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What harm could it do if a man told a good lusty lie in a worthy cause and for the sake of the Christian Churches?
—Luther (Lenz: Briefwechsel, Vol. 1. Pg. 373)

Bryan Denlinger is a batshit crazy, Bible thumping crank, windbag, hatemonger and unemployed, self-appointed pastor-turned-blowhard demagogue running an internet ministry variously known as King James Video Ministries or the Bible Believers Fellowship. Denlinger is known for his conspiracy theories and wingnuttery. Denlinger maintains a YouTube channel under the username of husky394xp with over 1000 video "studies" and over 20,000 subscribers. He is the founder of his own "Christian" cult (see note below) of his own tradition, Denlingerism.

Denlinger encapsulates the American Protestant Christian phenomena in a microcosm. The Mayflower brought to America a ragtag group of unpopular, non-conformist English Dissenters who faced persecution at the hands of fellow Protestants be they the Reformed Church in the Netherlands or by the established Church of England.[1] Religion from the very beginning of the American Experience has been cynical of authority be it temporal or spiritual.[2] This cynicism towards authority pervaded the milieu during which the foundational instruments of the United States (the Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights) were written. Early in the American Experience that was always the fear that the Catholic Church would extend her influence to the American colonies especially with Spain in the south and the territory of New France which extended from the Gulf of Mexico to the Nunavik completely encircling the colonies. The Jesuits were the shock troopers of the counterreformation were entrusted with care of Catholics in Protestant regions where Catholics faced persecution, the reconversion of territories lost to the Protestants in within Catholic kingdoms and missionary work beyond Europe.[3] Much of the Jesuits’ missionary was conducted through education, preaching, polemics, debate and scholarship. The Jesuits were successful in reconverting areas in Europe but garnered much antipathy and suspicion from the Protestants.[3] Attempting to understand Denlinger's weltanschauung cannot be accomplished outside this context of the American Experience.

Denlinger is not affiliated with any Christian organized religion or any religious association and therefore considered a non-denominational independent Christian. He describes his church as a Free Church under the headship of Jesus Christ.[4] He frequently refers to himself and others who share his beliefs and views simply as Bible believers and his group as a Bible believers fellowship or Bible believing Christians.[5] However, this is only descriptive as to who they are and not the self-recognized proper name of the cult.[5] Due to the lack of a self-given proper name, Denlingerism has been used as a proper name for the system of belief and Denlingerist for one who follows the belief system as is the customary naming a belief system after its founder. This entry follows this already well established convention.

His religious views are primarily based on his personal reading and interpretation of the bible and what the spirit and Jesus reveals to him while he reads the bible. He preaches a gospel of repentance followed by the acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Savior. Once an individual is saved they are always saved within the current dispensation.[6] While Denlinger does not consider himself a "named prophet", Denligner considers himself a prophet as he is doing the work of a prophet and should be considered a prophet of God.[7]

Mainline Protestant Christians do not consider Denlingerists to be Christian due to Denlingerism's version of the Trinity is of a gnostic sabellian flavor,[8] therefore belonged to the non-Christian branch of protestantism. Other Christians have dubbed his version of the trinity oneness modalism though tripartite onenessism or tripartite sabellianism are more correct descriptions of the godhead. Denlingerism denies three persons and opts for a single person composed of body (Jesus), soul (father) and spirit (spirit).[8] However, since Denlinger considers himself Christian he is considered a Christian for this entry, giving his claim the benefit of the doubt. Some of Denlinger's beliefs include:


It is not such a wonderful life[edit]

The Denlingers preaching on whether insurance is scriptural. In case you were wondering the answer is NO!

Denlinger was born in 1975 and raised in Strasberg, Pennsylvania, and attended Pequea Valley High School. His father was a Mennonite and is of Bavarian-Tyrolean Protestant descent. High school for Denlinger was a time to mess around and be stupid and was keeping him from being in full-time employment.[12] According to Denlinger “I wasn’t about to go to some university and spend time sitting at a desk and reading some books; I had no interest in that”. Instead, he began work as a boatbuilder at Susquehanna Santee Boat Works and then as a woodturner and a logger. He now resides near Bridgewater, Maine.[13] Given his contempt for education, Denlinger did not pursue higher studies. Since being saved, he has devoted his life to preparing a series of paranoid conspiratorial rants which he describes as studies, all backed by verses in his King James Bible. Since 2012, Bryan Denlinger has been married to Katherine Kucera, a partner and co-preacher in his bible believing ministry.

Denlinger attended the Calvary Monument Bible Church, an independent non-denominational church in Paradise, PA. From the age of seventeen his church attendance was sporadic, usually attending Lampeter United Methodist Church with his parents.[14] At the age of 25 he began attending a Cornerstone Baptist Church and later began attending a Berean bible church (non-trinitarian) after being saved. He then left the Bereans because of problems and joined the Mount Zion Baptist Church in Denver PA. However, early in his ministry, he claimed to have been saved at the age of 8 by his Sunday School teacher and immediately began witnessing to his classmates in school. While Denlinger attended Mount Zion Baptist Church, he volunteered to teach Sunday School. One of the requirements for teaching Sunday school was that he provide a police background check which he thought was a "little bit weird".[14] After a falling out with the pastor, he began attending Liberty Baptist Church and later the Country Chapel Baptist Church.[14] As was usually the case with Denlinger, much due to his rebellious nature, he feuded with the pastor and the congregation which forced his departure. Since that time he founded his own cult, which believes what he believes; a cult to his own liking.

Denlinger envisions primitivism to be the ideal as espoused in the Bible. Wishing to return to the primitivism of the early Church Age and wanting to move out of the woodshed on his parents’ property he had been calling home since being married to Katherine, he began looking for a compound to purchase to get away from the world. Having not found any affordable property in Pennsylvania, the prompting of a subscriber led him to decide to be a blight on the State of Maine instead.[15] The area surrounding his home growing up had enough well established batshit crazy windbags (the likes of his mentor Eric Jon Phelps) according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, that they were proving too much competition for the up and coming whippersnapper.

In 1997 Denlinger went into business as a woodturner. Much of his work consisted of turning spinning tops, wooden bowls and ornamental curios which he exhibited at art galleries and craft shows.[13] He also made some furniture during this period. When asked what his motivation was, he indicated it was just to make money. He did not find the work fulfilling making things for rich people. However, he does still consider himself a woodturner by trade[13] perhaps so that he can maintain his claim to have come from the "art world".

After a trip to Honduras, he had a coming-to-God moment, got saved again, and took an interest in the Bible. At this time he also got into the logging business. He cut down trees and sold these as firewood or lumber mills in the area for a living.[13] After watching some Peter Ruckman videos, listening to his audio cassettes, and reading some of his books, Denlinger began creating some of his own media content and began distributing these. On the prompting of others, he began marketing these through his own ministry and others' webstores.[13]

Both Denlingers are given to gossip and spreading calumny regarding persons they have known in the past. They have used their Youtube channel to attack those they deem to have wronged them in some manner, including reading their private correspondence. Due to Bryan Denlinger's abrasive and argumentative nature he has had ongoing feuds with his family[16] and neighbors, denigrating some of them in his videos as Satanists, “unsaved”, drunks, goons, backstabbers or Catholics. Katherine once harangued her parents about joining the Denlinger cult and getting saved. Her parents, who appear to have better sense than their daughter, were promptly ejected by the Denlingers from their home when they came to visit.[16]

In 2009 Denlinger began a YouTube Channel under the name of husky394xp, which was named after the Husqvarna 394 XP chainsaw which he used for his logging business. The husky394xp channel was at one time dedicated to felling trees for firewood or lumber. This channel would later become the main ministry channel. The various ministries such as the Bible Believers Fellowship and King James Bible Ministries have been profitable enough that Dellinger has been able to give up gainful employment and has instead focused on developing his cult ministries on the Internet.

Drinking the Drano[edit]

Drano, a choice of a new generation of cultists for the testing of their spirits. Denlinger has yet to test his own spirit for discernment purposes.

Denlinger comes across as extremely arrogant and prideful, which he uses to make up for his own shortcomings in actual religious training and education. Most of his competition has some of both and have been ordained to the ministry, whereas Denlinger merely picked up the Bible and began thumping it around under the impression that he is indwelled by the Holy Spirit. He claims that those who attack or denounce him are committing an unpardonable sin because anyone attacking him is attacking the Holy Spirit within him. He has an extreme inferiority complex and compensates for it in aggressiveness towards his betters, going so far as to recommend that his competition drink Drano or sulfuric acid so as to "test their spirit" and to do so on camera in full view of their subscribers.[17][18] Many have been waiting and wondering as to when Denlinger is going to test his own spirits by drinking Drano, but no one has been holding their breath. Denlinger has yet to prove to his cultists that he has the spirit by drinking either Drano or sulfuric acid.

In a video sermon alluding to the Jonestown massacre, Denlinger, exhibiting his knowledge of geography that the spirit within him imparted to him, claimed that the Jonestown massacre occurred in Africa.[18] The incident occurred in Guyana, a country in South America. Further, Denlinger posits that Jim Jones was cursed by God for hitting the Bible.[17] He asks as to why anyone filled with the spirit would hit the Bible, despite in one of his own tirades he is seen hitting the Bible repeatedly.[18] The video was later deleted.

Mirror, mirror on the wall[edit]

Artiste extraordinaire, Bryan Denlinger found the Catholic painting of the Annunciation by the Spanish Baroque painter Bartolomé Esteban Murillo distasteful and pornographic.[19] Brianus Denlingerum locuta est; causa finita est.

Given the gullibility and half-wittedness of his followers, Denlinger grooms himself to be a savant among them, a man of culture and learning.

Denlinger claims to be a rational man of science,[20] but has irrational, emotional meltdowns when he is chastised or called into question by his fellow Bible-thumping windbags.

Denlinger considers himself an artist and "coming from the art world".[21] He considers that since he worked as a woodturner, he is an artist and claims to know about art. However, he considers most art a perversity.

Denlinger plays the part of the proverbial village idiot in a sermon where he preached against medieval and Renaissance art, which he called pornographic and pagan.[19] According to Denlinger such art encourages pedophilia and is the work of perverts. The purpose of the sermon was to “wake up the Catholic people to the fact their system has always been corrupt” and that “these paintings have no basis in scripture, and merely show the perversion of the Catholic artists who painted them.”[19] He goes on to ask his audience, pointing at cherub angels as to where in the Bible there are “naked babies with wing flying in full nudity”?[19]

You got to watch out for this thing of art to okay. I was in the art field for a few years and I know a lot of this stuff, you know, and they used to just push the envelope of what is acceptable and they call it art. Okay. You are painting nude things and stuff all the time, you're a pervert! Okay. Don't tell me "oh because I respect the human body and hmm-umm Sure you do. I was around that stuff, I know what, you know, how that thing works.—Sermon - Catholic Child Pornography?

He considers all artists perverts of one kind or another. He claims to be an expert on pornography given his past experience as a consumer of porn.[22] While little baby peepees do not make anyone (sane that is) amorous, that is not the case with god's prophet, Denlinger, little baby angels, without doubt, makes this holy man of God (as he claims to be) stand erect.

In the FAQ "Answering an Agnostic’s questions," Denlinger envisions himself to be the safest kind of guy to deal with because he is held to a standard.[14] Unfortunately, his standard is his own interpretation of a badly translated Bible (in reality the worst according to a computer program designed for the task[23]) which he uses for his own advantage and to confirm his own pre-existing biases. Given that he does not hold the Church Fathers who were close to the Apostolic source as a standard of belief or interpretation[14] gives him the freedom to read anything his little heart desires into his personal interpretation which is his standard eisegesis exegesis. Since he has placed himself as the adjudicator as to what the Bible states, he is his own standard, nothing more, nothing less. While Denlinger garrulously attempts to ingratiate himself with more intelligent, educated, cultured, rational and naturally skeptical people, most of them are likely to give him a wide berth as soon as the first inanity or counterfactual "Denlingerism" is spewed for their benefit.

Denlinger claims to be a man of God and claims those who attack him are attacking the spirit within him.[18] After all, he knows he has swallowed a spirit, feathers and all. Being the prophet that he claims to be, he often reminds his followers that the spirit talks to him and through him.[17][18] He even considers himself a saint.


Denlinger exhibiting his extensive collection of Peter S. Ruckman's musings which influenced his theology.

Much of Denlinger's talking points point to a world view which is heavily influenced by the ranting and ravings of Eric Jon Phelps and Peter S. Ruckman, in particular[24], who share similar perspectives on religion, race, and culture. Denlinger early in his ministry claimed to be a Ruckmanite. On issues such as anti-miscegenation, segregation, race relations and culture, Denlinger's views are a carbon copy of those of Phelps while theologically his views are aligned with that of Ruckman. The book Vatican Assassins authored by Phelps has greatly influenced and shaped Denlinger's thinking one would come to believe that this book was the greatest influence on his worldview save the King James Version of the bible and Ruckman’s commentaries on the bible. These books provide the basis for much of Denlingers’ weltanschauung. Perhaps, the two authors confirmed Denlinger's initial biases which preexisted, however, it is apparent that he has conformed to and adopted himself to the ideas presented by Ruckman and Phelps though other influences abound. Denlinger has described both Ruckman and Phelps as two phenomenal very intelligent men who have been years in the ministry and has repeatedly defended them from their detractors.[25][26] Denlinger has also indicated support for Phelps' ethnostate ProBaptiCal,[26] a white only Anglo Saxon Protestant Baptist Calvinist nation (present-day Pennsylvania) which will use a paramilitary force based on the Ton Ton Macoute to ferret out and execute all remaining Catholics (convert or die, if Anglo Saxon) and blacks (just die).[27] Jewish Catholics and Jesuits, the filthiest of persons of all will be put to death immediately when found.[27] Whoever thunk batshit crazy fundies were any different from the Mohammedan Jihadis and their supporters; at least, dealing with the Mohammedan one could pay to join the "optional" jizya "protection plan".

Another source of influence on both Denlinger and Phelps was Jack T. Chick of the infamous Chick Tracts and Alberto Rivera. According to Rivera's account, he (Rivera) was a deep cover Jesuit who was tasked by the Vatican and the Jesuits to infiltrate protestant organizations and churches. The reality according to an investigation by Cornerstone Magazine, a Protestant Christian journal, Rivera was a confidence huckster who was wanted for swindling and racketeering in Spain. He had warrants issued for his arrest in New Jersey and Florida for fraud, credit card theft and writing bad checks[28][29] and was born a protestant[29], not a Catholic as Rivera had claimed. Chick and Rivera formed much of the core of Denlinger's anti-Catholicism which was reinforced by Phelps, who himself was influenced by Chick and Rivera.

The Mennonites-Anabaptist influence underlies much of Denlinger's worldview which figures fairly strongly in Pennsylvania due to its origins as a land-grant by Charles II at the behest of William Penn for non-conformists of all stripes who suffered from religious persecution and discrimination from the mainline protestant churches in Europe. It was for this reason that Pennsylvania became a haven for persons or groups seeking freedom of religion and worship as Puritans in New England now having established their own theocratic social order, began persecuting non-conformists who did not conform to their own non-conformist ideal. However, this has in modern times turned the state into a magnet for hate groups, including that of Phelps and his church. This influence can be seen in his primitivist, antisocial, non-traditional and anti-hierarchal views. The primitivism gives rise to his biblical lensing of trying to recreate the church, as he sees it, of the bible. This can be seen in his claim that there are no church buildings and only house churches in the early church. His antisocial, anti-traditional and anti-hierarchal views extend from church polity to his politics and his view of government, police, and military. The anti-traditionalism gives rise to his non-traditional views of the godhead/trinity. Since much of these views are more acceptable in the region of Pennsylvania due to the origins of the state, Denlinger was surprised that these views are not as well received by society at large.

Katherine Denlinger[edit]

Katherine Jezebel Denlinger (sister Katherine) the certified crazy wife of Bryan Denlinger.

Bryan is not legally married to Katherine, as Bryan does not believe in purchasing a marriage license, rather he was married to Katherine by God. Most call this living together in sin, but not Bryan. Since Bryan refers to Katherine as his wife, this entry will refer to Katherine as his wife. Bryan and his equally wingnutty, petty-minded, passive-aggressive wife, Katherine, are co-preachers in his King James Video Ministries. Much of the Denlingers’ published content consists of rantings and blathering against some event they deem a nefarious conspiracy. Their emotionally-charged ravings are directed against those who publish critical content, calling them punks, Luciferians, masons, Jesuits or idiots. The Denlingers are the only known preachers in this cult. When not preaching a sermon herself, she can be counted on to bob her head up and down, nodding in agreement and suddenly ejaculating some inanity and going back to her nodding in agreement routine.

Katherine grew up in Iowa and suffered from seizures from early childhood for which doctors found no cure.[30] She suffers from a learning disability and found the classroom educational setting difficult[31] and was deemed a slow learner[32]. Katherine attended Atlantic High School in Atlantic, IA, but failed standardized testing and was sent to remedial courses.[30] She describes herself as a loner unable to make friends during this period of time.[30] While being, according to herself, athletically gifted, she suffered from gender confusion which she blames on playing sports such as volleyball and track.[32] She ended up attending six universities and colleges, never able to find herself due to her learning disability.[32] She has periodically been under psychiatric care.[30]

She was raised a Lutheran (LCMS) by her parents[30] and attended Lutheran colleges and universities.[32][31] However, she frequently calls all these institutions Catholic. She claims that she learned to commit the sin of drinking coffee while attending Lutheran Sunday school.[30]

Katherine claims that she was a member of the US Military and the military-industrial complex where she claims she worked as a spook. She allegedly served in the US Navy between 2007 and 2010 in the Persian Gulf region.[31] She was introduced by a serviceman to REX 84 documents where she learned the evils of the US government and kept questioning orders.[31] She began seeing the United States as an evil country mired in the sin of espionage. She also "discovered" that the United States was developing a cyborg army.[31] While in the military she was ordered to undergo a command directed psychological examination due to anger management problems after which she was returned to duty.[12] She failed a subsequent psychological evaluation and was honorably discharged from the military due to her psychological condition.[32]

She was disenchanted with Lutheranism and to her family's chagrin sought non-mainstream Christian traditions. This lead to further worsening of relations with her family.[31] Due to her involvement in these churches, she began attempting to proselytize to her potential employers, and as can be expected, no one wanted to join her particular cult of the day and needless to say did not find employment.[31] During this period of time she began getting away from the technology of the world.[31] She began making contact with KJV-onlyists and met Bryan Denlinger through this movement.

