criticizing Muslim attitudes towards women.

It was Antifa[edit]

"It was Antifa" is an excuse used by the alt-right to shift the blame onto Antifa as a way to demonize Antifa and the left when alt-righters committed an act of violence or terrorism.

It's 2023/[Current year][edit]

"It's 2023" originated on /pol/ as a mockery of comedian and Last Week Tonight host John Oliver's supposed tendency to respond to regressive attitudes with "Come on, it's [current year]!" It was possibly stolen from an article in The Onion titled "Report: Stating Current Year Still Leading Argument For Social Reform".[271] It is used to characterize left-wing arguments as specious and only based on saying, "We should be past this by now." without saying why, with the usual form being, "After all, it's [current year]!". When this argument actually does come up, it is an appeal to novelty. Its counterpart, the appeal to tradition, is something those on the alt-right tend to be more susceptible to.

It's Okay to Be White[edit]

See the main article on this topic: It's Okay to Be White

A term invented by the equally alt-right/racist /pol/ of 4chan, It's Okay to Be White is a propaganda campaign posted on various college and university campuses to get support from potential alt-right students. The purpose of this slogan is to provoke outrage in the hopes of proving society's supposed anti-white agenda.

I will not live in a pod. I will not eat the bugs.[edit]

See You will own nothing and be happy.


The alt-right really doesn't like Jews, seeming to genuinely believe that everything bad that ever happens anywhere in the world is because of them. They literally cannot get Jews off their minds, especially if they have never actually met one. We cannot imagine why.

For some in the alt-right, 'Jew' is like cooties,Wikipedia a form of othering that is actually contagious in their view, such that non-Jews — and even raging antisemites — have become Jews simply upon contact, e.g.:

Note that when the word 'Jew' is used as an adjective (for example, in the phrase "Jew banker"), it is always antisemitic. ("Jewish banker", on the other hand, is grammatically neutral, though it could still be used antisemitically depending on context.) When 'Jew' is used as a verb, it is always antisemitic, because it implies that Jews are innately scheming or exploitative with money or negotiations (e.g., "He Jewed me down.").[275]

According to alt-righters, Jewish people are both a religious and an ethnic group distinct from Aryan whites, mostly tied together with a few non-overlapping exceptions, such as Ivanka Trump, a non-ethnic/religious-only Jew. An ethnic Jew who would stop believing in the religion of Judaism would still be considered Jewish.

Many alt-righters subscribe to the International Jewish Conspiracy conspiracy theory. In particular, the following terms are frequently used in alt-right groups, some of which are used by Jewish people and appropriated by the alt-right:

'Jew' and related terms will also be shoehorned in wherever possible, particularly if there is some negative association (e.g., "I just got demonetized by Jewtube!" or "What do you expect from a magazine based in Jew York?"). Terms for Jews that are used by the alt-right to try to bypass keyword filters include: "J", "Joos", "Juice" and "🧃".

Jews are not white[edit]

"Jews are not white" is an alt-right trope that takes on two forms:

  1. The trope that Jews switch their identity between Jewish and whiteness at their own convenience is that they can be the minority/victim when it suits them, or they can assert white privilege when it suits them. In reality, people, Jews included, do not have a choice about being the object of victimization. Although most Ashkenazi Jews look subjectively white, many also have given names or surnames associated with Jewish identity, making it difficult to hide their Jewish identity.[276]
  2. The Khazar myth is that Ashkenazi Jews descended from Eastern Europeans in the Turkic Khazar Empire who converted to Judaism and are hence neither "true" Jews nor truly "white".[277][278]

The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you[edit]

"The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you"[279] (and variants)[280] is an alt-right phrase that implies that all Jews will 'play the victim'Wikipedia in any circumstance. It is essentially a form of blaming the victim by antisemites because the statement stereotypes the behavior of Jews. It is sometimes alleged — without substantiation — to have Polish origins.[281]

Jew media[edit]

"Jew media" is "new media" that doesn't agree with the alt-right. See also legacy media and liberal media.[282]

Jewish question[edit]

The Jewish question (abbreviated JQ) was part of a long-running European debate about the civil, legal, national, and political status of Jews within Europe from the 18th through 20th centuries. It culminated in Nazi Germany with The Final Solution (German: Endlösung), resulting in the Holocaust. The alt-right has revived the term, even though there are some Jews who consider themselves among the alt-right.[283][note 12]

Front cover of the Nazi tabloid Der StürmerWikipedia from December 1938 with the headline, "Ist die Judenfrage gelöst?" (Is the Jewish Question Solved?). This is the tabloid that inspired the name of The Daily Stormer.

Jews will not replace us[edit]

"Jews will not replace us" (often rephrased to the less-Nazi-esque You will not replace us) is an alt-right slogan based on the white genocide canard,[284] based on "The Great Replacement" philosophy of Renaud CamusWikipedia (who has distanced himself from its use by white nationalists).[285]

You can hear the phrase in this deleted Baked Alaska video, starting at about 0:20:


Jogger started being used as a synonym for "nigger" following the shooting of an unarmed African American jogger, Ahmaud Arbery, on February 23, 2020, by Travis McMichael and his father, Gregory McMichael, two white men.[286] 4chan attempted to appropriate the term and the action as a racist slur in May 2020 by referring to black people as "joggers" in an offensive manner.[287]


Jwoke refers to a person who is antisemitic, who is "woke" to various conspiracy theories about Jews and/or to the Jewish question.[288][289][290][note 13] JQ Aware, derived from Jewish Question, is sometimes used as a synonym.[291]


Kalergi Plan[edit]

Turning Point USA, alleging that antisemitic conspiracy theories are patriotic[292]

The Kalergi Plan is an antisemitic conspiracy theory invented by neo-Nazi Austrian Gerd HonsikWikipedia (1941–2018) and propagated in his book Rassismus Legal? from 2005,[293] although the Nazi German Völkischer BeobachterWikipedia had expressed similar views as early as November 1940.[294] The plan alleges a conspiracy that centers around Richard von Coudenhove-KalergiWikipedia (1899–1972), the founder of the Paneuropean Union.Wikipedia Coudenhove-Kalergi was an Austrian politician whose father was an Austro-Hungarian diplomat and whose mother was Japanese. Coudenhove-Kalergi was initially antisemitic, like his father. After researching his book, Das Wesen des Antisemitismus,[295] he concluded that antisemitism was primarily based on religious bigotry and subsequently ceased to be an antisemite.[296]:22-24[297]:320-321 In his 1925 book, Praktischer Idealismus, Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote, "Der Mensch der fernen Zukunft wird Mischling sein. Die heutigen Rassen unt Kasten werden der zunehmenden Überwindung von Raum, Zeit und Vorurteil zum Opfer fallen."[298]:22-23 which has been translated into English as: "The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today's races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice."[299] Coudenhove-Kalergi's forecast was an optimistic view of racial mixing that contrasted with Madison Grant's similar but pessimistic and racist view.[300]

The conspiracy theory alleges that Coudenhove-Kalergi wanted the envisioned mixed-race world to be ruled by Jewish elites and that one of Coudenhove-Kalergi's goals was the destruction of Europe.[299] This conspiracy theory overlaps with the white genocide and Great Replacement conspiracy theories among neo-Nazis.[299]


The term "Kek" originates from World of Warcraft,Wikipedia where if someone from the Horde side typed "lol" in /say, Alliance players would instead see "kek". This is a further reference by Blizzard to the Korean language word for 'laugh' (or more literally, 'ha ha ha'), kekeke (ㅋㅋㅋ), commonly seen in Starcraft.Wikipedia Used the same way by 4chan, later leading to the discovery of an Egyptian deity by the same name who happened to be a frog, thus linking this to the Pepe meme. The superlative is "topkek" or "top kek", a reference to a Turkish cupcake brand.[301]


Kekistan is a fictional ethnicity that lets alt-righters use a Nazi flag as a "meme". It replaces the Nazi symbol with "K"s and the Iron Cross with 4chan's logo. Kekistan was popularized in part by Sargon of Akkad.

