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Lopez in 2011.
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Kathryn Jean Lopez (1976–) is an American conservative columnist and former editor of National Review Online, for some reason. One of her bigger funnies was that she actually thought that former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum had a chance in hell of winning his 2006 re-election bid.[1] She is commonly known as just K-Lo.

For most of 2007, she trumpeted the idea of a Dick Cheney (or Lynne Cheney[2]) presidency.[3] Since he didn't run, she then backed Mitt Romney. Zero for two.

She is yet another strongly anti-feminist, anti-affirmative action, anti-abortion, and anti-contraception woman. She absolutely loved Sarah Palin. Can you say zero for three?


Despite being an NRO editor, meaning she is one of those responsible for other people's grammar and spelling, K-Lo's grammar and spelling are extraordinarily poor. These are just the errors that are still on the site, meaning she looked over those posts and thought they were okay. The Internet Archive and Google Cache have more ridiculous examples that she did catch, hours or even days after the fact.

  • "But it's also unfair to keep yourself the story when there are high stakes in American politics and not-insignificant elections around the corner."[4]
  • "The inbox is flooded with readers point out that 'President Obama's unapologetic multilateralism' is pretty heavy on apologies."[5]
  • "The first person I talked to about the Souter news last night (shockingly, though, all of Santa Monica didn't seem to be buzzing with their Blackberrys about it) asked: 'Has Souter been good on anything?' Worst things could happen . . ."[6]
  • "Wouldn't it be something if his post-presidential life would up being that kind of post-service service?"[7]
  • (From Twitter) "in a certain circle, aei is the place to go to see and be seen. i was saw and was scene."[8]

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