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January 2013[edit]

28So, a homeopath tried to sell Oscillococcinum to Jimmy Wales ...UPDATE: Check the Facebook comments for retorts from Dana Ullman.
7Canada will be seeing a new Prime Minister in 2015...
20Another school shooting; this time in Atlanta.
19Sorry for the triviality, but ...: Tenessee man wants his "gay" dog killed.
22The NRA, following in the footsteps of Nixon, has an enemies list. Sadly, RationalWiki isn't on it.
24The good people of Nottinghamshire show their class and decorum by abstaining from using flaming sacks of feces, and instead use crosses wrapped in ham to drive Muslims out.
18Fox News has lost 22% of their 25-54 viewers (40% in primetime), yet remains the most watched network.
12Israel waves dick at Syria
18No, you may not bring guns to today's congressional hearing on gun control, senator.
36GPS took you and your friends to the wrong house after dark? That's a shooting.
21South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsay Graham: Gay-inclusive immigration reform as unlikely as legal abortions.
22Little Bobby down in Tennessee isn't doing well in school? Welp, back to discount bread and soup for his entire family.
14Actor Ashton Kutcher, acting as Steve Jobs in a new film, adopts the late Apple CEO's fruitarian diet...and ends up in hospital as a result.
9Of course reading online trolls makes people double-down on their existing beliefs, you idiot.
8Fluffy is a threat to the environment
16Sarah Palin just can't take a hint.
14NRA members demonstrate how classy they are by heckling the father of a murdered child. Update: Maybe they didn't.
22Good news: They no longer want to charge rape victims who have an abortion with destroying evidence. Bad news: They now want to charge the doctor who performs the abortion with destroying evidence.
22China to Jong-un: Yeah...that nuclear test is a really dumb idea.
22The Independent reports that the Koch brothers and other fossil fuel industry kazillionaires are secretly channeling money to organizations that back global warming sceptics. Quelle surprise.
11The fifth ranking house Republican puts the blame for gun violence squarely where it belongs: Those damn, welfare mothers fraudulently medicating their kids so they receive more Social Security!
17The Boy Scouts of America are apparently having internal discussions about ending their anti-gay policies. A public letter from their official site confirms this policy is indeed under discussion.
16Canuckistan elected its first gay premier (equivalent of Governor) on the weekend. Normally, the response in the North would be "Who cares?" but we can thank Sun News commenters for demonstrating everything that is wrong with 21st century conservatism.
20Homosexuality is a sin because you can't keep it in the fridge.
14Want to be a citizen of the UK? You'd best stop by the Ministry of Silly Walks.
17The cutest disgusting animal on the planet.
10Ariel Sharon getting ready to make a comeback.
16Bloomberg's ban on supersized soft drinks is now, of all things, a racial issue.
26Quelle surprise! Homeopathy is 'rubbish', says UK chief medical officer. (The sad part is that this constitutes news.)
25Rick Santorum voices his hatred of higher education again, this time blaming its "indoctrination" for same-sex marriage, pornography, abortion and just general gawsh durn anti-Chrischun values.
16Bob McDonell, the Republican Governor of Virginia, "believes Virgina's [electoral college] system works just fine."
28Arizona Republicans propose a bill that wouldn't allow atheists to graduate from high school.
23Bobby Jindal, the purveyor of such visionary laws as the Monkey Bill 2.0, chemical castration, income tax repeal, and the privatization of literally every state asset, says again that Republicans must not be the "stupid party." We have yet to see the reaction in the Oval Office.
3Katzen raus!
18Orly Taitz's lies are catching up with her.
17This is what happens when you don't vaccinate your children.
40This Week in Republican Assault on Democracy: Alarmed that the GOP can't seem to win a national election despite doing their best to prevent Democratic-leaning groups from voting, Republican-controlled legislatures in swing states are planning to allocate electoral votes to the victor in each of their gerrymandered Congressional districts. If the 2012 election had taken place under these rules, Mitt Romney would have won the electoral vote by 11 points, despite losing the popular vote by 4 percentage points and the traditional electoral vote by 126 points.
14Confused American Googles up computer book publisher Tim O'Reilly's GetSatisfaction site, evidently believes it's Bill's site, is still confused after Tim takes a crack at answering her anyway.
1You know that Mormon Notre Dame football player whose girlfriend hoax is getting way more attention than it should? Hold the phone, because it sounds like a Haggard in the making.
-2It's a Stalking Charge, Charlie Brown
29New Mexico legislator would criminalize abortions after rape as "tampering with evidence".
29Scottish Charity Regulator rules that a Catholic Adoption Agency must comply with equality law on letting gay couples adopt.
4Mormons in the Fog. Could be a movie in there somewhere...
17It seems Kim Jong-un is even more batshit insane than his father.
44A pregnant Colorado woman died of a heart attack in a Catholic hospital. The hospital made no effort to save the twin fetuses, and now the husband is filing a wrongful death suit as a result. The Catholic hospital's official defense? The fetuses were not babies!
9Prince Harry compares his time co-piloting a helicoper in the Afghan war to video games, calling it "a joy". Even the Taliban thinks that was stupid.
