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A goddess is like a god, only female -- and every bit as likely (or unlikely) to exist. Goddesses were among the deities worshiped by most ancient polytheistic religions, probably because of the association between women and childbirth (i.e., "givers of life"). The Hindu religion is particularly well supplied with goddesses.

Goddess worship is also a feature of many neo-pagan religions. There was once a widespread belief among many Neo-Pagans that a matriarchal, pan-European goddess-cult existed either prior to the rise of Christianity or prior to the arrival of the Indo-European peoples, and that knowledge of this religion has been systematically suppressed by various patriarchal entities down through history (notably the Vatican). One of the prime cleavages (no pun intended) within Neo-Paganism today is over adherence to this belief. Evidence in support of this claim is approximately as abundant as evidence for the existence of the Goddess Herself.

Out of all the hundreds of religions there are none that worship a monotheistic goddess.

A few well known goddesses[edit]

  • Agrona: Celtic goddess associated with war.
  • Amaterasu-ōmi-kami: Sun goddess and primary goddess of the Shinto religion. Related to the emperor of Japan.
  • Aphrodite: Greek Goddess of love, lust, and beauty; Venus to the Romans.
  • Artemis:Greek Goddess of wilderness, the moon, the hunt and chastity; Diana to the Romans.
  • Asherah:Semitic mother goddess. When monotheism fused the tribal god Yahweh (her son) and the supreme sky god El (her husband) into the one and only God, she was no longer even a goddess.
  • Atargatis: Syrian goddess of water and fertility.
  • Athena: Greek Goddess of heroic endeavour, victory, crafts (especially weaving) and wisdom; Minerva to the Romans
  • Bastet (or Bast): Egyptian cat-goddess, usually portrayed as a woman with the head of a cat. Popular today among furry fandom
  • Brigid: Celtic goddess (with two sisters of the same name!), connected with the hearth, milk, and beer.
  • Calypso: Greek Sea goddess and daughter of the Titan, Atlas.
  • Cybele: Phrygian Earth mother.
  • Eris: Greek Goddess of discord.
  • Ezrulie Freda/Danton: Vodou loa of love and beauty. As Ezrulie Freda she is the protector of gay men. As Ezrulie Danton she is the protector of lesbian women and, though she is bisexual and has two husbands, she still prefers women.
  • Frigga (Frigg) : Norse Goddess, wife of Odin.
  • Gaia:A whole earth goddess associated with the early Greeks.
  • Guanyin:An East Asian goddess of mercy, and a bodhisattva associated with compassion as venerated by Mahayana Buddhists.
  • Hera: Greek goddess of marriage; wife and sister to Zeus. Juno to the Romans.
  • Isis: Egyptian goddess, mother of Osiris.
  • Inanna: Sumerian goddess of fertility, war, lust, and power. See also Ishtar.
  • Kali: Hindu goddess of death and destruction.
  • Manat: Pre-islamic Mecca's goddess of fate.
  • María Lionza: Venezuelan cult goddess. Goddess of nature, love, peace, and harmony - mixture of Catholic African and indigenous beliefs.
  • Mielikki: Finnish goddess of the forest and nature. Adored by the Drow ranger Drizzt Do'Urden.
  • Morrígan: Celtic goddess of war.
  • Nike: Greek goddess of victory (not footwear).
  • Reitia: A pre Roman, Italian Slovenian goddess of writing and healing.
  • Selene: Greek goddess of the Moon.
  • Shekhinah: The goddess of feminine attributes in Kabbalah. Exists in good group deeds as well as physically in the Ark of the Testimony Covenant. Her hand sign is what Leonard Nimoy chose as the Vulcan salute.
  • Sophia:Gnostic feminine wisdom aspect of god.

Contemporary goddesses[edit]

  • Any goat of the lady persuasion: sacred to devout RatWikians.
  • Carol Vorderman: One for the Brits. Probably more of a minor demon than a deity though.
  • Helena Bonham-Carter: underground meme.
  • Randi Rhodes: The "goddess of radio", according to Sam Seder.
  • Uma Thurman: Goddess of big, sexy feet...rauwwwrrrrr! Also, coincidentally portrayed Venus in a Terry Gilliam film.