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Nathan Larson. His pedostache says it all.
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Nathan Larson in prison.
Congress should repeal the Violence Against Women Act and all other legislation that interferes with patriarchal rule in the family. We need to switch to a system that classifies women as property, initially of their fathers and later of their husbands.
—Excerpt from Larson's deranged 2018 Congressional manifesto.[1]
Why doesn’t every pedo just focus on making money so they can get a pedo-wife and then either impregnate her with some fucktoys or adopt some fucktoys? That would accommodate both those who are and aren’t into incest. And of course, the adoption process lets you pick a boy or a girl.
—Post from Larson on a "forum for suicidal pedophiles".[2]

Nathan Larson (1980–2022) was an American white supremacist, pedophile, rapist, and perennial candidate to the United States Congress who served 14 months in prison for making a death threat against George W. Bush and/or Barack Obama.[note 1] Larson spent nearly all of his time online promoting pedophilia and anarcho-capitalism, and owned or administrated dozens of websites, including a pedophile forum, Rapey. He had been banned from Wikipedia and RationalWiki on multiple occasions.[3] Larson's political activism and frequent attempts to run for elected office focused on disgusting topics like advocacy for "benevolent white supremacy", classifying women as property, declaring Adolf Hitler to be a "white supremacist hero", and making pedophilia and child marriage legal.[1] He spelled this out in a rambling manifesto on one of his main websites in 2018.

Larson's first known account on RationalWiki, "Tisane", was blocked for 2 years, starting during August 2012. This block occurred after Larson wrote a disturbing essay claiming child rape isn't harmful.[4] Larson created alternate RationalWiki accounts after his ban expired, including Landmartian (active 2014-2019) and L's Ideology (active 2016-2017). Larson's Tisane account was effectively permabanned on January 2014. His last two accounts were banned posthumously during 2022.

In October 2020, the Child Protection Research Centre investigated Larson's pedophile forum Rapey and found child pornography on the forum.[5] Colorado authorities arrested Larson in December 2020 after he was found to have kidnapped a 12 year-old girl and tried to execute a disturbing plan to sneak her to his home in Virginia.[6] Luckily, the girl was returned to her family unharmed. Larson was held in the Fresno County jail charged with "online coercion, sexual exploitation of a minor, receiving child pornography, kidnapping, and transporting a minor across state lines with the intent of engaging in sexual activity."[7][8] Larson died while in custody, presumably due to starvation or related complications after a 51+ day suicidal fast.[9][10] His fast started during April 2022 according to letters he wrote to a close friend who posted them online on his behalf.[11] He had spent months in and out of hospitals, including at least one ICU because of this fast. He died in September 2022, before he could face trial.[12]

Relationship history[edit]

Alleged girlfriend in community college[edit]

Larson claimed the first woman he had consensual, physically romantic relations with was a girl named Tiffany while in community college.[13]

Rape and suicide of first spouse[edit]

Larson's first spouse successfully filed a restraining order against him shortly before committing suicide in June 2015.[14] His spouse was a transgender man named Finn, but Larson had always deadnamed and misgendered him.[15]

In a legal document dated February 2015, Finn said:

During our relationship, he [Larson] was severely emotionally and sexually abusive towards me. He stated multiple times that he wanted to have sex with a child. He talked about how he would manipulate and trick the child into giving him sex, told me he wouldn't love the child if they did not have sex with him, and stated he had no interest in children other than sexual ... [He] raped me until I was pregnant and stated his intention to have sex with my child after she was born.

Larson admitted to raping Finn and having sexual fantasies of molesting their baby daughter. After Finn's death, Finn’s parents fought Larson for custody of the baby. In November 2015, a jury denied Larson custody of his daughter. The jury, presented with evidence of Larson's pedophilic desires as well as his own admission of rape, unsurprisingly decided he shouldn't have been left in charge of the girl.[16]

Second spouse[edit]

Starting at least before 2014, Larson was dating an adult woman living in the Philippines named Meshelle after meeting her on[17] He began writing on, a generic immigration website, about her plans to move to the USA and live with him. The forum strongly recommended against it, stating she would just use him for a green card. They said this was partially because Larson allegedly had nothing to offer her. Larson ignored their advice. During 2016, she came to the USA under a K-1 Visa and became a conditional resident of the US to live with Larson. They eventually married. During 2017 and after four months of living with Larson while he was unemployed, she separated from him; in a June 2020 thread on Nearcels, Larson referred to Meshelle as "my ex" when talking about her still using his surname. Larson claimed she split up with him over money-related issues.[18]