Expect to hear the Kekistani National Anthem ("Shadilay" by the Italian band, P.E.P.E if you’re curious[note 14]) in the background of some high-quality totally-not-racist videos:

KFC and watermelons[edit]

KFC and watermelons is a racist meme popularized on Twitch. KFC (referring to fried chicken) and watermelons are racist stereotypes for African Americans. The most infamous instance of the term comes from a remix of the (non-racist) song "Flutes" by Thomas Newson.[302] The remix contains racial slurs as well as other stereotypes.[303]


See the main article on this topic: Khazar myth

The Khazars were a Turkic tribe who, per some legends, adopted Judaism. There is an expansive conspiracy theory that most/all modern Jewish people are descended from the Khazar Turks, not the ancient Israelites, and thus are not truly "God's chosen people". This theory is prevalent among groups claiming to be the true descendants of the Israelites, such as the Christian Identity movement for white people, British Israelism for the British, or some (not all) Black Israelite (African American) groups.[304] The degree to which the speaker genuinely cares about the genetic origins of modern Jewish people varies by religiosity, but even non-religious (or non-Abrahamic) alt-righters will use it simply because they like belittling people. Oddly enough, the term is occasionally used in a semi-positive (but objectifying) sense to refer to attractive and buxom Jewish women with the term "Khazar milkers", where alt-righters ruefully admit being drawn to the curves of someone like Kat DenningsWikipedia, Sarah SilvermanWikipedia or Abbie Shapiro.[305][306]


Kosherist is another term for Jews. It is used to try to evade keyword triggers. It is not strictly an evasion, as it has been used in ads for Kosher products.[307]

The Last Stand[edit]

"The Last Stand" is a song by the Swedish metal band Sabaton,Wikipedia the titular last stand being of 189 Swiss Guardsmen during the Sack of Rome in 1527Wikipedia by unpaid landsknecht (mercenaries) in the service of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. This last stand delayed the mutineers long enough for the Pope to escape to Castel Sant'Angelo.

What does the historical last stand have to do with the alt-right? Not a damn thing, really. However, Sabaton is notoriously difficult to understand without displayed lyrics due to the heavy guitar and drums, and "The Last Stand" is no exception. As such, the song is often interpreted as a song about the Crusades (due to audible references to the Holy See and the first line of the chorus, "For the Grace and the Might of our Lord!"), not a song about disgruntled German mercenaries plundering one of Christianity's holiest cities because they weren't being paid (also, the last Crusades were in the 1400s). Entire videos are posted playing the song over footage from the film Kingdom of HeavenWikipedia[note 15] and documentaries about the Crusades, and comments for every video of it on YouTube seem to consist of either people saying "Deus Vult!" (all caps optional) or the (more likely ignored) people trying to point out what the song is actually about. It also seems to have become one of many theme songs for the alt-right movement.

If you're into metal, it's a damn good song. Just don't scroll down if you value your faith in humanity.[note 16]

Learn to code[edit]

Learn to code was a harassment campaign that encouraged /pol/ members to spam the seemingly innocent phrase "learn to code" at various mainstream journalists in a feeble attempt to make them mass-resign or taunt journalists who were fired. The phrase originates from a misinfographic that misleads the reader into thinking that journalists frequently suggest programming as an alternative to coal mining.[308]

Legacy Americans[edit]

A racist dog whistle used by Tucker Carlson, which means White Christian Americans getting replaced by minorities while lying about Biden's immigration policy.

Legacy media[edit]

Any conventional publication, such as newspapers and TV News, contrasted with "new media" or "alternative news" such as YouTube videos and Breitbart. Expect flimsy justifications for the latter being better, such as vague claims about "big money", "narratives", or "agendas", and probably sidelong references to Jews owning it.

Let's Go Brandon[edit]

Let's Go Brandon is a meme that sounds vaguely like the phrase "Fuck Joe Biden". Its origins are traced to a post-race interview at the Talladega SuperspeedwayWikipedia in Alabama with NASCARWikipedia racer Brandon BrownWikipedia on October 2, 2021. Brandon was celebrating his first career win in NASCAR with an interview on NBC. During the interview, a crowd chanted out, "Fuck Joe Biden" loud and clear. To feebly cover for this obscenity on live TV, the interviewer claimed, "You can hear the chants from the crowd, 'Let's go, Brandon!'"[309] Since the interview, the phrase "Let's Go Brandon" has been amplified by the alt-right as a way to curse Biden, but it has since been used by ostensibly mainstream right-wing figures and Conservatives.[310]

Ironically, this meme was co-opted by Biden supporters in 2022. A series of images were posted on Weibo by a Chinese propagandist in 2020; the images depict Biden as brown-skinned (possibly referring to Obama) and sitting on a throne that resembles the Iron Throne in the TV series Game of Thrones, but with the swords replaced by automatic rifles and text in Chinese that says, "The sleeping king ascends the throne, the devils are resurrected".[311][312][313] After Weibo images were reposted on Twitter in May 2021,[314] the images were gradually used by Biden supporters along with (sometimes hyperbolic) accomplishments,[315] eventually including a "Dark Brandon" tag.[316] In a sign that this meme has become fully co-opted, in 2023, Biden himself incorporated "Dark Brandon" imagery in his presidential campaign ads — including ad campaigns run on Fox News.[317]


See the main article on this topic: LGBTP

A 4chan psyop to discredit LGBT by including "pedosexuals" (pedophilia) into the acronym.[318] The LGBT community did not take kindly to this.[319] However, the acronym can also be used in good faith when the "P" represents pansexuals.[320]


An attempt to include straight people in LGBTQ, usually done in bad faith. Typically associated with Straight Pride and SuperStraight.

Libs of TikTok (Chaya Raichik)[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Libs of TikTok

An evil, manipulative, alt-right, Orthodox Jewish nationalist Twitter troll and conspiracy theorist who operates what is considered the largest hate account on Twitter. The account reposts content from left-leaning and LGBT people, twists the meanings of the videos with hostile and derogatory comments, and presents them to her rabid conservative audience for the purpose of harassment and violence. Libs of TikTok is often considered the primary suspect in spreading the LGBT grooming conspiracy theory and the "groomer" slur, frequently equating the LGBT community and its supporters to pedophiles and actual child groomers. Her account is financially backed by Seth Dillon, CEO of The Babylon Bee.

She frequently incites violence towards drag queens, various children's hospitals for providing gender-affirming care, and elementary and high schools supporting LGBT students (and brags about getting LGBT-friendly teachers fired). Libs of TikTok has been responsible for sending the Proud Boys to target a Drag Queen Story Time event, enabling neo-Nazis to start a riot at an LGBTQ Pride event in Idaho, and inciting bomb threats at Boston Children's Hospital, falsely claiming they were performing hysterectomies on young girls. Libs of TikTok has also been the main influencer in Florida's Parental Rights in Education bill (also known as the 'Don't Say Gay' bill), where Ron DeSantis' press secretary Christina Pushaw credited the account for "exposing" the LGBT community.

The far-right will usually defend Chaya's hateful agenda by saying she "reposts videos and holds a mirror to the left". They tend to leave out the fact that Chaya is a master manipulator who, as mentioned earlier, twists the meanings of videos with her own hateful commentary on it.

When Libs of TikTok was exposed by Taylor Lorenz in a Washington Post article in April 2022, she complained that she was doxxed (she was not — some of her personal information was already available on the world wide web). She was also exposed as a 2021 U.S. Capitol riot attendee, having recorded herself at the Capitol during the attempted insurrection. She also clearly cannot take any criticism whatsoever, blocking anyone who calls her out on her bigoted actions.

Listen and believe[edit]

Typical alt-right hyperbole, showing the phrase "Listen and Believe" as some form of pseudo-1984 newspeak. George Orwell is rolling in his grave at his legacy.

Listen and believe is the idea that left-wingers lower on the "progressive stack" will always accept worldviews from their superiors unquestioningly and without any evidence but the speaker's word. While some cases can be trawled up of people actually trying this tactic, the alt-right acts as though this is the sole basis of everything the left thinks. Ironically (yet unsurprisingly) enough, the alt-right — which seeks to encourage strict societal roles and often opposes democracy — comes closer to enforcing this idea than the often-horizontally-organized left. The precise phrase is based on an Anita Sarkeesian quote taken out of context and thus a reminder of the overlap between the alt-right and Gamergate.[321][322]


Loxism is the portmanteau of lox (an English loanword from the Yiddish לאקס‎, "salmon") + racism, that for white supremacists describes the alleged hatred of non-Jewish whites by Jews.[323][324] See also Jews are not white.

Mainstream media[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Mainstream media

Since the mainstream media (also abbreviated to MSM) isn't filled with fellow neo-Nazis spouting the alt-right's conspiracy theories and talking points, they are clearly enemies of the West and must be brought down! Funnily enough, Fox News isn't typically lumped in with the mainstream media, despite them being one of the largest news companies in the world. This shows that politics, not actual size, indicate whether or not you are a part of the mainstream media. The mainstream media is also the subject of conspiracy theories, such as being controlled by the Jews.

