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Bible Issues is an online Christian ministry that helps Christians "find God's voice in the Bible". So they claim. It was founded by Denver Cheddie, who has a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. The site claims to adopt a rational approach to Biblical issues, "as opposed to the ever popular emotionalism".[1] So it attempts to come across as an educated approach to Christianity by an academic scholar.

Although it claims to be rational, all of its teachings are based on the Protestant Bible. There are no articles on biblical criticism or biblical apologetics. In other words, the Bible is their starting point. The Bible is God's word, and everything that follows that leap of faith is perfectly rational. There is no attempt to even prove that the Bible is true, reliable, or actually God's word.

There are no mentions of evolution or creationism, so their stance on those issues is unclear.

Predictably, Bible Issues is against homosexuality and gay marriage.[2] It holds to a fundamental conservative interpretation of the homosexuality scriptures in the Bible. It claims to be indifferent to gay marriage, but it clearly expresses sentiments to the contrary. It attributes changing attitudes toward homosexuality to a "pervasive liberal culture", and it expresses fear that gay rights will eventually take precedence over religious freedom. There is even an article discussing the science behind homosexuality. Amazingly, it comes to the conclusion that homosexuals are not born that way, but choose to be so. At no point do they present any science to prove their point. Their main emphasis is in showing the shortcomings of scientific research, which does suggest a genetic component to homosexuality. According to their logic, these shortcomings invalidate the theory that gays are born that way.

The dominant emphasis is actually on bashing Christians, especially charismatics. It strongly condemns the excesses of fringe charismatic groups.[1] So from that point of view, Bible Issues can be considered polemic rather than apologetic. While it does distance itself from the emotional extremes of Christianity, it falls short of presenting Christianity as intellectual.

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