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Rashid Buttar

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Against allopathy
Alternative medicine
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Clinically unproven
The conditions required to be a customer of Dr Rashid Buttar.

Rashid Buttar is a osteopathic physician[1] who, apart from his genuine qualifications, espouses a line of treatment for autism that is as bereft of scientific rigor as necromancy. He also engages in cancer woo-driven alternative medical treatment,[2] (e.g. he is listed as "Director of Clinical Research and Development" at DIIL[3] who make the BX Protocol cure-all).

He enjoys, as do a large number of pseudoscience promoters, a loyalty from his followers[4] built on nothing but charisma and anecdote,[5] neither of which has ever been demonstrated to effect the cure of anything except spare cash needed for essentials.

Trouble with law[edit]

Due to his "unconventional treatments", Dr. Buttar has been under several investigations from the North Carolina State Medical Board for about a decade, an entity which he regards as a "rabid dog".[6] The investigations have been for a variety of misconducts involving autistic children and cancer patients. This has resulted in his medical license being restricted,[7] though in reality it amounted to little more than a slap on the wrist.[8][9]

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