Make America Great Again[edit]

The lesser known slogan.
Abbreviation: MAGA

Make America Great Again was Donald Trump's campaign slogan. Although it's one of the most used terms by the alt-right, the slogan "Let's Make America Great Again" was ironically used by Ronald Reagan as part of a pro-immigrant speech.[325] Reagan, it should also be noted, also signed the law that gave amnesty to over 3 million undocumented immigrants.[326] The phrase was also used by Bill Clinton during his 1992 presidential campaign[327] and during Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign.[328]

Make Israel Great Again[edit]

Make Israel Great Again (or MIGA) is an antisemitic phrase based on Trump's MAGA campaign slogan, implying that Trump is a tool of Israel and/or the International Jewish Conspiracy.[329][330]


Magapede was used primarily on boards like 8chan /pol/. It refers to Trump supporters who do not subscribe to antisemitic or racist views. It is similar to cuckservative.


Marv is a Pepe the Frog variant with a smaller head. Used by groypers or Apus in the phrase "marvbolgang", similar to Nazbol, i.e., those with Third Position sympathies.[331][332]

Mass immigration[edit]

See the main article on this topic: mass immigration

"Mass immigration" is a dysphemism for any immigration to "white" countries from "nonwhite" countries (except when they're the honorary Aryans of East Asia). Mass immigration is viewed by the alt-right as a precursor to one world government, white genocide, and other nasty things. It is never discussed when white people take over "nonwhite" places in history.

Milk chugging[edit]

Godfrey Cambridge in the Watermelon Man, taking a milk bath after having chugged milk

The alt-right has been drawn to milk chugging.[333] Milk chuggingWikipedia is an erstwhile stupid 'sport' that white nationalists appropriated. And why not? After all, the Watermelon ManWikipedia chugged milk[334] and was drawn to milk baths.[335]

Molon labe (μολὼν λαβέ or ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ)[edit]

Molon labe (transliterated from the Greek μολὼν λαβέ or ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ to molṑn labé) is a phrase derived from the pseudohistory surrounding the Battle of Thermopylae,Wikipedia in which the Greeks battled the invading Persians in 480 BCE. The idea was brought into alt-right consciousness with the 2007 film 300, which was based on a comic book.[336]

The phrase was supposedly used by "King Leonidas I of Sparta when the Achaemenid Persian shah Xerxes I ordered him and his army to hand over their weapons before the battle. The phrase literally means 'Having come, take' and refers to the weapons that Xerxes reportedly asked Leonidas to hand over."[337] The phrase was not recorded contemporaneously, but 500 years after the fact,[337] so it is almost certainly hagiographical.

The phase ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ is often misspelled as ΜΟΛΩΠ ΛΑΒΣ ("Molop Labs") or ΜΟΛΩN ΛΑΒΣ ("Molon Labs"), which have no meaning at all.[338] Both the correct[337] and incorrect spellings were spotted at the 2021 U.S. Capitol riot.

Yo, dude in the center, far left patch, incorrect spelling: -1 point!


The term "Monkey" is a racist insult referring to black people claiming that they are subhuman. Other insults include "Ape" as another variation and an antisemitic version "Proboscis Monkey" is a reference to Jewish people due to big noses.

Moon Man[edit]

Note that Moon Man’s face resembles Pepe's.

The Moon Man is the name given to a parody of McDonald's commercial mascot Mac Tonight,Wikipedia who sings racist parodies of rap songs in a text-to-speech program. Fan art of Moon Man usually features the death of black people.[339][340] Like Pepe, Moon Man was an innocuous internet joke for years before the alt-right existed.[341] Ironically, the original Mac Tonight character sang a jingle based on the English-language version of the song "Mack the Knife"Wikipedia ("Die Moritat von Mackie Messer"), written by Weimar-era German socialists Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht for their explicitly anti-fascist musical The Threepenny Opera.[342]


The word "muh" has gotten some currency outside the alt-right, so it is not necessarily racist — context matters — but it likely originated in Channer culture (4chan/8chan) using the phrase "muh dick" ('my dick') to mock African American Vernacular English and allege an obsession with sex among black males.[107] The alt-right began to use it more and more widely, not solely concerning African American people ("muh slavery"[343]), such as "muh six million/gorillion" to mock Jewish people and the Holocaust.[344] The term has spread to the non/less-racist right and can be seen as general partisan mocking, such as "muh Russia" to imply that the left is obsessed with "conspiracy theories" about Trump administration ties to Putin.[345] That said, it has achieved sufficient currency that people without racist inclinations might use it for any general mocking, so context matters. An example of this would be "mUh FrEeDuMbS", a form often used to mock anti-vax/anti-mask right-wingers who use the brittle excuse of government encroachment as a reason to continue to not take proper COVID precautions.


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For the alt-right, multiculturalism (often multiCULTi or multi-kulti) is a process aimed at destroying white culture because THE JEWS. Multiculturalism is often asserted to be a "failed experiment" or treated as if it is a religious belief.

Naming the Jew[edit]

Naming the Jew (also name the Jew) refers to publicly expressing antisemitic views. For some, this is a key act that separates the alt-right from the alt-lite, who either are not antisemitic or carefully hide their antisemitism from the public.[346][347][348]

"Naming the Jew" was key to The Daily Stormer's strategy.[349]:10-11 It was also the name of Patrick Little's antisemitic tour of the US.[350][351]


NazBol, short for National Bolshevism, is a Third Positionist ideology that attempts to combine elements from Nazism and Bolshevism.


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Neoreaction (NRx) is the alt-right's "intellectual" elder brother. NRxionaries cite "science"; alt-righters cite memes. Neoreactionaries generally believe that social order requires strong social hierarchies (so class, race, and gender equality are right out) and strong leaders (which often leads to neoreactionaries supporting monarchies). For a comprehensive rebuttal of (notoriously long-winded) neoreactionary writing, see Scott Alexander's Anti-Reactionary FAQ.[352]


Nibba is a euphemism for "nigga", which in turn is a euphemism for "nigger" because even "nigga" will get you in trouble on some social media.[353] Some Nazis will even call each other nibba[354] because they think they're cool or don't know it's stupid. Sometimes even further obscured with emojis as ni🅱️🅱️a.

Nimble navigator[edit]

A nimble navigator (or centipede) is a Trump supporter.[145]

The term originated from the YouTube series "You Can't Stump the Trump"[355] in mid-2015, where the track "Centipede" by Knife PartyWikipedia plays as the introduction. The introduction to the track contains audio from a BBC nature documentary in which a centipede is described as a "predator" and "nimble navigator", likening it to Trump himself in the context of the video.

It was quickly picked up as a meme by Trump supporters (especially /r/the_donald), and centipede became synonymous with Trump and his supporters, to the chagrin of entomologists everywhere. We're still waiting for them to realize that when abbreviated to "Pedes", it sounds like they're calling each other pedophiles; it's been over three years…[note 17]


N-tower (Also referred to as N-chain) refers to an online hate trolling practice of a series of at least 6 posts replying to each other with the intent to spell the word "nigger". The original poster may type the letter "N", while the 1st response would only include "I". Posters would do this on message boards to circumvent any ban for racism. Despite Twitter banning the practice, trolls from 4chan still participate in N-Tower threads. The practice began in 2019.[356]


Normie is a 4chan term repopularized on the /r9k/ board as a (usually pejorative) descriptor for mainstream people and things. In alt-right usage, it generally refers to anything external to the alt-right universe. For example, in requesting anonymity, an alt-right member stated, "I have a 'normie' [conventional] job and I don't want to get punished for this [interview]."[187] The word's more mundane usage dates back to 1950.[357]

Nose check[edit]

The term "Nose check" indicates the commenter suspects (or knows) that an objectionable figure is Jewish, based on the stereotype that Jewish people have large noses.[358]


The basic noticer image[359][360]

A noticer is an antisemite who "notices" supposed "coincidences" of an imagined international Jewish conspiracy. See also triple parentheses.[361] The "noticer" image shows a person with what is supposed to be a laserlike glare, usually blueish-white or sometimes red. The basic "noticer" image uses the bust of Roman senator Cicero.Wikipedia[362][363]


