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This article is about the mutant form of gematria practiced by conspiracy theorists. It is essentially the numerical and alphabetical equivalent of photoshopping.Wikipedia Desired numbers are manufactured and proudly trumpeted out. The huge amount of undesirable numbers are ignored. If you are looking for the much older, relatively innocent waste of time based on history and Hebrew instead of manufacturing any number you want, see Gematria.

New Gematria is a relatively young conspiracy theory that branches off of numerology. It was invented discovered by Youtuber and blogger Zachary K. Hubbard. It is named after, but distinct from, gematria, a form of numerology that typically pertains to Hebrew.

In the world of nonsense, new gematria (a loopy play of numbers and words) seems harmless; nonetheless, nonsense has a way of making a mess of many other things, and new gematria is not an exception. If you want a really, really, really abbreviated overview, then here is the indisputable genius behind this theory: "Every word equals every number and every number is evil". It’s that bulletproof, who could argue with it? With so many ways to twist the data, the real challenge in New Gematria is NOT to find a match.

New gematria is ostensibly "Sacred Geometry", sacred[note 1] in that religious texts are a wealth of words and numbers and calling anything sacred evokes mysterious wisdom, and geometry in that due to overlapping etymology with gematria, geometry sounds sciency and conveys a false impression of legitimacy beyond the simple addition of LETTER = NUMBER in classical gematria. It is used by cranks as non-empirical evidence to promote the concept of New World Order takeover (primarily the nutcase argument that Freemasons are behind everything sinister from A to Z — although starting in 2020, the Jesuits have been the go-to scapegoats). Due to the wealth of words available, gematria is used to turn any every day event into a woo-fest such as sports rigging. Actual science is missing beyond any references to mathematics and science so much as they increase the database by scientific terminology, number sources such as π and GPS coordinates, and historical data such as birthdates of scientists. When science is used, there is a good chance it's wrong in at least some subtle manner. Linguistics is absent from gematria when you lose context, phonetics, and syntax by changing a word into a number. You can't be sarcastic with a number which makes gematria make sooooooo much more sense. Scientific topics are often introduced with NWOdidit explanations. Never mind how a hurricane was manufactured by chemtrails, it just was. It's difficult to cite references as there are no historical precedents for the way new gematria is practiced now. I.e., they just make up bullshit as they go along.

Basic overview[edit]

There is a scale of beliefs in the users. With no clear leadership to define what is legitimate and what is frivolous, the conspiracy hive mind mentality embraces all gematria as valid until such a time that two users come into direct conflict.[note 2]

  1. Sports are at least influenced if not outright rigged. I don't care about the New World Order (NWO) thingie. (For many, sports betting is the gateway drug to the more extreme content.)
  2. Sports are rigged. I embrace at least some of the NWO concepts.
  3. Sports are rigged, the mockery exhibited by the NWO is a display of their power, therefore further proof that they exist. Viva La Revolucion! Wake up sheeple! (Although it does appear that if not merely crank magnetism, some authors are merely presenting themselves as experts on predicting sports winners to gain subscribers for pay to play services.)
  4. Sports are not rigged because it's too difficult, or I just don't give a rip. But the NWO is real.
  5. QAnon marches to the beat of their own drum and totally ignores sports and the NWO.

In the New Gematria narrative, instead of text from a book, the beginning point is a sensational news headline, sports box score, or personal experience. The focus is on current events. History doesn't matter much unless the narrator declares the event to be some sort of ritual or tribute. This is mostly to bring alternate date numerology into the mix. The sensational headlines drag in video views from people that can't resist the temptation to find out what is going on with Roy Halladay or a porn actress dying because of a ritual sacrifice. Sports events are a wealth of numbers absent from classical gematria. Personal experiences are less likely to generate collateral damage views like the sensational topics, but are encouraged to have newcomers experience the remarkable repetition of easily-found small numbers synchronicity in their lives. It seems the Freemasons were responsible for you deciding to buy a GREEN JACKET instead of a BLUE SWEATER and this "means" something.[1] Yet, your personal interpretation counts. That you might consider to be a LOUD NOISE what might be a BANG! to someone else conveniently counts towards mystical synchronicity. In this case, deaf people have a distinct advantage keeping the forces of evil at bay. If someone misspells something, you are not just allowed to perform gematria on the misspelling, one narrator has been known to suggest this is a clue for him to look deeper into the events. The NWO encourages bad grammar to keep the sheep in line. Oh, uh… dreams count, too. Freddy Krueger is part of the NWO. And the NWO is monitoring everyone's television viewing at all times.