Larson wrote on under his 'Lysander' handle that Meshelle filed a restraining order against him accusing him of sexual abuse. Larson implied that Meshelle was lying or exaggerating about him in order to escape her home country. He claimed she was trying to use the Violence Against Women Act to remove the legal conditions for staying in the USA and escape her home country.[19]

After the break-up, the forum scolded Larson for not taking their advice years prior, stating he should have known she would break up with him before she flew over.[20]


In an interview with The Huffington Post in 2018, Larson admitted to being a pedophile[21] and expressed a desire to have sex with children, including his own daughter. In the interview, Larson also said that the word "pedophile" is "vague" and "just a label". Furthermore, he claimed that it’s "normal" for men to be attracted to underage women.

Larson described himself as a "hebephilic rapist" on internet forums.[22] On the hateful podcast Pod Awful, Larson said he doesn't have a problem with being labelled a pedophile and admitted he is sexually attracted to girls as young as toddlers (12 to 36 months old).[23] During his custody battle over his daughter, Larson said he felt sexual attraction to children; El Paso County Attorney Robert Kern, who had to prove that Larson posed a "prospective harm" to his baby daughter, "called on multiple arguments during the trial, including the fact that Larson was open about his attraction toward children, both in person and online."[24]

Since many thought Larson posed a risk to children and would act on his pedophilic thoughts and commit child rape, a petition in 2018 called "Put Nathan Larson in jail" managed to get over 1300 signatures.[25] During 2020, and well before Larson's arrest, a separate petition to jail Larson gathered 189,847 signatures,[26] now approaching 200,000 signatures (Some random citizens don't realize he was ever jailed or died despite all the news about such).[27] The petition provided evidence that "He [Larson] has two group chats via telegram in which he inappropriately communicates with girls as young as 11 years old. One of these group chats is strictly for child porn."

In September 2020 there was a petition calling for the FBI to launch an investigation into a pedophile forum owned by Larson named Rapey. On the forum, Larson posted under the pseudonym "Leucosticte".[28] Larson formerly owned another pedophile forum for suicidal pedophiles named Suiped.

A vlogger has made multiple videos warning about Larson's pedophile forum.[29][30]

Larson and the law[edit]

Pre-2009 misdemeanours[edit]

Larson had three misdemeanour convictions prior to 2009, including "use of computer for harassment."[31] On his bliki, Larson claims at least one of the other two misdemeanor convictions occurred during High School. Specifically, an alleged violent confrontation with police after squirting a classmate with a pee loaded super soaker. Larson claims this was initially charged as a felony but reduced to a misdemeanor after a plea bargain.[32]

2008 death threat against president and 2009 imprisonment[edit]

During December 2008, Larson sent an email to the United States Secret ServiceWikipedia claiming "I am writing to inform you that in the near future, I will kill the President of the United States of America."[33] The email was (of course) traced back to him, and he was subsequently arrested and prosecuted for making a death threat against the President of the United States. Larson publicly described his email to the secret service as an attempt to get arrested as a protest against the American government. In May 2009, he pled guilty and was sentenced him to 16 months imprisonment, followed by three years supervised release.[34] Larson served 14 months of his sentence. Upon his release, he was ordered to participate in a mental health treatment program.

2017 NOVA-DC ICAC investigation[edit]

NOVA-DC ICAC (Northern Virginia/District of Columbia Internet Crimes Against Children) investigated Larson during 2017 due to complaints from forwarded by the NCMEC. This investigation closed during 2017 after investigators determined the images and posts on Larson's sites fell under protected speech due to Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition, a 2002 Supreme Court ruling that determined parts of the Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 violated the First Amendment. The investigative coalition found no evidence of violation of state or federal criminal code.[35]

2017 Faquier Sheriff's Office investigation[edit]

The Fauquier Sheriff’s Office launched a separate investigation against Larson in 2017 for alleged possession of child pornography, but this investigation was transferred to Virginia State Police due to Larson running for political office. This investigation also found the images contained on Larson's websites “did not meet the threshold” of Virginia criminal code violation.[36]