Katherine's sermons are pitted with back-biting, talebearing and gossip and preached in a loud, obnoxious manner. Her husband considers persons who exhibit these character traits to be possessed by the Jezebel spirit.[33] He does make an exception for his wife, so you would be wrong to consider her a Jezebel even though she meets his criteria for one.


Denlinger invented the cult of Denlingerism in 2008, which he has led ever since. Most members of this cult are extremely loyal sheeple and as can be expected are from the lower strata of education, income, and intelligence.

This cult is based on the rambling rants teachings of Bryan Denlinger and his equally bat-shit crazy wife Katerine. These teachings are presented as "studies" on Youtube and the internet. These studies are usually long-winded rambling paranoid rants, which rely on conspiracy theories interlaced with apophenia and pareidolia and every other logical fallacy a charlatan might be expected to employ to hoodwink the credulous gullible cultists. What is considered belief, is dependent on what Denlinger considers truth. Belief is dependent on the whim of Denlinger who has changed his mind on occasion when it suits his fancy.

Denlinger teaches that bible believers like him existed since the time of Christ and were disparaged as Gnostics and heretics by the Roman Catholic Church.[34] He claims that his group are called heretics today and always been called heretics in the past. He claims that his church descends from what was the First Church of Heretics.[34] However, given that Denlinger engages in doublespeak, he calls out persons he deems to be heretics as heretics does not mean that they are heretics in the same manner he is a heretic of the Church of Heresy. The reason Denlinger claims that there are no books or history of his cult is that the Roman Catholic Church burned all the books of the heretics. He claims that all the history books were written by Catholics. The absence of evidence for his claims, he argues, in effect proves his claim. He claims that the Roman Catholic Church predates Christianity and was the "Babylon Mystery Religion[34]," which was the title of a book by Robert Woodrow from which appears on his bookshelf. Woodrow has since recanted and acknowledged his book was a fabrication and based on invented claims. Robert Woodrow went on to write the book Babylonian Connection? to debunking the claim in his previous book which he withdrew from bookstores, but unlike the first book had far less in sales. Perhaps, he should have been more familiar with the admonition from 2 Timothy: For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth, and will turn aside to myths.

Due to the abrasive and caustic personality of Denlinger, opinions other than his own are not tolerated. Negative comments and criticism will soon garner the critic a tirade complete with name-calling and at times hellfire and brimstone. Expect to be trolled by Denlingerists, long on memory and short on intellect, if one has the temerity to criticize the leader of their cult. Those who disagree with Denlingerism and can hold their own are blocked and their comments are deleted - thus the comments are usually backslapping of the cultists which Denlinger's ego greatly appreciates. If the critic was particularly bothersome, getting under Denlingers' thin skin, they would suffer being outed as sodomites, effeminates, Catholics, Jesuits, KJV deniers, or Jesuits. Denlinger takes particular delight in using his channel to slander and defame his critics, which goes to demonstrate the kind of spirit possessing Denlinger.

The central antagonist which figures most prominently in much of Denlingerism is the Catholic Church and the Jesuits. Much of the calumny which pervades through the ramblings draws from the work of Alberto Rivera, Jack Chick, theosophist Helena P. Blavatsky and Walter Veith. Once a person, idea or concept can be shown to have a passing connection or similarity to Catholicism, it is dismissed due to that connection or similarity. This is one of the common elementary methodologies employed by Denlingerists.

Like many cult leaders, Denlinger claims that he receives revelations from Jesus and the Holy Spirit. He has claimed that he speaks on the prompting of the spirit.[35]

Major doctrines of Denlingerism:[6]

  1. The King James Version is God’s perfect word in English - Denlingerism affirms King James Version is the only bible which is considered the true word of God
  2. The Godhead - Denlinger denies the trinity and affirms belief in a tripartite deity
  3. Salvation through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross - Denlingerism affirms that Jesus died and paid the price for sin completely; one must only repent and believe in Jesus.
  4. Eternal security of a truly born again Christian - Denlinger affirms that once a person is saved you are going to heaven no matter what you may do after that point.
  5. Dispensational reading of the bible - Denlingerism claims that the bible requires to be read per the dispensation.
  6. Male authority in the church and home - Denlingerism affirms that men are the boss in the church and the home; beware that pastor Katherine Denlinger is exempt from this doctrine.
  7. Non-conformity and biblical separation from the world - Denlingerism claims that the bible teaches non-conformity to the world and also separation from the world
  8. House church - Denlingerism claims that the bible teaches that that house churches are the way to go.
  9. Missionary public ministry - God wants the message spread to the world.
  10. Literal 6-day creation approximately 6,000 years ago - Denlingerism affirms that the earth came to be 6,000 years ago and was created in six days.
  11. Heaven and Hell - Denlingerism affirms the existence of heaven and hell
  12. Satan - Denlingerism affirms the existence of Satan.
  13. Rejection of music - Denlignerism rejects all forms of Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal, and Rap music
  14. Sodomy a sin - Denlignerism affirms that sodomy (read: homosexuality) is a sin.
  15. Abortion is murder - Denlignerism affirms that abortion is murder.


Currently, there are over 700 members in his church. Membership in his house church, much like of his mentor Eric Jon Phelps, is only opened to already saved bible believers, without exception. Those wishing to join the cult are vetted through an interview process beforehand by the Denlingers to ascertain if they are saved bible believers. The Denlingers, guided by the spirit within them, will check with their spirit-o-meter and if the candidate is approved by the spirit they will be welcomed into the house church for fellowship.

Once they are members, the members are all required to get the gospel out. This can be accomplished by street preaching, going door to door and visiting people, passing out Chick tracts, and preparing and packaging material or information for distribution.[6] All members are expected to assist with the Denlinger’s ministry.[6] Denlinger does not stipulate a tithing percentage from those who watch the videos, but expects to be compensated for his preaching.[15] Nevertheless, he does entreat the subscribers to donate and those donating over the what they may judge to be compensatory would be presenting that gift before the "throne of God" and will be duly compensated for this perhaps not in wealth but other areas of life.[15]

Cultic Behavior[edit]

"Hey people you wanna line up and get the vaccine?! You wanna get your flu shot?! You wanna get whatever you want?! Fine! DIE in your sins and go to hell and burn! PERIOD!"
—Bryan Denlinger[36]

Denlinger has claimed that he does not make a good cult leader, to counter accusations that he is a cult leader.[37] Denlinger's main claim that he is not a cult leader is that he does not have a church building.[37] In the world of Denlinger, having a church building is equated to having a cult. He indicates that having a wildness compound is a sign of a cult, however, Denlinger purchased property to start a wilderness ministry in the middle of nowhere Maine to build a home and a church headquarters.[38][39] Of course, Denlinger's defense because he refers to it as property rather than a compound, it is a not a compound.[37] No telling what the difference of a compound and a property acting as a wildness ministry either. Perhaps, Denlinger has taken to preaching to the local flora and fauna. To his credit, Denlinger, who often engages in doublespeak, has since claimed that it's his vacation home instead.[37] He has also indicated that, as he is not a sexual pervert he does not qualify as a cult leader. While after years being addicted to viewing pornography may not have turned Denlinger into a pervert we have to take his word that he is not a pervert, because, after all, Denlinger has spoken and the matter is settled. Lastly, Denlinger claims that he is not a cult leader because he does not elevate himself above others. Of course, claiming to be the prophet of God, and receiving direct revelation through the spirit he claims to possess does not count in that regard. Ever the narcissist, Denlinger made a two-part two-and-a-half-hour biographical movie of himself. Conveniently, according to Denlinger's fabricated self-excluding criteria, he is not a cult leader. However, Denlingerism exhibits strong cultic behavior as given by Steven Hassan's BITE model.

While Denlinger claims that he does not hold those who do not follow him are "unsaved" for all intents and purposes all those persons who hold opposite viewpoints are unsaved.[37] Denlinger makes the claim that only those persons who are truly “saved” can understand his biblical teachings and follow his teachings and that the unsaved cannot understand his teachings because they do not have the spirit.[40] If a person is against his unique teachings on the Denlinger godhead are unsaved.[40][41] Those who are not against interracial marriage are unsaved. Those who are against his teachings are unsaved.

He screens potential members of his congregation beforehand, to make certain that these candidates members of his cult are truly saved. During this interviewing process Denlinger requires the person to reveal personal information and how the person got “saved” and any associations they may have had. No person who has a Jesuit education need apply. He will frequently call his members, whom he refers to as the '"body of Christ" to uproot dissent in their midst and inform him regarding private conversations with another member or where a member might be faltering doubt or allegiance to him or his teachings.

Cult members who dissent or do not follow his particular orthodoxy are doxed. Denlinger attempts to control what former members may say by threatening to divulge publicly privileged confidential information regarding the dissenting member obtained during the interview process. Denlinger follows through with these threats, often conducting an online criminal background check and disclosing private communication and confidential information regarding the outspoken former follower including actual legal name, email, and address. Like many cults, few leave with their dignity intact. Of course, those who turn against Denlinger were not truly “save” but used deception to appear saved.

Once a person is anathematized from the cultic fold, members of the cult are warned not to have any further dealings with the excommunicated individual by claiming that the biblical principle of being unequally yoked.[42] He expects that persons should minimize contact with the “unsaved” world. Denlinger calls on his members to flag and report videos which take issue with him, his particular brand of theology and his ministry to YouTube as harassment and bullying.[43] Denlinger's cult though this process has successfully removed contrarian content from the YouTube platform through sheer loyalty and numbers of complaints by his sycophants.[43] Denlinger and members of his cult with multiple YouTube accounts will dislike videos causing the impression to viewers that the content might not be true.

Largely due to the reprisals suffered even the more vocal former Denligerists have deleted their critical content regarding the Denlinger and his cult due to the threat of blackmail hanging over their head like the Sword of Damocles. One particular recalcitrant had his decades-old convictions exposed, and Denlinger insinuating that the individual was an abuser of women and a pedophile, though these were not a part of the record. The threat of such egregious unethical libelous abuse and online harassment of former members of the cult has done much to stifle dissent within the cult. Even the more vocal critics have removed content due to the threat of blackmail and the threat of the cults minions attacking or flagging contrarian content.

Denlingerist godhead[edit]

The Trinity is the most important core belief in Christianity. The early Christians and the Didache, the oldest written Christian document written by Jews as a catechism for Gentile Christians converts considered baptism in the correct form and matter and adherence of correct belief[44] a requirement for Christians. Correct belief is defined by any one of the three creeds of the Churches: Apostles Creed[45], Niceno–Constantinopolitan (Nicene Creed)[46] or the Athanasian Creed[47]. Every one of the creeds profess Trinitarian belief. According to many Christians only those who are Trinitarian can be considered Christian[48] given that Trinitarianism is the most important doctrine which unifies all Christians.

Denlinger began exploring the concept of the godhead when an Indian subscriber sent him a request to explain the concepts of man being body, soul and spirit in June 2012 and began exploring the godhead using this concept.[49] He based this concept on a passage in the King James Bible commonly known as the Johannine Comma (1 John 5: 7-8) which does not appear in most bibles and was an inclusion from glossed from analogical explanatory notes. Since the King James Bible has this known corruption in its text, Denlinger is stuck with the KJV to prove his godhead.

Denlinger denies the Trinity and substitutes it with a gnostic Sabellian god. Denlinger teaches that there is one god and that is the person of Jesus Christ who embodies the complete godhead where Jesus’ body, soul and spirit are the father, son and holy spirt respectively. He claims that there is one god and one person in the godhead. He claims that this was revealed to him by the holy spirit.

However, Denlinger who claims to be a bible believing preacher had no idea that the Trinitarian belief is the central creedal belief which united all Christians. Not knowing this central Christian doctrine, perhaps due to a lack of an education or knowledge in the subject he claims to be a maven, qualified him to be a bible thumping windbag preacher. He claims to have been dumbfounded when many persons who claimed to be Christian took umbrage at his teachings as he went about upending their apple carts.[50] Being the hillbilly babe in the woods he could make no sense of the commotion which he had initiated.

I am going to be very straight with you. I stumbled into this thing completely innocent. I just looked and I see you know I do believe the Bible teaches that Jesus is God the Father and all of a sudden everybody is just goes wild, just ballistic and attacking me and all kinds of stuff and I’m going okaaay you know what’s this all about 'Let me show you another verse and then it got even worse and I'm going you know I'm just showing you some verses of scripture I don't know what the big deal is. It's the mystery of godliness and and and everything you know quit attacking me.' What in the world is going on. Now I understand why. Because the lord has revealed now to me and hopefully to you after you've seen the evidence that in the time of Jacob's trouble there's gonna be a satanic trinity sitting in that temple: father son and holy ghost and in the name of the father father and the son and the holy ghost and they're already crossing themselves. They're already prepared. Something to think about brethren.—Sermon - Why Is The Catholic Trinity So Important To Satan?

Denlinger paints the Trinity as a pagan Catholic philosophical concept in an attempt to make his own concept of the godhead more palatable. He attempts to create doubt or distrust in the Trinity in persons with an anti-catholic prejudice by associating the Trinity with catholicism. By means of guilt by association with catholicism, he seeks create in his audience a greater openness to his own alternate theory. He repeatedly attacks the trinitarian concept as a Roman Catholic construct even though all protestants accept the Trinity as doctrine.

If you could hie to Kolob[edit]

Denlinger's godhead is a corporal being, as such is subject to the scientific inquiry. Since this godhead must occupy space one must inquire at to where this godhead resides. Is he hanging out on the Mormon planet Kolob as well?

Bryan Denlinger is non-Trinitarian, though from time to time he uses the word Trinity to mean an altogether different concept. He does not profess belief in the Trinity as he claims that the Trinity is unbiblical and rightly claims that the word trinity does not exist in the King James bible. He believes, correctly, that the Trinity is a catholic concept formulated using the language of philosophy and philosophical concepts. Denlinger considers philosophy to be evil and believes that the bible warns against philosophy and philosophers. He claims that the mainline concept of the Trinity is pagan in origin. Denlinger believes in a godhead which is embodied completely in the person of Jesus. Denlinger, takes an analogy used to explain the Trinity and makes it the godhead of his reality. He claims the godhead is composed of Jesus' body (Jesus), Jesus' soul (father), Jesus' spirit (spirit).[51]

He questions why the Catholics did not use the terminology of the King James bible to explain the trinity.[51] Perhaps, because the English language had not been developed when the Christological and trinitological concepts were debated and conceptualized? The King James bible had not beeninvented written yet at the time perhaps? Given that Denlinger is probably one of the dimmest light bulbs around, these realities apparently did not dawn upon him. Most of Denlinger's sermons are pitted with anachronic stupidity. Denlinger teaches his cultists that Catholics believe in two trinities. One on earth and one in heaven and this dual trinity is depicted by the Star of David the Jews were forced to wear by Adolph Hitler.[51]

He claims that the body, soul and spirit of man is what is meant by being made in the image of god. This god is innately material, innately having a body from inception. Thus, Denlinger's godhead is a corporal, material thing which is subject to space and time and always existed within the bounds of space and time. This godhead could not have existed prior to the big bang, because god is dependent on the big bang for the material and dimensionality. Because Denlinger's godhead is a material entity, it can be subject to science and the scientific method. Denlinger claims regarding the godhead prove that god did not create the universe, because this god innately exists within that universe and is of it, thus had to be the effect of some cause which preceded this godhead coming into existence. Perhaps, if one has a powerful enough telescope we should be able to view the Denlinger godhead somewhere on Kolob were the Mormons claims their gods reside.

Denlinger calls out atheists, attempting to provide a "philosophical proof" (though not called that) for the existence of his deity using "Catholic" cosmological arguments for the existence of God posited by medieval scholastic theologian and philosopher Thomas Aquinas.[52] Aquinas' Argument of the Unmoved Mover, Argument of First Cause and Argument from Contingency attempt to prove the existence of a non-material entity outside space and time who bring into existence of space and time. However, since Denlinger deity is from its inception a material being is therefore dependant on space and time to give it material and dimensionality. Ergo, the existence of Denlinger's deity cannot be proven by the cosmological arguments because this deity is ipso facto not the first cause of existence. Denlinger having no understanding or education, attempts to use philosophy, a subject he distrusts and believes is condemned by the bible, attempts to use a philosophical proof for the existence of his deity expect a laughable disaster to ensue exposing himself as a buffoon.

Beatingback popery and the papists[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Anti-Catholicism
Rev. Branford Clarke illustration in Heroes of the Fiery Cross 1928 by Bishop Alma White Published by the Pillar of Fire Church in Zarephath, NJ

Ever since the rabble rousing killjoys disembarked from the Mayflower, there has been an undercurrent of anti-Catholic bigotry and nativism in the United States. The Puritans brought with them the Geneva Bible which included glossed notes which made out Catholicism and the papacy the antichrist and the Whore of Babylon and took and was anti-monarchical in its tone. King James, who engaged in the realpolitik of his day, with great cunning, embargoed the Geneva Bible as he considered both it and the glossed notes seditious.[53] Upon his death, in 1626 the fourth edition of the KJV included the glossed notes from the Geneva Bible. Needless to say, his son Charles I lost his head and the kingdom to the rabble rousers.