Every event has a person or group of people and an identifiable location. STEPHEN CURRY has an immediate tie in to GOLDEN STATE, ADAM LANZA to SANDY HOOK. It's a given that numbers will be generated based on these. The rest of the narrative attempts to creatively force support that the event is a hoax, false flag, drill, ritual sacrifice, tribute, or even that you yourself are indeed at least a prophet if not actually Jesus, himself.[2] Unverifiable personal stories count towards evidence.

Using exclusively WORD=NUMBER numerology, based on the average length of words in the English language and the numbering systems available, the result is most often a two digit number, less commonly a three digit number (less than 350) and four or more digits are almost non-existent. Finding a truly remarkable match of a meaningful phrase coming out to a value of 9,112,001 is out of the question.

And then the madness starts. There are four broad categories of manipulation to force the narrative to the desired result.

  1. Use of multiple ciphers and cross matching.
  2. Addition of purely numerical data outside the WORD=NUMBER history of classical gematria.
  3. Changing wording, thereby changing the resulting numerology.
  4. Directly changing a number into another number.

The ciphers[edit]

Not satisfied with a single numbering system, there are multiple ciphers available to "decode" the raw data. Akin to a psychic cold reading where the hits are emphasized and misses are ignored, the results can be cross-matched where a single hit validates the gematria while ignoring all the misses. Some of the ciphers make sense, others less so, and yet others are downright bizarre. The most popular online calculator[note 3] currently offers 16 ciphers. There is a downloadable version where some of the more imaginative ciphers are available. As of 2017, the download offered custom cipher building which, beyond any logic or sense of propriety, allows you to bypass any effort of searching for matches and simply force any word or phrase to be any number you want.[note 4]

Here's an example of a custom cipher, which shall be called "I Hate George W. Bush." Set W = 911, everything else = 0. Suddenly, GEORGE W. BUSH = 911. Hah Freemasons! Caught you!

The ciphers that make the most sense are regularly used by most narrators. Ordinal is the classical gematria simple system where A=1,B=2,C=3...Z=26. Reverse ordinal simply means reverse alphabetic order, Z=1,Y=2,X=3...A=26. The reduced ciphers put a second reduction to letters originally having two digits, for example J=10 and 1+0=1, thus J is given a value of 1.

Less common are the Exception ciphers where certain letters are alleged to have special meaning in the history of the craft. Instead of being reduced fully, they retain a higher value. In the S Exception cipher, S is not 19=1+9=10=1+0=1 but retains the value of 10 after the first reduction. Convenient for one of the most common letters in the English language. Other such ciphers include Chaldean, Septenary, ALW, and KSV Exception. The Sumerian ciphers retain the classical gematria characteristic of the English cipher, multiplying all values by 6.

Satanic gematria[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Satanic panic

This numbering system adds 35 to each letter in the simple ordinal system, A=36,B=37,C=38…. Thus the value of the phrase SATANIC GEMATRIA is 666 in Satanic gematria. Probably because someone got the bright idea of recognizing that at 15 letters, the simple value of 141+(15×35) is 666. It is regarded as a joke cipher name by those that use it. Essentially, it is one of the earliest custom ciphers.

Francis Bacon[edit]

Not to be confused with ventrèche, which could be considered France's bacon.

In this system, capital letters add an additional value of 26 to the simple ordinal values. The name of the cipher is a reference to Francis Bacon never having anything to do with having a special interest in capital letters. But, if you do a Google search you see that Francis Bacon has a history with ciphering. This is regarded as less of a joke than Satanic gematria. Still, it is nothing more than another method to get a different value from the same raw data that can be emphasized or ignored as desired. Typically, words are transformed into numbers in the format of "Word" instead of "WORD" or "word". You are allowed to purposefully avoid the normal formatting to force a value that falls 26 short of what you hoped for.

The Francis Bacon cipher has been renamed to the “Capitals Added” cipher on the Gematrinator calculator. Additionally, there’s a “Capitals Mixed” (long ago aka Franc Baconis) to alter the numbering system for the cipher’s letters. This reboot appears to be unsuccessful, as these and other oddball ciphers are rarely used such as they were in the pre-2020 era, essentially emphasizing it was a modern creation instead of any scholarly researched discovery.

The mathematical ciphers[edit]

Mostly created discovered in 2017. The downloadable calculator at has Prime Number, Trigonal, and Square Ciphers and the author of the calculator has threatened suggested more are on the way. The NWO adores prime numbers, even though with the exception of 2, they are all rather odd.