11Belgium, get your shit together before our proud tradition of mocking American ignorance is endangered.
9Good one, Comrades
16British woman in Bali, Indonesia is arrested and sentenced to death for the heinous, despicable, completely appropriate death-worthy crime of...drug smuggling while allegedly under threat from gangs, because it damages Bali's reputation as a tourist destination?! "Come visit beautiful Bali, where our good name is worth more than your life!"
29"So what did you learn in your Texan school today, Cletus Jr.?" "That Jews have it wrong and blacks are black for punishment!" The Lone Star state does it again...
24Justin Bieber's mom set to produce a pro-life film extolling the virtues of not aborting her pregnancy. Let's...just not say anything about that.
22In Mormonland: Do you look black gay liberal? I'm going to charge you more!
17How to end your political career in two sentences. And probably the first second Japanese politician to merit a RationalWiki article.
14We only went five links before yet another school shooting.
20Ah, that was a pretty good couple of hours playing video games and, wait, what's that? Oh, I'm a child molester now? That's news to me!
28On Sunday morning, Joe Scarborough said on Meet the Press that the only reason the GOP controls the House of Representatives is because of gerrymandering. About 36 hours later, the Republicans in the evenly divided Virginia state senate waited until they were sure that one Democratic state senator was at President Obama's inauguration before issuing a gleeful "NO SHIT, JOE!!!"
18The Canadian bastardization of Fox is falling apart so badly that it is begging the government regulator to inflict itself onto everyone that owns cable. Reading the comments recommended.
8What the **** is wrong with people who design bills with trees from the other side of the ocean?
7Pong goes ping, but don't worry, it might come bouncing back.
21Oh, you know, just another mass shooting in America.
22DNA, screw your structural orthodoxy. We're going quadruple helix.
13Kick out the Taliban, add in the torture.
27So, what lesson did you learn today, gun nuts?
25"Legalising gay marriage will increase the crime rate", says Sensible Sentencing Trust spokesperson.
12"U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz is fighting to hold on to her job, and to avoid an embarrassing grilling in Congress and possible professional disciplinary proceedings. Her prospects look grim." ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED. (Don't forget the Ortiz and Heymann petitions.)
18The woman standing in the way of Mark Sanford's second climb up the Appalachia: Stephen Colbert's sister.
19With this rise of rape culture, we're committed to protecting rape victims and bringing their abusers to justice. Haha, just kidding, get fucked (again). Signed, Washington DC cops
7Well, so much for the Fed being a bunch of moneycopters.
13British man jailed after pretending to be an Islamic extremist to make himself more interesting.
30"Democrats and independents with more political knowledge were found to be more likely to dismiss conspiracy theories [such as Birtherism and 9/11 Trutherism], while Republicans with more political knowledge were more likely to believe the theories."
6 Eating lower on the foodchain for environmental reasons? You're not helping.
14Louisiana police chief steals stolen money
14Quite possibly the most intriguing story in sports in recent memory.
26Obama administration releases proposals for gun control. Cue shitstorm in five...four...three...
29The NRA goes even further off the rails: Let's not give the POTUS' family Secret Service protection! Sure, nothing can go wrong!
6I'm not a racist, I just have a statue of Obama eating a watermelon.
13The inauguration committee wises up and selects a pro-gay priest, in fact the one Obama sees most, to replace Giglio. It's not all good news though, because guess who will also be making an appearance.
16Pat Robertson is asked by a teenager why his dad spends so much time playing video games instead of communicating with his mother. The answer? "Your mom needs to get prettier."
31The Wall Street Journal has a strange definition of "poor."
12Unfortunately, some very dumb parts of the internet can join to make 100,000 signatures.
20Two time Republican presidential hopeful, Ron Paul, announces his retirement from politics.
24Irony meters out! NRA releases shooting video game for 4-year-olds. Update: Age rating changed to 12-and-up after the game was published.
33"No good deed goes unpublished." Kindly older man who helped children after Sandy Hook massacre is being harassed by Newtown "truthers".
33What the fuck, The Atlantic? Bonus: CoS was given moderator control over comment threads. The Atlantic then pulls it down with the message "We have temporarily suspended this advertising campaign pending a review of our policies that govern sponsor content and subsequent comment threads." Tony Ortega has a more detailed timeline with commentary. Update: The Onion's got the scoop.
19Meryl Dorey steps down as leader of the Australian Vaccination Network, which will also stop publishing its newsletter.
29About fucking time.
3Department of Justice, you have one job: Sue his ass to hell.
8Depardieu and Putin: BFFs
19Not Onion: Star Wars game segregates gay characters onto 'gay planet'
2Dear God: Please can you fix it for me that my car will start? Love the Queen of England.
30Are corporations people? Let's test that idea!
27Astronomers have discovered the largest known structure in the universe, a clump of active galactic cores that stretches 4 billion light-years from end to end.
32Colin Powell lays out what everyone with half a brain already knows - the GOP has a racist streak. He nicely details the loaded language of, among others Sarah Palin.
12French Air Force drives back Islamists in Mali.
-15RFK Jr believes that his uncle was killed by more than one gunman.
