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Kim Eo-jun (김어준, also Kim Ou-Joon) (1968–) is a liberal journalist in South Korea. But Kim Eo-jun often sparkles controversy by making extremist claims on some issues. He is a politically pro-Moon Jae-in, pro-Minjoo Party and anti-Western orientation.

His YouTube channel, podcasts and internet journalism Ttangji Ilbo (딴지일보) are gaining huge popularity among Korea's middle-aged liberals. But Ttangji Ilbo is basically more of a yellow journalism.

Extremist tendencies and positions[edit]

In South Korea, he is accused by the conservative camp of having a liberals bias, but he is more of an anti-Western and anti-Japanese Nationalist than liberal.

The following are his controversial political positions.

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  1. 'SBS' is one of the top three terrestrial networks in South Korea(!!)