The Fibonacci cipher[edit]

The creator of this cipher was smart enough to realize that at A=1, B=1, C=2, D=3, E=5, F=8, ...Z=121393, meandering up the Fibonacci series, that the end of the alphabet was useless. He was not smart enough to realize that his solution makes less sense than just ignoring the end of the alphabet. Every two-digit number except 10 is further reduced until a single digit results. Therefore, Z=10 instead of 121,393. There is no full Fibonacci cipher, only this reduced version because of the full value’s lack of utility. Which means that in comparison to the simple ordinal system, most letters are enhanced with an increase, then immediately reduced. As for 10 not being reduced to one — “he liked it”. Typical of so much of gematria with no historical precedent for reference. The painful reaction to the illogic in this cipher has lead to critics dubbing it with the nickname, The Fibbing Ouchy Cipher.


You can never have enough reduction ciphers to force bigger numbers into smaller numbers. So in 2018, the keypad cipher was born from the unholy matrimony of a telephone and a low-level demon that really hated the number “1” and sought to erase its existence from the coded messages. So, 2-9 only with the values attached according to the digits and letters on a keypad. The demon was reported to be extremely unhappy to have waited so long, because as with a lot of gematria believers, it thrives on attention.

Too many ciphers[edit]

At times, it's been suggested that ciphers existed that were only used once to force a narrative.[3] The door to creating more ciphers has been left open by claiming sources say there are hundreds. This opens another door for some additional problems with cross matching and lack of a structured guide on how to operate. If you're allowed to drop vowels, now you have to contend with ASYMMETRY having the same value as SYMMETRY. Creation Discovery of a new cipher can be a linguistic problem without cross-matching. In the simple reverse system, ARE=57 and WERE=57.

Some problems with cross-matching did not previously exist until new ciphers were introduced. For example, GROUP=77 in simple while UNGROUP=77 in reverse. Similarly, ROOMS=80 and NO ROOMS=80. It's as if the NWO proofreading team had a really bad day and forgot to check if there was any ambiguity.[note 5] The existence of the mathematical relationship of the additional letters to the difference in values from the different ciphers is bypassed by ignoring the values that aren't wanted. These problems get tacked on to the existing problems of using only a single numbering system.

Use of multiple ciphers has been rationalized by suggesting that it's like the NWO has different passwords for different computers, when the better analogy is that you have a system operator password that can access multiple PCs or a really cool skeleton key to open multiple locks.

Addition of purely numerical data[edit]

It's impossible to list all because you don't know what they'll think of next. American Football is a treasure trove of statistics, all of which can be used. Basketball is high on the narrative list due to statistical quantity. Not surprisingly, even though all sports are rigged, you don't hear much about the 2-0 soccer championship game. Date numerology is prevalent. Any combination of the digits being added together counts, including considering 2013 to be '13. All birthdays, historical events, known upcoming events,[4] when the sports season starts or ends. In short, the entire calendar is not fixed to any dates. All this reinforces and emphasizes that actually you start with PERSON=xxx EVENT=yyy and confirmation bias yields looking for the most inconsequential minutiae to support the narrative.

Other numerical sources include clock times, GPS coordinates, square footage, the decimal places of Pi, partial scores, game show dollar amounts (including partial totals), the time you received a phone call, the number that call came from, or the total of your lunch bill. ANYTHING with a number is now "gematria".


Every date can be included in multiple ways, adding together the digits in any combination. The NWO date numerology team would have had vacation time in early January 2000 as the results of dates such as 01/01/2000 yield few useful numbers to work with, except that in 2018, multiplication of individual digits was invented discovered. The most common ways to play with dates are holding hands and kissing looking at the span of time between two dates (naturally rather arbitrarily decided) and considering dates like February 11th and November 2nd to be identical, using both as either 112 or 211.

GPS coordinates[edit]

One day gematria may be done on a TRICERATOPS skeleton and the next day, the GPS coordinates of a terrorist event "means" something. With total disregard that due to the break-up of Pangaea and continental drift,Wikipedia things have shifted. And needless to say, the NWO has no plans for the future when things shift more. Except that if gematria still exists at the time that 33 degrees north no longer applies, they will simply use 34 instead.

Death tolls[edit]

Shoehorning will be done on acknowledged partial death tolls in the haste to be the first to put the video out for public consumption, then discarded in favor of the updated number. This doesn't mean the old information is wrong; both numbers are valid because, after all, they are numbers. Presumably, the released partial toll was also chosen intentionally. The idea of partial totals which inevitably change later meaning something effective extends into areas such as page views and the number of likes on a video.

Partial sports statistics[edit]

The NWO is credited with having not just a vested interest in the final score, but every single detail. Every foul ball. Every pitch count. Every number of yards needed for a first down with a specific time of the clock. Even if the gematria doesn't match what the outcome would indicate. The winner might have a score that is the gematria value of the loser. It doesn't even need to be a score of the game, as long as it involves one of the competitors.[note 6] Again, the real challenge is NOT to find a match rather than search for true synchronicity.

