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Identity Evropa (IE)[note 1] was a pretentiously-named identitarian white nationalist group based in the United States that was founded by Nathan Benjamin Damigo in 2016.[2] Damigo (b. May 12, 1986 as Nathan Lodge) is a former US Marine with an other than honorable discharge,Wikipedia[3][note 2] and who served 5 years in jail/prison on a felony charge for armed robbery of a taxi driver whom he erroneously thought was an Iraqi immigrant.[2][5][6] He was also known as "Fashy Haircut" for his Hitler Youth-style haircut on Twitter before being banned.[7] Damigo was one of the organizers of the August 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that left three people dead.[8] Previous to Charlottesville, Damigo also organized rallies that resulted in violence in Berkeley, California, including one where he sucker-punched a woman holding a camera.[8][9][3] IE membership is not just entirely white, as one would expect, but also overwhelmingly male (2 of the 64 members appear female in their group photo).[10]

IE was a hate group according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.[11] IE was known particularly for targeting college campuses for recruitment,[12][13] though its membership was believed to be relatively small (200-300).[13][14]

In 2019, following an exposé by Unicorn Riot revealing that they were carrying out an entryist campaign within the Republican Party on Discord and later Slack, IE leader Patrick Casey formally rebranded Identity Evropa into the American Identity Movement (AIM), not to be confused with the American Indian Movement). It was not unlike how former members of Vanguard America rebranded as the Patriot Front, complete with the same American patriotic imagery as that group (i.e. the American flag, Lady Columbia, and the eagle) and a more America-centric focus in contrast to IE's usage of mostly Greco-Roman and Renaissance imagery and fixation on Europe. Regardless, the American Identity Movement/AIM was pretty much the same group with a new coat of paint, doing the same flyering and having most of the same leadership and members as the formally-defunct Identity Evropa.[15]


  • IE was opposed to anyone with progressive ideas, and refers to them with the snarl word of Cultural Marxism.[16]
  • IE was a racialist organization that tries to hide it under the guise of "human biodiversity".[16]
  • IE claimed to be censored because some companies have exercised their freedom to disassociate themselves with racist organizations.[17]
  • IE was opposed to (non-white) immigration into the US.[16]
  • IE did not allow Jews or other Semitic people from being members, stating that its membership is open only to (in their own words) non-Semitic Europeans (read whites).[18][13] Damigo has voiced anti-Semitic statements. While he has refused to state an opinion regarding the Holocaust and its denial,[13], he has alluded to the International Jewish conspiracy.[13]
One of the other aspects that’s been really missed is Jewish power, Jewish influence. It’s been extraordinarily negative for people of European heritage, for our foreign policy, for our domestic policy. And there has been a lot that’s happened that’s been pretty hurtful that the Jewish community has advocated for that has been very anti-white.


IE tried to present a superficially clean appearance: no visible tattoos, no swastikas and no felony convictions as well as women being allowed to join the organization and a secular approach to religion (such as Christianity and European neopaganism).[19][18] This is ironic because Damigo himself is a felon.[2]

Known members:

  • Peter Cvjetanovic, the infamous torch guy at the Charlottesville rally. He was wearing a shirt with the IE logo at the rally, and self-identified as a member.[20]
  • Federico Andres Dotti[19]
  • Jared Alexander Huggins (born September 16, 1994)[19]
  • Shawn Michael, a.k.a. Shawn Mccaffrey[19]
  • "Johnny Monoxide", a.k.a. John Ramondetta (b. June 14, 1972)[19][21] has been arrested twice for drunk driving[22] and was a scheduled speaker at the Unite the Right rally.[23]
  • Dan Morely was a police officer in Chesterfield Virginia until his ties to IE were revealed. He was removed from duty and told to never wear a uniform again.[19]
  • Eli Mosley (a.k.a. Elliot Kline or Elliott Kline) (born c. 1991) took over leadership of the organization on August 27, 2017.[24][25] His alias "Eli Mosley" is a tribute to the pro-Nazi British fascist leader Oswald Mosley. He was supposedly a Proud Boy until December 2016.[26][27]
  • Cory Reeves, Air Force master sergeant, was demoted but not discharged for his IE activities.[28][29]
  • "Brunswick" Michael Vespa is a "social media coordinator" and Rutgers student.[30]
  • Parker Anthony Wilson (born c. 1990), a.k.a. Mark Bidwell[19] admitted in 2011 to hitting someone with brass knuckles (assault with a deadly weapon) and took a plea bargain of 60 days in jail for misdemeanor "assault with a deadly weapon" that eliminated three felony charges ("possession of a deadly weapon", "possession of the ingredients to make a destructive device", and "possession of a destructive device"); police had found in his residence "numerous White Pride paraphernalia, firearms, ammunition and components to make a pipe bomb."[31] Fourteen months after his release from jail, police found he had violated the terms of his probation when they found a billy club in his vehicle's trunk.[31]

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  1. In spite of its name, the organization is not based in Europe, nor is its founder European by any stretch of the imagination. Of course, they miss much more important facts than that.
  2. Although it is not publicly known why Damigo received an other than honorable discharge, reasons can include, "use of force or violence to produce serious bodily injury or death, abuse of a special position of trust, disregard by a superior of customary superior-subordinate relationships, acts or omissions that endanger the security of the United States or the health and welfare of other members of the Military Services, and deliberate acts or omissions that seriously endanger the health and safety of other persons."[4]


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