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Rafael "Raffy" Teshiba Tulfo (1960–) is a Filipino politician, journalist, television and internet personality who is best known for his weekday radio programme Wanted sa Radyo on Radyo5 92.3 News FMWikipedia as well as the Raffy Tulfo in Action YouTube channel, both focusing on public affairs and issues concerning the poor and marginalised. He, along with his brothers Erwin and Mon, became known for their "action-based" brand of public service, often if not always directly intervening in issues with indigent Filipinos.



In a series of videos, Tulfo made claims about the supposed benefits of ivermectin and Lianhua QingwenWikipedia as a cheaper alternative to evidence-based medicine such as remdesivirWikipedia for COVID-19, lamenting about how the Department of HealthWikipedia (through its Food and Drug Administration,Wikipedia formerly known as the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD)), is supposedly trying to profit from the pandemic by prioritizing antiviral drugs sold at extortionate prices over "cures" which can be afforded by the masses,[1] in spite of scientific studies and experts debunking their supposed efficacy against COVID and/or its symptoms.[2] While he may have brought up the stark fact that yes, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are indeed filled to the brim with COVID patients, using what amounts to off-label veterinary medicine[3] or traditional Chinese medicine of unproven efficacy without resorting to peer-reviewed evidence, and arguing that "but no one died from trying it, right?", not to mention arguing against the necessity of vaccinations due to said alternative cures, is not only deceitful but also reckless and dangerous.

On public service[edit]

A queue of complainants ranging from domestic abuse victims to stranded wives seeking for a ticket back home.

Tulfo has earned a reputation for his so-called "action-based" public service where he and his team directly intervene with disputes involving indigent individuals, families and/or groups. Sure, he earned plaudits from the Filipino mainstream, or in local parlance, the "masa", and thus has a large following on social media,[4] but deep behind this is a business that is cynically exploiting the woes of the poor for YouTube clout and ad revenue both from his videos and the sale of branded merchandise.[5] Tulfo argued that his programmes have helped enact swift justice especially considering the state of the judiciary in the Philippines;[6] Ranny Randolf B. Libayan, a lawyer who runs a full-service law firm in the country who later gained prominence on YouTube as a staunch critic of Tulfo, pointed out flaws in his system, however, calling out the journalist for his arrogance and what is essentially a glorified form of vigilantism, bypassing due process[7] and conditioning viewers to trust in his programme, thus garnering a larger viewership. Similar concerns were brought regarding demonization, public humiliation[8] and trial by publicity with those involved,[9][10][11][12] one such case was of a schoolteacher whom Tulfo humiliated in a video, prompting her to quit her job,[13][14][15] not to mention cashing in on recent scandals such as the death of cabin crew member Christine Dacera,Wikipedia who was found dead at a hotel room after a New Year's Day party in 2021 and became an instant gossip fodder, no thanks to one of the suspects being the son of late singer Claire dela Fuente.Wikipedia[16]

His credibility has also been questioned due to a number of libel suits ascribed to him, such as in 2003 when a foreign exchange dealer named Michael Guy filed a libel suit against him when Guy was accused by Tulfo of seeking protection from tax fraud prosecution. Tulfo was forced to admit that he got the information from "reliable sources" i.e. hearsay. Libel counts as a "crime of moral turpitude" in Philippine law, which is grounds for electoral disqualification, yet it hasn't stopped Tulfo from running for a senatorial position in 2022.[17] And in regards to extramarital relationships being a recurring subject on his programmes, this would bite back at him when a woman named Julie Licup-Pearson filed bigamy charges against Tulfo in 2019 for allegedly abandoning her and their children in favour of other women.[18] Licup would later upload videos describing her experiences with her estranged husband.[19] Tulfo vehemently denies this, however, claiming that Licup's bigamy case against him is nothing more than an attempt at blackmail and extortion.[20][21]

Tulfo claims that a portion of his earnings from YouTube goes to himself and his family, but a huge chunk of it goes to the people they help.[22][23][24] However, it was later revealed that Raffy Tulfo In Action is a foundation, and as such it is supposed to operate as a non-profit organization.[25]

And if Tulfo's sensationalism and penchant for subjecting defendants and even complainants to endless public humiliation and mob shaming isn't enough, in October 2023 Libayan made a live stream video where he alleged that Tulfo sent veiled death threats against him on a Wanted sa Radyo episode, with his supporters also following suit.[5][26] If the following allegations are to be believed, it would be grounds for grave misconduct on part of Tulfo especially as a legislator. Instead of apologizing however, Atty. Libayan is being sued in relation with this issue instead which is a sign of his true colors.[27][28] This proves that Philippines needs an anti-SLAPP law to protect people from being silenced by being sued.

A company which is given a cease-and-desist order by the SEC has Tulfo as endorser[29] However, Tulfo's lawyer claimed that he's an endorser of the products only, he also claimed, "Endorsing the quality of the product does not equal how it is sold" and that how they sell the product, whether or not in accordance with law, Tulfo is out of it[30]. This issue raises ethical questions over politicians as endorsers and to make matters worse, he (Tulfo's lawyer) said that they are drafting a proper legal action against the author of the article about Tulfo endorsing products of that company.[31]


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