Pi and its derivatives[edit]

Pi is somewhat of a Holy Grail in New Gematria. It's so gol-dang important it can be declared as the sole reason the NWO manufactured an event to pay tribute to Pi.[5] Certainly if a cipher-generated value of a word equals 314, that means π, but this is approaching being outside the usual range of actual values generated by straight-up words=numbers. The problem is that 227 is much more common, and they stubbornly stick to this being π, because ≈ 3.14. Though isopsephy is quoted as a historical basis for "sacred geometry", even the ancient Greeks knew was not π. And the chances of π showing up in a news headline as the word "Pi" are pretty slim when narrating about celebrity deaths and false flag shootings. There are other plausible-sounding hits in the Pi=227 origin story and great effort is spent to be the first person to introduce π into any narrative even though the manner it is created is mind-numbingly stupid and has nothing to do with the topic. So even though these methods generally relate to the category of changing a number into another number, everything about π — including outrageous abuse of what π actually is — leads to all of its numerical data being fair game. Example: π means circle, and 8 can be drawn with circles. Thus 8 by itself means π. The decimal places of π can be manipulated in an infinite number of ways, which is the only time π and infinity are ever used somewhat correctly together.

Similar to the way a narrator is immune to the negative connotations of a number (see Changing words with regards to "STUPID BLOWHARD" below), due to the law of averages (a.k.a. shit happens), 227 pounds of contraband bologna were seized at the US/Mexican border on November 30, 2017.[6] This could be that word they hate, but the narrators are in charge of the lack of rules. Also, the evil empire could have had the vehicle operator avoid the inevitable 'phony baloney' jab by pulling over and eating a pound before reaching the inspection checkpoint.

Another unfortunate commenter correctly identified as an approximation of π. We applaud that it's significantly closer to π than ; however his timing was poor and chose to bring this up in the middle of a DISHONEST=113 narrative. Why yes, we agree that your way of manufacturing π out of only the denominator of a whole number fraction is dishonest.

Clock times[edit]

In the tradition of lack of concept of time demonstrated with GPS coordinates, times are handled the same way as hits and misses with multiple ciphers. If Trump's plane touches down in Tokyo, you can use that time zone, the time listed by the news agency in the article, or even what time you were first aware of the story breaking.


Numeronyms can be handled either by adding the numbers to the values of the letters or ignored as a null value as displayed by the Gematrinator calculator. No consistency in usage exists, including narratives from the same narrator.


If it looks vaguely like a number, then it can be turned into a number. In this way, the McDonald's logo was proclaimed to be the number '13' when viewed sideways. Lines are 1. Circles are 0. The letter S is 5 and Z is 2. We're anxiously waiting for the first genius to notice that one face of Stonehenge resembles the Greek letter Pi.[note 7]

Sciency stuff[edit]

Which is where they invariably go wrong at every opportunity. 93 always means The Sun because of the distance in millions of miles to the Earth, which disregards the elliptical orbit, where the points of aphelion and perihelion are quite different, and also the existence of the metric system. Which unit of measurement is used is no concern. Temperatures disregard Celsius versus Fahrenheit except if one value or the other fits the narrator's confirmation bias. 98.6 degrees F means body temperature when exercise or external temperature could change it. Subatomic particles count. Poor carbon is now eeeeeeevil since it's 666. Well, at least one isotope is. Rounding or lack thereof means that 23.7 can be either 23, 23.7, or 24. Apparently a 4.0 magnitude earthquake is considered remarkable even though they are a daily occurrence. The January 4, 2018 earthquake at San Francisco that measured 4.4 on the Richter scale was termed "unnatural"[7] when science says these happen all the time.[8] We'd like to think that they could have cooked up a MAJOR EARTHQUAKE=65 tremor of 6.5 as a real statement of power. We can hypothesize this is what the NWO weather warfare division keeps busy with during the downtime between hurricanes and blizzards.

Changing words[edit]

Got a value you don't like? Don't want to stretch some other aspect too much and look foolish? No problem! Change the wording. Naturally, there's no consensus on the proper way to say things, so you can always substitute and ignore what might be a vastly more common way to say something. These also can look silly, like claiming FOUR SCORE for a substitute for EIGHTY. But, pick your battles. There are two defenses used, neither of which work. The first is that the NWO has encoded the entire language, literally. This is terribly weak, as there are hoards of synonyms available and other linguistic anomalies to contend with. The second is the claim that you shouldn't make up phrases. It's NWOdidit as exhibited by what the eeeeevil media says. Well, the narrators make up phrases, kinda like all of the time. And what the narrators themselves say over the multiple ciphers and other manipulation can easily be changed into an undesirable result applying to them. You don't just get to ignore numerical results you don't like; if you're the narrator and have the same gematria as STUPID BLOWHARD, you get to ignore that even if the media reports someone is a STUPID BLOWHARD. In a remarkable coincidence, the most prolific gematria advocate had someone else with the same name appear in the headlines for a particularly heinous felony conviction in October 2017.[9] Statistics and probability dictate that there are lots of people sharing names with other people.

