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June 2014[edit]

21Psst... Israel... This is the guy that's leading your country. Update: It's getting worse.
35Finally - a grand, unified conspiracy theory: Chemtrails are killing organic crops, allowing Monsanto's GMO crops to take over!
19"How does evolution explane the existence of Angles and Demons .???" - actual email to Jerry Coyne.
17Conservatives attack Obama for reaching over a sneezeguard to point at some food. Scroll down - you'll notice that one of the commentators compares him to Hitler.
29The World Cup - Just another plot by Obama to distract the people from the important issues.
38The Coultergeist shows her patriotism, as the US qualify for the last 16 at the World Cup: "No American whose great-grandfather was born here, is watching soccer..." (That would presumably have included The Almighty himself.)
16The Religion Q&A blog at Patheos gets asked What’s the track record when atheists wield political power? and provides a sadly unsurprising answer.
24Oldman yells at cloud.
12Well, the only women who ever said yes to me were all prostitutes, anyways.
22WND columnist Ed Klein on Faux News: Bill Clinton had considered using his own death to help Hillary Clinton win the presidency.
21 Despite the fact that humans have been modifying plants for thousands of years, GMO's are immoral.
-69 Oh Cracked.com. What would we ever do without your articles claiming that pointing out people are privileged is racist? You're right, pointing out privilege is only meant to make you ragequit on a conversation, so it really is more reasonable to expect all minorities to come to you and explain why they are different than you instead.
21Crank magnetism rings true for the far right as this Arizona lawmaker wishes to discuss the weather changing effects... of Chemtrails. Seriously.
15Prepare for the next "Once again, we (at Fox) put something on the air that's a flat out lie and distortion."
24The Freedom and Faith Coalition features urinal cakes in the shape of Obama. Keep it classy, GOP.
32Right-wing moll Phyllis Schlafly would rather have a Russian theocracy, than an American democracy.
24The "Third Eagle of the Apocalypse" sees a message about Satan and the fall of the Church... in a Miracle Whip advert.
30We all now have a reason to see The Box Office Shrugged, Part 3: I love gooooold!
-12Yale comes up with a new policy on impaired consent. One CBC reporter thinks that this new policy means that students should "avoid sex with fellow students, period. It's just too risky nowadays." Not because of rape culture but because he longs for the days where "the freedom to get drunk or high and then have sex with someone was a right guaranteed by the sexual revolution of the Sixties."
32Coming up next: Napoleon Bonaparte gives advice on how to successfully invade Russia. George W. Bush on federal disaster relief. And, get this, the Wall Street Journal editorial board on insightful commentary! (The Wolf on MSNBC is at least more honest with his denial: "This is more than just an obscure Shia/Sunni conflict.")
25(VIDEO) Deepak Chopra responds to James Randi and Skeptics by issuing his OWN million dollar challenge! With blackjack and healing modalities!
17World Net Daily teams up with Sun News Network to dredge up old Cold War conspiracy theories.
23Catholic blogger Mark Shea has been suckered by a troll posing as ex-follower of Dark Enlightenment. Sith Lords? Legolas? Really? PZ Myers also swallows the Poe whole.
18The first openly lesbian provincial premier in Canada is elected to a full term with a majority government. The Toronto Sun headline "WELCOME TO HELL," Part Deux!
21Bryan Fischer goes ballistic over same-sex marriages in Danish churches, but "forgets" to mention that this is because Denmark does not have separation of church and state.
25Ichthyostega lived in the sea, like a dolphin, and wasn't a transitional form. What?
17Fanatical Christians pretend they messed up "Gay Days" at Walt Disney World, not the weather forecast. (Well, that would be God, too, right?)
22If the GOP doesn't move quickly to galvanize moderates in the wake of the Cantor debacle, we now have a glimpse of its demise.
15Reason magazine reminds us that school shootings are uncommon. That gun violence is so prevalent in the US is besides the point, I guess.
19 According to WND asthma is a liberal lie to promote the global warming hoax! (warning: Marc Morano used as appeal to authority).
35"If evolution is true, and it’s just all about the male propagating their DNA, we had to ask hard questions, like, is rape wrong?"
16Irony alert: The week after it discontinues its own comments boards in favor of comments boards generated by Facebook, HuffPo posts this article.
10George Will wants you to know that trigger warnings and increasing awareness of rape on college campuses are a progressive plot by the government for some reason. Ladies, Mr. Will enjoys long walks on the beach, the coveted and privileged status that comes with being a rape victim, and nonconsensual groping.
18Fox News presents: The intellectual equivalent of smacking your head into an electric fence.
28Quantum Physics Proves there IS an Afterlife, says the Daily Mail.
21Before It's News defends New Brunswick cop-killer and gun nut, Justin Borque.
18Nut leaves gun in toy aisle. Gun nuts claim gun control false flag operation.
12Al Jazeera interviewed a member of A Voice for Men contributor. There are also comments...
22According to Bill O'Reilly, having a beard means that your family are Muslims and traitors to the United States.
32Don't be mean to water - shouting at it hurts its feelings!
34The state of American conservatism, summarized.
15Maureen Dowd eats a weed brownie. It's exactly as bad as it sounds. Update: Don't give Friedman any ideas.
19Desmund Tutu visited the Alberta tar sands and didn't like what he saw. The reaction of the man most likely to become the next Premier of Alberta: "The oilsands is probably Canada’s greatest scientific achievement." Forget insulin, Forget the Canadarm, it's definitely the thing that's turning the country into an international pariah.
37Today's best reaction to Obama finally taking action on coal: The EPA is a terrorist organization!