Two versions of Wojak from 4chan

A term used in gaming, meaning "non-player character", the alt-right attempted to appropriate it to dehumanize their opponents in October 2018, supposedly as a way to mock the abbreviation "PC" ("politically correct"). It is used similarly to "SJW", the implication being that, like NPCs in role-playing games or video games, left-wingers are scripted and brainwashed, regurgitate the same old talking points on a loop, and cannot think critically.[364][note 18] The meme culminated in a flood of spam accounts and bots on Twitter, each with a username like "NPC93457234" (always 8 digits) and the same grey avatar or the Wojak avatar, posting typical straw men arguments of the left, including the phrase "Orange Man Bad", referencing how often the mainstream left is critical of Donald Trump while simultaneously downplaying and ridiculing legitimate criticism of him.[365] That derivative of Wojak originated in 2018 on 4chan in an attempt to dehumanize SJWs.[366][367] This eventually morphed into said accounts tweeting out a message to go vote in the midterm elections on November 7, 2018, and not the day before, when the election actually was held. Twitter eventually banned approximately 1,500 accounts in response to this disinformation campaign in late October 2018.[368]

The alt-right's use of NPC shows a severe lack of understanding of how AI can work in video games (and overlooking advantages AI can have to the point of being unbeatable in certain games). Really, the function of the NPC depends on the game played, and ironically, how an NPC behaves is incredibly diverse and varied due to the sheer amount of game genres out there, with NPCs supplying tasks suited to the genre, with some games (notably level creator or life simulation games) allowing you to control their behavior and their dialogue spoken. As usual, the irony is lost on them.

Oath Keepers[edit]

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The Oath Keepers are a militia group founded by E. Stewart Rhodes in 2009. Some of their members have been charged with conspiracy and other crimes in the 2021 insurrection at the United States Capitol.

Open borders for Israel[edit]

"Open borders for Israel" is a seemingly innocuous phrase, like "It's Okay to Be White", but in reality, it is based on a conspiracy that Jews are pushing for immigration in western countries but not to Israel.[369][370]

Operation Google[edit]

Operation Google is an ongoing attempt by alt-righters to circumvent Google's anti-racial-slur policies. As such, Operation Google is a codeword list of slurs:[371][372]

Yes, they actually use this. Yes, it's incredibly cringy. Yes, it's ridiculously transparent.

Our guy[edit]

Our guy, or /our guy/, is someone who represents the core beliefs and values of a community.[373] The term originated on 4chan.[373] On 4chan's /pol/ board and in alt-right usage, someone is "our guy" if they are thought to hold alt-right or "red-pilled" political beliefs (either openly or in secret).[373][374][375][376][377]

Oy vey[edit]

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"Oy vey" is a Yiddish expression of dismay. The alt-right is fond of ironically using "oy vey" because it makes them feel edgy.[citation NOT needed] "Oy vey" is seen in "Oy vey, the goyim know, shut it down."[378] (implying that Jews are part of a worldwide shadowy conspiracy) or "Oy vey, remember the 6 trillion."[379] (implying that the Holocaust was faked to guilt-trip people into supporting some "Jewish agenda").



Pajeet is a slur often used by the alt-right to mock Indians.[380] The word is derived from paaji (elder brother in Punjabi) + generic Punjabi name (Sanjeet, Manjeet, etc.). It is almost always used with "jokes" about how Indians defecate in the open, citing out-of-date UNICEF statistics. "Designated shitting streets"[381][382] and "Poo in loo"[383] are variants of this, the former mocking a supposedly Indian user "defending" cases of open defecation, the latter mocking a comically titled UNICEF video[384] intended to raise awareness on the matter. The term is also used by the Indian alt-right (Indian alt-right glossary#Pajeet).

Ironically, open defecation has been practically eliminated in India,[385] with the nation contributing the most to reducing it.[386]


Short for "centipede", used to refer to Trump supporters.[387] See also nimble navigator.

Pepe the Frog[edit]

Trump-style Pepe as border guard
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Pepe is a frog who likes to get high and feels bad, man. Everything else is not canon (i.e., corrupted by 4chan and the alt-right from the original Boy's Club comic).


Pilpul (from the Hebrew פלפול‎) is roughly equivalent to the English "debating" or "arguing" concerning the Talmud and its myriad and often contradictory rules and advice. In alt-right vernacular, it means approximately "anything that is offered as a counterargument to my arguments about Jews being bad" or such.[388][389]


Pol ("politically incorrect"), or /pol/, is a name given to political discussion boards on imageboard websites. The most famous /pol/s are on 4chan (4chan#/pol/) and 8chan (8chan#/pol/). The boards' stated purpose is "discussion of news, world events, political issues, and other related topics."[390] More accurately, /pol/ would be described as a cesspool of hate.[391][note 19] The alt-right has used the boards since it has been one of the few places where they can hear about world events from the perspective of neo-Nazis, white supremacists, racists, and conspiracy theorists.[391][392][393] The board's users have started "red-pilling" pranks and hoaxes, such as the #EndFathersDay false flag Twitter campaign[394] and the smear campaign against cartoonist Ben Garrison.[395]

Other, smaller /pol/ boards also exist. One particularly extremist /pol/ board is on NeinChan, an imageboard website created for users who found 8chan too tame, on which white supremacist mass shooters are openly glorified.[396]


See Cultural Marxism.


See Cultural Marxism.

Power level[edit]

A person's "power level" indicates how deeply someone has fallen into fascist ideology. Internet Nazis often advise each other to "hide their power level" when speaking to those outside the fold to avoid scaring away potential recruits with overt Nazi rhetoric or symbols (milk before meat). When people use such rhetoric in a public setting, they "reveal their power level". The phrase comes from the Dragon BallWikipedia media franchise, and is also generally used on 4chan to describe one's knowledge of a topic, usually "nerd stuff" (so, in a non-Nazi usage, "hiding power level" may refer to not revealing too much about one's knowledge of video games, comic books, anime, and other topics).[397]


An alt-right slang for any creative person who changed their ways to appeal to the left-wing and politically correct crowd (or alleged Postmodernists) by promoting diversity in their product. The word may have been derived from a slang term that described anyone who tested positive for HIV/AIDS.[398]


Pridefall, often preceded by a hashtag symbol (i.e., #Pridefall), was another failed alt-right campaign begun in June 2020, coinciding with that year's Pride Month, aimed against LGBTQ+ social media users. Though part of the campaign was generalized homophobia and transphobia,[399] a more sinister part of the campaign was the creation by alt-righters of disposable accounts that pretended to be queer, spreading phishing links. The links, if clicked, could reveal the IP addresses of members of sexual minorities.[400] This information could then be used for doxing or other targeted harassment.

Proboscis Monkey[edit]

Proboscis Monkey is an antisemitic insult due to the noses of male Proboscis monkeys.

Proud Boys[edit]

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The Proud Boys are a less-overtly-but-still-pretty-fucking-openly racist alt-right gang founded by Gavin McInnes (co-founder of Vice Magazine, but not affiliated with its successor Vice Media). McInnes has openly admitted to the Proud Boys being a straight-up gang. Their emphasis is on "Western values" rather than being white.[68] A street-fighting subgroup of Proud Boys, called "Fraternal Order of the Alt-Knights" (FOAK), includes gang-style hazing as part of its initiation process.[401][402] Although McInnes told the Proud Boys not to go to the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, the organizer of the rally (Jason Kessler) had, in fact, been a Proud Boy who was interviewed by McInnes before the rally.[403] The Proud Boys, in fact, attract the same men attracted to white nationalism, those who think, "Our culture is better than yours. Our women need to stay home and make more babies. Our country has no more space for immigrants. We are being persecuted."[403]


#PunchANazi was a brief false flag Twitter campaign staged by the alt-right to smear liberals as violent extremists.[405] The campaign consisted of showing pictures of heavily bruised women, children, and senior citizens (all white, naturally) accompanied by captions sarcastically stating that these people were probably Nazis and therefore deserved it. This was all done to convince people that leftists are insane fanatics who advocate violence and brutality against innocent people under the vague suspicion that they might be Nazis. The campaign crashed and burned almost immediately because it was too transparently dishonest for even the Internet to believe — which really says a lot.


See the main article on this topic: QAnon

QAnon is a conspiracy that the world is controlled by a bunch of globalist Satan-worshiping cannibalistic pedophiles and that Donald Trump is the only person who can stand up to them. It has since expanded to cover any bit of far-right conspiracism that you can imagine.

Race realism[edit]

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Race realism (or "Human Biodiversity") is a pseudoscientific (and ironic) euphemism for the alt-right's racist beliefs. The use of the word "realism" is meant to both imply that there is a scientific basis to claims made about minority groups (even though most actual scientists have been able to find no such evidence whatsoever) and to implicitly accuse dissenters of denying reality.