Catholics were until the 1950s seen as the other, not really Americans. Largely Irish, Italian, Spanish-Mexican, German or Slavic, Catholics were viewed by the Protestants as outsiders. Catholics suffered discrimination, persecution and the occasional localized pogrom in the United States which eventually gave rise the very aptly self-named Know-Nothings and the Ku Klux Klan which sought to eradicate Catholicism. Due to the anti-Catholic bigotry and discriminatory practices Catholics suffered marginalization. Conspiracy theories where Rome sought bring the United States under the Catholic influence abounded during this period and continue to this day. Catholics, the Vatican and the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) feature prominently in many of the modern conspiracy theories.

Denlinger attempts to conjure this nativist and bigoted spirit once more, longing for the good old days and the old time religion - well not really, because Protestants consider him a heretic, and back in the good old days old time religionists burned heretics without batting an eyelash as did John Calvin. Anti-Catholicism is the most frequent theme in Denlinger’s bible study tirades. He teaches in his sermons that the Roman Catholic Church is a continuation of the Roman system which crucified Jesus and continues to persecute Christians.[34] He is of the opinion that the Catholic Church's aim is to control all the governments of the world and subjugate all nations and people. Catholicism is the one world religion of the antichrist and the mother of all abominations.[54] He teaches that the US military was begun and owned by the Vatican.[55] Denlinger has claimed that the Catholic Church, the military industrial complex and the Alt Right make up the Devil's Triangle. The Devil's Triangle employs the Hegelian dialectic of thesis (capitalism), antithesis (communism) to synthesize fascism. He teaches his followers that this Devil's Triangle have teamed up to usher in a fascism in the United States.[56] He also claims that catholics sank the RMS Lusitania drawing the United States into the First World War. RMS Lusitania, a passenger ocean liner was carrying passengers and war material from the United States to the United Kingdom when it was sunk by U-20 and thus was a legitimate target due to the Just War theory of Double Effect (human shields).

Denlinger claims that all Protestants are in reality Catholics. Anglicans/Episcopalians, Methodists, Baptists (Batholics) are all pagan Catholics as they all collaborate with Catholics and adhering to the Catholic concept of the Trinity.[57] The only true bible believing Christians are those who share his opinion. This general animosity towards all mainline Christian denomination was very much a view held by the German Anabaptist movement which originated in the Germanic Tyrolean region during the Protestant Reformation due to hostility from all other Protestant movements at the time. The Dutch Anabaptists takeover of the city of Munster and establishment of a theocratic state did not help their cause and led protestants to associate the movement with terrorism. This is similar to the stratagem use by Lyman Beecher and the temperance movement which associated alcohol and drunkenness with Catholicism to gain support from many protestant denominations with the notable exception of Episcopalians and Lutherans. Sobriety was a protestant virtue and Catholics were drunken louts - which is very much what Denlinger calls his Catholic neighbors.

I am telling you right now, these Catholics they've infiltrated all the Protestant denominations and the one group that is left, the one group are the King James bible believers. Dispensational bible believers. And you will not have one Roman Catholic apologist that stands for the rapture being before the Time of Jacob's Trouble. Not one. You will not find one defending dispensationalism. And you will not find one Roman Catholic that says Mystery Babylon is their own city. Vatican City. And if you are dumb enough to think that the Vatican has less power than the United Nations in New York City, you are that stupid, you know.—Sermon: The Jesuitical Doctrines Of Hovind And Anderson

Denlinger, who possesses the spirit whose knowledge is laughably moronic, claims to be an expert on Catholicism since he has studied it. In a sermon, Denlinger claims that the Catholics claims:

The fourteen stations of the cross. You go around the different saints and you go down there and you kneel before the saints you do your you cross yourself and all this stuff and you rub your little rosary beads and all stuff yeah same pagan beliefs going on.

The Way of the CrossWikipedia is a Christian devotional which Catholics and some Protestants practice especially during Lent. It is a devotional which meditates on the events from Christ's condemnation by Pilate to his entombment. No one can be sure as to where Denlinger's spirit is acquiring its knowledge from, but appears to be too dumb to pour piss out of a boot with the instructions printed on the heel.

2016 Presidential Election[edit]

OK sign which according to Denlinger represents 666, the Mark of the Beast

Denlinger in his “studies” claims that the Vatican was in control of the 2016 presidential election. In his study “Total Papal Control of the 2016 Election” he examined photographs and a video of the Knights of Columbus' Al Smith Dinner hosted by Cardinal Dolan which Denlinger describes as a psyops operation conducted by the Vatican. In reality the Al Smith Dinner is a charity fundraiser which raises funds for several charities in New York City. In a sermon which best could be described as an exercise in apophenia he makes the claim that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are servants of the Vatican. He was able to deduce this from the OK 'secret gesture' by Trump which Denlinger claims symbolizes the Mark of the Beast - 666. He examined persons at the dinner, claiming that one was the 'harlot in scarlet' and another was a kabbalistic magician. A chandelier in the background is described as a magical halo of light over Cardinal Dolan's head. He reveals in this same study that Trump and Bill Clinton are Jesuit trained provocateurs.[58]


See the main article on this topic: Society of Jesus

The Jesuit conspiratorial theories are among the most common recurring themes in his musings. He draws much of his learning on the subject from Eric Jon Phelps,Alberto Rivera and Jack Chick. Given his distrust of academics, it would not be surprising that much of his theology is derived from wingnut comic tracts.[59] Denlinger is of the belief that every event in history is orchestrated by the Jesuits who are attempting to usher in the New World Order.

Denlinger labels anyone with whom he has a disagreement with a Jesuit and subject to ridicule. Victims of Denlinger’s Jesuit paintbrush include Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Alex Jones and organizations such as the Red Cross and Boy Scouts. Even his fellow wingnut fundamentalist anti-Catholic nutbars have not been spared. James White who is a “KJV denier” was labeled a Jesuit for having a book he authored endorsed by Norman Geisler who obtained his doctorate from a Loyola University.

Katherine Denlinger in her “investigative” sermon claims that the United Nations is controlled by the Jesuit order. According to Katherine, fluoride was created by the Jesuits and the Vatican.[60] According to her, Jesuit Refugee Services working with the World Health Organization promotes fluoridation water, salt, milk and other items. She mentions that fluoride is not in the bible and therefore the work of the devil.[60] The zany kook has yet to explain why Youtube, internet, video camera, electricity and host of other discoveries or inventions are not found in the bible, yet employed by the Denlingers in their ministry. Oxygen is not in the bible, therefore a work of the devil and ergo should be banned too? It kind of reasoning would explain why she claims she studied for an LLM (Master of Law) to work as a telemarketer.[32] Yet another one of the rules Denlingerism applies to others but not to Denlingerists.

Denlinger is of the opinion that the Jesuits started the Vietnam war to gain control of the heroin trade. He claims that the Jesuits sold arms to the Buddhists and the combatants with the help of the Catholic Intelligence Agency (of course it is the CIA).[10]

Whore of Babylon[edit]

He claims that the Catholic Church is the only entity which fits the description of the Whore of Babylon. He claims that in the past five kingdoms of anti-Christ ruled the world: Babylon, Medes, Persia, Greece and Rome. Today, that empire is Roman Catholicism. He bases this on his criteria that the Whore of Babylon must be a woman, city and an empire.[61] Further proof that he offers is that the Vatican City is built on seven hills (the seven heads of the beast are representative of the hills). One is left wondering as to where the vast empires of the largest empires fit in - the British Empire, the Soviet Union and its precursor Tsarist Russia, the Mongol Empire, the Spanish Empire, or the Umayyad Caliphate fit into the picture as the Babylonians, Medes and Medes would not make it into the 25 largest empires in recorded history. This leads one to suspect that these "empires" were chosen so as to prop up a particular eisegetical reading which would conform a particular anti-Catholic bias.

Being a bible thumping hick, it is excusable that Denlinger apparently did not know that Vatican City is on the wrong side of the Tiber and is on sits on Vatican Hill, which is not one of the seven hills of Rome.[62] Vatican City sits outside the ancient city of Rome not within it. Besides there are many cities around the world which sit on seven hillsWikipedia.

Constantine invented Catholicism[edit]

According to Denlinger Constantine invented Roman Catholicism.[14] Since the Roman Empire could not beat the Christians, he claims the Roman Empire created Roman Catholicism from the paganism.[14] Elsewhere he claims that the Babylonians invented Roman Catholicism as the Babylonian Mystery Religion[61], two seemingly contradictory narratives. He then goes on to claim that once Constantine merged by giving Roman gods saint names he then changed the Caesar of Rome to the Pope of Rome – the Pontifex Maximus.[14] Denlinger merely states these as well known facts.

Given that his education about Catholicism is limited to reading Chick Tracts, Catholic kids’ picture books (he looked at the pictures), Alberto Rivera’s imaginative biography, and any one of the Walter Mitty’s Phelps' imagined histories, may cause those who possess double digit percentile intelligence quotients to supposed his actual understanding of the subject is akin to a two-year old attempting to read and comprehend a legal brief, or learning history from a Dan Brown novel. Funny how the wingnuts claim that Peter was in Babylon and never visited Rome and when it suits their purpose will claim that the Whore of Babylon speaks of Rome. Bait and switch, a common tactic employed by charlatans.

See that you all follow the bishop, even as Jesus Christ does the Father, and the presbytery as you would the apostles; and reverence the deacons, as being the institution of God. Let no man do anything connected with the Church without the bishop. Let that be deemed a proper Eucharist, which is [administered] either by the bishop, or by one to whom he has entrusted it. Wherever the bishop shall appear, there let the multitude [of the people] also be; even as, wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church.—Ignatius of Antioch, The Epistle of Ignatius to the Smyrnaeans, c110

The Church of God which sojourns at Smyrna, to the Church of God sojourning in Philomelium, and to all the congregations of the Holy and Catholic Church in every place: Mercy, peace, and love from God the Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ, be multiplied.—Letter from the Church of Smyrna to the Church at Philomelion in Phrygia Martyrdom of Polycarp Opening Greeting, c160

And John too, indeed, in the Apocalypse, although he writes only to seven churches, yet addresses all. He wrote, besides these, one to Philemon, and one to Titus, and two to Timothy, in simple personal affection and love indeed; but yet these are hallowed in the esteem of the Catholic Church, and in the regulation of ecclesiastical discipline. There are also in circulation one to the Laodiceans, and another to the Alexandrians, forged under the name of Paul, and addressed against the heresy of Marcion; and there are also several others which cannot be received into the Catholic Church, for it is not suitable for gall to be mingled with honey.—The Muratorian Fragment, Ch.3 c170

We receive also the Apocalypse of John and that of Peter, though some amongst us will not have this latter read in the Church. The Pastor, moreover, did Hermas write very recently in our times in the city of Rome, while his brother bishop Plus sat in the chair of the Church of Rome.—The Muratorian Fragment, Ch. 4 c170

And if ever you are sojourning in cities, inquire not simply where the Lord's House is (for the other sects of the profane also attempt to call their own dens houses of the Lord), nor merely where the Church is, but where is the Catholic Church. For this is the peculiar name of this Holy Church, the mother of us all, which is the spouse of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Only-begotten Son of God (for it is written, As Christ also loved the Church and gave Himself for it [Ephesians 5:25], and all the rest,) and is a figure and copy of Jerusalem which is above, which is free, and the mother of us all [Galatians 4:26]; which before was barren, but now has many children.—Cyril of Jerusalem, Catechetical Lecture, 18 Ch. 26 c360

The Catholic church has existed since the First Century. It was the proper name of the Christian church which existed. According to early church historians, it was the church to which the apostles themselves belonged to. There is general agreement among historians that this the Catholic church was the original Christian church. Outside Protestantism, historians are in nearly in universal agreement that the original Christian church was the Catholic church, with some notable exceptions.[63] Not one piece of historical writing contemporary to the period, which is known to exist can be submitted as evidence to make the case to the contrary. All writings to this effect have their origins in the 16th century or later. Knowing this fact, Denlinger claims that the Catholic church burned all the evidence, which is often the excuse of any charlatan who cannot offer any evidence - the dog ate it, no one has been holding their breath.

The Roman Empire continued to have Ceasars and Augusti after Constantine and continued in the east as the Byzantine Empire until 1453. The secular rulership was never transferred by the Roman Empire to the pope. The popes (properly the Bishop of Rome) has existed according to ecclesiastical historians all the way back to the 1st century. The title Pontifex Maximus was never transferred to the pope and continued to be used by the Augusti at least until 382 after which it appears to have fallen into disuse, until it was picked up by the pope later on in the 15th century.

Dual catholic trinity[edit]

Denlinger sermonizing on what he claims to be the dual catholic trinity and how it is symbolized by the Star of David. Perhaps, Denlinger might be better served reading the books on his shelf rather than these merely serving as a backdrop.

Denlinger asserts that Catholic worship two trinities – one on earth and another in heaven. Denlinger claims that the Catholic earthly Trinity is Mary (Isis), Joseph (Horus) and Jesus (Seth).[10] He claims that this is the IHS (a christogram) which is found on the Jesuit crest. IHS in reality is abbreviation of the first letters of IHΣΟΥΣ (Jesus in Greek).[64] Denlinger claims that the Star of David is a representation of the dual catholic trinity symbolized by the two interconnected triangles one pointing down and the other up.

It is his claim that the heavenly trinity of Catholicism is in reality the satanic trinity of the father (the prophet), son (the beast) and spirit (Satan). He claims that these truths were revealed to him by the holy spirit in his reading of scripture. According to Denlinger, the Vatican which now controls the city of Jerusalem will install the satanic trinity in the city. He also claims that the Catholics believes that each of the persons of the trinity have a body. soul and spirit so according to Denlinger catholics have nine gods.[65][66] He labels Benny Hinn, a Charismatic Pentecostal Protestant, a known charlatan and fraud, much in the same vein as Denlinger, a catholic to make his case that catholics believe in nine gods. If body, soul and spirit are each a qualifier for a god, according to Denlinger's theology, his own godhead consists of three gods.

While Denlinger claims that Roman Catholicism is the Babylonian Mystery Religion, one has to wonder as to why Isis, Horus and Seth were Egyptian deities. Could Denlinger not shop around for bona fide Babylonian Deities to help make the narrative make more sense? However, this just goes to demonstrate that the spirit guiding Denlinger suffers from the same symptoms of inerudity, imbecility and benightedness as Denlinger. It would be easy to mistake the spirit which enlightens Denlinger to be merely his alter ego.

The reality is that Denlinger has no idea as to what Catholic or Christians believe about the trinity about this most basic and fundamental belief shared among Christians. Catholics do not believe in a dual trinity nor do they believe that each persons of the trinity has a body, soul and spirit - a belief shared in common with all Christians. No where does such a teaching appear in Catholic theology except in the imagination of Denlinger who competes with the likes of Alberto Rivera, Jack Chick and Alexander Hislop to concoct the most outrageous narrative possible regarding Catholicism in an attempt to spread calumny. However, in the United States where conspiracies are a cottage industry, and where are large segment of the population is uneducated enough not to know any better, charlatans and demagogues who wish to help part money from the fool to feather their own nests abound aplenty.

There are no true Bible Believers[edit]

According to the Denlingers, Anglicans, Baptists, Calvinists, Lutherans, and Presbyterians are all really Roman Catholics as they accept Roman Catholic theology and buy into the Roman Catholic Trinity. In another sermon, he claimed what might seem to be a contradictory claim that the protestant denominations have been infiltrated and taken over by the Vatican. The Amish and Pentecostals are Satanists. He believes that the KJV bible believing movement is the very last haven for true bible believers.[67] Given the Denlingers claims, they condemn other KJV onlyist nutters such as Stephen Anderson, Sam Gipp, Kent Hovind, and others as Jesuit infiltrators. Apart from the Denlingerists, one has to wonder if there are any genuine bible believers left. When it comes to defending the KJV, suddenly the Anglicans and Puritans are suddenly not Catholic.[66]

By designating everyone else a Catholic or Jesuit he is able to marginalize his detractors. Since his core audience are those persons who pre-disposed to the anti-Catholic bigotry and are unable to think independently or critically, his smearing of his detractors greatly influences his audience. This in turn feeds their bigotry even further. Much of the commentary from the loyal sheeples co-opt the language, speech patterns and phraseology of Denlinger much in the same manner that the Canadian and Americans Randroids who constituted the Randian commune began adopting Ayn's idiosyncratic Russian accent and speech patterns as their very own. This sycophantic behavior exhibited by his followers, is further evidence of the cultic nature of Denlingerism.

Catholics murdered the saints[edit]

Denlinger contends that the Roman Catholic Church is merely the continuation of the Roman Empire which murdered and persecuted the saints. Denlinger teaches that the Vatican has been murdering and persecuting true bible believing Christians throughout the ages and has fought a ongoing war against true bible believers. Given that Anglicans, Baptists, Calvinists, Lutherans, and Presbyterians are not Christians but according to Denlinger are Roman Catholics, one is left scratching their head wondering as to who were these bible believers who were murdered and persecuted by Catholics. Denlinger uses as evidence theFaux's Foxe’s Book of Martyrs – which is avoided by most academics and scholars as drivel, but those “martyrs” from the Reformation age belong to one of the “Roman Catholic denominations”. So it might appear hypocritical to many that for the purposes of Catholic bashing Denlinger includes them among bible believers but rejects them as Catholics when it suits his fancy.