Entire language encoded my arse[edit]

It doesn't require a lot of effort to counter the "entire language encoded" argument with simple grammar. "John is guilty, while Mary is innocent" has the same numerology as "Mary is guilty, while John is innocent". "Bob LEFT the building and only Kate was LEFT behind." Gematria has been credited with being a language itself in a rather transparent attempt to hide that they are claiming the entire English language is encoded. Per the standards of what is regarded as a language, gematria is not even in the same ballpark postal code planet universe.

If you buy into the "entire language encoded" dialogue the hypocrisy starts immediately with the original narrative. A person and event.

People's names[edit]

There's no law on what is the proper way to address a person by name. First name only, last name only, nicknames, birth name vs. pseudonym, middle name, initials. All combinations are routinely used even in the same narrative. These are essentially making up a phrase, sometimes blatantly so like referring to LeBron as KING JAMES to drag the Bible into the narrative, even when the media did not specifically call him King James in the article.[10] All of these are then run through the multiple cipher grist mill with the ability to focus on what hits there are.


That terrorist bomb went off in a place, somewhere. All variations of place names are fair game. UNITED KINGDOM, ENGLAND, GREAT BRITAIN, U.K. These are as interchangeable as people's names.


PhraseShopping is the often comical attempts to bypass arriving at a number you didn't like and substituting an alternative. Its name is derived from the way PhotoShopping doctors an image to give the perception of a fake image being true.

After arriving at a core set of numerical values from the name and place, the NWO somehow needs to be inserted into the mix; some non-empirical "proof" that the victim in the story is indeed a Freemason/Illuminati/etc.… or the target of the NWO. Makes perfect sense; if this is evidence of involvement, then show how they are involved… with a two or three digit number that in effect needs further deciphering since it otherwise could mean anything.

The common numerical results are compared to a database of NWO catchphrases, like a Mad Libs book inserted into the narrative. That bloke's name equals 59? That must mean FREEMASON. That city where the shooting took place equals 223? That must mean SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.[note 8] The "making up a phrase" critique is bypassed by a ready-to-use stockpile of made-up phrases. These can be further PhraseShopped by themselves. The Ancient Scottish Rite Of Freemasonry can be THE ANCIENT SCOTTISH RITE OF FREEMASONRY, ANCIENT SCOTTISH RITE OF FREEMASONRY, THE SCOTTISH RITE OF FREEMASONRY, SCOTTISH RITE OF FREEMASONRY, SCOTTISH RITE FREEMASONRY, SCOTTISH RITE, ANCIENT SCOTTISH RITE, and more. And if that's not enough, everyone knows that when you say masonry you're talking about Freemasons, so interchange that in those made up phrases.[note 9] Add in the Jesuits, Knights Templar, Illuminati, New World Order, etc.… there's bound to be something. Some sound better than others and the ones that sound least awkward are favored, but like Sigourney Weaver said to Kristen Connolly in Cabin in the Woods, "We work with what we have."

Some of the more innocuous PhraseShopping goes unnoticed. ONE HUNDRED TWENTY ONE can also be ONE HUNDRED *AND* TWENTY ONE. BANANA can be BANANAS. There's no rulebook regarding what counts and what doesn't. In practice, calling the PRESIDENT the PREZ is a matter of the narrator's judgement on what they can get away with. THE PRESIDENT won't raise an eyebrow, but you don't get the same numerology.

Think about how PhraseShopping combines with personal interpretation. The more amusing phrases are a deliberate forcing of synonymous terminology until the right number pops up. It doesn't matter how many people associate Heath Ledger with the Joker in The Dark Knight; if he reminds you of Gabriel from The Patriot, you just combined ANGEL and HORN into the narrative. Or anything Biblical. Or Gabe Kaplan.

