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E. Michael Jones (1948–) is an American self-styled Traditionalist Catholic theologian who holds a litany of antisemitic and misogynistic views. His primary schtick is blaming Jews and feminists for the world's ills, both current and historic. He's a darling of the online far-right, particularly groypers, and is frequently cited by the likes of Nick Fuentes and Owen Benjamin; Roosh V has also become one of his acolytes. He usually characterizes his views through what he calls "Logos" (a Greek term sometimes used to refer to Jesus Christ) and Jews' supposed opposition to it, with "Logos Rising" being a kind of unofficial slogan for himself and his beliefs.


Jones was a one-time hippy who was fired from his teaching position at Saint Mary's College, a private Catholic women's school in Indiana, apparently for expressing anti-abortion views too extreme even for the Catholics.[1] He started a Traditionalist Catholic magazine called Fidelity in 1981, which was devoted to exposing wrongdoing in the church with a special emphasis on sex and feminism. He later changed the magazine's name to Culture Wars and shifted priorities to attacking Jews for all the world's perceived ills.[2]

For many years, Jones was a largely unknown entity, familiar mostly in traditionalist Catholic circles or for his proximity to the VDARE crowd. That is until online conspiracy theorists and groypers found him. He's guested on the likes of Red Ice TV, InfoWars, Roosh V's podcast, and Nick Fuentes' program America First. Fuentes in particular, who holds similar Trad Cath views, frequently cites and praises Jones on his shows, praise that Jones has returned in kind.[1]


Jones is a radical traditionalist Catholic and sedevacantist who rejects the authority of the Vatican and all recent Popes and believes his interpretation of Catholicism should be the basis for society and government. Like many Radical Traditionalists, Jones' ideology is largely built around antisemitism, which is so virulent that it even freaked out VDARE.[1]

Jones' beliefs revolve around what he calls "Logos". Logos is a Greek word meaning logic, but in Christian circles, it's often used to refer to Jesus Christ. Jones claims that Jewish people were responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus and are therefore diametrically opposed to logic itself and are therefore imbued with a "revolutionary spirit" that causes them to be the source of all of society's ills. He claims that the historical persecution of Jews (up to and including the Holocaust) has been justified.[1]

Jones blames Jewish people for the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, feminism, homosexuality, pornography, abortion, and literally everything he does not like. Jones despises MLK but appreciates Malcolm X. He's particularly adamant that feminism and sexual liberation are just political tools by Jews to further control society[3], so much so that he wrote an entire book on the subject, the pretentiously-titled Libido dominandi.[1] He called the Civil Rights movement a "Jewish War on the South" and cites the cultural Marxism conspiracy theory.[4] He also dabbles in economic Anti-Semitism, writing an entire book (Barren Metal) rambling about how Jews destroy the economy through usury and free trade.

He refers to non-cisgender, non-straight people as "deviants" and credits himself with making Poland less supportive of same-sex marriage.[1] He's also an AIDS denialist.

Jones has described his political philosophy as “America first", on the basis that the noninterventionist "America First" movement of the 1940s was synonymous with antisemites like Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, and Father Coughlin.

Incidentally, Jones also denies evolution, the germ theory of disease, IQ, and heliocentrism, and claims COVID-19 was a biological weapon created by the American government to attack China and Iran.[5] Jones is an admirer of Aleksandr Dugin and has appeared on Iranian state television.

Jones' whole belief system seems like an elaborate ruse to bait Jews and homosexuals into no longer pursuing their own goals and aspirations, as conveniently, the only way to disprove Jones' theory that Jews and homosexuals are conspiring to control everything would be to give into his demands and force all Jewish politicians to step down from office and all gay characters to stop being represented in media. It's an admittedly ingenious use of reverse psychology, almost on par with a middle school bully's “Give me your lunch money, or if you don’t, that proves you have no balls!” He has specifically stated that Jews are an evil satanic force adding:

"...we must deny Jews the rights of citizenship, something which no country in Europe granted them before Napoleon emancipated the Jews at the beginning of the 19th century. The Biden Administration has shown clearly what happens when Jews take over our government...Jonathan Pollard stated plainly after Donald Trump pardoned him that the Jew has a duty to betray any country which grants him citizenship...we can say that we have met the enemy and he is not us, because we are Americans and they are rootless supporters of the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit."[6]

Jones is not without his detractors on the far right, most of whom accuse him (and Catholicism in general) of not being white supremacist enough. Mark Collett has denounced him strongly, calling Jones “so far off the mark, it's unbelievable….No matter how much Catholicism you give to an African, he is still an African."[7]

Jones is also a Geocentrist, saying he has a Ptolemaic view.


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