Denlinger plays the Mohammedan game. Ask a Mohammedan as to how many Mohammedans are around and usually it is 1.6 billion (actual number as of March 2017 was 1.35 billion). Ask them if the Ahmadi, Sufi, Shia, Wahhabi, Salafi are Mohammedans and they will tell you no. Count them in to boost the numbers and reject them with in suits the cult. However, we must conclude, rightly, as always that Bryan knows best.


Perhaps if Denlinger received a better education, and stayed in school and read books which did not confirm his bias, he would have noticed that the scripture he touts so highly was the product of the "Whore of Babylon" and the popery and a book containing the canon of the city of Rome. The New Testament canon was put together by catholic bishops meeting in several councils between 382 to 397 and then ratified by none other than the "anti-Christ" himself, the pope. Prior to 362 no one had provided the correct list of the scriptural canon. In 362 Athanasius of Alexandria, the father of catholic orthodoxy no less, issued his list, which was the first to list the books which eventually would be canonized by "Babylon" which coincidentally matched the canon already in use in Rome. If Denlingers' claims are to be given credence, he must conclude that the bible is the work of antichrist, there are no other options. However, no one has claimed that logic is Denlinger's strong suit, given his emotional breakdowns when facing criticism.


Due to bitter experiences in the past, much in part due to Denlinger’s own pestiferous character, Denlinger harbors a deep seated grudge against Baptists. Denlinger managed to get himself removed from the Baptist churches and experienced shunning by members of the churches.[33] Many of his sermons, studies and FAQ are pitted with references to Baptists as Batholics, a pejorative he uses to smear Baptists due to being scorned by Baptists in the past to make an association in the minds of his cultists with Catholics.

Denlinger does not consider Baptist pastors as pastors but as hirelings who would desert the flock in a crisis, not like a real shepherd.[33] Baptists are a social club like the freemasons. He claims he cannot understand why Baptists need churches as these churches are not found in scripture.[33] He claims that churches are a recent development among Baptists as they have only been around 200 years. Perhaps, Denlinger never learnt of Baptist history even after attending these churches for years – John Smyth established the first physical Baptist church in London in 1611 after leading a congregation since 1608 in Amsterdam.

Denlinger claims that Baptist churches are filled with loud obnoxious women who are backbiters tale bearers, whisperers who speak over their husbands. These women, he claims have the spirit of Jezebel.[33] Denlinger faults Baptists for allowing women to work outside the home.[33] He does not consider allowing women who do not have children to teach Sunday school biblical.[33] He take issue with Baptist churches for allowing women who attend the churches to wear form fitting clothing, have short hair, wear their hair up instead of down and wear cosmetics instead of preaching against these practices.[33] Little wonder Denlinger was removed from the churches and shunned by the church members. Denlinger who had no children at the time applied to teach Sunday School at one of the Baptist Church he attended, however, he found their requirement of submitting a criminal background rather strange.

Denlinger will frequent dox persons he has animosity towards, which he calls naming names. These include ordinary lay members of the churches and their children providing their names and the small towns they live and the Baptist churches these persons attend[33] He calls out the Baptists churches for harboring thieves – those persons who he claim have borrowed books from him and not returned these back. Doubling down on the pettiness of his penurious character he provided his audience the names of the persons who have not returned his books, the towns in which they reside and the church which they attend.[33]

Queen Jemima's only inspired gay bible[edit]

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The KJV as it should have been. A gay king's greatest gift to the KJV Onlyist movement. The ungrateful turds would thank him by murdering his son Charles instead.

Denlinger has indicated in his video studies that he was influenced by Gail Riplinger and Peter Ruckman. After being saved, Denlinger marketed his studies through Riplinger's internet webstore.[68] Riplinger provided Denlinger with moral support and mentorship in the past.[68] Denlinger believes that the bible is the sole source of all truth as pertaining to Christanity - at least. If it is not in the bible, it is not true. However, as with any bible thumping crackpot, he only holds others to that rule, not himself.

Denlinger has been a proponent of KJV onlyism, an anti-academic cultic movement which only accepts the King James English translation of the Bible rejecting all other translations and even Greek and Hebrew manuscripts. Denlinger went so far as to beat and punch the Greek Nestle Aland Greek text to show his contempt for it. He rejects the Greek and Hebrew texts as he holds that these are fabrications of the Jesuits and other "unsaved" persons. To support his beliefs, Denlinger rhetorically questions as to how Bible- believing Christians were saved if not for the King James Version of the Bible. He concludes that since Bible believers are saved it can only can be attributed to the existence of the King James bible.[9] Denlinger does accept foreign translations of the KJV as authentic as longer as these hold to the English KJV which is the standard against which all bibles are to be measured. Denlinger does not consider those who reject King James Onlyism to be saved.[69] The King James Version is a requirement for the person to be saved.

God does not required to have a perfect bible in every language because he did not do that with Old Testament Hebrew or the New Testament Greek.
FAQ: Answering An Agnostic's Questions

Denlinger, claims that all Bibles which are not King James are New Age perversions invented by the Jesuits and/or Catholics. Those who add to or remove from the KJV are liars. Furthermore, he found 102 spelling updates of the KJV corruptions and not the authentic to the word of god. However, he doesn't consider the change from 29 letter typology (as in the original KJV) to the 26 letter typology (of current KJV bibles) to be a corruption at all. He only considers the Cambridge KJV text fully authentic.[9] All New Age perversion are papist bibles, manipulated to keep Christians from being "saved". Periodically he is given to rants against James White who he assures his audience is colluding with the Jesuits.[70]

Just read you King James Bible. Let me tell you god will show you things in the English that you won't find over here (pointing to the Greek prepared texts).
FAQ: FAQ 86 Which Greek Text Do I Recommend

A computer algorithm designed to check the accuracy of bibles found that the KJV was the very worst mainstream translation of the bible, finishing in last place.[23] The KJV is 12% longer than even the wordy NIV due to the additions accrued over time due to the inclusion of glossed notes which were not part of the oldests manuscripts. Furthermore, Denlinger ignores the fact that the KJV was translated from the worst prepared text the Textus Receptus by Erasmus, a Catholic cleric. Since Denlinger considers Anglicans to be catholic (like all mainstream Protestant churches, according to him), and Anglicans translated the KJV, it too would be a "catholic" bible, that is, if one applies Denlinger's invented, nonsensical claptrap rules to his own claim. None of those who translated the KJV were saved either if Denlinger criterion are applied to the KJV. However, as with any cult, the mindless cultic followers cannot see past their cult leaders.

You get some of these people uh you know in there like the Unitarians and things you know Thayer the Thayer's Greek Lexicon you got was a Unitarian the guy wasn't even saved. Not even a saved man and he's gonna to tell you what Greek words mean you know how it relates to the King James Bible. Yeah, like you can really trust him. A lot of the people that work on the Greek you know like the text committees and things they're not even saved.
FAQ: FAQ 86 Which Greek Text Do I Recommend

In the sermon titled God's Grace he rejects the new bible versions because the translators did not walk with god, claiming earlier his KJV bible translators were Anglicans and Calvinists.[71] Unfortunately, applying his criteria these persons who translated did not walk with god either because he considers Anglicans and Calvinists the same as Catholics. In the end Denlinger facial claims are contradictory. He does not apply his criteria to the KJV because it would invalidate the KJV translation.

I will judge people in the spiritual realm too. If someone hates the King James bible, I say, the Holy Spirit isn't there.
Sermon: The 6 Most Common Attacks On Bryan Denlinger

Most non-christian protestant and non-protestant protestant sects and cults such as the Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Black Hebrew movement and the Bible Student movement used the King James translation of the bible at least at the beginning. Being the worst translation of the bible available, the KJV has given rise to almost all non-trinitarian sects and cults due to both in archaic and ambiguous lexicon. As can be expected, bible groups which used the KJV began splinting off from mainstream protestantism especially in the English speaking world.

Like many KJV cultists Denlinger makes the mistake of associating the King James Bible with Antiochian manuscripts[72] which is a not a manuscript category but one which is invented to justify the imagined KJV claims.[73] The KJV is translated from the Textus Receptus which is based on six Byzantine manuscripts, none dating prior to the 14th century. He mistakenly claims that Alexandrian manuscripts were from Alexandria. This is an academic classification of manuscripts which use the uncial script which was used in the earliest manuscripts and take its name from the Codex Alexandrius (Manuscript A) which is of of Greek origin, not Egyptian. But given the anti-academic and anti-scientific nature of the cult and given that Denlinger has no relevant education to speak of, it is not surprising that he commits this blunder from sheer ignorance regarding the subject matter.

In practical terms, Denlinger's deity inspired some persons in the first century to write some books. However, this deity was ineffectual in inspiring the writers of the original autographs of the New Testament books. If Denlinger's claims regarding the King James translation are taken seriously, we can only conclude that Denlinger's deity was an incompetent half-wit and had wait 1600 years for some Englishmen to arrive on the scene and improve on the word of god without any further input or inspiration from this rather inept deity. Denlinger makes his deity into a fool so that he can hang on to his KJV bible. Perhaps, Denlinger's true deity is the KJV, as his god is thrown under the bus in defense of the KJV bible.

Dunglinger Denlinger attempting to demonstrate the existence of an absolute east and west on the surface of the Earth. An exercise in bull dung.

In a video FAQ Denlinger attempts to explain how the four corners of the earth found in the bible could come be, and he take the time to display his great sagacity on the matter. He explains that there is a point on earth that can be reached that at which all movement is then southward (which is true) and likewise there is a point south which can be reached where all movement there on is northward (again, true).[74] When one reaches the North Pole, all directions facing are omni-directionally south, likewise when one reaches the South Pole, all directions faced are omni-directionally north. He then attempts to claim, in true bonehead fashion, that is being true to himself, that there is a point of east which can be reached where all further movement is west, and a point west which all further movement is east[74] which is demonstrably false as a person could keep walking east or west and never arrive at a point which which would cause him or her to travel west or east respectively. There is no eastmost or westmost point on the earth though there is a northernmost and southernmost points on the earth. Ever the dingbat, Denlinger envisions like Christopher Robin in Winnie-the-Pooh, that there is a East Pole and a West pole but people do not like talking about them. However, Denlinger, the master of science and reason, knows best.

In an hypocritical twist, Denlinger accuses those who idolizes the original autographs (which in reality is no one) of committing idolatry by having too much reverence for the original writings.[75] He accuses those who do, of being Catholic idolatry.[75] He cautions Christian not to be fooled into the idolatrous practice of worshiping the original autographs as the Catholics.[75] Ironically, he elsewhere accuses Catholics for not having reverence for the bible, while practically worshipping the KJV as the literal word of god himself. He indicates that god himself did not care that Moses had no respect for the commandments which god had inscribed when he shattered than by throwing them on the ground. However, always wanting to prove that he is a blithering hypocrite, accuses Jim Jones of the Jonestown Massacre fame, of possessing an evil spirit within him for having thrown the KJV down.[17]

Doubly inspired or new inspiration?[edit]

The King James Version of the Bible is according to Denlinger translated by the holy spirit of god and is a book given by the holy spirit.[76] However, he claims that he does not teach that the King James Version of the bible is not a product of double inspiration[76] and then goes on to explain as to what he means by not being doubly inspired, which is quite confusing as his explanation can qualify as being a product of double inspiration or a new inspiration. He explains that the 47 persons and the earlier 54 persons who worked on the KJV translation between 1604 and 1611 what to write down.[76] This is why the KJV is god's book and other translations are not.[76] Being a Ruckmanite, his view meets the definition of the KJV being a new minting of the bible by the wholly spirit. Most KJV onlyists reject this view as it is way to wacky even for them.

Given that Denlinger claims that there are readings that are in the KJV that are not in the Greek texts[77], one can conclude only that the KJV is Bible 2.0 updated and fully revised by the wholly spirit for the new age. Denlinger being an unsystematic thinker (a truly certified scatterbrain) who is often given to seemingly contradictory claims leaves one unable to nail down as to what exactly one can say with any certainty what Denlinger's view is exactly.

Practical de facto authority[edit]

Denlinger claims that the King James bible is the final authority – the doctrine of sola KJV.[16] However, the reality and in a practical sense is that he follows his own opinion of what he reads into the KJV. This becomes his bible truth, which is what can be expected whether it be a cult, or sect or denomination. In the end it is Denlingers’ opinion which is the final authority as to what the bible states. He claims it is the Jesus and the spirit speaking to him, however he has yet to provide objectively verifiable proof for his claim. The more rational explanation is that he is chatting up himself and mistakes his alter ego for someone else.

Given that the spirit which Denlinger claims he possesses, has given other such claimants differing opinions, which they all attribute to the spirit and the KJV, one has to wonder which spirit of confusion animates the self proclaimed bible thumping windbags such as Denlinger. Do they not notice the irony in their spirit of confusion? Practically, whatever spirit Denlinger converses with is suffering from a lack of education, schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, feeblemindedness, dementia and bipolar disorder. His god, in effect has become his alter ego, a relationship similar to the allah of Mohammedanism and the prophet Muhammed.

Rex fuit Elizabeth: nunc est regina Jacobus[edit]

Denlinger, like many bible thumping cranks has the usual hardon for gays. However, there is hope, given that he believes in the KJV which is the only god inspired bible given by a known bisexual king whose pederasty and homosexual escapades were well documented.[78][79] Some of the evidence for these escapades were provided by none other than Denlinger's antiCatholic hero, Oliver Cromwell's, govenor of the County of Kent, Sir Anthony Weldon. Given that Denlinger's god gave the Denlinger's bible to a known pederast, perhaps Denlinger one day would be inducted into NAMBLA's hall ofshame fame.

As usual, if one applies Denlinger's usual logic to make connections, one has to conclude that Denlinger himself is a pederast. However, since Denlinger claims immunity to his own logic, one would be incorrect in coming to this conclusion.

Erasmus’ Errors[edit]

Denlinger questions why if Erasmus was a Catholic as to why the Catholic Church did not use his Textus Receptus to translate any Catholic bible.[80] The simple reason is that it was a flawed prepared text and Catholics knew it. The Vatican Library already housed manuscripts which were 1,100 years older than the oldest underlying manuscripts used to compile the Textus Receptus and knew of the errors in the Textus Receptus which had been compiled from six[81] incomplete Byzantine manuscripts. Also, the pope had far and away better Greek and Hebrew translators, who were native speakers of both languages, which not even one translator of the KJV could claim to be. The result is that when the Catholic Douay Rheims bible was evaluated by a computer algorithm designed by Protestants themselves and was determined to be the most accurate English majority text bible[23] even though the Douay Rheims is a translation of a translation which happened to be based on a text 1,000 years older than the underlying manuscripts of the Textus Receptus.

Parallel to the Erasmus, the Grand Inquisitor Cardinal Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros (a native Hebrew speaker - he was a Jew) created the benchmark polyglot of the day, the Complutensian Polyglot Bible[23], which relied on the critical texts in the Vatican instead of the late era majority text bibles which accumulated errors over time. It is in this tradition which the current benchmark the Nestle Aland Novum Testamentum Graece follows.[23] The Nestle Aland relies heavily on manuscripts and codices provided by the Vatican because it was the Vatican that preserved copies of the oldest bibles in both Greek and Latin.

Unfortunately, the Protestants, due to the religious and political mechanizations were stuck with a compiled manuscript no Catholic translator wanted and when the protestant finally did get their hands on an old bible, they had to do so by looting a Catholic monastery in Lyon.

From the frying pan and into the fire[edit]

Bryan Denlinger, who is as bright as a burnt out 10W light bulb, when facing criticism of Erasmus being a Catholic, ran instead to the Theodore Beza’s editions as being a source of the KJV translation.[82] Possessing the intelligence equivalent to a bag of hammers, Denlinger jumped from the frying pan into the fire in an attempt to escape criticism. Theodore Beza used as the primary manuscript the Codex Bazae[83], a New Testament manuscript which he had looted from a monastery in Lyon France during the Wars of Religion. The Codex Bezae was a polyglot prepared by the Catholic Church which uses for the Greek text which academics consider Alexandrian script while being overall a Western manuscript for its inclusion of a Latin translation. Now, according to Denlinger, the Alexandrian manuscripts which he most vilifies, without his knowledge or intent makes it into the KJV. Tsk tsk tsk.

Witches stole all the symbols[edit]

KJV 1611 Title Page
Title page of the first edition 1611 KJV
Temple of the Ross Cross
The Temple of the Rose Cross
Title page from the 1611 King James Bible. Denlinger fails to recognize the symbols he rails against in the King James Bible of 1611 - Agnus Dei, Dove, sun, moon. Would Denlinger agree? Masons use the KJV exclusively.
The 1611 KJV, a Masonic bible demonstrating the parallel symbology with Rosicrucianism
Agnus Dei - The Lamb of God. An ancient Christian symbol from John 1:29

Denlinger has a knack for finding occult symbolism and hidden meaning when a simpler and more rational explanation exists. Much of the material which he has produced, which he calls Bible studies, engage in apophenia and pareidolia to vent against those whom he views as enemies of the Bible believers. He holds to the belief, that those who flash the peace symbol are communicating their membership in the Zionist-Jesuit conspiracy to other conspirators.[10] Any hand gesture, symbol, jewelry, or accessory takes on a meaning associated with the anyone of the NWO organization. Triangles, squares, pentagrams, hexagrams, heptagrams and octograms all have some relation to one of these nefarious organizations. The Star of David, the stars on the US flag are all occultic symbols. Denlinger claims that all Trinitarian diagrams and symbology is of occultic and satanic origin. Is there are safe shape left? Every shape, symbol, diagram, picture or hand gesture can be construed as occultic in the Denlingers' religion.

