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December 2012[edit]

3Philip Coppens has died. There is a lot of material for an article here...
7Meet Germany's Mittens: the SPD candidate for chancellor.
45Teen doodles in class. Staff notice, call police. Police execute search warrant of teen's home and arrest teen. Place your bets on how long before we hear the words "video games."
32 'I pushed a Muslim off the train tracks because I hate Hindus and Muslims ever since 2001 when they put down the twin towers I've been beating them up,'. Too bad Hindus, such as the Indian victim, had nothing to do with 9/11.NB:It's also not nice to push Muslims onto train tracks either.
29Better late than never. World War II code-breaker, who possibly "shortened the war by 2 years", finally gets honour at age of 92.
29Science meets sweetness as stem cells restore a man's eyesight from the brink of blindness...with stem cells donated by his sister! D'aaawww!
22The Senate shows how "liberal" it actually is.
25 Scientology - a criminal organisation?
20NRA just keeps on digging...
4Indian gang rape victim is dead. MRAs, please go back to the grotesque corner from which you came.
10China makes it easier for grandparents to see their grandkids and harder to expose corruption online.
22Aww, the Zuckerbergs don't wike their own pwivacy settings!
21Anti-gaming California Senator Leland Yee to the NRA: why are you so quick to agree with me now?
14Five. Four. Three. Two. One. The creator of Thunderbirds has gone.
18Mormon senator Mike Crapo (R-ID) arrested for DUI in Virginia despite assertions that he abstains from alcohol as per his religion. Sure, and Larry Craig was just using a "wide stance" in the airport lavatory.
18A bit rusty on the Christmas thing — the "Christmas is all about bum sex" angle is new to us. Wasn't it something about goodwill to all men?
14Seriously, FBI? Counterterrorism?
33Piers Morgan advocates gun control and calls a gun advocate "stupid" to his face: 31,000 Americans then show their favour for the Second Amendment over the First, by petitioning to have the British expatriate deported Update: We, the British people, petition & beg the Obama Administration to NOT send British Citizen Piers Morgan back to Britain. Damn, deleted already!
5Could you fucking well stop shooting people, America? Is that too much to ask?
11Andrew Wakefield wins lifetime award for quackery.
5Homo floresiensis, an Indonesian ancestor nicknamed "The Hobbit", has had its facial approximation completed.
12"Trojan horse" style test very successful at eliminating prostate cancer in mice.
42Mother's wish to have boy with cancer treated with alternative medicine is struck down in UK court.
9Meet America's new Secretary of State.
-2We have been mocking Maya intelligence.
14The history of how the NRA and Scalia successfully changed the interpretation of the 2nd Amendment to its current insane value.
13Italy demonstrates the right to machismo: Telling a man he has no balls is a finable offense.
36CNN/ORC Poll: A majority of Americans now think the Republican Party is too extreme.
6OMG! That poor baby!
What? Oh, that's just Scott, he's a dick!
34Still making feigning credibility into an art form: intelligent design think tank's “institute” is a Shutterstock image.
17Anti-vaccination movement in Pakistan resorts to murder.
28Michigan's governor does the only possible decent thing.
9Remember that guy who tattooed Romney logo on his face? Well...
2Willkommen in Paragould, Arkansas. Sie möchten auf dem Bürgersteig gehen? Ihre Papiere, bitte.
5Swedish teens riot over Instagram sex rumours.
11Bushmaster advertised a model of gun used in the Connecticut shootings as a way to get your "man-card" reissued.
6Has UKIP replaced the Liberal Democrats as Britain's third biggest party?
20Facebook page for the NRA now MIA
15Daniel Inouye, the first Japanese-American in Congress and the Senate's most senior member, has died aged 88.
9"Don't think for a second she doesn't know what she's doing."
26The NRA has nothing to say after the Connecticut massacre. Literally.
20Long-time conservative Joe Scarborough finally abandons his pro-gun stance after the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.
13Oh, those Russians! St. Petersburg fans demand all-white heterosexual team.
25US Marine proposes marriage at the White House. Why is this news? They're a gay couple.
20Culture of workshyness and families going three generations without jobs and living on benefits are all myths says study that looked at, you know, those things called "facts"
27"Males go for most mates, females for best mates" experiment turns out to have been completely wrong.
16The Pope: World peace cannot be achieved when there's abortion and same-sex marriage. For reality, compare legality of same-sex marriage, legality of abortion and Global peace index.