NWO concepts have the benefit of having a lack of direct antonyms. There's no existing opposite to The Bavarian Illuminati, so suggesting a number was coded into them can't meet critical opposition by countering with Absolutely Not the Bavarian Illuminati. Modifiers are a different story. 113 is a curiosity in the gematria narratives since it has the misfortune of being the value of both DISHONEST (and BULLSHIT) and MAINSTREAM. It's as close to a total commitment to a value always meaning the same thing they've displayed. The mainstream media is dishonest and they're part of the problem. Mainstream doesn't have any good direct antonyms and reduction cipher generated counters can sound awkward. But DISHONEST is a different story and there is a perfectly good antonym. In the unlikely event that the NWO encoded our language to indicate that 113 means dishonest, they also had a bad day and coded VERACIOUS[note 10] to be that same value in the original simple cipher. There are more that don't have the same level of commitment to meaning that 113 has. 33 is mostly regarded as some vaguely evil Number, but as of 2018 has been called the “primary hoax code” for the obvious reason that in any of the regularly used ciphers, the word HOAX does not yield a value of 33. 33 got lonely and 13 and the sooooooo difficult to find in everyday life 3 are also hoax codes. As usual, these declarations have no historical precedent for how they were decided on. Nobody seems to know exactly what. 11, 22 and 33 are some sort of "master number", which means (we think) that you are allowed to bypass reducing it. It's an option, not a firm rule, which is contrary to what you would think a "master" number would be. 11 and 22 don't appear too often, but 33 is big enough to pop up in reductions of single words and short phrases. It has become the poster child of NWOdidit! 666 is reminiscent of π in that it is generally regarded as evil. Not always evil, but impossible not to mention if it comes up on the radar. Fidget spinners are Satanic because FIDGET=666 in the Reverse Sumerian cipher. However, the anagram GIFTED=666 hasn't received any attention yet. The Antichrist's identity is concealed by being a gifted student that does not fidget.[note 11] 98 is important to the 2017–2018 football season, the 98th season of the league. Which looks good on paper or a computer screen, but virtually every team can have a 98 reference with so many players on the roster and so many ways to convert the raw data. Very handy for making pre-season predictions and then reporting in hindsight.

Changing a number into another number[edit]

The dangers of looking too obvious prevent a number being changed more than once. Example: 92 is not converted to 29 and then further changed based on 29 being a prime number.

Mirror images[edit]

Don't get offended by the suggestion that 47=74. When the NWO takes over, you'll need to understand this; it happens all the time.

Prime numbers and divisors[edit]

It's amazing how fascinated the NWO is by prime numbers. The display of their nearly infinite power is not to hide the hidden meaning of the original word=number, but also where the number appears on the list of prime numbers. Which really means that the multiple ciphers aren't good enough to do the job of changing a number into another number, so if the array of cipher derived values yields any prime numbers, that's an alternative. Oh, the clever masons! They didn't mean 31! They meant 11, as it's the 11th prime number! This almost always reduces a higher number to a lower one (which is much more likely to be matched). Think of it as a reduction cipher applied to numerical data. A huge weakness in imbuing prime numbers with such significance can be found in combination with the insistence that 113 must be DISHONEST, FICTION, or NOT TRUE. The single word a "truth seeker" should be interested in is arguably TRUTH, which happens to be 30 in the reverse reduction cipher. 113 is the 30th prime number. If a number isn't prime, there's an option to count the sum of that number's divisors as the NWO's secret meaning. These divisors' total could apply to primes, but the common sense to not suggest that prime number+1 is the real number of the NWO plot prevails. Both prime numbers and sum of divisors appear on the Gematrinator Number Properties menu option, making it easy for narrators to determine them without any thought. Three digit numbers above 300 are mostly missing from narratives except as a bridge to the smaller prime number.


Above and beyond multiple options to create date numerology, there's a lot of liberties taken with what numbers a date means. Date spans mean something. Christmas Day also means 6 days left in the year or 7 days if you include the unpassed remainder of Christmas Day. Holidays, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, championship game dates. Anything that can be pinned down to a specific date in any manner has a span of at least two days that now also mean something. Every leap year automatically gets an additional day that counts. [note 12] And get this. The spans are almost always conveniently in the range of word=number numerology. With dates being spelled out as words and this date span play, the NWO calendar gets confusing.

Symbols again[edit]

Don't forget that 9 is 6 upside down. The narrators haven't. If you had forgotten, you will quickly relearn it, since 611 is now 911 and 6's and 9's are freely interchangeable.[note 13]

Spelling out a number[edit]

34 isn't just 34, but it's THIRTY FOUR with various values over multiple ciphers. The most obvious one not to be altered a second time, as this would create a loop where one number gets changed to another, that one to something else, etc.… Changing a number once makes soooooo much sense, changing it a second time would be just plain stupid. This is how a partial death toll of 1 gets faux significance because ONE=34. And what's better than changing a number into another number by spelling it out? Changing it by spelling it out AND PhraseShopping. The origin story of the π insanity is deeply rooted in that TWENTY-TWO DIVIDED BY SEVEN = 314. Why THREE POINT ONE FOUR TIMES SEVEN does not equal 22 is a mystery, but we can be sure they have top people not working on it.