RaHoWa is an abbreviation for racial holy war.


Rapefugee is a portmanteau of rape + refugee. It is a derogatory term for refugees from Muslim-majority countries, implying that said refugees will inevitably commit rape or other sex crimes.[406][note 20]

Real diversity[edit]

Alt-righters claim that non-white immigration reduces diversity due to "Aryans" having the widest hair and eye color diversity, while other races are just brown / shitskin.

Red pill[edit]

How deep does the rabbit hole go? (4410752220).jpg
For other uses, see Red pill.

Taking the red pill is synonymous with converting to alt-right views.[187] A red pill is something — news, text, or meme — that justifies alt-right views. A red-piller has converted to alt-right views or converts others to alt-right views. Red-pilling or dropping red pills is recruiting people to the alt-right cause. Someone who has taken the red pill is based. Someone who has not taken the red pill is bluepilled or cucked. A hard red pill is an argument that they think is really convincing.

The term refers to The MatrixWikipedia (1999), in which taking the red pill means learning the truth about society to which most others remain happily oblivious while taking the blue pill means remaining part of the sheeple and believing that nothing is wrong. Alt-righters use this terminology to advocate for (ironically enough) a more traditional way of life; in most cases, this requires the belief that progressiveness and social equality are the oppressive status quo and that the authoritarian bigotry upheld by the alt-right is subversive and revolutionary. That way, you can act like a fascist and still feel like you're speaking truth to power. The alt-right sense of the term 'red pill' was initially used by Curtis Yarvin (Mencius Moldbug), the founder of the neoreactionary movement.[407][408]

For humor: the term references the pill provided by a black manWikipedia in The Matrix, which enlightens one about the flaws in the system in a movie made by two transgender women,Wikipedia and is an allegory for the coming out process of transgender people, with the pill itself representing HRT medication.[409] Or: alt-righters can't even watch The Matrix properly.


See Autistic screeching.

Remember the 6 trillion[edit]

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The phrase "oy vey, remember the 6 trillion"[note 21] implies that the Holocaust was faked to guilt-trip people into supporting some "Jewish agenda". Anything of the form remember the 6 [X]illion[410] (in particular, 6 gorillion[411] or 6 gorillian[412]) is a reference to this.

Remove kebab[edit]

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Novislav Đajić's ode to genocide

Remove kebab originates from the nickname given to a propaganda video, which is also commonly called Serbia Strong, though the actual title in Serbian is Караџићу, води Србе своје / Karadžiću, vodi Srbe svoje (Karadžić, Lead Your Serbs), and is also known as Бог је Србин и он ће нас чувати / Bog je Srbin i on će nas čuvati (God Is a Serb and He Will Protect Us).[413] The video repeatedly pops up on YouTube even though it was banned.[414] It was produced by three Bosnian Serb soldiers in tribute to Radovan Karadžić,Wikipedia who was convicted for war crimes against Bosnian Muslims.Wikipedia The accordionist in the recording, Novislav Đajić, was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for the murder of 14 people during the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s.[415] A still frame of Đajić’s face from the recording (he’s in military fatigues and playing accordion) subsequently became a 4chan meme known as "Dat Face Soldier".[415]

Someone produced a truly intellectual copypasta that begins:[416]

REMOVE KEBAB remove kebab you are worst turk. you are the turk idiot you are the turk smell. return to croatioa. to our croatia cousins you may come our contry. you may live in the zoo….ahahahaha ,bosnia we will never forgeve you. cetnikWikipedia rascal FUck but fuck asshole turk stink bosnia sqhipereWikipedia shqipare.

A more accurate translation from a possibly-biased source is also available: it references war criminal Radovan KaradžićWikipedia as the leader of the Serbs and associates the modern-day Croatian cause (as well as the Turks) with the fascist Ustaše of World War II.[417] There is no reference to kebabs, smells, or any obvious allusions to dehumanization,[417] but it's doubtful that the alt-right cares.

In short: the "remove kebab" alt-right concept of the song positively references the killing, expulsion, and genocide of Muslims ("kebabs"). And yes, they think it's edgy.[418][419] The proper response may be found in Polandball.[420]

The phrase received more mainstream media attention after its use by the perpetrator of the Christchurch terrorist attacks.[421]

This song gained even more notoriety — if that is even possible — after the 2019 Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Austrian Peter Handke.Wikipedia Handke, a Serbian genocide apologist,[422] not only supported Serbian war criminal Slobodan Milošević[422] but was also Đajić's best man at his wedding.[423]


See the main article on this topic: Rhodesia

Rhodesia was a British colony and later an unrecognized independent state located in what is now Zimbabwe. Since the government of Rhodesia was openly white supremacist, many on the alt-right are still obsessed with it today.


A billboard in El Salvador depicting a massacre by a military unit known as an Escuadrón de la Muerte (Death Squad)[424]

RWDS is an acronym for Right Wing Death Squads.[425] Alt-righters hope for right-wing death squads so their enemies (communists, black people, Muslims, and Jews) can be killed.[426][427][428][429][430][431] Like many alt-right memes, it is indistinguishable from parody and, therefore, can be misinterpreted as a joke.[432]

Some Proud Boys have worn RWDS patches on their vests at rallies.[433] The leader of the Proud Boys (as of 2020), Enrique Tarrio, owns an online merchandise shop that sold a shirt that says, "Pinochet did nothing wrong."[174] and sells other merchandise that says 'RWDS'.[434]


In alt-right culture, it's considered fun and "edgy" to pretend to "canonize" a mass shooter using the word saint. So, you can see "Saint Tarrant" for the New Zealand mosque shooter,[435] "Saint Kyle of Kenosha" for the Wisconsin protest killer,[436] etc. This may have crossed over from incel culture, as Saint Elliot was used for the 2014 Isla Vista shooter relatively early.[437]

Saint Floyd of Fentanyl/Fentanyl Floyd[edit]

A pejorative alt-right nickname for African American George Floyd, who was murdered by a white on-duty police officer named Derek Chauvin.[438] The video of his murder was widely disseminated, and numerous tributes were given to Floyd after his death. After Floyd's death, the alt-right argued that he died from a fentanyl overdose instead of being strangled by Chauvin's knee.

Selous Scouts[edit]

The Selous Scouts were a special forces unit in the Rhodesian army during the Bush War, and they had a reputation for brutality against the black rebel groups. Naturally, this makes them popular among more militaristic elements of the alt-right.[439]

Shapeshifting Jews[edit]

Shapeshifting Jews is a trope that Jews can change their appearance when they desire. Shapeshifting is common in world mythologies, including European mythology. Shapeshifting is associated with shamanism and occurs in the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh and Homer's Iliad.[440] The 'shapeshifting Jews' trope often associates the shapeshifting with demonic possession or Satanic influence.[441] The trope can also allude to Jews are not white.[442]

David Icke may have been referencing this trope in his 2010 book Human Race Get Off Your Knees, where he claims that the world is ruled by shapeshifting reptilian humanoids and "Rothschild Zionists",[443] though he has claimed not to be an antisemite for what it's worth (zero). The 2006 satirical film Borat,Wikipedia which explored antisemitism in parts, also referenced the shapeshifting Jews trope ("I am in a nest of Jews. They have cleverly shifted their shapes." and later, "One of them has taken the form of a little old woman. You can barely see her horns. She have tried to poison me already. These rats are very clever. Look, the Jews have shifted their shapes.").[444] Some Parisian Muslims believed that the 2015 terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo were orchestrated by shapeshifting Jews.[445]

An JonTron out-of-context clip of him shouting "WHAT!? WHAT THE FUCK!?" has popularly been used as a general reaction to a WTF-inducing moment. The clip originates from the Anti Drug Games episode of the JonTron show, from back in 2014. In the context of the video, JonTron made the memetic reaction was made towards the ending of an anti-drug PSA by Partnership For a Drug-Free America. Said PSA, the main drug dealer antagonist morphs into a snake-like humanoid form. Since the popular "WHAT!? WHAT THE FUCK!?" has often in other contexts, even long after JohnTron's infamous debate with Destiny, the alt-right have a pretty effective dogwhistle on their hands.[citation NOT needed]


An exclamation used in certain alt-right memes typically involving an extreme caricature of a black man (named “Tyrone”, because of course, that has to be his name) engaging in activities that involve pretty much the most racist stereotypes imaginable or reflecting how stupid they think black people are.