1Forty-six American states have agreed to adopt new English instruction standards by 2014. The standards include a suggested reading list and a requirement that at least 70 percent of all texts be non-fiction. Will public school students bid farewell to Catcher in the Rye and To Kill a Mockingbird in favor of technical manuals like Recommended Levels of Insulation and Invasive Plant Inventory as this article suggests? A 183 page PDF of the new suggested reading list is here.
3412 dead in Connecticut primary school shooting. It never ends. UPDATE: 27, nearly double Columbine. Update II: Mother's guns, legally bought.
13High priest of a white witches' coven and one other man (who claims to be the victim of a conspiracy) jailed for "ritualistic" child sex abuse.
14A Southern Cal judge pulls a Todd Akin.
16Australian anti-vaccination organization, inappropriately named the "Australian Vaccination Network", ordered to change its misleading name.
15Obama to Colorado and Washington: "Toke up, dudes."
28More than six in ten U.S. residents blame the recent extreme weather on climate change. And now the bad news...
21Congratulations, Bush!
256,000 year old Earth? We have cheese older than that!
19You'll never walk... alone.
12Hey idiots, stop waving your dicks at each other.
17A busy day for rockets, first North Korea and then Syria. Update: Go home satellite, you're drunk.
5I could have this on repeat for a full day and still think couldn't have happened to a bigger dick. BONUS witness says he was the dick
16For a company with a motto called "Don't Be Evil," this is a really shitty idea.
-9Man in Santa suit stabbed to death, possibly for religious reasons.
10How to win at gay marriage elections
7Dammit, Britain... - Not quite what it seems
4Michigan becomes a "Right-to-Work" (for Less!) state.
6lol Cayman Islands
202011 UK Census produces religion statistics. Headline figures: Christianity down from 71% to 59%, No Religion up from 15% to 25%
7First Amendment upheld in North Carolina as court rules "Choose Life" specialty license plate unconstitutional.
25The Sky at Night will never be the same, Sir Patrick Moore has died.
30That disconcerting sensation of hoping the Daily Mail will win.
14"Berlusconi to stick dick back inside Italy"
20Ok, so that's Ginsburg, Breyer, Kagan and Sotomayor vs. Scalia, Thomas, Alito and (possibly - but remember Obamacare) Roberts. Anthony Kennedy, do you want to make history?
8Out of all the people you had to prank call, it had to be a nurse?
27Exhibit A why moral panics should never be the basis of major legislation: REAL ID Act + Defense of Marriage Act = no drivers license in your married name.
26 Mitch McConnell flip-flops, first requesting a vote then self-filibustering
-6Assad may be mixing the components in chemical weapons. If so, those aren't the kinds of things that can be unmixed.
13Hold off on the Steve Jobs personality cult stuff for a bit: Apple is reversing its outsourcing policy. Prepare for the inevitable Friedman theatrics.
8Steve Scalise, soon-to-be head of the Republican Study Committee, will fire Derek Khanna, writer of the "controversial" copyright reform memo.
16The GOP begins trying to cut out the cancer that is the Tea Party, removing a congressman from a committee. His district had been represented on the committee for the last 151 years.
12Charity in New Zealand teaches dogs to drive cars.
16Gap in fossil record: Filled.
0Pope Benny 16 is the latest addition to Twitter, with almost half a million followers despite not posting anything yet. Expect to see @Pontifex tweeting "brb reassigning paedophiles lol #condomscauseAIDS" in the new year.
20Roger Ailes to Karl and Dick: Time for your punishment.
24"Strike me down, and I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine."
20America and science, not working together [1]. Particularily, homosexuality and psychiatry
10The Christian Union and the Church of England are still in the 1600s, but the Commonwealth and the Royal Family are more than happy to drag their arses into the 21st Century.
26Bristol University's Christian Union Bans Women From Speaking At Meetings - Unless they're part of a husband & wife team. UUCF's Twitter feed suggests "...but some of my best friends are black!" Update: The power of public opinion
18USA: Israel, what the fuck are you doing? Netanyahu: Doesn't matter, have settlements.
7This does not bode well.
20A match made in wingnut heaven.
18Bullying, what bullying?: School encourages homophobic humiliation as student punishment.
20Come on Mitt maybe you can find a few companies to strip their assets from, you know, to pass the time?
25The Grand Canyon may not be the age it has previously been thought to be - 5-6m years old. No, it's not 6,000 years old either. It may be 70m years old instead.
18Catholic Church sets up exorcism hotline in Milan. "Hi, I'm under attack from priestly penises."
30Bobby Jindal's school voucher plan is ruled unconstitutional