15Aaron Swartz kills himself. (How significant? Even Tim Berners-Lee weighs in.)
52The White House's response to the Death Star petition is made of win. Update: Best comment so far.
18Joe Biden seeks advice on gun control measures from representatives of video games and movies
13A UK Minister representing a government that constantly bemoans the lazy and workshy sleeps in and misses a TV interview. (and considering what his boss recently said about people getting up in the morning...)
33Anti-gay; Pro-child porn.
39Remember that guy who said that the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun? He and his organisation can suck on this.
20You know, there is an alternative to not paying your workers properly. It was developed by a bearded German man living in Brussels back in 1848. So how about you get on with it?
26In case you thought the Republican war on arithmetic was hyperbole: Fox News calls 6th grade algebra "political indoctrination".
14FPSRussia's producer, despite owning guns he's trained in to the extent of bragging about how great he'd be at stopping a shooter, is shot dead.
16Let the world's most sophisticated artificial intelligence and data analysis machine read Urban Dictionary: WCGW?
9Former GOP member of the House Science, Space & Technology Committee (and current lobbyist) urges the same committee during the last days of the previous congress to authorize on-vehicle sponsorship of Mars rovers. He even envisions a "Go Daddy" rover in his pitch to the committee. (It would seem that he has noticed that "NASA" is just two letters shy of being "NASCAR".)
9Keep supporting those troops Harper, right into the ground.
7Japanese authorities looking to find an anonymous hacker find some clues... attached to a cat.[No, not The Onion]
14Texan student who refused to wear a radio tracker badge on religious grounds loses her case.
18Hello. I'm the United States government. I hate taxes (but love spending) so much that I might have to to mint a 1 fucking trillion dollar coin so I can pay off my bills. (So it was the debt ceiling - not the fiscal cliff - the craziest idea to rule them all.)
192012 has been the hottest year ever in the US. Heeeere we go!
11Shocking that there was a carbon tax row in Australia.
12AIG should just pawn those brass balls of theirs to pay off the bailout.
14Military judge confirms that Bradley Manning, the soldier who leaked classified information to Wikileaks, has been kept in illegal conditions prior to trial.
11A Maryland community ends prohibition after 132 years. Changing with the times or giving into sprawl?
28Alex Jones, Gun Blobby leader, rants at Piers Morgan, who looks on blankly while he masses his Big Pharma robodrones to take down Alex just like Building 7 in a hail of lazerz. So he can lead the NWO.
9With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil—that takes religion.
17Sheriff Joe sends armed posses of volunteers to patrol Phoenix schools.
23Fox News viewers, fed up of having been lied to about who was going to win the election, vote with their remotes.
8Worried your child is addicted to violent video games? No problem! Just hire his fellow gamers to take out his avatar.
23English Defence League leader Stephen Lennon jailed... for a passport offence. Oh, the delicious irony.
7David Cameron: My millions of penguins, my love for you is boundless. Not like that wench Margaret.
13Brazilian prison guards discover a break-out kit being smuggled in.... attached to a cat.
17Assad: "It's all a conspiracy! Those evil Westerners are all ganging up on me! You western puppets are going to hell!
24Aurora, Colorado experiences its second multiple-fatality shooting in less than a year.
16What to do when your money is worth more to you than your freedoms?
36Among other obstinate acts of waste and stubbornness, the 112th Congress voted to repeal Obamacare 33 times — a waste of 88 hours of deliberation and $50 million, even though they knew there was no chance that it would pass the Senate or be signed into law by President Obama. And now, thanks to Michele Bachmann the 113th Congress is off to the races yet again.
17Catholic priest suspended after a little problem with handcuffs.
18Church of England to appoint gay bishops, but only if they promise to stop all that icky stuff.
21Michael Bloomberg: "In recent weeks, we've heard some people say that the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. But sometimes the good guys get shot - and sometimes, they are killed."
2Connecticut town holds drive to collect and destroy violent video games.
6"Spiritual but not religious" people are more likely to be mentally ill than either the religious or atheists.
11Charlie Hebdo runs cartoon biography of Muhammed. #Blasphemy
8To escape a Socialist tax hike, actor Gerard Depardieu turns to, of all places, Russia.
12Paedo-porn collecting priest gets 8 years
2Remember how Switzerland never has gun violence? Not any more.
13Oregon officials propose adding a mileage tax to energy efficient cars that get over 55 mpg in order to offset the loss in revenue from taxes on gasoline.
15Holy. Fuck. Nicolas.
25What the fuck has happened to you, Canada?
27Rather than allow protection for lesbians, Native Americans and immigrants, House Republicans allow the Violence Against Women Act to expire.
29Dear Hurricane Sandy victims. Fuck you! Love, the Republican Party.
19Saudi religious leader calls for gang rape of Syrian girls and women. "He specified that the 'intercourse marriages' last only a few hours in order to give each fighter a turn." UPDATE! story retracted
29Oh God, the wingnut response is going to be hilarious.
15Kim Jong-un makes a speech on TV and stresses the necessity of both avoiding war, and, um...continuing build on an already enormous military. What?
16Biden may have saved us all.