See the main article on this topic: Evil Jew

The alt-right uses shekel (sometimes also spelt sheqel), a Hebrew word with Akkadian etymology[446] for money, to imply that something has been funded by the Jews and is thus tainted. Mostly divorced in reference from the actual currency of the same name in modern Israel.


Or, more rarely, shitlady. An alt-right Internet troll.[187] The term has its roots on the left, where it was used to describe bigots and trolls posting "ironic" bigotry, but it is increasingly worn as a badge of pride by them, in the manner of "Yes, I'm one of those evil white cisgender shitlords." Edgelord is a similar term used in the broader internet community (e.g., manosphere, Gamergate, 4chan), which in addition to trolling, includes deliberately offensive contributions to Internet forums.


An extraordinarily subtle pejorative for black- or brown-skinned people.


Shlomo or Schlomo, meaning peaceable, is a common Hebrew male given name. It is the anglicization of the Hebrew שְׁלֹמֹה ("Shlomoh"), referring to Solomon.[447] Those in the alt-right use Shlomo as a derisive synonym of Jewish.[448][449] Alt-right trolls will often use aliases such as Shlomo Shekelberg on social media.[450][451][note 22] Such accounts often use the Happy Merchant as their profile picture.[453]


See the main article on this topic: Holocaust

Shoah ("catastrophe" or "calamity") is the Hebrew term used since the 1940s to describe the Holocaust. Alt-right website The Right Stuff has a podcast called The Daily Shoah, its name being both a play on The Daily Show and a deliberately offensive reference to the Holocaust.[454] In alt-right circles, shoahed or shoah'd mean "shut down" and usually refers to suspending an alt-righter's social media account.[151][455][456][457][458]

Yair Rosenberg explains how those in the alt-right use the term:

On Twitter, whenever a Jew expresses concern about anti-Semitism or other bigotry, alt-right trolls invariably pop up to exclaim, "oy vey, it’s anudda shoah!" Thus, they trivialize both the contemporary concern and the Holocaust in one ugly utterance.[459]

Alt-righters sometimes use variants such as "grandchild of Holocaust survivors".[460] The phrase may originate with a Paul Joseph Watson tweet.[461] In some cases, these may be outright lies intended to discredit the Holocaust; in others, there may be some truth to the statement, as with Mike Peinovich, who uses his ancestry to cover his bigotry.[462][463]

Sneed/I Can't Sneed[edit]

Sneed is a reference to a minor character on The Simpsons, Al Sneed, and his farmer friend, Charles "Chuck" Tamzarian, from the episode, E-I-E-I-D'oh. In the episode, Homer Simpson arrives at a farming store called "Sneed's Feed & Seed", which has a sign that reads, "Formerly Chuck's", which hints at the store being originally called "Chuck's Fuck & Suck".[464] The sign and the two owners became a meme on 4chan's /tv/ board in the mid-2010s, but like other 4chan memes, it was adopted by the alt-right and used as a synonym for "cope" or "seethe" when debating with a progressive user online.[465] In 2020, the meme gained a resurgence with the Murder of George Floyd, in which alt-right trolls coined the phrase "I Can't Sneed" to mock Floyd's dying pleas of "I Can't Breathe". The word Sneed has become a common term used by alt-right trolls on sites like 4chan, Kiwi Farms, and Twitter.


The Black sunWikipedia or sonnenrad (“sun wheel” in English) is a Nazi symbol. The design was first used by Heinrich Himmler in Wewelsburg,Wikipedia a German castle intended as a base for SS operations. Because of this origin, it's much more difficult (read: impossible) to plausibly deny its relation to far-right ideology compared to other Germanic neopagan symbols, which were typically co-opted rather than invented by Nazis. It is more common in European Nazi imagery, particularly the pagan variety; if you see someone posting the sonnenrad, expect to hear that they’re a national socialist, not a white nationalist.

The neo-Nazi Rusich unit of the Russian Wagner Group has adopted the kolovrat as its symbol. The Wagner Group is closely associated with the Russian military.[466]


See the main article on this topic: George Soros

George Soros is a wealthy Jew who supports liberal causes. As such, he is seen as a shadowy puppetmaster among the alt-right. In particular, it is common to claim that X protest, Y rally, or Z person was "funded by Soros". Antifa (or more likely, "the terrorist group known as (((Antifa)))") is a particularly common thing to tie to him.

Soy boy[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Soy boy

Like "cuck", soy boy (usually abbreviated to soy or sometimes spelled soyboi) is a pejorative term used by the alt-right to describe men on the left. It is also used as a homophobic dog whistle to dehumanize LGBT men. It is based on the high phytoestrogen content in soy — phytoestrogens being plant-based chemicals that have a similar chemical structure to estrogen. While it may be evident to anyone who didn't completely fail high school biology, alt-righters don't seem to understand that plants and humans are different. Furthermore, with a basic understanding of chemistry, you can easily understand that even if 2 molecules have the same structure, if they are made from different chemicals, surprise, they will have different chemical properties. Estrogen is a hormone involved in female body development but is also naturally found at lower levels in men. Alt-right men such as Paul Joseph Watson have claimed via pseudoscience that consuming soy will make men "girly" by polluting their precious bodily fluids, even though no science has pointed to high consumption of soy "feminizing" men. The alt-right uses this as "proof" that the person they're talking about is a girly man to mock and brush off. See beta.


SPQR is an abbreviation for the Latin Senātus Populusque Rōmānus, or "the Senate and People of Rome", one of the phrases associated with the Roman Republic and the Empire.[note 23] It was mainly associated with the civic sphere, as it mentions the Roman Senate and people. However, in the grand tradition of fascists taking things and ruining them for everyone, the alt-right has begun using the slogan and associated banners due to a misconception of its association with the Roman military and its use by (who else?) Benito Mussolini.[468][469] The irony of a motto traditionally used to denote a (semi-) democratic republic being used by fascists is, sadly, lost on most people.

Straight pride[edit]

Straight pride is a homophobic talking point[470] that claims, "There's gay pride but why not straight pride?" The answer is that heterosexuals are not oppressed as a group in society.


See the main article on this topic: Superstraight

Echoing "Straight pride", SuperStraight was a failed prank that originated on TikTok and quickly spread to Twitter and 4chan in March 2021 to try to drive a wedge between transgender people and other members of the LGBTQ community. The phrase and hashtag were accompanied by a black-and-orange "Pride" flag (incidentally, the same colors used by PornhubWikipedia and — ironically — by gay dating app Grindr). It essentially was for straight people who wouldn't date trans people, as if dating a trans person means you are less straight.[471]

⬛️🟧 is the emoji form of Super Straight.[472] Not to be confused with the same emoji in the same or opposite order used for Pornhub, and not to be confused with the color scheme for Mutualism.[473][474]

The West Has Fallen. Billions Must Die.[edit]

The West Has Fallen and Billions Must Die are phrases used to make fun of the alt-right and their pessimistic views on globalization and overpopulation. Both phrases refer to the alt-right's beliefs involving the White Replacement and Great Reset conspiracy theories and are often accompanied by the Chudjak and It's Over memes.[475]

Three Percenters[edit]

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Three Percenters' flag

Three Percenters (also 3%ers or III%ers) are a far-right militia movement. Their name derives from the erroneous idea that 3% of the population of able-bodied men of the 13 colonies fought against the British Empire during the American Revolution; the actual percentage was closer to 15%.[476] Three Percenters are part of the alt-right because they have provided 'security' at the 2017 Unite the Right rally.[477]

Tiki torch[edit]

Peasants with Tiki® Torches who forgot their pitchforks — Charlottesville

The alt-right co-opted the Tiki® Torch, an innocent barbecue torch, against the manufacturer's wishes and for their own nefarious purposes.[478] Richard Spencer said, "We've really gotten into the tiki torch nationalism, we’ve embraced it, I love it."[110] The use of Tiki Torches by racists is loaded with irony because:

  • The torches and pitchforks trope,[479] particularly parodies such as Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein.[480] When a mob using torches and/or pitchforks is going after the hero(es) in the drama, it often results in the shaming of the mob,[479] as was the case with the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in August 2017.
  • The word tiki originates from Polynesian languages. Tiki was a cultural hero in much of Polynesia; among the Maori, Tiki was the first human.[481] The Tiki Torch is a cultural appropriation.