Number shaving[edit]

It's said that in gematria, you drop 0's. But what they mean is that you have the option to drop 0's. It all depends on if the number you get has too many digits to match. 50 will stay as 50. 1103 is going to be changed to 113. It all depends on the utility of the larger number. Sometimes 1 is handled this way, perhaps because if you separate 2161 into 1x261=261, that's what the narrator is suggesting. It's not like they tell you exactly why we're supposed to believe 2161=261. Further confusion is added when mirror images or any number rearranging is done simultaneously with number shaving. But, hey, NWOdidit! The script is deep!

Synchronicity and the Organic Matrix[edit]

You must admit that if you want an entity scarier and more powerful than the Freemasons, the phrase Organic Matrix fits well. It is essentially a Didit explanation for things way beyond the belief the Freemasons would be capable of; a deity mostly unique to the gematria community. So when you dream something and then turn on the TV and find a numerical match, OMDidIt! The concept debunks itself since the Organic Matrix is always mentioned in regards to synchronicity; the numerical match often leads to synchronicity of years-old events or held in reserve as a future “riddle” or “clue”, while the dictionary definition of synchronicity includes simultaneous events.


See the main article on this topic: QAnon

There’s not a lot to say about QAnon picking up the gematria baton other than, “Why are we not surprised?” There’s nothing different to the basic formula of creating any small number you want and shoehorning it in to the narrative. A couple of twists that make it distinctly Q:

  1. Trump is the hero, while in traditional new gematria, as a figurehead of government, he’s part of the nonexistent NWO crisis.
  3. Tiepose Typos are purposeful and a clue to look for hidden meanings. Because even though you can manufacture any number you want from a word or phrase, looking like an idiot while doing it is way covfefe cooler.
  4. They mostly use for their number from phrase generation source, distancing themselves from the conspiracy theorist gematria crowd which adores because:
  5. They haven't discovered yet that a surefire way to lose money on sports predictions is to include that facet in the deep state narrative.

Apparently, it is expected that Trump has already taken up or will take up gematria decoding himself, since Tweets by Q usually include @realDonaldTrump in the string of hashtag links.

How Gematria Proves that Sports are Rigged[edit]

Here is a real life example of how, using gematria, one can make up shit as they go decode rigged events.

None other than the father of gematria himself, Zachary Hubbard, claimed that the 2017 World Series, between the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers, was rigged.[11] To "support" his argument, he pointed to a number of coincidental instances of the number 52: here is a list of them:

  • New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey pitched 52 days before the start of the World Series. Don't you see it? Matt HARVEY, 52 days before the the World Series the HOUSTON Astros won, the team from the city flooded by Hurricane HARVEY? You have to keep in mind this was not April Fools Day, nor a parody, he's dead serious here.
  • Game 7 of the World series ended with 52 pitchers from the final pitcher, Charlie Morton: evidently, every foul ball and strike must be aligned properly.
  • Every game in the World Series started at 5:20 PDT: Remember, ignore the 0: they never matter in gematria (poor 0).
  • The gematria number for "FLOOD" = 52 (1=A, 2=B, etc in "FLOOD" = 52, and it flooded in Houston. Cannot possibly be chance, NWOdidit, and you're a brain dead sheep if you even think about disagreeing).
  • There were 52 inches of rain in Houston: apparently the Jesuits can not only control every minuscule detail of the weather, but is ardently obsessed with said detail lining up with random sports statistics. Also, this depends on who you ask: reports that it was only 51 inches[12].
  • The Astros won the World Series 52 years after debuting in the now-abandoned Astrodome (note: this was not the same year the Astros debuted as a team. That was 3 years prior at the short-lived Colt Stadium).
  • The World series took place in the "52 parallel".
  • Houston was flooded on 8/27/17. 8 + 27 + 17 = 52
  • Finally, we save the best for last: Dell Technologies founder Michael S. Dell was 52-years old at the time and was born in Houston[13].

Conveniently, however, Hubbard never seemed to mention that the final score in game 7 was actually 5-1, not 5-2. It's strange how the Jesuits rigged the number of pitches, the number of inches it rained, and all these other things to coincide with the number 52 (and all without anybody except Hubbard noticing), but yet they couldn't (or forgot to) rig the final score itself. Would that have been too obvious? Possibly, but a more likely explanation is that Hubbard was just ignoring inconvenient data, as he frequently does.

To ice the cake, he also predicted the Astros would win Game 6 of the World Series.[14] Had this happened, they would have clinched the series and Game 7 would not have been necessary. Spoiler: he was dead wrong. One could only desperately argue logically conclude that the Jesuits caught wind of his prediction video, then scrambled to change up the script at the last minute.[note 14]

The SportsGematria YouTube Channel[edit]

As time has marched on, more and more people have been made aware that Zachary Hubbard’s system is not working. This includes a motley assortment of those losing money on his sports “predictions”, those attacked by Zach because of his abrasive and aggressive speaking style, as well as those with the intellectual capacity to recognize that the entire system is bullcrap. One such person that routinely pumps out anti-Zachary Hubbard content is the SportsGematria YouTube Channel.[15] The content of that channel is focused on recapping the monetary losses one should anticipate from being involved with the world of internet nonsense. During the NFL season, a weekly recap is presented detailing the math behind how much you lost if you had placed a wager on each of Zach’s picks for the week. This analysis also takes into account the lesser winnings for the Hubbard tactic of picking the favorite, and Zach’s penchant for not actually making a pick. Hubbard has been milking having a narrative for both teams and essentially picking both teams for forever.

