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There is going to be a backlash. If there isn’t a backlash, the country is over, you have been taken over by a Jewish cabal, a Bolshevik revolution … Get it through your head! They’re coming for you! There will be a purge, that’s the next thing that happens when Jews take over a country — they kill millions of Christians!
—Rick Wiles, November 22, 2019[1]

Rick Wiles (1953–), the host of the TruNews radio program,[2] is a mentally disturbed, far-right fundamentalist Christian radio host and conspiracy theorist. Often a guest on the Jim Bakker show, and a frequent sideshow freak of Right Wing Watch, Wiles is best known for his over the top, crazy, bigoted outbursts, oft-contradictory conspiracy theories of an unprecedented level of wackiness and his tendency to believe everything he hears. Common subjects of his rants include Jews, gays, gay Jews, Muslims, diseases, and his all-time adversary Barack Hussein Obama.

On other religions[edit]

Wiles has implied he supports the genocide of Muslims, saying they should be 'stomped out like cockroaches'.[3] Using highly dubious sources, he also claims that Muslim spies have infiltrated US churches, and are waiting on a signal to begin killing all Americans.[4]

However, as with many of his other views, Wiles' views on Muslim terrorists specifically are often contradictory. Whilst claiming ISIS are 'demon possessed',[5] he also claims that Muslim terrorists are 'sent by God' (therefore anything but demon possessed) to punish America for abortion.[6]

Wiles' views on Catholicism are also a confusion; whilst his website does claim that all Christians, including Catholics will be saved,[7] he also believes in a Jesuit plot to destroy America, specifically by flooding the country with Roman Catholic immigrants.[8]

On Barack Hussein Obama[edit]

Wiles believes Barack Obama, or "Jihad Barry",[9][10][11] is literally a Devil from Hell.[12] Obama is by far the greatest adversary of Wiles; if you can name a conspiracy involving Obama, he promotes it, as well as several of his own, which far transcend the usual level of craziness. For example, he believes Obama will 'kill millions of american resistors in a bloody cleansing'[13], possibly out killing "Pol Pot, Stalin and Mao"[14] and may create an army of "zombie cannibals".[15]

Humorously, as with so many of his other views, Wiles' unconditional belief in any Obama conspiracy leads to several contradictions, for example, despite once claiming Obama to be a "Muslim Jihadist"[16] he later claimed Obama murdered Scalia as a pagan sacrifice.[17] If this is to be believed, Obama is a Muslim and a pagan at the same time.

On diseases[edit]

Wiles has spoken approvingly of the Ebola virus, stating that it could solve Americas "problems" with "Atheism, Homosexuality, Promiscuity, Pornography and Abortion".[18] True to form, in the midst of the outbreak of Zika virus in Latin America, Wiles blamed the outbreak on God's judgement for the worship of Santa Muerte, a Mexican Saint of death. Stating that "they’re worshiping death and so he's giving them death".[19] God has clearly done a half-assed job at punishing Mexicans, since Zika virus is non-fatal. Wiles has blamed Jews for spreading the COVID-19 virus because they are not Christians. ("God is spreading it in your synagogues! You are under judgment because you oppose his son, Jesus Christ.)[20]

On liberals[edit]

Wiles maintains liberal activists should be rounded up and tortured, he stated, “They have to be outed, they have to be hunted down, they have to be given a trial, and that trial could be a military trial, (...) Once you’re declared a terrorist organization, you don’t have constitutional rights. Where are you taken to? Guantanamo. You may see people in these far-left organizations transported to Guantanamo and waterboarded to confess who’s funding the organizations.”[21]

Wiles upped the insanity further in late July 2020 when he called for outright violating one of the ten commandments in regards to the ongoing protests in PortlandWikipedia (sparked by the murder of George FloydWikipedia in Minneapolis in late May 2020, and escalated in Portland in July 2020 by Donald Trump sending in federal border patrol officers). Believing that Barack Obama had stockpiled two billion hollow-point bullets for the purposes of rounding up "Christians and constitutionalists under a President Hillary Clinton", he urged Trump to "put the hollow-point bullets to good use and get out there and put down this communist revolution so the rest of us can live our lives peacefully.” [22][23]

Additional insanity[edit]

Wiles appears to believe that retail store Target's decision to remove gender labeling from their toy section and to allow trans persons to use the restroom that conforms to their gender will directly lead to nuclear war with Russia.[24] This is a common theme in his ramblings; previously he has suggested that Vladimir Putin will nuke America and cause a 'nuclear holocaust' due to gay rights in America.[25] He has also warned, in the aftermath of Obergefell v. Hodges, that the U.S. will invade third world countries and force them to accept homosexuality. He also believes the ruling will pave way for 'witchcraft', and that America has become 'Babylon' with its citizens being Babylonian pagans.[26]

Wiles has described the popular Pokémon Go game as Satan "targeting churches with virtual, digital, cyber-demons" and that "this technology will be used by the enemies of the cross to target, locate and execute Christians."[27] He also claimed that him being banned from YouTube for violating the site's community guidelines is evidence that the left plans to execute Christians and conservatives in the street.[28]

Luminary guests (or lack thereof) on "TruNews"[edit]

Wiles' radio show has somehow managed to attract the attention of a former CIA director, R. James Woolsey.[29] Other than this, Wiles show is largely a magnet for the craziest right wing cranks. Highlights include:

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