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November 2014[edit]

9Reason: what the Ferguson rioters really need to make their lives better is "lessening the burden of petty fines".
28Anti-vax as cover for blatant child abuse: anti-vaxxers Vactruth claim shaken baby syndrome and Munchhausen-by-proxy are actually vaccine injuries.
24Ernie Land, the actual lawyer defending Kent Hovind, asks all sovereign citizens, freemen and other tax protesters and pseudolawyers out there to send him everything they have so he can actually put it up in defense of Hovind. (HT Peter Reilly.)
28National Review since November 2014: "Obama is an Emperor, a Caudillo... hey, let's bar him from making a State of the Union address!"(even though congress wouldn't have that power)
18Edward Snowden "releases [sic] smoking gun evidence 9/11 was an inside Job"
27Bryan Fischer says Michael Brown was "possessed by a homicidal demon".
27 Muslim preacher ibn Mansur is banned from the University of East London for declaring homosexuality to be a filthy disease brought on by "western culture" in the run-up to another controversial Islamic Society event.
13 Oh, America is Persecuting Christians by not teaching Creationism, but if Muslims complain one of their HOLIEST worship sites is closed, and they want to go to war for it, that's the ABOMINATION IS DESOLATION IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION. Also, The pissed-off Muslims who rioted: Mind controlled slaves.
26"Recep Tayyip Erdogan more and more resembles the drunken uncle who shows up to Thanksgiving dinner uninvited and makes everyone uncomfortable with his verbal bombshells."
11Megan Fox (not the actress) demonstrates she does not understand evolution.
16Gamergate will no longer accept the cultural Marxist lies of such SJW-corrupted far-leftist organs as, er, Wikipedia. No, they're telling their own story, their own way. (Here's the full horror.) via Mammoth.
17Accuracy in Media editor Cliff Kincaid: Obama is a foreign spy who should be arrested by Marines.
16Libertarian Relationships versus Statist Relationships. Not Stefan Molyneux, surprisingly enough.
18Ok, this is a lot more interesting: Dinesh "Haggard's Law" D'Souza: I want to spank the President.
26Obama Is 'A Homosexual Muslim Married To A Man'. So, what else is new? Yawn.
30Turns out America isn't founded on Christian values, it's founded on Jewish ones. Texans approve a school textbook that claims Moses as an honorary founding father.
30A sovereign citizen goes out and tests his theories in a real courthouse. If you laugh long and loud at the last thirty seconds, you're a vicious authoritarian statist.
18Obama the tyrant king unleashes dictatorial order that will now invoke "open rebellion" - Senate aide
28Phyllis Schlafly wants Obama impeached for bringing in disease-ridden brown people who might vote Democratic.
39Turkish President Erdogan claims 12th Century Muslim discovery of the Americas. Even with actual archaeological evidence, the Vikings still beat them, and you know the first nations that beat everyone by tens of thousands of years.
19The truth about the Philae lander and Comet 67P, which made it into The Guardian.
26The producer of Ancient Aliens and The Curse of Oak Island appears on /r/IAmA: "That's why people [...] have to understand that a lot of [Ancient Aliens] is deliberately based on a theory, and theories are by definition speculative. Even Darwin's theory of Evolution is a theory. The Big Bang Theory is a theory, it is not fact, although some places want to try to treat it as fact, but most religions of the world, even though they are often treated as fact, are theories."
26Return of Kings: The Finnish Welfare state coddles terrorists, and it's all the feminists fault!
34Glenn Beck is working on a new movie. It stars Santa Claus as a warrior who protects a young Jesus.
29Oh, wait until they hear about "Born in the U.S.A."
29Alex Jones: Net neutrality is just like what Hitler did!
36For your edification and amusement: The New Age Bullshit Generator. Can you tell it from actual sincere websites?
17Didn't think there would be anything dumber to say about net neutrality than Ted Cruz's "Obamacare for the Internet"? Well you were wrong.
31Kirk Cameron's new vanity piece, Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas, tells the true story of how Christians stole the idea of Christmas from the pagan celebration of Saturnalia. Whoops! Sorry! That would make sense. It's really about how the Kirkmeister thinks that pagans have co-opted the traditions of Christmas (which he thinks predates Saturnalia), and how Christmas traditions like the Christmas tree are absolutely 100 percent biblical.
11 Ben McPherson, Glenn Beck's chosen replacement, has some interesting ideas about getting by in the apocalypse and future white soldiers dancing with future doomed children.
16... so yeah, there's Gamergate fanfic. Written by and for Gamergaters.
15 The vaccine for Ebola isn't even made yet... I guess Conspiracy theorists are using "predictive programming" now?
21New Ebola vaccine is Genetically Engineered. Dun dun dun.
25What do you do when your attempt to slime the next Attorney General of the United States gets debunked because you identified the wrong person? Apparently you just put a little note in fine print saying that we got the person wrong but don't change the substance of the article. [1]
17Gamergater proposes an alliance to /r/bitcoin. It doesn't go so well. (Expand all threads for full euphoria.)
28Somehow, not The Onion: Washington Times says "Montana Klansman vows to bring racial diversity to ‘new’ KKK"
21So that's what that acrid burnt bitter flavor is.
27Mitch McConnell: I can assure you, there won't be another government shutdown.
Wingnuts: RINO!
20Gamergate, continuing to bring the classy. SJWs, just weird, amirite?
15The Vigilant Christian: The end times are about to occur because the pope accepts the theory of evolution... You're a little late. Guess where he ripped the video off from?
13The results are not even in yet...
15The bible says that the end times will begin when israel returns home. Sure it didn't happen DECADES later, but want to know how I know it will happen for sure this time? More Jews in Israel than the United States!
19Goodbye, Michelle Bachmann. Hello, Joni Ernst.
29Ben Stein: The GOP cannot even win a tenth of the black vote? This president is the most racist ever!