November 3rd Seattle nuclear attack

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The November 3rd Seattle nuclear attack is a conspiracy theory about a supposed false flag operation that was supposed to happen on 3 November 2019 in Seattle, Washington. The purported evidence for this consists of references taken from old episodes of The Simpsons (particularly S07E09 "Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming"), the 2002 film The Sum of All Fears,Wikipedia the 2018 J-pop song "Let's Start WW3" by World Order,Wikipedia and other random media.[1]

The conspiracy theory was covered by the usual assortment of kooks and wingnuts.[2][3] An article in Before It's News, everyone's favorite paranoid conspiracy bullshit website, suggested that everyone play with "the Gematrinator" to understand the complex web of conspiracy forecasting the event.[4]

On 3 November 2019, Seattle was not destroyed by nuclear weapons.[citation NOT needed] However, the Ali Kuşçu astronomy center in Ankara, Turkey was damaged by fire on this day.[5] Because the facility has a spire-like structure that vaguely resembles the Seattle Space Needle,Wikipedia wingnuts claimed that this was proof of the conspiracy theory: remember this next time a conspiracy theorist tells you that their theory is falsifiable.

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