The use of torches as threatening instruments goes back to the Bible (John 18:3), but the more likely cultural reference for the alt-right is the KKK's use of torches for cross burning to intimidate and the use of torchlight processions by Nazis at the Nuremberg rallies.[482]

Total _____ Death (T_D)[edit]

Originating on 4chan, Total _____ Death or T_D refers to the desire for complete genocide of a particular race or ethnicity with "Total Nigger Death" or TND being the most common example.[483] Usually, the desire for such a genocide includes ways to kill people in that particular group, such as beheading, roundhouse kicking, slicing with a katana, throwing them in an active volcano, etc. The meme is also used for fictional races and classes that are often discriminated against in their respective media.


A term that refers to women having a role of submission within marriage, with the typical associations with homemaking and childbearing as women's lot in life.[484][485]

Tradthot, meanwhile, refers to a woman who, in theory, supports traditional gender roles but whose support is viewed as insincere or opportunistic.[486]


A slur for transgender people, usually trans women, used as an alternative to “tranny” that’s less likely to result in a ban on social media. It comes from the Something AwfulWikipedia forums, where users called themselves "goons." Trans users began jokingly referring to themselves as "troons." The term was later appropriated by users on KiwiFarms, a site dedicated to the coordinated harassment of trans people and neurodivergent people online. "Troon" is now used interchangeably with other transphobic slurs and is often used to refer to nerdy and/or neurodivergent trans women.[487] 'Troon' is a legitimate place name in Scotland (it's a town on the Ayrshire coast), so check the context, but be wary of Scottish TERF usage, e.g., an unfunny wordplay on the double meaning.

Trump Derangement Syndrome[edit]

Trump derangement syndrome (TDS) is a pejorative term, usually for criticism or negative reactions to former United States president Donald Trump that are perceived to be irrational, and presumed to have little regard towards Trump's actual policy positions, or actions undertaken by his administration.[488] The term has mainly been used by Trump supporters to discredit criticism of his actions, as a way of reframing the discussion by suggesting that his opponents are incapable of accurately perceiving the world.[489][490][491] Politico's co-founder John F. Harris wrote that TDS is related to gaslighting, "another psychological concept in vogue in the Trump era."[492] Journalists have used the term to call for restraint when judging Trump's statements and actions.

Senator Rand Paul has cited the so-called syndrome several times. In a July 16, 2018, interview he said investigators should simply focus on election security and stop "accusing Trump of collusion with the Russians and all this craziness that's not true"—accusations which he said were entirely motivated by "Trump derangement syndrome".[493]

Trump used the term in a tweet following the 2018 Russia–United States summit in Helsinki: "Some people HATE the fact that I got along well with President Putin of Russia. They would rather go to war than see this. It's called Trump Derangement Syndrome!"[494][495] He also used it in a tweet about Alan Dershowitz's book The Case Against Impeaching Trump: ".@AlanDersh, a brilliant lawyer, who although a Liberal Democrat who probably didn't vote for me, has discussed the Witch Hunt with great clarity and in a very positive way. He has written a new and very important book called 'The Case Against Impeaching Trump', which I would encourage all people with Trump Derangement Syndrome to read!"[496]

In July 2018, Jeanine Pirro accused Whoopi Goldberg of suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome during a guest appearance on The View (talk show) to promote her newly published book. This occurred while Pirro was responding to a question about how the "deep state" really works.[497]

In July 2018, Eric Zorn wrote in the Chicago Tribune that the syndrome afflicts Trump's supporters more than his critics, as "what Team Trump is calling derangement is, in most cases, rational concern about his behavior and the direction he's taking the country.... The true Trump Derangement Syndrome loose on the land is the delusion suffered by those who still think he's going to make this country a better place for average people."[490]

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders also used the term in this tweet: "Trump Derangement Syndrome is becoming a major epidemic among Democrats. Instead of freaking out about the booming Trump economy why not celebrate it?"[498]

In September 2018, Fox News personality and Trump supporter, Sean Hannity criticized The Washington Post as having Trump derangement syndrome for stating in an editorial that Trump, because of his attitude toward climate change, is "complicit" in hurricanes battering the United States;[499][500] Hannity said "it is now a full-blown psychosis, it is a psychological level of unhingement I have never seen."[499]

In November 2018, Michael Goodwin, writing in the New York Post, discussed a variant of Trump Derangement syndrome he called "Trump Imitation Syndrome".[501]

In August 2019, Anthony Scaramucci, Trump's former White House Communications Director, said in interviews with Vanity Fair (magazine) and CNN that he had "Trump fatigue syndrome" instead of Trump derangement syndrome.[502][503]

In September 2019, Sean Hannity characterized as "Trump derangement syndrome" the continuing press coverage of Trump's days-long insistence that he was correct to state on September that Hurricane Dorian posed a danger to Alabama, asserting "pretty much every newsroom in America screwed this up and lied to you," adding there were "a lot of psychotic jackasses in the media mob".


Like Fashwave, Trumpwave is a political, pro-Trump (read: neo-Nazi) variant of the non-political/non-racist music genres Vaporwave and Synthwave. More often than not, Trumpwave songs have the same content as their Fashwave counterparts: stock footage, catchy tunes, and cover art littered with fascist or, in this case, Trump imagery.

Trust The Science[edit]

Trust The Science is a sarcastic phrase often said by those on the right and in the anti-vaccine communities. The phrase highlights how people are seen as sheep who listen to the government and take a vaccine that may be seen as not safe.[504]



Uhuru (a Swahili word meaning 'freedom') was stupidly appropriated by the white nationalist Proud Boys as a battlecry during street skirmishes.[505]


Untermensch is a term used by the original German Nazis; translated as 'subhuman', it refers to non-Aryans. It has been recorded as being used by a convicted member of the neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division, "Psychedelic Nazis… There's nothing more Aryan than entheogenic drug use… Drug addiction is untermensch."[506]

We wuz kangz[edit]

We wuz kangz and variants (we wuz kings, we wuz kangz n shieet, etc.)[507][508][509] mock the claims of black nationalism about the race of the Ancient Egyptians by using linguistic racism (pseudo-African American Vernacular English).[510] It implies that African Americans are incapable of understanding history and thus make absurd claims. This hypocritically ignores the pseudohistory worship of the alt-right itself, such as Holocaust denial. Sometimes, they even use it when nobody talks about Egypt and just say something positive about Black history before the triangular trade.Wikipedia The phrase "we wuz X n shieet" may also refer to other people who are not necessarily black who make nationalistic claims that the alt-right may view as pseudohistorical.


Weimerica (a portmanteau of Weimar Germany and America) refers to the alt-right's view of contemporary America as a new iteration of Weimar Germany. Often, alt-righters who use "Weimerica" will refer to the progressive trends in America and compare them to Weimar Germany for not being white, racist, and fundamentalist enough.[511]

Western civilization[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Western world

For the alt-right, Western civilization is all that is good.

What is a woman?[edit]

Logo from The Daily Wire-funded film What is a woman?

What is a woman? or Define woman., while not exclusive to the alt-right (and in fact, popularized by reactionaries of the alt-lite flavor such as Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, and the rest of the reactionary trolls on The Daily Wire),[512] are transphobic dogwhistles that are also often used by TERFs as a "gotcha" question, typically in one of two situations:

In either situation, the people asking the question are (probably intentionally) ignoring the difference between sex and gender (and, more importantly, what either of these terms means) and the fact that language is complicated and a word can mean different things in different contexts. A common counter-response is asking someone to define a "chair". Graham Linehan replied to "define chair" and claimed it was a "separate seat for one person, typically with a back and four legs", which could be used to imply that a horse is a chair.[513]

White devil[edit]

A phrase that often crops up when discussing the presumed internal thoughts of non-white individuals. This is an actual phrase used by the black supremacist Nation of Islam, but it's generalized to every non-white person thinking this way.[514] Whitey, and the more contemporary wypipo, may be employed similarly.

White genocide[edit]

See the main article on this topic: White genocide

White genocide is the idea that, on a worldwide scale, white people are undergoing a systematic genocide of their gene line and of their culture.

Since the people who promote it are generally racist idiots, "white genocide" usually (if not always) boils down to non-white or partially white people having babies. Or migrating. Or dating white people. Or existing, period.

White guilt[edit]

White guilt is a mysterious force emanated by the left and manufactured at universities that makes white people disagree with the alt-right. It is based upon misrepresenting Western civilization as not having done anything wrong. It is usually brought up whenever somebody mentions slavery or colonialism in anything but an apologist tone. Basically, it's the new way to claim non-racist whites are "race traitors".

