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Mass shooting means a number of people shot in the course of a single incident by a single criminal or a small group of criminals. The overarching goal for these individuals is to kill as many people as they can.

During the last 30 years, the United States had 78 mass shootings, more than 2 per year on average. By contrast there were 41 mass shootings in 24 other wealthy, industrial nations during the same period. Greater gun availability does not prevent mass shootings.[1] Perpetrators are most of the time men while women and children are disproportionately the victims, girls more so than boys.[2]

Media coverage

Media coverage of a mass shooting show future perpetrators how to do it. Psychiatric illness or extremist ideology can both convince a person extreme violence is justified and many different ideologies can facilitate extreme violence.[3]

To a much greater degree than is generally understood, there's strong evidence of a copycat effect rippling through many cases, both among mass shooters and those aspiring to kill. Perpetrators and plotters look to past attacks for not only inspiration but operational details, in hopes of causing even greater carnage.
—Mark Follman[4]

Furthermore media coverage inspires mass shootings as it's an easy way to get your face on television, even if you die in the process.[citation needed]

Gun control

See the main article on this topic: Gun control

Tough state laws on gun procurement did not protect California from mass shootings because nearby states have much easier access to firearms and guns can be transported between states as easily as cars can. From 2009 to 2015 states insisting on background checks suffered 52% fewer mass shootings than states without background checks. Background checks also reduce the numbers of women shot dead during domestic violence and the number of police shot dead. The National Rifle Association pressured the US Federal government not to allocate funds for gun control research.[5] One has to wonder that they have to hide.

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