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July 2014[edit]

22Obama wants to help the poor, especially those evil children currently "blurring the borders of the United States," but Jesus said, "the poor you will have with you always." THIS MEANS OBAMA IS JUST LIKE JUDAS!!!!
35The opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, used Scottie dogs. This is somehow disrespectful to Malaysian Muslims.
29According to Michele Bachmann, not only are the child refugees bringing Ebola to America, but Obama's planning to use them for medical experiments.
32Conservatives launch a patriotic version of Facebook called Reaganbook. it goes about how you would expect.
15After being called out by Greta Christina about his vile rape comments, the Amazing Atheist finally posts a video explaining his actions: He was only joking and Reddit trolls pissed him off, so he thought he'd offend them back.
57Cathy Brennan makes one of the dumber claims ever made about RationalWiki: that MRAs use it as a reference site. Asked to back up this remarkable claim, she says that she means trans women, who she calls "MRAs in lady face." (Screenshot.)
23No terror babies in 'Murrican wombs!
18American conservatism is really scared of an educated black man. (Full whine)
23Mike Adams, Part II: "Mike Adams Builds a Naturalnews Nazi Time Machine". Death threats, false flags, and forensic Javascript analysis!
22Mike Adams calls for increased science education to combat scientific illiteracy. I don't even need a punchline for that.
34The latest gem turdblossom from Ray Comfort: "Science discovered that gravity doesn't exist in space." (later edited to add "as it does on earth.")
17Women Against Feminism have trouble logging into their (still active) facebook account. FEMINAZI CENSORSHIP!
22The law is investigating the death threats on Mike Adams' "kill GMO supporters" site. So Adams now claims the site is a ... FALSE FLAG op by MONSANTO!!
25Okay, fine, the globe is warming. But it's not man-made, okay, it's divine prophecy
22Experience the wondrous logic of Ted Cruz.
26In which a neo-Nazi uses Roko's basilisk as a metaphor for da JOOOZ. 'Cos that's obvious.
21More demonizing of homosexuals. Literally. Really stinky demons too, apparently. A "genuine prophet of God" told him so.
22The Eagle Forum argues that the government is Constitutionally required to fight homosexuality. (Warning: the article uses excessive boldface which may drive you mad.)
14The National Review takes a page from the Daily Mail.
21What do you do if you're a major website that is accused of anti-Semitism? If you're batshit-crazy crank media kingpins The Mind Unleashed, you do the most sensible thing you can do: accuse your critics of being part of a Zionist Plot.
21The Wall Street Journal continues to shit on itself on its 125th anniversary: "Dear Israel: Violate the Geneva Conventions." (Of course.)
30Men’s Rights Edmonton go to SlutWalk 2014. It's about what you would expect.
19In case you were wondering, this is how to justify killing someone for picking up sticks on the Sabbath.
25Ken Ham says there ain't no such things as aliens, because Jesus wasn't there to save them. (Scientology and Mormonism seem broad-minded by comparison.)
21Another Murdoch-owned media outlet decides to rummage through the belongings of dead people, and is forced to apologize.
23Burger King sold a Gay Pride burger in one San Francisco store earlier this month. Bryan Fischer, of course, fears that Christians might eat one accidentally.
30"I was driving and out of no where God told me that He would take it from here and I let go of the wheel and let Him take it.” And then God knocked over a motorcyclist.
41RooshV, Men's Rights Activist and sex tourism guide writer, declares gays to be a public health threat, on the basis that a) gay people are inherently promiscuous and b) he doesn't get how HIV works. Further, he declares July to be Heterosexual Awareness Month. We are the 95.8%!
23allaboutgod.com obliviously continues to promote the death of children through faith healing
25Why do nice Christian girls post seductive selfies? Because they're ghastly, evil seductive sluts who don't love Jesus enough, obviously.
25Todd Akin just doesn't know when to stop digging.
33Alex Jones shows he's never afraid to stoop too low for a rant, as he jumps on the "is Michelle O a man?" bandwagon.
26There is only one man that can make Obama's foreign policy look absolutely sterling.
35Bryan Fischer: God designed the U.S./Mexico border.
46Teabaggers explode irony meters across the globe, as they accuse Obama of being "like a child in a sandbox who can't get along with others."
25Keith Ablow channels Rick "Man on dog" Santorum: "If love is the foundation of marriage, they can love their dog, too."
32Sunscreen doesn't prevent cancer. IT CAUSES CANCER! And sunbathing is GOOD for you! Note the conclusion - not sunbathing makes you twice as likely to die. That's something quite serious you know.
27Harvard Social Psychologist Jason Mitchell: "Replication as part of the scientific method is overrated because when I cook, it never comes out looking like in the cookbook."
17David Rose is at it again, supposedly pounding another nail in the coffin of climate change. (Debunking from Skeptical Science)
11CNN serves up some Watergate apologism. The Ludwig von Mises Institute takes this in a rather...interesting direction.
10MRAs petition Canadian Arts Councils about a lesbian haunted house that was open last Halloween
16PolitiFact: "Make it stop! Please!"
85If you're from the Daily Mail, and want to enliven a slow news day by posting aggressive false-flag messages on a Muslim forum ... you might want to learn how to use tor a proxy.
48"Global warming isn't real because Mars has the same temperature as Earth." What?!
25'darn Texan education at work.
31Birds couldn't have evolved from dinosaurs, because the other dinosaurs didn't all vanish immediately after the birds first came around (yeah, like how you know your mom isn't really your mom, because she's still alive even after giving birth to you). Silly evolutionists!
34Rand Paul: Obama ♥ ISIS!