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August 2013[edit]

19"Same Love" is about gay marriage? That's such a surprise! Of course, the real victim here is the supporters of "traditional marriage"! To top things off, she used a Neil Patrick Harris gif in the article and hoped that Eminem would make a heterosexual version of "Same Love", cause they're well known for their opposition to gay marriage.
14Jerome Corsi doesn't believe sex is about fun. And to be fair, you've got to think that it probably isn't for him!
27According to Ken Ham, storms are caused by sin, not weather.
23Bananaman says he'll release the unedited footage of "Evolution vs God," provided American Atheists can "convince him with a good reason to."
28Glenn, you do know that energy-efficient light bulbs cost you less in the long-term? We didn't know you were so anti-capitalist!
22More nonsense from Pat: “Gay people deliberately spread HIV/AIDS by cutting people with special rings.” Apparently, it is also illegal to talk about AIDS.
7Let's pay Edward Snowden's legal fund. With Bitcoins!
21Hitler was a bitter beta male who wouldn’t have started World War II if he’d read my pickup artist blog. (HT Manboobz.)
18Book your tickets for the "World Congress of Quantum Woo Medicine".
22At last, RenewAmerica proposes an actual mechanism by which same-sex marriage will destroy heterosexual marriage! Women will all marry each other, take all the legal privilege from men and steal their sperm.
30"Suppose ID wins…"
15You'd think a $170 cure Hat tip for autism would remember to spell the condition it's curing right. The customer reviews make good reading.
25Courtesy of arch-paleocon Thomas Fleming: "Chelsea Manning deserves to be punished like the witches at the Salem witch trials." Does he not realize that the people executed in those trials weren't actual witches?
4A pastor at a Salt Lake City-area (non-Mormon) megachurch takes on the prosperity gospel in general and Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer in particular. It might have been an interesting smack-down of an even more destructive addendum layered onto an already harmful belief system. But then it quickly degenerates into the old, familiar "our batshit crazy interpretation of this batshit crazy theology is true; your batshit crazy interpretation of this batshit crazy theology is false" argument.
29Welfare is bad, except when I do it.
32Before It's News' latest "Big Government BAD Small government GOOD" article: United States Senate wants to ban certain types of tattoos and piercings. Reality, and from their own linked source: the Arkansas State Senate passed the bill. The bill's sponsor is a Republican who thinks body modification is icky.
14Yeah, Ergodan, just keep pushing your country's reputation down the drain.
24Ken Ham: You see, we can’t depend solely on our reasoning ability to convince skeptics.
19Ermehgerd! Congress is full of commies!
26If you go to the MSN homepage today (18 August) and watch their little slideshow of headlines and puff pieces, you'll see the headline "New theory counters Darwin's evolution." Click on the link, and it will take you to this video clip from the Science Channel which, from the title, you will instantly realize is actually an old, discredited theory which is being presented as "new" by a "scientist" we've heard from before. UPDATE: Later in the day, the homepage headline was changed to "Through the Wormhole: Intelligent Design."
19TIME Journalist can't wait to write a drone strike that kills Julian Assange. He has since taken the tweet down and claimed he was hit with persecution complex
24No doubt the author will be this passionate about where the President was born when the Canuck Ted Cruz runs.
17A Doctor of Oriental Medicine propounds a bold new taxonomy of disease: "Chinese medicine can help to make sense of most mental and physical problems in the United States and organize them into three main categories: those of chronic tension, excessive interior heat and excess weight." Also, said problems are all Reagan's fault. P.S.: One of his books is titled Avoiding Death Indefinitely.
24Orson Scott Card says that Obama is preparing to arm street gangs as his stormtroopers. (Why didn't I think of that?)
3George Will: The POTUS is postponing the implementation of Obamacare? NIXON'S BACK! (Arooo!)
31Glenn Beck furiously demands that if you think he's a "nincompoop" you must bring him the names of people that have predicted the future better than he has. Because he'd totally accept that and admit he was wrong if you did.
16Redefining terrorism so it covers Obama but not Al Qaeda.
19ZOMG! Gigantic pentagram found in Kazakhstan! If you don't pay any attention to which megalomaniac regime Kazakhstan used to be a part of...
-4Oh, men aren't raised to hate women. Why? I totally said so!
8Oooh, Stephen Fry is pompous! Time for me to be pompous!
10According to Frothy, it isn't always fun to stay shower at the YMCA, because the guy next to you might be a librul.
10Chemtrail believers get the whistleblower they need to prove the conspiracy exists...(original was removed once the hoax was revealed) or perhaps not. Let the whining continue!
6Because referencing the Bible to show how "racist" you aren't has worked spectacularly well in history. (Also, congratulations on banning Christmas trees in your city, because you've given the War on Christmas folks an actual enemy.)
21More stupid from Stupid.
15Tanya Luhrmann recommends that atheists should ... pray. (This is your brain on Templeton Foundation money.) (HT Jerry Coyne.)
10Britons Against Left-Wing Extremism: 275,000 Britons go missing every year. How many are being kidnapped by left-wingers and used for Satanic rituals, Hostel-like bloodsports in Ukraine, or as an alternative to animal testing?(Warning: Poe's Law in action!)
12Nicholas Cummings whines and cries about an SPLC lawsuit filed against his Jewish reparative therapy practice. Apparently, calling clients 'faggots' as you have them re-enact being sexually abused as children is "not unethical".
8Everybody laugh at the racist and close friend to Neo-Nazis... criticizing someone for being racist.
26What do you do when your monopoly, which results in the highest cellphone prices worldwide, is finally at risk? Create a propaganda campaign in which you want "fairness."