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Plandemic is a viral[note 1] schlockumentary and 2020's pretender to the Vaxxed throne.[1][2][3]

Initial infection[edit]

Clocking in at 26 minutes, it purports to be a preview (!) of a longer (!!!) version to be released later. The piece starts out in a somewhat self-conscious stylistic imitation of the PBS investigative journalism series Frontline, spending a fair amount of time creating a cherry-picked when not fictitious background of its main subject: Judy Mikovits. Once that is complete, it descends into a Gish Gallop for the ages.[4]

Immune response[edit]

As a reaction to the later part, some journalists tailored their stories to training readers how to evaluate information rather than debunking the piece directly.[5]

Perhaps more interesting than the documentary itself was its immediate and unusually forceful rebuttals from a wide range of the opinion spectrum. If history remembers it, it may be as a tipping point in the media's response to new conspiracy theories. Among the debunkers were the State of New Jersey,[6] Snopes,[7] fashion magazine GQ,[8] Forbes,[9] TechCrunch,[10] and many, many others. Conspicuously absent from either side were far-right sources such as Fox News and One America News Network, who clearly saw the blowback coming. Well. Except for Michelle Malkin.[11]

Long term prognosis[edit]

In a classic display of the effectiveness of an aggressive approach to fighting viral spread, online interest per Google Trends peaked on 7 May 2020 but collapsed to almost nothing five days later.[12]


The reviews are less than stellar, including a whole 20 minutes multiple parts video debunking the bullshit from its core.

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  1. Somewhat less so after it was banned from YouTube and Facebook. Either way, no pun intended.