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New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Movement

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The New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Movement (New IFB for short) (also called Andersonism) is an extremist Fundamentalist Christian group made up of disgruntled Independent Baptists. New IFB affiliated organizations believe that the old Baptists have lost their luster, value, and ability to preach the Gospel. The head honcho of the group is Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church, who is said to have started the movement around 2017. Their appeal is to go back to the old ways on what they believe Baptists used to preach, thinking the modern churches have become too liberal. Even other Independent Baptists aren't enough for them. The group's churches have essentially the same views that Anderson espouses, and they tend to hold multiple conferences each year, including the Red Hot Preaching Conference[1] and the Make America Straight Again Conference. There are known to be over 32 churches worldwide, but due to their constant schisms, nobody knows who's actually part of the movement.


The New IFB's theology is largely controlled by Anderson. They view the King James Bible as the only legitimate Bible, and believe in salvation through Jesus Christ. They refer to homosexuals as sodomites and pedophiles that are reprobates beyond God's grace, and that they should all be executed. Holocaust denial is also expected from New IFB churches, and their antisemitism mainly stems from the idea that God abandoned Israel as the chosen people, and now it's the Christians' turn.[note 1] With salvation, they believe in faith alone and to an extent, believe repentance isn't as necessary as it is. They have even burned books and Bibles that mentioned it. With the views on salvation, their pettiness extends into running a dead, but archived, website called Repentance Blacklist, and they made a list of all those who disagree with them. The list includes other cranks such as Jack Chick, Ray Comfort, and Kirk Cameron.[2] Sending out tracts for evangelism is discouraged because Anderson believes witnessing should only be based on dialogue.[3] They also believe that the Pre-Tribulation Rapture is heresy, and that the Pre-Wrath Rapture is the real deal. Dispensationalism is also considered to be false doctrine by the New IFB wackos.


Information icon.svg The New IFB tends to fracture over differences such as whether or not the Earth is flat.[4] These members may be removed/expelled from the New IFB. Asterisks next to the church means they are listed as hate groups according to the Southern Poverty Law Center[5].

Do not harass any of the churches listed below.

  • Steven Anderson - Faithful Word Baptist Church* (Tempe, AZ) - Duh
  • Grayson Fritts - All Scripture Baptist Church* (Knoxville, TN) - The detective who called for LGBT to be executed.[6]
  • Roger Jimenez - Verity Baptist Church* (Sacramento, CA) - Called for LGBT to be executed by firing squad after the Orlando shooting in 2016.[7]
  • Tommy Mcmurty - Liberty Baptist Church* (Rock Falls, IL) - Pumpkin Boy[8] Recent developments may have shown Mcmurty critical of the New IFB.[9]
  • Bruce Meija - First Works Baptist Church* (El Monte, CA) - Was bombed recently.[10]
  • Jesse Michael - Pure Words Baptist Church (Houston, TX)[11]
  • Obinna Ofoegbu - Love Assembly Baptist Church (Montgomeryville, PA)[12]
  • Enrique Reyes - Springcrest Baptist Church (Houston, TX) - The other pastor, James Cobb, is on the fence.[13]
  • Logan Robertson - Westcity Bible Baptist Church (Auckland, New Zealand) and Pillar Baptist Church (Davao City, Phillippines) - Deported from Australia due to harassing Muslims when planning a documentary against Islam.[14]
  • Jason Robinson - Mountain Baptist Church (Fairmont, WV)[15]
  • Jonathan Shelley - Stedfast Baptist Church* (Fort Worth, TX) - Took over from Donnie Romero after he resigned.
  • Richard Symes - Pillar Baptist Church (Uganda)[16]
  • Aaron Thompson - Sure Foundation Baptist Church* (Vancouver, WA)[17]

Former members[edit]

