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Plaid Cymru

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Plaid Cymru (pronounced [plaɪd ˈkəmri], meaning the Party of Wales), also commonly referred to as Plaid (rejecting the existence of other parties, of course), is a left-wing political party in the United Kingdom which also advocates an independent Wales, and campaigns vigorously for the Welsh language. They use the national Welsh symbol of a daffodil.

Plaid Cymru probably does not contain any druids, nor does its annual conference coincide with an Eisteddfod. Out of forty Welsh seats in Parliament, Plaid Cymru currently holds an amazing four. However, despite their lack of success in the English dominated British parliament, they have been relatively successful in the Welsh Assembly, forming a coalition government in Third Welsh Assembly (2007–11) with the Labour Party.

They are not to be confused with 1980s nationalist group Meibion GlyndŵrWikipedia (pronounced May-beon Glin-doore), who used to burn down English people's holiday homes in protest not only to the way this affected the price of neighbourhood houses - primarily because the houses were empty save for two nights a year, which was considered extremely disrespectful to Welsh locals - but also the way the English treated the country at the time. To this day, the group have not been caught. The police actually arrested well-known nationalist celebrities who had nothing to do with the group[1].

Despite having 'plaid' in their name, they do not wear kilts.

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