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Riposte Laïque

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Riposte Laïque ("Secular Retaliation") is a French political movement and website.

Their web description is "for the defense of secularism and mutual tolerance principles".[note 1] Defending secularism can't be a bad thing, right? When you peel off the thin paint, they can't be further from defending "mutual tolerance principles"; they are really Islamophobes who hold views that echo right-wing nationalism and other far-right bigotry. Their Islamophobia would make even Sam Harris shiver.[note 2]

For example, they deny that moderate Muslims even exist: they're either radical Muslims or lying radical Muslims using "Taqiyya" to cover up their real intentions.[1] Also, due to their general far-right craziness, they've been condemned more than once by French courts for inciting hate speech.[2] Despite this, they very occasionally supported Muslims when their views happened to align.[3]

Even though France's version of secularism, laïcitéWikipedia, or total separation of church and state, would sound left-leaning to the American religious right, most French analysts have found the movement to be hypocritical and far-right-leaning.[4]


Riposte Laïque began in 2007 as a website with a hardline secularist stance (even for France) and a focus on Islam - against the Islamic veil for instance - but was still genuinely secular and progressive in some other matters, quite articulate in its views (unlike the hysterical far-right style the site is known for today) and occasionally critical of other religions, including Christianity.[5] Their descent into madness took only a couple of years, the turning point being cooperation with notoriously racist far-right organizations and participation to events that targeted Muslim cultural practices as a whole.[6]


They're not even that "secular", really : for example, many of them explicitly and repeatedly wrote that they're out to defend France's Christian roots,[7] or even pagan roots when they deem Christianity to be too close to Islam.[8] Also, they tend to have socially conservative views, and many, if not most of them, opposed same-sex marriage, for instance;[9] some of their members and contributors are either homophobes[10] believing in the théorie du genre (gender theory)[11][12][note 3] or denounce the hate of some Muslims against the homosexuals SODOMITES OF THE DEVIIIL! for their own gains.[13]

As expected, their favourite political party tends to be the National Front (FN), and they even tend to find it's become too "moderate" in its relation to Islam.[14]

Unsurprisingly, they oppose the EU[15] and support Donald Trump[16][17] and PEGIDA.[18]

Conspiracy theories[edit]

As said above, they believes all Muslims are radical and hiding their real intentions. They also believe in the Grand Remplacement,[19] a French conspiracy theory created by French far-right nutcase writer Renaud Camus[20][21] and unsurprisingly, opposes immigration as a result.[22] They believe that immigration is...The cause of the loss of I.Q. in France[23][24] and they believe in Eurabia[25][26]...

Apart from that, they are also global warming denialists,[27][28][29] hate Freemasons, [30][note 4] the EVVUUUUL! Bilderberg group,[31] and support Wafa Sultan.[32] They are also pro-life.[33][34]


They are experts in hoaxes and Photoshop, using an image in which a mere video game critic is turned into a radical Muslim...[35][36] Their hoaxes are frequently attacked by the Debunkers des hoax d'extrême-droite (Far-right hoaxes debunkers).

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  1. "One shouldn't be surprised when a Muslim lies by omission or by action, dissimulates or falsifies, because it's a quranical prescription. Indeed, when it comes to developing Islam, all shots are allowed. "Taqqya" (sic), which means "dissimulation", is a duty for believers in inferiority. However, as soon as the balance of power is reversed, the Muslim can consider aggression."
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