2020 Fresno Police / California ICAC Task Force investigation and imprisonment[edit]

The California Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (California ICAC) took over an investigation by Fresno police after Fresno police allegedly found evidence that a girl went to Fresno Yosemite International Airport to catch a cross-country flight with Larson. Fresno Airport Police and Homeland Security detectives partnered to allegedly identify Larson as a man seen boarding a plane with a young girl.[37]

Fauquier County detectives, agents with Homeland Security Investigations and the Northern Virginia/District of Columbia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force seized computers, and 17 hard drives with more than 10 terabytes of capacity from Larson's home on December 17th 2020.[38] During this time, Larson's father, Arthur was arrested for assault and battery and allegedly assaulting an HSI agent.[39]

Larson was arrested by a Denver police officer assigned to a local FBI task force, during Larson's alleged Denver layover flight, after Denver authorities were contacted to do so. This occurred sometime between December 14th and December 20th according to news outlets. Officers reunited the girl on the flight with her family.[40]

During or after arresting Larson, federal authorities seized Larson's website.[41]

Arrests allegedly related to Larson's site[edit]

According to the Eastern District of Virginia and the US DOJ, Ashley Kolhoff, 22, of Port Clinton, Ohio was convicted of production of child pornography, and in some way allegedly attached to Larson's site.[42]

According to the US DOJ, a man named William Kuehner was convicted of illegal participation in Larson's website by a federal court, including allegedly enticing minor girls to produce child sexual abuse material. Jacob Royce Mullins, 20, of South Webster, Ohio, Kyle William Leishear, 43, of Bayonet Point, Florida, and Matthew Martin, 25, of Lancaster, Wisconsin also pleaded guilty to allegedly illegal conduct on the website.[43]



Larson was a member of the Libertarian Party and in 2002 campaigned to legalise possession of marijuana in Virginia.[44]

Originally a cannabis reform activist and moderate libertarian,[45] by the late 2000s Larson had become more extreme and wanted to legalise all drugs. Larson stood as a candidate in the 2008 congressional elections in VirginiaWikipedia and appeared in a debate on Cathy Lewis's TV program, What Matters on October 15. Larson's policy proposals drew laughs from the audience including his view to end compulsory education, arguing it should be optional.[46] Larson controversially argued for the abolition of almost all government services.[47]

An old Wikipedia userpage of his from 2008 (username: "Sarsaparilla") showed interest in fairly benign and even compassionate interests such as environmentalism, Sixties music, ballroom dancing, and George Orwell.[48] In the 2010s he began advocating for the legalisation of child pornography[49] and reducing the age of consent to 10-year-old children.[50] In February 2010 Larson made some controversial edits on a Wikipedia sockpuppet account (username: "Tisane") about legalising child pornography.[51][52]

Many of Larson's views were not libertarian, including his open support for slavery of African Americans and opposition to women's rights. In 2018 Larson argued that the Violence Against Women ActWikipedia should be repealed and that women should be treated as "sex slaves" and "baby factories."[53]

White supremacy[edit]

See the main article on this topic: White supremacy

Larson was a candidate in the 2018 congressional elections in Virginia but withdrew before the election.[54] He published a "Congress campaign manifesto". This manifesto is an odd mix of libertarianism and fascism; Larson calls Adolf Hitler and Joseph Smith "white supremacist heroes" and defends slavery, describing non-white people as inferior and animals:

Some alt-righters are more inclined to say, "We should kill off all non-whites, or otherwise get rid of them, since we don't need them." It's probably true that we could survive without them, but there can be a benefit sometimes to keeping around animals to whom we're superior rather than driving them extinct. If non-whites ever become too obsolete and useless to be worth keeping around, then they will simply become unable to earn a living. The invisible hand of the market will destroy them. We don't need to actually go out of our way to make this happen sooner than it would happen naturally.

One might argue, "If non-whites can't defend themselves from being killed by whites, that is proof of their inferiority." But those whites who find non-whites useful would probably try to defend them from those whites who want to kill them. Taking property is different from taking a life; the former has an economic benefit for the aggressor, while the latter doesn't. People who have no property can still be useful as slaves (including as pets, which are a type of slave). Typically, only those who prove unfit even to serve as slaves end up being annihilated entirely.[55]

Sites Larson owned or administrated[edit]

Many of his websites disappeared due to a hard drive crash and a home burglary wherein his hard drives were allegedly stolen. A message claiming Anonymous was responsible was left at the scene.[56][57] The rest he was booted from or left voluntarily.

