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Pink-baiting is the linking of everything bad to homosexuals and homosexuality. The concept has its roots in the Religious Right, and shares the same xenophobia as linking everything bad to liberals, Islam, Jews[1], atheists, ☭communists☭, etc. Scott Lively is a particularly odious proponent of it, but many other people and organizations have also found the fun in blaming homosexuals for everything. For example, did you know that according to, JFK was murdered for being straight?[2]

Methods and tactics[edit]

Commonly found with most religious fundamentalists is a rather stubborn, if arbitrary, interpretation of ancient religious laws. One of those laws relates to homosexuals and their evils. However, citing religious resources may not work when arguing with secular authorities, so they often resort to other means:

  • Create historical works, on homosexuality, and evils, and start drawing parallels.[3]
  • Cite those works, and don't forget to pump up the image of the creator. (e.g.: Scott Lively, PhD Dr. MD. Archbishop, Lord Mayor, MP, PM, Adm).
  • Cite other works; don't worry if it's outdated, proven false, or retracted.[4]
  • If refuted, call on the homosexual agenda.
  • Get your fellow evangelical people near you and repeat above steps for maximum profit conversions.

People and organizations[edit]

Notable people and organizations that feel the need to just ask questions include:

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