According to Denlinger the pope went to Egypt and took from there a pagan phallic symbol, which is the obelisk which he erected in St. Peter’s Square and he questions as to why it could not have been made in Rome.[84] It is well documented that the Vatican Obelisk was brought from Egypt by Augustus CaesarWikipedia and was erected at the Circus of Nero (aka Circus of Caligula).[85] Old St. Peter’s Basilica was built on the site which was the Circus of Nero[86] where Peter the Apostles and many Christians met their martyrdom. When the St. Peter's Basilica was rebuilt, upon the old basilica, the Chigi family donated the obelisk to so that it could be erected at its original location in memory of the Christian martyrs. Again, it appears that the spirit which Denlinger possesses is a lying spirit of some sort.

In a sermon smearing the Charismatic church across the street, the Denlinger explored the symbology behind the Angus Dei (Lamb of God).[55] Denlinger claims to be an expert on the occult and its symbols and as is the usual case, the Denlingers went on to demonstrate that that they were nothing more than two dunces doing “research”. According to the two charlatans the Agnus Dei symbol is of a Catholic military order and the sun burst (halo) symbolizes Nimbus[55] (a nonexistent deity in a nonexistent pantheon – something an idiot made up which all the other ignoramuses pick up). Given the ignorance of the two imbeciles, it is the halo itself which is the nimbus, which is a cloud symbolizing sanctity of the person. Denlinger questions why the Charismatics, Lutherans and Baptists use an obvious Roman Catholic symbol and questions as to why they make for themselves a symbol of the godhead as this would not be biblical.[55] He pleads with the Charismatics, Lutherans and Baptists to go become Catholics, because according to him, that is what they are, using Catholic pagan symbols.[55] Perhaps, the Denlinger may want to check out the first few editions of the King James Bible which has the Agnus Dei symbol on the title page “nimbus” and all. Does this mean that the KJV is unbiblical for making the symbol of the godhead? Always the hypocrite, the Denlinger never accuses the King James Bible of trying to Roman Catholic. Surprisingly, Denlinger did not realize that the symbol of the Agnus Dei is from the bible.

John saw Jesus coming to him, and he saith: Behold the Lamb of God, behold him who taketh away the sin of the world.
John 1 : 29

Given that Denlinger uses a MacBook, which uses the half bitten apple, one has to wonder if he himself is a satanist given that the apple can easily be construed as a satanic or occultic symbol? If one follows Denlinger's logic one would determine that he dabbles in witchcraft himself. However, as one might assume with any cult leader, the rules he subjects others to, are not applied to himself. A rational person would quickly determine that he is a hypocrite and a pharisee, something he accuses others of.

Disclaimer: Denlinger has claims that video captures of hand signs should not be used as evidence of membership in occultic organization and that only photographs like the ones he uses should count.[87] Only Denlinger knows the evidentiary rules so he must be correct.

Thou shalt not have church buildings before me[edit]

Denlinger claims that the Bible does not support church as buildings of public worship.[88] According to the gospel of Denlinger churches are a pagan invention. He claims that churches were used for the worshiping of goddesses. Denlinger teaches that the bible only uses the word 'church' to mean only the body of bible believers. He warns bible believing Christians against the adoption of buildings as “churches”, as it is a catholic practice with the phallic steeples and Parthenon temple structures. The steeples of churches, according to Denlinger are a phallic symbols representing "mother earth and father sky". He claims that nowhere in the KJV bible does it claim that Christians should attend church nor build church buildings.[88][89] As might be expected this rule does not apply to Denlinger, as he has preached at Baptist churches until the usual acrimonious disagreements ensued between him and members of the churches.

Denlinger contends that church building are purpose build for satan and for the worship of the image of the beast.[90] The church buildings which are pagan temples will become the venues for the worship of the antichrist.[90] Baptist churches, according to Denlinger are modeled after the Greek pagan amphitheaters with the circular seating.[90] Perhaps, Denlinger who claims to be a patron of the sciences and the arts to ingratiate himself with his betters, should perhaps have taken a few courses in the sciences, arts and architecture as there are a myriad of scientific and architectural reasons for such a design which was known to the Greeks. However, being the bible thumping village idiot, he may be excused for not being privy worthwhile education or knowledge which may have provided him an understanding regarding the subject.

Denlinger's claims are at variance with historical accounts and archaeological history and historical accounts. Ancient church buildings have been unearthed in Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and Israel which date prior to the Diocletianic Persecution. According to contemporary historians of the era, such as Eusebius and Lactantius all churches and church property was destroyed or confiscated during the Diocletianic Persecution, which means that these had to exist beforehand. While it is true that many early Christians worshipped in house churches such as at the homes of Archippus, Phebe, or Epenetus, it is evident from the bible that churches as building existed.

End of the world is nigh[edit]

Denlinger is a hyper dispensational, pre-tribulation rapturite. There are so many dispensations in his claims that it is hard to keep track of. Even the gospels are of a prior transitory dispensation while only Paul's writing are considered for the the "Church Age," as he calls the current age.[72] He considers the New Testament to be that which is written of the church after the death of Jesus, as such does not accept that the gospels were written to persons of the "church age".

According to Denlinger tribulation is not a biblical word. According to him the correct biblical word is “Time of Jacob’s Trouble”. Denlinger is rapture ready and knows that he "would not be here [on earth] when it [Time of Jacob’s Trouble] happens”. According to him the rapture is imminent. When the rapture does occurs the saints are taken up into heaven so that they can have a “party” and rejoice watching the Roman Catholic Church being destroyed for its persecution of the saints and they will then descend from heaven with Jesus to rule over the earth in the Millennial Kingdom.[72][7]

Though Denlinger has not set a specific date for the rapture Time of Jacob's Trouble and condemns rapture Time of Jacob's Trouble date setters as false prophets, he has repeatedly claimed that the rapture Time of Jacob's Trouble is imminent giving himself wiggle room. The doctrine of the rapture Time of Jacob's Trouble was first taught as doctine in 1830 by John Nelson Darby, a member of the Plymouth Brethren who went on to found his own cult. When this fact that no one believed in the rapture Time of Jacobs Trouble prior to 1830 is pointed out to Denlinger he merely claims that all those who believed in the rapture Time of Jacob's Trouble were burned at the stake and the writings were destroyed by the Roman system.

It is rather convenient excuse to claim that wherever a chain of belief does not exist, that all prior evidence was destroyed. One has to wonder if Denlinger would accept the same claim made by evolutionary biologists who can predict where the “missing links” exist in human evolution. Denlinger claim is similar to him holding a link and claiming that an imaginary chain exists while the evolutionary biologist is holding the great chain of being (scala naturae) and missing a few “links”. This is a archetypical example of where one believes without evidence but disparages those who have evidence for their belief.

The rapture Time of Jacob's Trouble is a doctrine and anyone who does not believe is not saved. Only those persons who believe in the rapture Time of Jacob's Trouble have been saved.[91] Which would mean that no one prior to 1830 were not saved, perhaps with the exception of Francisco Ribera and Manuel Lacunza the two Jesuits who dreamt up this nonsense.[92] In a sense, until these two Jesuits, no one was being really "saved" in the history of Christanity because no one until then knew of this doctrine or believed in the rapture Time of Jacob's Trouble.

If you are premillennial King James bible believing you will not have friends who are a millennial, or postmillennial because they are not gonna want to be around you. Be very very careful to whom you listen to.
Sermon: The Jesuitical Doctrines Of Hovind And Anderson

Education for Dummies[edit]

Denlinger has found no need for formal education in his life whether it be in the liberal arts or in religious theology. He is even grudging of high school education. Denlinger would rather work at a job making money than sitting at a desk in school reading a book.[12] For him working and being productive rather than receiving a higher education is somewhat of a Christian ideal.[93] Much of this distrust of higher learning in formal educational environment and instead placing a premium on manual work can easily be attributed to his Anabaptist and Mennonite heritage.

To the Denlingers, all systems of formal education is based on the Jesuitical method and connected to the Jesuit system.[93][94] The Jesuits were the Schoolmasters of Europe, and were influential in creating the modern educational system which exists most of Europe, Russia and most of the rest of the world. The pedagogy is one of mind control of the students creating a dumbed down enslaved populace. It does not matter if a student attended public or private schools, the Jesuits created and now control the system itself through their far reaching tentacles.[95] This association of the modern educational system with the Jesuits and Catholicism is used by the Denlingers to poison the well of knowledge for all their followers. In this manner, they cultivate a climate of distrust and even an outright antagonistic hostility towards educational and educational institutes.

The Denlingers claims that mathematics and the sciences are of occultic in origin and the mechanizations of, as usual, the Jesuits, which is a forgone conclusion.[93] Mathematicians and scientists such as Euler, Descartes and Newton were dabblers in the occult.[93] Calculus is evil because, Newton was a Rosicrucian.[93] Thus, by guilt of association mathematics and the sciences are occultic. According to him, studying medicine, science and philosophy will lead to ruin. He claims that persons who go to university are forever learning and never come to the truth.[93] Universities teach their students to worship god hating reprobates such as Charles Darwin.[93] Denlinger advices those who are in university to do what they can do to get out.[93]

Denlinger, like any cult leader, requires persons to be dummies to keep them in his cult. Critical thinking, education and knowledge is the antithesis of Denlingerism. He suffers from an acute case of inferiority complex. A lady requested prayers for her daughters who were at Harvard and Yale which put Denlinger in a tizzy, accusing her of putting on airs. Denlinger, requires a dumbed-down audience, and should they get an education and learned to think critically they would high tail it out of his cult. Keeping his followers stupid is the only way he can keep a loyal following who can fill his coffers.

Katherine Denlinger claims that she was forced while in public school to learn keyboarding skills which she did poorly at, whereas she preferred cursive instead.[96] Sending a child to public or private school does not make a difference as all education systems are controlled by the Jesuits. She claims that parent who do not educate their child at home with teaching them handwriting skills are committing a sin.[96]

Kids, don’t forget to wear your tin foil hats[edit]

According to the Denlingers, god hates persons who put themselves in authority over others. To the Denlingers, this is what being a Nicolaitan is.[97] Denlinger claims that according to the KJV a Nicolaitan is someone who practices mind control over other persons. Again, according to the Denlingers, Diotrephes was such a Nicolaitan who loved to wield power over his church and claimed the church for himself.[97] And so, the Denlingers create their own narrative from some innocuous, disconnected verses from the Bible which to support Denlingers' own need for revenge against the churches which kept showing them the door,

Denlinger claim that everyone has been subject to mind control. Every earthly relationship is about mind control.[97] Any relationship where there is an authority, there is mind control. This, to the Denlingers is the way pastors control the laity, doctors control their patients and professors control their students. There is always mind control when a relationship is unequal. This system is used by the CIA, universities and Hollywood. Denlinger suggests the person who practices mind control is the programmer and the subject of mind control is the victim.[97]

All persons equally according to the Denlingers. However, the programmer seeks to control the victim. So the programmer will subject the victim to physical and verbal torture to gain control of the subject's mind.[97] Once control over the subject's mind has been established the programmer will use flattery to make the subject believe that the relationship is one of equality, but the victim is in reality under mind control of the programmer.[97]

Churches are filled with Diotrephes like pastors who are filled with pride and arrogance.[97] The churches have microwave emitters in the steeples through which mind control can be asserted over the congregations.[88] When the pastor feel that a person in the congregation makes the pastor to feel uncomfortable, the pastor will use mind control to put the congregant down. Diotrephes like pastors want to assert control over the church want the congregants to help by cleaning or social events at the church. If you question the authority of the pastor you are labeled a troublemaker or a rebel.[97]

According to the Denlingers, saved sinners will try and lift up the lost sinner.[97] This is according to Denlinger what he claims he does. He has oversight over his flock and he uses this oversight as a servant to his flock.[97] He expects his flock to come and give him respect in willing submission and humility. The younger saved sinners should give way to those persons who have more experience as a saved sinner.[97]

Perhaps because many Protestants despise tradition and education, Denlinger does not know who a Nicolaitan is. It was not a person, it was a Gnostic movement and a rather well know one at that. If Denlinger kept reading the a little further he might have come to know exactly who a Nicolaitan is. Denlinger always the hypocrite requires every single member of his church to help Denlinger’s church grow by getting the gospel out by street preaching, going door to door, passing out tracts, preparing information and mailing and distributing Denlinger’s material.[6] Those who do not are expected to make a monetary gift to Denlinger.

Sounds like Denlinger does not want other charlatans attempting to control the minds of individuals, because they are seen as business competitors in the mind control business, fleecing some naive sucker out of his earnings, and there is only so many to go around.

God only likes purebreds[edit]

Denlinger is a proponent of government enforced anti-miscegenation laws and favors kindred marriages. He equates those in interracial marriage to that of “pervert sodomites” and describes proponents of interracial marriage as liberals, communists and Satanists. According to the gospel of Denlinger “interracial marriage is not of god” and it is a method which the antiChrist (who according to him is the pope) will bring in his kingdom. He teaches that people need to be kept within the bounds of their racial habitation.[98] Denlinger, went on to deny associating those engaged in interracial marriage to sodomites and perverts[99], demonstrating that either a lying spirit has possessed him (father Satan?) or the spirit within him is suffering from amnesia.

Denlinger is bills himself as an opponent of collusion between church and state and claims that separation between church and state must be maintained. However, in the case of miscegenation Denlinger believes that the state should be in the bedroom of the citizen enforcing his religious beliefs as happened to the Lovings in Virginia. He congratulates the State of Israel for having such laws on its books. Outside a few boneheads from the far-right nutters of Lahava and Rabbi Ben-Zion Gopstein who do not want Jewish Jews engaging in interreligious marriage (they have no problems with interracial marriage if one chooses to convert) the State of Israel does not have any laws preventing interracial or interreligious marriage.

Denlinger considers interracial marriage and integration of the races as being one of the gravest sins, which has brought on the end times, and brought on the wrath of God.[7] In his sermon Does God love Sinners? Denlinger posits that God hated Esau for his interracial marriages to two Hittite women, whom he claims are descendants of Ham and therefore black, thus forfeiting his birthright.[52] Perhaps, Denlinger should have picked up a book on the Hittite civilization, which ranged from what is today Northern Lebanon, through to Syria and Turkey. But this is what one can expect when a uneducated, bible thumping know-nothing buffoon sermonizes about the Bible using his own understanding. The Hittites were a people living just south of the Caucasian mountains from which the word "Caucasian" is derived. Unfortunately, if Denlinger had actually read the Bible he would have known that Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for some food. Not only has Denlinger not read anything of worthwhile, he has not even read his KJV Bible.

He claims that god wanted Israel to slaughter Africans and Arabs because they are a vile degenerate people.[54] He has admonished, rebuked, and chastises fellow Christian pastors employing his usual name-calling preaching style for marrying outside their ethnic kindred group.

As usual, it is the Catholics, Vatican and Jesuits who end up being the arch antagonists as they do not follow what, according to Denlinger, is taught in his Bible - actually his insanely contorted reading of the bible which he uses to validate his racism.[7] He accuses the Vatican of forcing all persons to integrate and get along.[7] The Catholics Church promotes unity and miscegenation of the races where there is no distinction between the races as god has foreordained and is to be preserved in the Millennial Kingdom.[26] Here Denlinger screed picks up from Phelps who drawn on historic attacks against Catholicism. In 1907 William Montgomery Brown, the Episcopalian Bishop of Arkansas known for his support of government backed segregation of churches in an effort to stop miscegenation, launched an attack on Catholics by claiming that Catholics ("negro and white traditionalists") objected to the plan because it was against the doctrine of Catholicism: catholicity of the Church, the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.[100] The war in Syria was started, according to Denlinger, to force the Arab population out of the bounds of their habitation and into Europe. The secular media is no better, movies are produced which attempt to normalize interracial relationships which are unnatural and unbiblical.[7]

Denlinger questions as to what mixed children of interracial relationships might be.[7] One would suppose they might be human, but living in the imaginary world which Denlingers mind creates who know what the progeny of such ungodly trysts might end up being. As for persons of mixed heritage, Denlinger provides options, don't get married stop breeding and causing more mongrelization of the races, find someone of the same racial mixture or marry among your kinfolk.[7] Guessing a little incest is better than intermarry and having a mongrel as a child. As for already interracial married couples on whether they should divorce[101], Denlinger says that it is between them and god, but they are living in sin.[101] Wacko Protestantism as its very best.

Jesuitical diversity; they rewrite the English language. These satanists that are from the Vatican and they will call diversity everyone coming together and putting aside your differences so that we can all be blended into one. That is not diversity. Diversity is saying I am different from you and I am going to stay separate from you: segregation.
Sermon: What About Interracial Marriage? Part I

If Denlinger requires that everyone move back to their habitations, perhaps the hypocrite would serve his cause better by moving back to the land of his own habitation. Being a Hun, one has to wonder where that might be? Hunistan? Hunlund? Hunland? Perhaps Germany might suffice until a more suitable habitation could be found perhaps in the Caucasus or somewhere on the Steppes. However, with certainty, one can state that the land of habitation is definitely not in the Americas. Lest any forget, the first rule of Denlingerism is that the rules do not apply to the cult leader; so while it appears most appropriate to call Denlinger a hypocritical Pharisee, a viper or a whitened sepulchre, Denlinger considers himself immune to that rule. However, since he is of a highly sensitive personality one must refrain from doing so, as he is likely to go postal. Hitler would be so proud the have a purebred Hun in his ranks.

In a sermon titled The Imminent Return Of The Lord Jesus Christ, Denlinger mimicking an East Indian accent in an effort to mocked an Indian minister.[35] The undercurrent of racism is a continuing theme in many of Denlinger's sermons.

