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Shaun (born 1988[1]), initially Shaun and Jen (S&J), is a leftist YouTuber that debunks conspiracy theories and other lies promoted by conservative/alt-right media and YouTubers, generally at extreme length.[note 1]


The channel was originally a let's play channel run by two old school friends, Shaun and Jen [2] [3]. Shaun began making videos about other YouTubers (such as LeafyIsHere [4] and CinemaSins [5]) in 2016, and soon after began making videos refuting the arguments of popular right-wing, alt-right [6] and anti-SJW YouTubers [7]. The videos became increasingly popular as a new wave of leftist YouTubers (such as ContraPoints and Hbomberguy) began to gain traction on YouTube through their critiques of right-wing politics. Jen doesn't participate in these videos beyond occasionally drawing the thumbnail art [8] [9], and eventually left for Twitch. By September 2017, the title of the Shaun and Jen Youtube channel was changed to simply "Shaun" (pending a new name), while Shaun's twitter handle and Twitch Channel still have Jen in the title [10] [11]. The symbol of the channel is a human skull wearing sunglasses, allegedly in order to "reclaim the skull" from the alt-right (Davis Aurini, maker of The Sarkeesian Effect and Alt Right Dogs, keeps one on his bookshelf).

Sample videos[edit]

  • XY Einzefall(link): A response to a "migrant crime reporting map". As an example, S&J shows that almost all of the "arson" cases are tipped toasters.
  • Do women destroy civilizations?(link): A response to Black Pigeon Speaks' claim that, well, women destroy civilizations.
  • Stefan Molyneux's Fall of Rome - A Response(link): A response to Stefan Molyneux's shitty sources and corresponding shitty ideas about the fall of Rome.
  • Ghostbusters 2016 Review & Analysis(link): A response to the "Ghostbusters is feminist propaganda" meme.
  • Charlottesville: The True Alt-Right(link): A response to James Allsup's (a Charlottesville protestor) claims about the alt-right and showing the neo-Nazi, racist, and anti-Semitic elements the movement has.
  • How PragerU Lies to You(link):A response to PragerU's videos on feminism, economics, etc.
  • Abolish the Monarchy! - A response to CGP Grey(link): A response to CGP Grey's arguments against the abolition of the British monarchy.
  • Transphobia in the UK(link): A response to transphobia in the UK, specifically in the British press.

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  1. Read: only watch if you've got half an hour to spare.