White Lives Matter[edit]

"White Lives Matter" is a Nazi dogwhistle often used to ridicule and dismiss Black Lives Matter. The dogwhistle has been used at white supremacist rallies, including Unite the Right and other Neo-Nazi rallies. It became more pronounced in 2020 during the George Floyd ProtestsWikipedia as a far-right counter-protest movement. It has been labeled as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.[515]

White sharia[edit]

"White sharia" is an extreme type of patriarchy wherein the belief is that white women should be submissive to white men and that their sole purpose is to produce babies[516] (basically Kinder, Küche, Kirche). The Daily Stormer frequently pushes this idea in their articles.


See white devil.

Who nose?[edit]

"Who nose?" is stated when the speaker wants to indicate "clearly the person who did this objectionable thing is Jewish". It's based on the pun of the legitimate question "Who knows?" and the stereotype that Jewish people have large noses. So, for example, if an artist named Hannah Greenbaum produces a comic book featuring a lesbian couple, an alt-righter might quip, "Why would Greenbaum do that?", setting up another to reply, "Who nose?"[517]


Wigger is a portmanteau of "white" and "nigger". A white person who appears to emulate (or is accused of desiring to adopt) aspects of – often stereotypicalAfrican American culture. It was initially used strictly in a cultural sense starting in the 1980s.[518][519] It is increasingly used moronically ironically to refer to white people who hate African American culture or African Americans in general. It is also used in compound forms, such as "wignat" ("wigger nationalist"), indistinguishable in practice from "white nationalist", especially since the Clown World motif came into use.[520] The term "wignat" refers to a white nationalist who is inferior or degenerate, implying that they are no better than an African American in the alt-right's view. It is used, for example, by the polo-shirt set of racists to criticize skinheads, Klansmen, and other "less reputable" racists who puncture the movement's veneer of reputability.

With Jews, you lose[edit]

With Jews, you lose is a catchphrase asserting that 'Jews cause corruption wherever they go'.[521] Probably related to the Stab-in-the-back legend in some way.


A windmill or sometimes "windmill of friendship" is a (usually ASCII or copypasted) swastika, typically used on Reddit or gaming platforms such as Twitch or Steam.[522][523] Ironically, Trump thinks that windmills might cause cancer.[524]


See NPC.


"Drawing Bayesian inferences after extensive sampling, I've determined that it's 99-percent certain that anyone who uses "woke" as pejorative will turn out to be a fuckhead. Please don't blame me for pointing this out—it's just science."
Mike Godwin[525]
"Most people who are part of this particular moral panic use the word 'woke' the way tech companies and the entertainment industry use 'AI'; they don't know what it means, they don't even know what they think it means, they just know it gets certain people excited so they use it every chance they get."
Steve Shives[526]
You say "woke", I say "being an empatheticWikipedia human being with a functioning conscience".

As a political term, woke refers to a perceived awareness of social and racial justice issues. It is derived from the African American Vernacular English expression "stay woke",[528] whose grammatical aspect refers to a continuing awareness of these issues. Its widespread use since 2014 resulted from the Black Lives Matter movement. The alt-right and reactionaries/Republicans/Christofascists use the term "woke" as an anti-progressive snarl word against an individual or a corporation promoting a socially progressive message.

In the early 2020s, Republicans transformed the word to an all-purpose snarl word, basically referring to any progressive policy or person that they didn't like,[529] but they are themselves unable to define it in 2023.[530] This usage is similar to how the word "liberal" was misused by conservatives as a snarl word in the Reagan 1980s.[531] The term was notably championed by Florida governor Ron DeSantis, as well pushed by Fox News.[532][533]

Increasingly in the 2020s, conservatives used "woke" as a snarl word for topics tangentially or even completely unrelated to social justice. These topics include corporate abortion policies,[534] corporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies,[535] climate change in general,[536] COVID-19 vaccine mandates in the military,[537] corporate opposition to Israel's occupied territories,[538] proposed free menstrual products for public middle and high school students,[539] hypothetical federal digital currencies,[540] improved energy efficient "sleep" modes for the XboxWikipedia game console,[541] and even a mere breaded cauliflower sandwich introduced by Chick-fil-A.[542] Even Star Trek can't escape being wailed at by a Fox News commentator for being woke,[543] even though Star Trek has been advocating progressive social stances since its debut in 1966.

Because of its widespread use as a political grievance snarl word, even politicians that frequently use the term, like Ron DeSantis, struggle to come up with an exact definition of the word "woke".[544] Some commentators see this word (as used by Republicans) as being, in practice, just another dog whistle used by white supremacists (or those politicians pandering to them, Southern Strategy style) as a cover for racism and other anti-minority sentiment.[545][546] In other cases though, as in January 2023 when the two-decades-retired Home Depot co-founder Bernie MarcusWikipedia whined about how supposedly lazy the "woke generation" is in a Fox News interview,[547] it's more just a continuation of the two millennium old trope of the elders yelling at the youth for being the supposed cause of everything wrong on the planet.[548]

Christopher RufoWikipedia (who also popularized the transformation of critical race theory into a generic snarl word opposing any discussion of any kind of social justice topics in the classroom) reportedly was behind the initial effort to promote the term as a generic term of political grievance.[533]

By June 2023, DeSantis finally found a definition that he likes that includes the antisemitic cultural Marxism dogwhistle:[549]

It’s a form of cultural Marxism. It’s about putting merit and achievement behind identity politics. And it’s basically a war on the truth. And as that has infected institutions, it has corrupted a lot of institutions. So you’ve got to be willing to fight the woke.

The term has even spread to other English-speaking countries. In Australia, conservative politicians like Tony Abbott use it as a generic catch-all four-letter-word pejorative,[550] even though a good chunk of Australians (having wisely ignored the shithole of American politics) are either confused at what "woke" means, or wonder why being "woke" is a bad thing.[551] The term has also become popular with certain pundits and "grumpy, older white men" in the Brexit-supporting class of the United Kingdom.[552]

Otoya Yamaguchi[edit]

See Inejirō Asanuma.


YKW is an acronym for You know who, i.e. Jews. YKW can also be used innocuously, meaning "you know what".[553]

You Will Never Be A Woman (YWNBAW)[edit]

You Will Never Be A Woman (YWNBAW) is an alt-right insult to anyone who opposes their views on Trump and implies that a sizeable part of social progressives are transgender women. The insult derives from a 4chan copypasta that became popular on other right-wing platforms.[554] The copypasta argues that trans women are not women in a biological sense because they have no eggs and no womb and can never give birth while also arguing that any compliments given to them are fake and humiliating to imply that trans women will mutilate their bodies to fish for likes.

You will not replace us.[edit]

See Jews will not replace us.

You will own nothing and be happy.[edit]

An alt-right phrase associated with conspiracy theories involving the Great Reset, an economic recovery plan drawn up during the 2020 World Economic Forum.[555] It was first used as the headline of a WEF Facebook post referring to their "8 predictions for the world in 2030".[556] The title, in particular, references a 2016 essay written for the World Economic Forum by Danish MP Ida Auken.Wikipedia[557] The essay envisions (in her view) a more sustainable future where somehow abstracting all products as services and eliminating ownership (and privacy) would eliminate seemingly every ill known to man, except for her biggest concern, all those pesky people who live outside of her utopian city who "felt obsolete and useless". While one could certainly criticize the essay for its naive, elitist, and creepy utopianism, the alt-right took criticism beyond the rational level and applied it to their usual doomsday, evil-one-government conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theorists argued that the Great Reset was a strategic part of a grand conspiracy by the global elite, where lockdown restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic were not related to stopping the pandemic but were, in fact, somehow concocted to bring about economic collapse and a socialist world government (confusingly, run for the benefit of powerful capitalists).[558][559] Other expressions that promote this fear-mongering belief include "I will not live in a pod. I will not eat the bugs.",[560] which predated the pandemic.[561]

Your skin is your uniform[edit]

A statement that one's racial origin and, thus, skin tone is equivalent to a military uniform designating which side you are on during conflict.[562] Apparently, a pithier version of the quote from George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party: "The color of your skin is your uniform in this ultimate battle for the survival of the West."[563]

Zionist Occupation Government[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Zionist Occupation Government

Zionist Occupation Government, sometimes ZOG, Jewish Occupied Government, or other variants, is an iteration of the international Jewish conspiracy coined by the neo-Nazi Eric Thomson.[564]


Zioworld is shorthand for the Zionist Occupation Government and the antisemitic interpretation of the one world government conspiracy.[565][566][567]

Gallery of symbols and flags[edit]

The following flags and symbols have been observed at alt-right rallies in the US, particularly Unite the Right.

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