Besides, Jesus, himself had many gentiles in his genealogy. Denlinger, forgets that his god's linage was speckled with gentile women - Tamar (a Canaanite), Rahab (also a Canaanite) and Ruth (a Moabite). Denlinger's god does not meet his standards and if Denlinger's anti-miscegenation were enforced, there would not be no Jesus nor a precious KJV bible idol to worship and slap thump around. There is also the account of Moses who married Sephora, an Ethiopian. When Moses' brother and sister (Aaron and Miriam) spoke against Moses because of his interracial marriage, god cast upon leprosy upon Miriam.[note 1] Denlinger contends that god could not punish Moses because for his sin because Aaron and Miriam would try and take away Moses' authority, while claiming that Moses' wife nagged him which caused Moses to strike the rock twice which made god angry - yes, this is nowhere in the old testament but this is the Denlinger narrative which is brewed on the spot to fit his own racist agenda.

Of course, there is the dispensational reading of the bible. Denlinger claims to read the Bible dispensationally. It is this dispensational reading of the which gave the Rapturists the Rapture event. However, Denlinger uses a contorted reading and understanding of Ezra and Nehemiah to support his racism. However, dispensationally reading the bible and applying only the a part of the Bible which applies to the "church age" does not apply when he needs to go look for passages which can be distorted to make his case. When Denlinger requires something to support his racist views, it does not matter from where he scrapes something he can distort.

Bryan Denlinger has flagged for racist content on Sermon Audio, a for-pay member-driven sermon sharing website.[25] His claims that interracial couples having children lead to birthing complication. Denlinger cites a University of Stanford study to back up his claims. The study was based on Caesarean rates among Asians and Caucasian couples. According to the findings the Caesarean rates were found to be 26% for Asian couples, 33.2% for Asian-mother/white-father couples, 23% for white-mother/Asian-father couples and 28.7% for white couples.[102] Taking batshit crazy Denlinger's idiocy to its logical conclusion, white women should marry Asian men to avoid birthing complications - however always the racist Denlinger forgot this noteworthy mention. The study conclusion was due to Asian women's smaller stature and correspondingly to the pelvic opening lead to some birthing complications in some instances due to the baby's weight. If averaged out, the value of 28.1% for interracial couples is .6% less than white only couples. Denlinger as always attempts to prove over and over again that he is a racist simpleton and a dumbass unable to perform very simple mathematical calculations and comprehend what he reads or just knowingly lies about the facts.

Black persons, Hamites by another name[edit]

Denlinger ascribes to the belief that black persons are descendants of Ham, whose son Cannan was cursed by Noah, for no fault of his own.[26] The Curse of Ham was first disseminated by the Lutheran pastor Johann Ludwig Hannemann in the 17th century and spread through Protestantism.[100][103] Some Protestants hold to this belief that the Curse of Ham is being colored black – which is belief of many (though not most) in the King James Onlyism movement. Denlinger claims that each of the races should look to the KJV Bible and follow what is indicated as the correct status of the races in relation to one another. According to the Denlingers, white persons are of Japheth, Jews are descendants of Shem and black persons are descendants of Ham.[26] One is left wondering as to where the Asians came from.

According to Denlinger Jesus called black people dogs which he reference to Matthew 15.[26][note 2] Due to the woman was willing to say “I am a dog, bow wow ruff ruff” that Jesus gave into her wish.[26] Her faith was manifest by her acceptance of her correct biblical racial position.[26] Which is what Denlinger expects black persons to accept if they are “saved”. At least we can presume that should Denlinger be reincarnated due to bad karma as a dog, he at least might be able to speak Dogonese.

The correct station in life according to Denlinger is that the following:[26]

  • Shem: Blessed be the lord god of Shem
  • Cannan: Be a servant of servants to thy brethren
  • Japheth: God shall enlarge Japheth

Thus the descendants of Ham (Hamites – blacks) are to embrace their divinely destined role to be slaves to Japheth (white) and be proud of it.[26] Like his mentor Eric Jon Phelps, Denlinger insinuates that slavery is the preordained, predetermined state of black persons and a good. A saved black person will accept this biblical command.[26] Also, Denlingers are of the opinion that no black person (Hamite) will be permitted in the house of the lord in the Millennial Kingdom, even if they are saved.[26]


The Denlingers claim that it is the Catholics who are against the bible because they speaks of unity.[26] As usual, should anyone disagree with their personal interpretation, they would be labeled a Catholic which for them and their sycophants is a term of derision. Most Christians, be they Catholic or Protestant and Jews would disagree with their opinion.

Jews and Catholics do not accept Denlingers’ interpretation as each follows the Oral Law as the SheBaalPeh (Jews) or Sacred Tradition (Catholics) which are the only two religions which had anything to do with the writing and canonization of the Bible – Jews (Old Testament) and Catholics (New Testament, canonized the Old Testament). The reality is that both Jews and Catholics, due to a common tradition which is used to interpret the scripture, postulate that these persons are Hittites (known as Canaanites in the Tanakh, Old Testament). The Canaanites were a Caucasian tribe which they lived in and around the area of Syria and northern Palestine. Jews avoided Canaanites because they were idolaters and dealing with Canaanites would violate ritual purity takkanot causing them to have to perform a ritual ablution before taking any further part in Jewish religious life. This Jewish and Catholic understanding is further supported by the same account in the Mark 7 [note 3] where the same woman is called a gentile of Syro-Phoenician nationality which geographically coincides with being a Hittite.

The Jews believe when the Mashiach comes he will usher in the Olam Haba where Jew and Gentile will be united into one family and one nation and no longer will the sacrifice be one of expiatory offerings but of thanksgiving. Catholics following this same tradition, claiming that the Messiah has already come (in the person of Jesus) and Jew and Gentile are already united into one ecclesia and no longer do they offer an expiatory offerings but one of thanksgiving (that is what the word Eucharist means).

Denlinger, like his mentor Phelps are little insignificant men, inferior to most persons, which can be evidenced by their invincible ignorance and abject stupidity. They attempt to force better men, using their bible as a religious shield into submitting to them as a slave so that once in their putrid lives they will feel a sense of authority and control over another human being – which elsewhere Denlinger claims is mind control. The bible is used as a shield to deflect criticism because “the bible tells me so” and “I am just following the bible that is all” followed by the provision “I am not a racist”.

Mohammed was a Roman Catholic?[edit]

Denlinger admits that he learnt about Islam from the Alberto Rivera's comic books and recommend these books to his followers.[54] Much of Denlinger’s conspiracy theory on this subject draws from Alberto Rivera’s comic book titled The Prophet. According to Denlinger (and also Alberto Rivera) Islam was started by the Roman Catholic Church to destroy Judaism. According to the comic the Roman Catholic Church wanted to capture Jerusalem. This despite the historical fact that the Roman Empire held Jerusalem at the time. According to the narrative Waraqah ibn Nawfal whom they claim was a Roman Catholic priest and Khadijah bint Khuwaylid whom they claim to be a Roman Catholic nun recruited Mohammed to start up a religion.[104]

According to the Islamic ahadith, Khadijah was a pagan who kept idols including an idol of al-Ussa in her home.[105] All accounts indicate that she was a pagan among other pagan Arabs. Waraqah ibn Nawfal, who was Khadijah's cousin, was according to the ahadith a Nasara which indicates that he was likely a Gnostic Nazorean. The pope would not have had influence directly over this area which was in the east. Furthermore, Alberto Rivera's comic book undercuts the KJV Onlyists claim by claiming that true Christians existed in North Africa away from Rome. So this only could mean Egypt as the rest such as Carthage was under the Western Patriarch. By claiming that Egypt vis-a-vis Alexandria was where true Christians resided, the "Alexandrians were heretics" claim by Jack Chick and Denlinger is laid waste. Either one believes the KJV Onlyism is true or Roman Catholics created Islam is true as these are contradictory narratives. However, both can be untrue - which they are.

Denlinger runs with Rivera's narrative and building upon it claims that the Muslims got out of hand, and the Roman Catholic Church always desired to destroy Islam. He claims that the Catholic Church is trying to woo Muslims with peace until the Roman Catholic Church can build up the anti-Christ's army which he claims is now under construction by the Vatican. The immigration crisis was started by the Roman Catholic Church to cause strife between Europeans and Muslims and is stoking the fire. At some point of time the Vatican will destroy the cities of Mecca and Medina which will cause the “vile Arabs” to attack in Europe and North America. The Islamic threat will cause Protestants and Roman Catholics to unite into the Roman Catholic religion to fight Islam. This is, according to Denlinger, the goal of the ecumenical movement. When the Time of Jacob’s Troubles begin, the crusade against Islam would have already been underway while the Vatican positions its chess pieces. He recommends that Muslims return back to their bounds of their habitations so that they do not become cannon fodder for Catholics.[54]

Nutbar feudings[edit]

Denlinger frequently resorts to "rebuking" and "chastising" those who do not agree with his opinion. He is of the opinion that god requires him to rebuke and chastise those whom he views as heretics. Part of this effort, he has on-going feuds with fellow nutbars such as James White, Steven "Andersnake" Anderson, Kent Hovind and Sam Gipp. He claims that Anderson is a Jesuit temporal coadjutor[106] - a silly made up title which is awarded to anyone conspiracy theory peddling crackpots disagree with or wish to malign. Denlinger complains in his sermons accusing that his opponents selectively chose his statements, and take these out of context while hypocritically doing the same to his opponents and their content. Another instance where he wishes others to abide by his dictums while ignoring these himself. Dellinger being a drama queen, has penchant to emote dramatically when railing against his detractors in a faux whiney voice.

He takes issue with his detractors who call him a hypocrite and who seek to shed light on his hypocrisy. He claims that he is unsure who is worse, those who are his critics who are out destroy his reputation and character or those who watch their videos and question him about it.[107] He calls insinuates that his teachings pearls and those who watch the videos critical of him swine who turn on him.[107] He claims that no one should refer to videos he has removed from his channel.[107] All this said in perfect mind-controlling cult leader fashion.

Denlinger suffers from a severe case of persecution complex. Criticism or negative comments, such as pointing out his hypocrisy will set him off on a name-calling rant. He mentions that negative comments, emails and mocking he endures are forms of persecution are the work of the Satan against him.[72] Denlinger sees the persecution as evidence that he is saved and those doing the persecution as “unsaved”. While Denlinger feels free to rebuke and chastise other bible thumpers, as he has swallowed the spirit feathers and all, he does not take kindly to criticism from less wacky wingnuts than himself. He is frequently given to tirades against those who are critical of his teachings.

They [the military] are trying more and more to get me kicked off [Youtube]. There are guys in military intelligence types that have been threatening me and things like this so how longer this channel is going to exist I do not know.
Sermon: The Devil's Triangle: Part 1

He is frequently given to paranoid tirades and rants in his bible studies railing against those who he deems to attack his opinions, including fellow nutty wack job conspiracy theory hustlers because they do not follow his correct conspiracy narrative. Thus, he attempts force others to accept his orthodoxy in conspiracy theory tripe. He might do a better job herding cats. Much like Mohammedanism's prophet and early Mohammedans, Denlinger's immaturity leads him to mock persons by name-calling or changing their names in his rants.DumblingerDunglinger frequently refers to Anderson as Andersnake, Breaker as Faker Breaker and Chris Lasala as LaSatan.

Perhaps, if Denlinger exercised some introspection, he would fault his own noxious personality as the main reason he has been subject to the criticism he brought onto himself. But given to quackery, he searches for mental health remedies in the King James bible. It appears King James quackery it is unlikely that he will find a successful bible made remedy which would cure him of his travails.

Steven Anderson[edit]

The Denlingers have orchestrated a long-running feud with fellow wingnut (though somewhat less wignutty) hatemonger Steven Anderson as he is their main competition in "soul winning". Both the Denlingers and Anderson hold to the doctrine of Sola KJV-onlyism, anti-Catholicism and share similar views on evolution, philosophy, and creationism only differing substantially on replacement theology and the rapture. Since both the Denlingers and Anderson are so closely aligned they compete for the same bloc of uneducated, credulous, empty headeddumbasses followers in their ministries. Being slightly more competent and eloquent, Anderson has about three times as many followers than the Denlingers. They are close enough in theology that when Sam Gipp, another personality given to crankery, buried his hatchet in the back of Anderson's padawan Collin Schneide of KJV RVG Ministry, Bryan Denlinger believe that Gipp was attacking him instead, which resulted in tirade from Denlinger against Gipp. Denlinger being a former self-admitted pornographer, mistook Gipp's accusation of Anderson associating with a former pornographer, as an attack on himself believing that Gipp's comments were directed towards him (Denlinger).[108] A sitcom script worthy of Three's Company, indeed.

According to Katherine Denlinger in a "hardcore" study, preacher Steven Anderson is a Catholic and takes part in military psychological operations. She who claims to have worked as a military "spook" provides her expertise in military intelligence to be able to uncover Anderson's secret operations by his use of "military" buzzwords and jargon such a "spearhead", "operation", "touring" and "mission" and goes on to misidentifies a lowly Botswanian immigration officer as a major general in the South African military.[94] The Denlingers misidentify the Lutheran pastor Mampane as a Catholic priest as he wears clerical collar, calling him "Gigabo".[94] So much for Military Intelligence.

Katherine Denlinger, a veritable dingbat in her own right, in her sermon, condemned Anderson for using "inflammatory PC talk" by calling LGBT persons "homosexuals" to get them roused up, insisting that "sodomite" was the correct terminology when referring members of the gay community.[94] The fact that this was stated as a matter of fact, is what leaves one performing a facepalm. In the same sermon, she accused Anderson of using the Hegelian dialectic to act as the "good cop" and using CAPOC terminology.

These guys [Anderson and his allies] will come out and say inflammatory stuff and yet they will never go to prison, they will never get kicked off youtube, they will never get kicked off, you know things like this. They Oh been banned from certain countries. Please! Please! And and again the military works hand in hand with the Vatican. Whatever, you know, like me, if you are not convinced by now there is nothing we can really do for you.
Sermon: Steven Anderson's Catholic Connection: Part 2

Robert Breaker[edit]

Bryan Denlinger criticized Robert "Faker" Breaker and others who monetize their videos on the Google's You Tube platform.[109] Monetized videos display advertisements through which You Tube earns revenue which they then share with the publishers of the videos. He claims that Robert Breaker and others, by monetizing their videos are being supported by unsaved persons.[109] Being the perennial hypocrite, this rule does not apply to Denlinger, as he requests "gifts" to be made to his ministry through Paypal (which he terms a sodomite company) without him verifying if the donors are saved or not.

Denlinger has in the past questioned as to how Robert Breaker could have more subscribers than himself when they are both preaching the same message and as to how Breaker has more subscribers than Anderson when all he is doing is standing at a whiteboard and drawing and wonders if he is seeing a wolf in sheep's clothing.[110] He attempts to intimate to the audience that there is some shenanigans going on in background which makes Breaker more popular. Much of Denlinger's resentfulness of Breaker can be accounted for by mere jealousy on the part of Denlinger whose envy got the better of him. While Breaker is just as given to the same wingnuttery as Denlinger, he delivers his message with far greater eloquence, has an education, and is officially "ordained" which perhaps is the reason why Breaker has almost 8 times the viewership as does Denlinger. He does not come across as a hillbilly hick from the backwoods, lacking an education and formal training who picked up a bible and began sermonizing about a subjects about his pay grade, which is often the impression a thinking person is left with after watching a Denlinger video. Above all, Breaker studied under Peter Ruckman, after whom Denlinger models his own. Denlinger being the Ruckman adulator only managed to get his KJV bible signed by by his idol. Denlinger attempt to emulate Breaker message delivery style and even attempted to use a blackboard (it was green) but ended up reverting to a style which he was more comfortable with - sitting behind a desk and using the bookshelf as a prop.

Hanging on to the lifebuoy[edit]

It is all about getting saved. Since Denlingers have the discernment of the spirit, having swallowed it feathers and all, now have the gift of discernment of the spirit. This gives him the ability to judge as to who has the spirit. Certainly, no one he disagrees with gets saved, as one might guess. Denlinger goes so far as to indicate that all those who reject him, are in reality rejecting the bible and therefore are not saved.[52]

You are condemned the first time and you say err No you're condemned you're on your way to hell It isn't a life time of wickedness and rejection of Jesus Christ and whatever else ah that earns you hell it is the first time that you hear the gospel clearly presented to you and you reject it. You are under god's condemnation so get saved. You can still repent but you are under god's condemnation.
Sermon: Does God Love LOST Sinners?

According to Denlinger, he has the spirit of discernment as to whether an individual is saved or not. The spirit which indwells him gives him the ability to do so. All those persons whom he judges to be unsaved (that means everyone else) cannot be the source of any truth and are always suspect of being one of the baddies. This even extends to their ability to correctly translate the bible or even provide a lexicon of the words in the bible – but this rule does not apply to the KJV bible, just to all other bibles.

People just shouldn’t want to have fun[edit]

Killjoys of the 17th century England; dour as ever.

Denlinger sees the world in the same manner as the killjoys of the 17th century who committed regicide and established a theocracy where the dour country rubes backed by their religious militias ruled the day. The dour Protestants took offense at any displays of gaiety, hated the fine arts and had little need for the sciences due to their literalist reading of scripture. If one was found not to follow their religious precepts of dourness, expect to be hung, drawn and quarters after being racked for a week or so. As could be expected, Denlinger's arch hero is none other than the infandous, street corner roundhead himself.

According to the Denlingers’ gospel participating in team and individual sports as a participant or a spectator is anti-biblical as sports are contrary to the bible.[111] Sporting figures and great athletes are an abomination in the sight of God because they are highly esteemed among men. Great athletes have become great by putting other people down. Sports makes people prideful and encourages the spirit of competition which is not from god. Even board games encourage pride and competition and should be avoided as these too foster an atmosphere of competition. However, throwing a ball around in the backyard or a little game with kids is fine as long as it does not lead to pride or completion.