Despite owning a few incel sites, Larson was not an incel (he had a daughter from having raped his first spouse) and rejected self-labelling as an "incel". Posts on incel forums also have criticized him, with one anonymous poster writing "he was married and has a daughter, why he associates with incels is a mystery to me."[58] In a 2018 interview with Pod Awful, Larson instead claimed to be "voluntarily celibate".[59] However, this contradicts his forum posts claiming he wants to commit rape so he doesn't actually want to refrain from having sex. He later started self-labelling as "nearcel", or "nearly incel".


  • Nathan Larson for Delegate, later Nathan Larson for Congress; all data subsequently lost
  • Nathania (personal bliki)
  • Suiped ("suicidal pedophiles")
  • Incelocalypse ("incel apocalypse")
  • Assorted 'JB' and 'zoophilia' sites
  • A pro-rape forum called “Raping Girls Is Fun”
  • Weebs forum
  • Weebs Wiki
  • (transgender social Darwinism cult site) (Nathan is not himself LGBT)[60]
  • Nearcels ("nearly incel" forum)
  • Rapey (pedophile forum)
  • Male Monarchs Wiki
  • ChildWiki
  • (Many of these articles now appear to be in various revisions and even main pages of Wikimedia websites including Wikibooks)
  • (suspended)
  • (defunct)
  • Styro (self-harm and suicide)[61]
  • Lolihunter
  • Faerie
  • Gastronomy
  • Misogywiki


  • Mises Wiki (economics wiki) of the Ludwig von Mises Institute
  • Kings Wiki (he went by 'Jean Valjean' there) (Pick-up artist/patriarchal wiki)
    • later renamed to 'Male Monarchs Wiki' and hosted by Larson after site was shut down by RooshV
  • Libertapedia (Libertarian wiki)

Possibly administrated or owned[edit]

These are sites which were tied to Larson, but a lack of history on this stuff makes it hard to confirm or deny his ownership or administration.

  •, later
  •, later, now
  • (Leucosticte iteration) (rationalwiki parody site)[62]
  • (promoted as an "official incel domain" by the founder and owner named Diego. Seems to have been a part of Mafia's network of Larson hosted sites at some point, or perhaps the entire time.[63][64])
  • (A pro-polyamory wiki he wrote for, pretty much entirely with his biological sister. Unclear what owner/admin positions he had, if any)[65]


  • Lookstheory (before the administrator named Zesto/Mafia hacked his server and claimed it for himself)

Formerly in progress[edit]

  • Repeated attempts at "Inclupedia" (a wiki where multiple revisions can be seen by the public without going to 'History', an attempt to solve edit warring)
    • one was called Meta-Inclu[66]

Larson's suicide note and last public writing[edit]

Larson made a habit of running multiple forum accounts while in prison using his government guaranteed prison postage and his close friend Fukurou. All forum accounts used his most common alias 'Leucostiste', and were on public clearnet websites. Fukurou would transcribe the letters (often partially as they seemed like long letters), and also sometimes posted screenshots of Larson's writing from jail. In a letter dated June 2022, what seems like his last outside correspondence, he wrote a short letter where he acknowledged his likely demise due to his own actions.[67]

This is not a hunger strike; Those are announced. This is an unannounced fast. I actually deny it and claim I am eating. However, they do remark I look anorexic. Maybe I've been too optimistic sometimes though. Arguably I should've roped a long time ago as I weaken I just don't have a lot of energy left to devote to focused effort

There's a possibility I could die suddenly; I hear that happens with anorexics.

Didn't Bobby Sands die after 55 days?

I'm at day 51 and have been visibly losing muscle for about 10 days. I call this phase 2 of the process. Another change was that hunger kicked in as my excess fat reserves were exhausted. At this point I spend most of my day fantasizing about food.

My vision started spinning yesterday and sometimes it is hard to read.

So what do you get when you Google anorexic trouble keeping down water. Cuz I'm having that problem.

Yeah I'm dry heaving.

Well dude I seem to have crossed the event horizon of the black hole.

There's no going back it seems.

Since I'm rapidly weakening and can't keep anything down this looks like a downward spiral into oblivion.

Larson died 3 months later at an Arizona hospital after being transferred to FCI Stafford prison from a California prison.

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