These SportsGematria recap videos also include snippets of various livestreams documenting some of the saltier content Zach includes in his marketing. Whether Zach simply gets carried away in the moment, pretends to be angrier than he is for a show for the current newbies to his channel, or maybe he’s right about the Jesuits and just makes bad sports picks, who knows? He’s racked up a pretty impressive set of snippets that include death threats, suggestions of suicide, and angry lies about his success rate (which over the years is really not that good). As of September 2023, Zach has managed to attack, and in some cases completely alienate, even the most devoted and long-term faithful within his sphere of influence, relying on new initiates to carry the torch forward through a new sports season.

As for the motivation for the SportsGematria content, this is another big question mark. Although it’s nice to have a compilation of Hubbard’s failure to deliver on anything other than the impact on his own wallet, the commenters and some direct video content are still operating in the world of gematria sports picks (my channel and picks are better than Zach’s!) and pseudoscience crank magnetism quackery.

Some cool antonyms[edit]

Gematria critics are encouraged to examine narratives for the remarkable lack of synchronicity. You can play around with the reduction ciphers and PhraseShopping to make lots of things be the opposite of what the cranks suggest, like UNOPENABLE LOCK and SKELETON KEY both equal 56. You can also have some fun changing words by adding an S, with a reduced value of 1 and turn something that wasn't an antonym into an antonym. SOOTHE and ANNOY do not equal, but SOOTHES and ANNOYS do. Reduction ciphers are really good for finding a phrase to match any number you target. PI CAN'T BE EXPRESSED BY WHOLE NUMBER FRACTIONS BECAUSE IT'S IRRATIONAL=314 (S Exception cipher). As a gesture of good faith, let's assume that the simple and reverse ciphers make more sense and finding direct antonyms with those has more weight than using reductions. Somehow we don't think a nearly infinitely powered secret organization would be so sloppy with their encryption.

And a special shout out to something that doesn’t make sense with the new focus on the Jesuits: SOCIETY OF JESUS = 56 in the full reduction cipher. HUBBARD = 56 in the classical ordinal cipher. Whether this is an antonym, or a synonym indicating that Hubbard is in fact the leader of the evil empire, remains to be seen.

Value Phrase Opposite phrase
71 SPERM OVUM (The Ovarian Illuminati was involved)
** Every contronym

The Hall of Fame[edit]

It's like this every day, but not always this bizarre.

  1. Those pesky Freemasons did make sure to make our lives easier by encoding the most common word in the English language.
  2. Not sure which is scarier. A) The thin blue line/men in blue wearing blue or B). Billions of people wearing blue at some time. Verification-Some people wear blue and it equals 13. Just in case you were wondering.
  3. The Mark of the Beast is allegedly a circle. Since the Number of the Beast is 666, maybe a little bit of triangular math will clear up that circular logic. Do you know the etymology of TRIgonometry?
  4. This Bearded Person in the comments doesn't seem to understand what "photographic memory" means or he's trying too hard to look cool.
  5. Maybe instead of making a custom cipher you can just do numerology on wildcard characters that can represent anything else. Holy sh*t!


  1. Agnostic and religious have the same value in the Reverse Simple cipher. The 'coding the entire language' team of the NWO really dropped the ball on this one.
  2. Which happens. A lot.
  3. And it has pretty colors, too.
  4. And will live on through the next update.
  5. Or they made things ambiguous on purpose to confuse everyone. You never know with these shadowy cabal types.
  6. Here's what you do when the stats line doesn't cooperate with your prediction.
  7. Yet also prepared to point out in the ordinal system, GENIUS and MORON have the same value.
  8. The Anti-Semitic wisecracks just write themselves here.
  9. With the joy of cross-matching, ANTI-MASONRY has a value the same as FREEMASONRY.
  10. The narrators' thesauruses pretty much suck. They certainly don't have the word 'contronym'.
  11. Just for fun because she certainly is not.
  12. Forced fumble in the 2018 Super Bowl and an extra day to celebrate the birthday in 1988. What a lucky guy!
  13. 4's have been considered to be 9's, but common sense prevails and this is infrequent.
  14. This is not a joke. In the comments section on Hubbard's failed video, someone actually made that excuse.