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S. A. Swaffington

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I agree with a lot of it if I'm honest!
—S. A. Swaffington's assessment of Mein Kampf[1]

S. A. Swaffington, also known as Ryan West, is an English nationalist writer who has self-published a series of novels about Anglo-Saxon history. He is not above distorting the facts to push a racist agenda.


Swaffington wrote his first novel, The Rise of the Saxons and the Legend of Hengest and Horsa, under the name Ryan West and had it published in 2008. The story portrays the semi-legendary founders of England as genocidal thugs: it associates them with Nazi imagery and shows them rampaging through Britain murdering defenceless children, lusting after 13-year-old girls, torturing slaves for fun, committing drunken rapes and coming out with lines like "let's holocaust them into oblivion". Despite this, the author still expects the reader to side with them.[1][2][3] One of the few people to give this book a positive review on Amazon was Wulf Veldasson, a neo-Nazi who belongs to the Hitler-worshipping cult Woden's Folk.[4]

A few years after the publication of this novel, the author began writing under his current name of S. A. Swaffington. He claims that he has moved on from the fascist sympathies shown in Rise of the Saxons, and that he has given a more clean-cut portrayal of the Anglo-Saxons in his more recent books.[5] In fact, however, he was still expressing a clearly racist point of view even after restarting his career. In a 2012 post at the Anglo-Saxon Foundation forum, written after he made his debut as S. A. Swaffington with Offa: Rise of the Englisc Warrior, the novelist states that "My views on non-white immigration is very simple: I'm 100% against it, no ifs or buts." Swaffington also canvassed for positive reviews at this racist board.[6]

In addition to his bigotry, Swaffington is guilty of operating a sock-puppet account to promote himself on Amazon[1] and using plagiarised artwork on the covers of his books.[7]

Is it cos I is Englisc?[edit]

Swaffington has had trouble being professionally published, and he blames this on political correctness rather than his own shortcomings as a writer:

I’m still turned down, time and again by agents.

Why? Because I write about the English in a positive light, and promote a positive English identity and don’t pander to PC and multi-culturalism to make a few $$$.

I shed light upon the truth, I invoke questions, and free thinking. My characters are real men, not poncy PC robots that belong in a sheep pen, being herded by the lefties. I make the reader proud of their past, and the achievements of their ancestors. Because I inform the reader how the English stood up for themselves and overcame the British elite to help forge a new home in Britain, where the English were free, where English culture thrived. A place where the English were free to sing of their glorious ancestors and not be bullied into submission by so-called anti-facists [sic] who go around throwing bottles at English children for waving St George’s flag in the street.

Thanks to the wonderful internet (invented by an Englishman, no less), I have freedom to write, freedom to think for myself, and freedom to educate my fellow man on real history, not the lies taught on the BBC and throughout the media.

I have claimed success without need of an agent or publisher, and I did it by speaking the truth, and without conforming to society, I did it without selling my soul, like some. It’s the agents and publishers who’ve missed out, not me, not the public, for the sheep are throwing off their woollen coats, jumping the fence and running free with the wolves in the forest!

Swaffington is proud enough of the above rant to have posted it in at least two nationalist communities.[8][9]

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