The Denlingers claim that sports can cause gender confusion because of immodest dress.[112] Denlingers believe that parents a great deal of pressure on children to participate in sports and athletics which is detrimental to children. Sports and games lead to pride and boastfulness and parents wanting the children to be the best they can be. He recommends that it is better that boys be taught to work and that girls be trained in housekeeping instead.[111]

The most telling part of the sermon was Katherine Denlinger spending slightly over 75% of a 10-minute 28-second video sermon showing off with pride photo albums filled with pictures of her athletic and sporting past under the premise that she was proving that she knew about the evils of sport by proving that she took part in athletics and sports as a teenager.[112] The photographs were taken by her doting parents who were obviously proud of their daughter’s athletic prowess.

Denlinger absolutely recommends against ballet and the performing arts including dance for children.[21] He claims men who perform in the ballet are effeminate men and sodomites. He blames Charles I and Charles II for the ballet.[21] Most persons who claim to be artists would have been under the impression that the ballet was of Italian and French origin from the high renaissance era originating about 200 years before the Commonwealth, but they would be wrong because Bryan the artist knows best.

Katherine Denlinger, wanting to stick it to Sudoku, perhaps being unable to find a solution to a puzzle decided that she would google search the term Jesuit Sudoku. The result was a rant on the evils of Sudoku. Sudoku, according to Katherine Denlinger in one of her preaching on the subject of playing Sudoku, determined that Sudoku was a magical game of divination used in Ancient China which was brought to Europe by the Jesuits.[93] The Jesuits introduced Leonhard Euler, the Swiss mathematician and physicist to Sudoku.[93] The Denlingers advise Christians (of whom they are not) to burn any of the satanic books that they might have in their possession.[93]

Where’s that in the bible? Chapter and verse?[edit]

Denlinger rejects those things that are not mentioned in the bible, or so it may seem. He holds all preachers to that standard of requiring that they evidence all their beliefs and practices from the KJV bible. Denlinger claims that church buildings, altar calls, Sunday schools, choirs, revivals, prayer nights, social events, Bible universities, Sunday best clothing, and the like are not found in the Bible and are anti-Biblical.[90] He calls these man-made traditions of men which should be rejected. According to him, these are catholic traditions. He considers all the pastors of the Independent Fundamentalist Baptists churches to be liars as they claim to be Bible-believing Christians.[90]

Being the veritable charlatan and a blowhard, Denlinger grandstands, cherry-picking standards according to his own whims and convenience attempting to hold other preachers to his own contrived standards. He uses his concocted standard to browbeat and denounce fellow bible thumpers and draw a greater audience to fill his own coffers. In essence, Denlinger selects some criteria which can be used as a Gotcha! and applies it against his fellow windbags in the trade. He then applies these standards as a club to cudgel his opposition.

Perhaps, Denlinger should check if internet video ministries, King James Bible, preaching from the New Testament, YouTube, lumberjack checkered uniform shirts, bible fellowship meetings, panhandling at PayPal are found anywhere within the books of his King James Bible. If these are not found in the KJV, should not Denlinger reject these? As usual, it is Denlinger’s rules which he applies at his convenience to others but not himself as these, his contrived standards, do not apply to him.

What methodology punk?[edit]

Almost every one of Denlingers' sermons or FAQs is an exercise in logical and historical absurdity. Absurdity is the currency of his trade. It is hard to miss the numerous logical fallacies, both formal and informal employed by the Denlingers in their sermons. The Denlingers assume much. Given that the premises the Denlingers take for granted as being true are in and of themselves factually false, conclusions based on these false assumptions, if not false outright, at least begs questions.


According to Denlinger, during the dark ages the Waldensians were going to Vatican City as undercover silk merchants and distributing bibles to the people and thus gain experience being persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church so that they could become an elder.[113] Waldensians came into existence in 1173 due to the preaching of Peter Waldo.[114] The Dark Ages which is correctly known as the Early Middle Ages ended with the ascendency of Charlemagne to the throne in 800 which lead to the consolidation of power and a standing army to beat back the invading barbarian hoards from the east. This reorganization lead to stability being re-established in the west. Other historians favor the establishment of the Holy Roman Empire in 962 by Otto as being the end of the Dark Ages.[115] The Waldensians established at the very beginnings of the High Middle Ages. Vatican City was not established until 1929.[116] Vatican Hill was at this point of time just outside Rome and on the wrong side of the Tiber and the pope was not in at the church on Vatican Hill as that belong to the Latin Patriarch of Constantinople. The pope’s church was St. John Lateran and the pope lived in the apartments attached to that cathedral. Sericulture in Europe was not established until much later when Venetians began established mulberry nurseries and began bringing silk pupae to Venice to establish the sericulture in southern Europe. The Byzantine Empire had attempted to establish sericulture but that was in decline and collapsed completely in around 1204. The Venetians held a monopoly on the silk trade and were the silk merchants in Europe. It was only in the 15th century that other parts of present-day Italy and Spain began their own sericulture industry. The Waldensians would not have been distributing bibles because a single bible would have the same value as a few houses during that time period due to the cost and labor involved. No one was willing to give out bibles which were in short supply and were laborious to produce and each copy of the Bible would cost the equivalent of about $2 million. Furthermore only 10% of the population could read until the beginning of the 16th century and climbed steadily to 16% until the Industrial Revolution. While only 10% could read less than 99% of the population could afford a Bible. It was the printing press which made Bibles affordable enough for upper middle class persons. There is no known narrative that the Waldensians were going anywhere to experience persecution. Since only some of the Waldensians doctrines were declared heretical but there was minimal persecution of the Waldensians as they were not a threat to the local potentiates. The fact that they kept a low profile and did not involve themselves in political mechanizations of the day helped them survive.

Association fallacy with three degrees of separation[edit]

A method used by the Denlingers is associating something creedal and then associate it with one of the evil people or organizations and then dismissing it because it is creedal to the evil people or organizations. The general syllogism runs so:

  • A: Catholics/Jesuits/atheists believe X to be true
  • B: Catholics/Jesuits/atheists are of Satan
  • C: X is Satanic

Once the conclusion C is arrived at, the premise is dismissed out of hand, and those that believe X are considered satanic. This system of logic works well with theircultists followers. As it plays out in a Denlinger rant it will look like this.

  • Jesuits wear black robes
  • Jesuits are of Satan
  • Black robes are Satanic
  • So the Judges who sit on the Supreme Court of the United States are Satanic.

When the Denlingers wish to tar and feather a critic they rely on the guilt by association method. This association fallacy runs thusly:

  • A is a Catholic/Jesuit/Atheist
  • B is a friend of A
  • C is a friend of B
  • D is a friend of C
  • D then is a Catholic/Jesuit/Atheist
  • If D is known to dislike A then D is an undercover Catholic/Jesuit/Atheist

Studying the association fallacy method employed by the Denlingers, up to three degrees of separation between the evil ones are required to avoid running afoul of Denlinger logic. Studying at a Jesuit elementary, high school, college or university means that you are a Jesuit and trained in Jesuitical tactics aimed at world domination. Denlinger used this methodology to dismiss James White as a Jesuit because an Evangelical seminary professor who gave a good review of James White's book studied at a Jesuit university.

As always, keep in mind the Denlinger rule: These rules are to be applied at the Denlingers' convenience and the rule does not apply to the Denlingers themselves.

Katherine, the banshee, does much of the internet research which consists of google searching some group, person, or idea they wish to dismiss or dislike together with one of the evil organizations, find a conspiracy website and then implicates one to the other in some manner and present it as evidence of collusion between the two entities. Dumbassary at its best but it plays to the gullibility of their cultists followers. Perhaps Denlinger should take his own advice he dishes out to his critics: "You are not logical. You are emotional. Deal with it."

Like many charlatans, Bryan and Katherine misdirect by misrepresentation of facts to create an association. In a long rambling exposé, Katherine associates any clerical and academic garb as being Catholic. Having a nurses’ uniform makes a person a Catholic nun. Any schooling system is Jesuitical because it is what Jesuits do, according to the Denlingers. Hospital systems are also Catholic because, according to them, the medical military system is catholic. Once the person or an organization is reduced to being Catholic, they dismiss it as being Oh so evil. While all these are based on some truth, as clerical and academic dress and the educational and hospital systems do have origins in the Catholic church, it would be deceitful to claim that these have any relationship to Catholicism today due to organic development and secularization.

All the baddies are catholics[edit]

Denlinger being the general sleazebag and uneducated clodhopping clown attempts to play on the bigotry and general credulity of his followers who are as a rule a little more than uneducated dumbasses by associating anyone whom he wishes to slander, defame or besmirch as a catholic. This contrivance which would not generally play to a saner audience, is bought hook, line and sinker by his gullible audience who do not know any better as they are only little better than the lumpenproletariat in the social order. Any post-millennial and a-millennial is a catholic[20][117]; reality - Catholics are not millennial of any kind nor are they rapturites. Anyone who believes in the trinity is a catholic[118]; reality - anyone who accepts the trinity is a Christian, belief in the trinity is what makes someone a Christian and not something else. Anyone who believes in replacement theology is catholic[119]; reality - Catholics do not adhere to replacement theology. Contemporary Christian Music is not Christian because Catholics love it and because it is played by a Catholic radio station (Spirit FM);[120] reality - most contemporary Christian music artists are protestants.

This association is not limited to persons alone. Since mathematics, sciences, and formal education were influenced by Jesuits, no one should engage in these because one may presumably catch diabolically evil Jesuit cooties. Since the Prix de Paris awarded by the Académie royale des sciences de Paris was won by Jesuits and Catholic clerics, every mathematician, physicist, or scientist who won the prize become a Jesuit or Catholic, and all their contribution to the sciences are now associated with the Jesuits and dismissed as evil. What is so unbelievable is that his sycophants buy into the insanity.

Cherry picking in the Garden of Eden[edit]

Due to the lack of any education, biblical or otherwise, the Denlingers are relegated to studies consisting of using keyword searches in bible concordances of the KJV translations. Upon finding similar words in verses that confirm their bias when taken out of its immediate context, they splice the verses together.

The rapture study consisted of using the phrase rise up and finding where the words rise and up occur and piecing together partial verses and abracadabra there is proof of the pre-tribulation rapture. This is much the same methodology used when they take slivers of the content of their critics put these together and react to the strawman of their own making and burning the straw man down.

When the Denlingers want to dismiss or vilify an idea, organization, or person, Katherine Denlinger's usual modus operandi is to type into google the subject and "Jesuit" or "Catholic" and then run a search. Something soon turns up and soon the object of their contempt is labeled a Jesuit or Catholic.

Given that Denlingers, while claiming to be dispensationalists, yet when it serves their purpose, have no care as to where a particular verse may be found. This is the case in all the Denlingers' “studies”.

Counterfactual and imagined histories[edit]

The Denlingers invent imagined histories for persons or groups of persons who are not well known. One example is the Nicolaitans, a sect mentioned in the bible without providing much information regarding the group. The Denlingers claim that there is general agreement that the Nicolaitans were hated by Paul and god because they were a hierarchal church in which the clergy rules over the laity by the use of mind control.[97][121] By inventing this imaginary history of the Nicolaitans, he paints them as the Vatican and Catholicism. However, if Denlinger had been privy to an education he would have avoided Nicolaitans and went shopping elsewhere for a villain for whom to manufacture an alternate history, as they were written about by a few historians, none of whom mention anything remotely proximate to the Denlinger imaginary claims. There is common agreement among the early historians including Eusebius that the Nicolaitans engaged in what would be described as sexual immorality and idolatry. The Denlingers manufacture a counterfeit history to attack those whom they wish to vilify. Bryan Denlinger attempts to pull facts out of his rectum and all he has to show for it is his own feculence through his attempts to peddle it as strawberries; apart from the boneheads and dunces who make up his retinue of devotees, most can smell the odor a mile away.


Another fallacy in Denlinger's bag of trickery is the use of equivocation to lead his audience into agreement with his opinion. Due to his audience’s lack of critical thinking ability, they lack the mental and intellectual capacity to examine his sermons and particularly the questions he poses for their benefit. Much of these subtly change the sense of particular words or expressions or use of ambiguous verbiage to make his case or lead the audience to a particular conclusion.

When the Roman Emperor declared Christianity the religion of Rome he converted hordes of pagan that made up the empire. Pagan temples became the meeting houses of "Christians". Huh?? Question!! The Roman Catholic Church transformed temples into meeting houses for Christians; then where did Independent Fundamentalist Baptists get their buildings from? The bible? No, because there are no church buildings in the Bible. So the Catholics took it from the pagans, where did the Baptists get it from?
Sermon - Independent Fundamental Baptist Catholicism. What about Baptist "church" buildings? Part 1

False Analogy[edit]

The lack of a decent education is very much evident in much of Denlinger's sermons. His inability to understand science and the scientific method and its practice is very much apparent in his sermons, even though he claims to be a man of science. His inability to differentiate between philosophical or theological truth and scientific methodology leads him to construct analogies that do not meet the criteria of a good analogy. Denlinger attempting to defend against accusations that no one in the past 2,000 years believed nor practiced anything as he does attempted to defend his view by claiming that persons 2,000 years ago did not know the effects of mercury treatments or raw sewage running through the streets.[14] Scientific truth is dynamic and mutable in that it is a constant state of progression through the refinement of human knowledge as man engages that material world around him. However, philosophical and theological truth are not subject to the generally considered as such though developmental aspects exist. Since theological or religious beliefs are dependent on revelation, belief and practice of that belief would be considered largely immutable at least in the principal parts. In effect, Denlinger's claim is akin to claiming that the apostles and Paul and their followers did not know what to believe but Denlinger who showed up 2,000 years after the fact, knows better. This is in fact true according to the cult of Denlingerism, as Denlinger knows best.

Gish Galloping Unicorns of King James[edit]

This is perhaps the fallacy most employed by the Denlingers. Like many in the KJV-onlyist movements which believe in unicorns as they are found galloping through the pages of the KJV, the Denlingers attempt to bury their opponents under a mountain of rubbish made up of half-truths and outright falsehoods, each of which is falsifiable by history, anthropology, archeology, science or logic. The problem one faces is due to a great deal of time and effort debunk or falsify the many pieces of disinformation and distortions. Much of the “information” the Denlingers spew draws heavily from conspiracy theorists such as Eric Jon Phelps, Walter Veith, Alberto Rivera, Alexander Hislop, Robert Woodrow (has since recanted as his book was a fabrication), Edmond Paris, and Jack Chick.

When one attempts to debunk the Denligners, one must understand each of these people is merely regurgitating the disinformation and distortions of another. For example, the Denlingers will submit that persons X, Y, and Z claim A as a fact. However, Z is merely parroting as fact what Y parroted which X fabricated. These are not three independent claims but just the claims of X which each is repeating and adding their own flavor to the regurgitation.

Denlinger, who never actually had an education in theology, implies that Molinism is about the Doctrine of Reprobation – with Denlinger claiming that Molinism teaches predestination.[121] The reality is that Molinism teaches the exact opposite – free will of man and that God wills that all be redeemed.[122] Denlinger who claims to know so much about Christianity, proves his theological knowledge is virtually non-existent. To make matters worse, attempting to prove his great knowledge on the matter, he waves a book titled Divine Providence, a book compiled by Sr. Mary Kenneth Kearns CDP on spirituality (not theology) which has nothing whatsoever to do with Molinism.[121] He even highlights the names of three Jesuits who contributed to the book in an attempt to gish gallop the morons who watch his channel.[121] He inundates his audience with irrelevant information to make them believe that he has a substantive argument when he has none to make. This performance of selling his gullible audience bullshit as chocolate cake because they do not know any better is very much the con game the charlatan plays for his audience in an attempt to discredit Independent Fundamental Baptists because he has a chip on his shoulders as they kept kicking him out of their congregations. This goes to prove that there is no fury like a butt hurt fraud.

Hegelian Dialectic[edit]

When confronted by those who share their same views, which the Denlingers cannot attack directly, they accuse the object of their attention of employing the Hegelian dialectic to confuse. While the target of their ire plays the part of the “thesis” and their targets erstwhile opponents play the “antithesis”. These events according to the Denlingers staged to bring about a Jesuitical synthesis to social engineer the New World Order. Thus, they attempt to smear their like-minded, cranky opponent of being a Catholic or a Jesuit. Using the Hegelian dialectic ruse, the Denlingers attempt to turn contrary evidence in their own favor.

JAQing off to the KJV[edit]

Another frequently used technique by Denlinger is his use of just asking questions to lead his tin foil hatted followers. These questions are stated in a manner to lead his sycophantic followers to a conclusion which he wishes them to arrive at and nod their heads like trained seals. Many times the questions attempt to besmirch the reputation or character of persons whom he disagrees with, which happens to be almost everyone else in the religious demagoguery industry – his competition. The answers to these “questions” are a forgone conclusion.

Some of the questions asked by Denlinger provide a false dilemma to the viewers. Using this technique Denlinger is able to effectively excludes other options available to his viewers who being slow and impressionable are unable to think outside the box which Denlinger paints for them.

And you know again at that point in time [when somebody tires out] you see somebody else dying out beside you you're not going to stop and help them. The spirit of competition is 'I hope the person that's ahead of me, I hope they break their leg and fall down so I can be the winner.' Is that what you want your daughter being taught?
FAQ - What About Christian Girls And Sports?

Nunc pro tunc[edit]

Denlinger uses the presentist and anachronic fallacies in some of his studies. He claims that some group or another is not biblical because they do not use terminology nor the phraseology of the KJV translation of the bible. Unfortunately for Denlinger, it did not dawn on him that Christianity could not wait for the birth of the English language and the KJV bible for 1600 years and went about establishing the religion. According to his judgment, Christians did not have a perfect bible for the first 1,600 years. Denlinger does not seem to understand that all the three historic churches (Catholic, Orthodox, and Oriental) did not officially use the English language, and they existed at least 1,500 years prior to the evolution of early modern English.