The New IFB is like a soap opera or reality show. These episodes are almost better than Gordon Ramsay. You guys are always in some sort of internal struggle for power, at least how it seems from an outsider like me.
—Some random internet user[18]
  • Patrick Boyle - Revival Baptist Church* (Orlando, FL) - Ousted for holding a conference with beliefs similar to Peter Ruckman.[19]
  • Tim Delello - Friendship Baptist Church (Lakemore, OH)[20]
  • Tyler Doka - Pillar of Truth Christian Church (Woodmere, Long Island, NY) - Ousted due to promoting Flat Earth.[21]
  • Adam Fannin - Stedfast Baptist Church (Jacksonville, FL) - Expelled from the New IFB. Started a new church in Jacksonville called Law of Liberty Baptist Church.[22]
  • Josh Gardner - Sound Words Baptist Church (Toronto, Canada)[23]
  • Michael Johnson - Temple Baptist Church (Jacksonville, NC) - Anderson claims he backstabbed him in unlisted videos.[24]
  • Justin LeBlanc - Pillar of Truth Christian Church (Maspeth, Queens, NY) (West Hampstead, Long Island, NY) - Buds with Tyler Doka. [25]
  • Robert MacGregor - Trinity Baptist Church (Toronto, Canada) - Ousted due to speaking against the Pre-Wrath Rapture.[26]
  • Joe Major - Faith Baptist Church* (Violet, LA) - Was expelled from the NIFB, but debatable if he's still in[27]
  • Manly Perry - Old Path Baptist Church (Adkins, TX) - Disassociated himself from the New IFB.[28]
  • Donnie Romero - Stedfast Baptist Church* (Fort Worth, TX) - Resigned due to sex and drug scandals.[29]

Other figures[edit]

  • GodGunsGutsGlory[30] - Blog constantly chronicling New IFB talking points, or proving how gays are actually pedophiles.
  • Ben Naim[31] - Once ran a channel called Ben the Baptist.
  • Paul Wittenberger[32] - Filmmaker who worked as a crew member for The Green Hornet, and minister of propaganda, with Framing The World as his platform. Has made documentaries including Deported[33], which is about how Anderson got deported from African countries such as Botswana, and What in the World are They Spraying?, a documentary about Chemtrails.[34]


The Andersonites produce documentaries that reaffirm their beliefs and use fancy-schmancy editing tricks. They can either be full blown documentaries or edited versions of sermons from New IFB pastors.[35].

  • After the Tribulation[36] - A documentary about why there is a Pre-Wrath Rapture, rather than the common Pre-Tribulation Rapture.
  • Failure to Obey[37] - The story of how Anderson got beaten up by U.S Border Patrol.
  • Flouride: Poison on Tap[38] - A documentary on how flouride in water is actually dangerous.
  • Going Back to the Greek - A documentary about the KJV and Greek. Got Anderson into some hot water among followers for discussing with a Calvinist named Dave Johannsson.[39]
  • The Great Culling[40] - A movie about depopulation.
  • Marching to Zion[41] - Possibly their most controversial documentary. It is mainly about why the Jews are no longer God's chosen people, and actually worship Satan, and that their expected Messiah is actually the Antichrist. Also, Anderson straight up lied to rabbis for them to speak and appear in the documentary, claiming he was working with PBS[42]. As long as the ends justify the means, otherwise, Steve and his buds could face a good heaping of Revelation 21:8. Also also, Texe Marrs is in there too.
  • Marxist Lucifer King[43] - A sermon by Anderson with some editing tricks and news reels to show that Martin Luther King Jr., was wicked and adulterous. Also mentions how his advisors were Commies. What's admittedly true was that he wasn't a saint.
  • SCIENCE Falsely So Called[44] - Documentary that involves stereotypical creation talking points, and so many Nazi references that it’s embarrassing.[note 2] Kent Hovind appears as well.[note 3]

Present day deplatforming[edit]

Swirling controversies, infighting, and a social media crackdown on New IFB properties have considerably diminished the movement.[45] Anderson's entire YouTube ecosystem was completely purged in the summer of 2020, reducing their social media presence even further.[46][47] The group continues to attract controversy because of its virulent hate speech and extreme opposition to homosexuality, and while their sphere of influence has been reduced, they won't be gone anytime soon.

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External links[edit]

  • - A blog run by an Independent Baptist critical of the group. However, it hasn't been active since last October, so information may not be as relevant as it is.
  • New IFB Is A Cult - A site run by atheists.


  1. As long as they're part of the New IFB that is.
  2. Ironic given The New IFB's stance towards the Holocaust
  3. Anderson has criticized Hovind before for marrying after divorcing. He's also critical of him for praising the book, The Shack.


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