While reviewing a university's history in the 18th century, the Denlingers question why the University of Basel in Switzerland would provide instruction at the time in Latin as only the Catholics use that dead language.[93] According to the Denlingers the use of Latin to keep people dumbed down.[93] The two dumbass morons who have no education in history, had no idea that the Latin language was the lingua franca of the Western Civilization for 1300 years. During most of that period, until the invention of the printing press, only about 10% of the population could read and write, and all those persons who could read and write did so in Latin. Between the invention of the printing press and the Industrial Revolution, only 16% could read and write. Again, due to the lack of education, their hatred of history and philosophy, or any other academic disciplines, the two blithering idiots lack perspective or insight into the world which existed prior to the 20th century. Apart from advances in technology, the Denlingers envisage the world as it exists today to be the same world (sans the technological advances, of course) that existed in the 18th century and disseminate this idiocy for the benefit of their uneducated audience. This goes to prove that knowledge and education in the liberal arts is the vaccine that inoculates individuals from falling into the clutches of cultic windbags like the Denlingers.

Slaying the false prophet[edit]

If there rise in the midst of thee a prophet or one that saith he hath dreamed a dream, and he foretell a sign and a wonder, and that come to pass which he spoke, and he say to thee: Let us go and follow strange gods, which thou knowest not, and let us serve them: Thou shalt not hear the words of that prophet or dreamer: for the Lord your God trieth you, that it may appear whether you love him with all your heart, and with all your soul, or not. Follow the Lord your God, and fear him, and keep his commandments, and hear his voice: him you shall serve, and to him you shall cleave. And that prophet or forger of dreams shall be slain. Book Of Deuteronomy 13: 1 - 5

Denlinger claims that those who attack him are attacking the spirit indwelling him, and those who do so are committing the unpardonable sin against him. However, whatever spirit which may indwell him is given to perfidious prevaricating spirit given to foolishness, deceit and dementia and a general dunce much like the possessor of that spirit. It appears that the spirit indwelling Denlinger should check itself into the closest mental health facility, as the initial prognosis does not appear to give rational persons much hope for a successful treatment due to extreme lunacy and ignorance exhibited by his spirit. Denlinger engages in deception, outright falsehoods, and innuendo to smear and attack persons other faiths, atheists, and agnostics proving that it is not only the Mohammedans who are given to taqiyya, muruna, kitman, and tawriya (four forms of deception permitted by the ahadith[123]). On the other hand, sharing dry, sarcastic humor is, according to Denlinger, something that those who have the "spirit" have in common[7] - which means that most RationalWiki editors are indwelled by that spirit. Then on the other hand this might not be such a good thing after all. All RationalWiki editors might be required to contact the nearest Catholic ordinary to schedule the Rite of Exorcism to be performed, just in case whatever half-witted spirit given to buffoonery and inanity which possess Denlinger might afflict the editors. However, if the latter symptoms of half-wittedness, buffoonery, and inanity are not manifest, there is reasonable certainty that the editors are not possessed by the same bat shit crazy spirit which indwells Denlinger.

General old fashioned bald face lying or lying for the lord[edit]

  • When a commenter on his post indicated that Denlinger equated those who are in interracial relationships with "sodomite perverts", Denlinger denied doing so.[99] This is patently untrue as evidenced by his sermon on that subject.[98]
  • Denlinger in a bait and switch performed to mislead his cultists claimed that the book Divine Providence by Sr. Mary Kenneth Kearns CDP a book on Christian spirituality, was on the subject of Molinism, having claimed he had read the book.[121] Perhaps the spirit within Denlinger requires remedial lessons in elementary school level English reading and comprehension.
  • Denlinger incorrectly claimed that Molinism is about predestination and divine reprobation. However, given that Denlinger has no education (theological or otherwise) did not know that Molinism is all about free will, and posits that God wills that all men come to salvation.[121] Molinism is named after Luis de Molina (Jesuit), who together with Francisco Suárez (Jesuit) and Francisco de Vitoria (Dominican) laid the foundation for International Law. If Denlinger knew this little piece of legal history, he would declare International Law a work of the Devil. So less knowledge is somewhat of a good thing sometimes, especially when one is like bullshit run amok in a china shop.
  • Denlinger claims that Nicolaitans were condemned by Paul because they were a hierarchal church with clergy that ruled over the laity.[97][121] However, the earliest Christian writer and histories did record their beliefs. Irenaeus of Lyon writing in 180 indicates that they were idolaters and fornicators.[note 4] Clement of Alexandria provides more insight into this Gnostic cult indicating that they gave themselves to their vices to overcome their vices.[note 5] It appears that the spirit indwelling Denlinger has never read history either.
  • Denlinger claims that Catholicism (and Christianity) teaches three gods.[124] That was before he claimed that Catholics believe in two trinities.[10] He also teaches that Catholics believe that each person is composed of body, soul and spirit, body, soul and spirit, body, soul and spirit.[66] Denlinger merely gropes in dark, having no actual idea as to what Christianity or Catholicism teaches. Due to the level of Denlinger's own education, and being a little man, the learning he acquires is from pictures in a children’s picture book, never mind the text within the book.[124] A little research by Denlinger would have explained to Denlinger what all Catholics and Protestants actually believe about the Trinity.
  • Denlinger claims that the colors of the Vatican are purple and scarlet.[61] The colors of the Vatican are yellow and white.[125]
  • Denlinger claimed that the five solas[note 6] of Calvinist Protestantism are a Catholic practice.[76] In an attempt to claim that the Bible does not teach Faith alone (which his particular discovered doctrine at the time[76]) and not wanting to be labeled as a catholic by association, he dishonestly claimed that the five Solas were a Catholic "practice" and that Protestants were really Catholic. Dishonesty and deception at its finest.
  • Denlinger claimed that Rabban Gamaliel the Great was an unsaved man.[126] Rabban Gamaliel was one of the greatest Jewish sages during the Second Temple period. He was considered a saint (tzaddik) by the early Christians and the Jews. Unfortunately, Denlinger did not receive an education in patristics to know any better.
  • Denlinger claims that the Knights Templar because of the Jesuit Order.[55] The Knights Templar were defunct for more than 200 years before the Jesuit Order was founded. The Knights Templar had become too wealthy for many kingdoms and the kings wished to avail themselves of some of the wealth to pay off their debts. A few trumped-up charges later, the military order was dismantled, and the wealth was taken by the French Crown in 1312. The Jesuits were a sacred order, not a military order. One had nothing to do with the other apart from some nefarious conspiracy dreamt up by the usual conspiracy peddlers.
  • According to Denlinger, the Catholic Church teaches replacement theology. The Catholic Church does not teach replacement theology, rather the Catholic Church has taught that the gentiles were grafted into the Faith. It is also the reason Catholic tradition relies heavily on Judaism, which is where beliefs and practices which are considered strange to Protestants come from (Purgatory, praying to saints, indulgences, praying for the dead, keeping relics, etc.) If Catholics believed in replacement theology, they would have had to give up the Tradition.

Just being his usual Pharisaical self, a good old fashioned hypocrite[edit]

  • Denlinger, on the prompting of an Indian commentator requesting a video on body, soul, and spirit, began exploring Denlingerism's godhead in those tripartite terms and settled on the Denlinger godhead. When asked to explain as to how Jesus' body could pray to Jesus' soul within the Denlinger godhead, he replied "what on earth are you doing trying to figure out god anyhow?".[124] Having no explanation, he resorted to hypocrisy - Don't ask questions, only Denlinger is allowed to JAQ off.
  • When Denlinger began living with Katherine, he promised that she would not appear in any of his videos nor would he "expose her to the filthy people on the internet".[127] According to Denlinger, he and Katherine prayed and talked about it, deciding that she would not be featured on any of the videos.[127] A few weeks later she was giving a sermon regarding her conversion from Lutheranism to Denlingerism. This despite claiming that no woman should be a pastor in a church. When questioned about it, Bryan indicated that they had prayed about it and talked about it and decided to let Katherine begin her ministry.[107] Denlinger removed the contradictory evidence, but not before viewers copied the video.
  • Denlinger has suggested that his opponents test their spirits by drinking Drano, sulfuric acid, and handling venomous snakes.[17][18] However, Denlinger himself has never responded to his critics who suggest that he show the way, and is quite the shy shrinking violet about testing his own spirits. This suggests that he is a false prophet and he knows it and has no confidence in the spirit that dwells in him.
  • Denlinger wishes that all persons return to their racial habitation - their tribal lands.[98] When questions as to why he himself does not return back to his racial habitation, he claimed he would not be as free in Germany.[14] Africans, Arabs and Hispanics who come to the US for the same reasons as he does must leave while he stays put in the tribal lands of another race? However, as always, there are rules he wishes to impose on everyone else from which he exempts himself - a hallmark of a veritable cult leader.
  • Denlinger asks his readers rhetorically as to why anyone would smack the bible as it a precious book and reasons that anyone who hits the Bible has a different spirit in them, referring to Jim Jones of Jonestown fame (another cult leader).[128] In a rage at some point of time later, Denlinger in a quite a huff slapped his KJV Bible around, supposed that he was slapping the word of god silly. When questioned about it, Denlinger deleted the video, hoping no one remembered his faux pas of hypocrisy.
  • Denlinger is critical of those who say that people should not attack a man of god.[129] However, Denlinger claims that he is a man of god and those who attack him are attacking the spirit within him.[18] One rule for him, and another for everyone else.
  • Denlinger who considers himself an expert on the occult.[55] The same "occultic symbols" appear on the first few editions of the KJV bible. But according to Denlinger, the KJV is the perfectly preserved word of witchcraft god.
  • Denlinger has in the past claimed to be against copyright laws, and in that spirit released his videos under the Creative Commons Attribute License allowing reuse. He has had numerous copyright violation strikes due to stealing the music and content of artists and others. However, when other channels began critiquing his content, Denlinger began releasing his content as a paid subscription asking his cult minions to inform him should anyone use parts of his videos so that Denlinger could have the channels shut down by making copyright violation claims against the channels.

A Man of science and reason?[edit]

  • Denlinger claims that there are an absolute east and west (dipoles) on Earth, this is demonstrably false to anyone with half a brain.
  • Acorns are "really" fruit[66]; while they are actually nuts - and not the kind of nut he demonstrably is.
  • Fluoride was created by the Jesuits.[60] Fluoride is a naturally occurring anion of fluorine (F-). Fluoride minerals occur naturally in nature which does not require artificial creation or invention but discovery. So much for Jesuits creating fluoride.
  • Latin, according to Denlinger, is an African language, Catholicism is an African religion that originated in Egypt, and Latin is the language of the people of Ham.[7] The inscription above the crucified Jesus was written in Hebrew (Seth), Greek (Japheth) and Latin (Ham).[130] This is, according to Denlinger, not his interpretation but what the KJV Bible says.[7] (Did not the Catholic Church, according to Denlinger originate in Babylon - after all according to Denlinger it is the Whore of Babylon? However, keeping with the changing narrative to suit the purpose of the storyline we should ignore all inconsistencies and contradictions.) Would it also not then follow, that this "African language" which was the lingua franca of the Western Civilization for 1300 years brought civilization to Europe? Would it not also mean Western Civilization is an African Civilization? Denlinger for all his racist views should thank the Africans for giving rise to the Romans and Greeks whose philosophy and science gave rise to the Western ideals. Given that the KJV Denlinger uses, which is written in the Latin alphabet, would not the KJV be a black bible? Much of Denlinger's racial superiority façade suddenly begins to crumble.
  • If persons of two different races marry what would the issue of the marriage be, Denlinger ponders rhetorically.[7] Denlinger, why of course, they'd be humans one might suppose. Denlinger obviously was not paying attention when the birds and bees was explained in biology or any one of the other science courses he might have taken in junior high or high school. Perhaps a reason to teach sex-ed in schools so that persons like Denlinger might receive a more comprehensive education instead of railing more incomprehensible stupidity.
  • According to Denlinger the three wise men were traveling from the west to the east, from Babylon to Jerusalem. They were traveling east, heading east.[131] Jerusalem is west of Babylon, which is in present-day Iraq; the wise men would heading westward, not eastward.
  • Mt. Ararat is somewhere in the Sinai Peninsula.[132] Actually the Ararat massif is located in Eastern Anatolia in Turkey on the Armenian plateau. The spirit of indwelling Denlinger once again proves to be an oaf, perhaps Denlinger might be better served to send the spirit back to school to get a better education.
  • Denlinger narrates that his smart German Shepherd was smarter than other dogs (being German after all) was not smart enough to preserve her racial purity by getting impregnated by a mongrel.

I see evil people[edit]

The Denlingers have a long list of people and organizations which are considered evil. The following is a short list of Satan's helpers according to the Denlingers:

  • Alt-Right[56] - Conspiring with communists to bring in fascism.
  • Anglicans[14] - They a really Roman Catholics
  • Anti Communists[56] - Engaging in the Hegelian Dialectic to usher fascism. They are the antithesis.
  • Atheists[133] - Luciferians
  • Baptists - They are really Roman Catholics.
  • Barack Obama - An anti-Christ.
  • Bill Clinton[58] - Jesuit (studied at Georgetown University).
  • Calvinists - They a really Roman Catholics
  • Catholics - Name says it all; they are Satanists worshiping the Antichrist, Satan, and the beast, and are unsaved. They go to the deepest pits of hell.
  • CIA - Catholic Intelligence Agency, working for the Pope.
  • Communists - Engaging in the Hegelian Dialectic to usher fascism. They are the thesis.
  • DEA - Working for the Pope.
  • Democratic Party[95] - Controlled by the Jesuits
  • Donald Trump[58] - Jesuit (studied at Fordham University).
  • Fascists[56] - The synthesis of the Hegelian dialectic.
  • FBI - Working for the Pope.
  • Freemasons - Working for the Jesuits.
  • George W. Bush[95] - Crony of the pope, member of the Illuminati.
  • Globalists - Working to establish the Jesuit New World Order.
  • Government of the United States - Working for the Pope.
  • Hillary Clinton[58] - Jesuit coadjutor.
  • Illuminati - Working for the Jesuits.
  • Jesuits - Name says it all; they are Satanists worshiping the Antichrist, Satan, and the beast and are unsaved. They go to the deepest pits of hell.
  • Katherine's family - Lost and unsaved persons and are into mind control.
  • Knights of Columbus - Secret society working for the Jesuits.
  • Knights of Malta - Secret society working for the Jesuits.
  • Knights Templar - Secret society working for the Jesuits.
  • Liberals - Immoral reprobates and perverts spreading their filth.
  • Lutherans[14] - They a really Roman Catholics
  • Methodists - They a really Roman Catholics
  • Nazis - Anti-semitic Catholic Jesuit organization with the black pope as the überführer.
  • NSA - Working for the Jesuits.
  • Pagans - Unsaved; worshippers of the anti-Christ.
  • Presbyterians - They a really Roman Catholics
  • Republican Party[95] - Controlled by the Jesuits
  • Satanists - Unsaved; worshippers of Satan.
  • Scientists - Disseminators of falsehoods.
  • Unsaved - You go to hell.
  • US Military - Working for the Pope.

Bozo eruptions[edit]

Funny quotes of the Denlingers - a gift which goes on giving.

Wonder what Denlinger was doing vacationing in Costa Rica?

It is kind of interesting how these beautiful tropical garden types of places draw the most perverts.
Sermon: The Pre Tribulation Rapture

Does Denlinger get emotional when his feeling are hurt by criticism?

That is another thing you little punks try to do. You threaten people like me, you threaten a bible believing preacher that judges according to scripture. You threaten me and try to say I am committing an unpardonable sin because I am speaking against holy men of God. Well let me tell you something princess, I am a holy man of God. God does things through this ministry, so don't try to say oh you are just a nothing and a nobody and whatever else. I have the fruit to prove that the lord is behind this ministry. Not a bunch of devil-possessed Charismaniacs out there lying about the scriptures and faking gifts of the holy spirit. Let's talk about this thing about the unpardonable sin. Most of you do not have the guts to get through this because you are a bunch of stinking Pharisees that can't handle the scriptures. All you doing right now is sucking your thumb in between typing nasty comments to me because you can't handle the truth. You are not logical. You are emotional. Deal with it.
Sermon: Exposing Charismatic Parisees

Persecution complex? Me?

If you are a bible believing Christian, a King James Bible believer and you stand for the King James bible and you stand against the new rock and roll music and the modern churches, you know exactly what I am talking about. You have family members that don't like being around you, you have co-workers who avoid you, like you have some kind of disease, ha, and you know I am right. Now If you do not know anything about that, if you say I am getting along with all the members of my family, and you know, I am employee of the month every month at my work. Well then you are not a good Christian.
Sermon: The Pre Tribulation Rapture

The Rogues' Gallery[edit]

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  4. The Nicolaitanes are the followers of that Nicolas who was one of the seven first ordained to the diaconate by the apostles. They lead lives of unrestrained indulgence. The character of these men is very plainly pointed out in the Apocalypse of John, (when they are represented) as teaching that it is a matter of indifference to practise adultery, and to eat things sacrificed to idols. Wherefore the Word has also spoken of them thus: "But this you have, that you hate the deeds of the Nicolaitanes, which I also hate."
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  5. Such also are those (who say that they follow Nicolaus, quoting an adage of the man, which they pervert, that the flesh must be abused. But the worthy man showed that it was necessary to check pleasures and lusts, and by such training to waste away the impulses and propensities of the flesh. But they, abandoning themselves to pleasure like goats, as if insulting the body, lead a life of self-indulgence; not knowing that the body is wasted, being by nature subject to dissolution; while their soul is buried in the mire of vice; following as they do the teaching of pleasure itself, not of the apostolic man.
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