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Steve Shives

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Well, at least he's honest! (but he thinks it's a sandwich)
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Steve Shives is an atheist vlogger who has produced video series including "An Atheist Reads" and "Five Things" (previously Five Stupid Things). His videos deal with debunking conspiracy theories, pseudoscience, and assorted woo.

Shives has expressed vocal support for Atheism+, and he has argued that feminism should be more widely accepted in the atheist community. This position has unsurprisingly drawn sharp criticism from anti-feminists in the atheist YouTube community, including Armoured Skeptic, TheAmazingAtheist, and Sargon of Akkad.

Besides his YouTube channel, Shives used to occupy the Tuesday slot on the collective-run Breakfast Club channel until it was discontinued in October 2015.

He does a very good RP accent apart from completely forgetting the yod sound /j/ before certain vowels.[1]

Block Bot[edit]

Shives uses a block bot, with the goal of reducing the absurd amount of harassment in his feeds.[2][3] Realistically, this results in most people who try to tweet him being blocked by him, usually without their knowledge. Many people claim to have been blocked by Shives' account before having even heard his name, only discovering it when they looked him up for the first time.[4] The unusual zeal of Shives' block-bot is a frequent source of criticism against him.

Mainstream pickups[edit]

Shives has been picked up by the Huffington Post a couple times for his opinions,[5][6][7] and once by Vice.[8]

Regular schedule[edit]

  • Monday
    • The Facepalm Five : Five things since last time that make you facepalm. A sort of current events show focusing on the profoundly facepalm worthy.
      • Previously: Five Things (Current Events): "Hey here are five stupid things I've noticed since last time."
    • The Off-Monday Ramble: An occasional and often unscripted rant about anything.
  • Tuesday
    • And now the good news: Good news from fields such as science and medicine over the last week.
  • Wednesday
    • Five Things: "Hey here are five harmful things I've noticed about Ableism". A slightly retooled five stupid things series that focuses on subjects on a narrower scope. Can also be positive too. "Hey here are five amazing things about the Apollo Moon Landings".
      • Previously: Five Stupid Things (Topic): "Hey here are five stupid things I've noticed about (topic)."
  • Thursday
    • An atheist reads: Long form critiques and criticism of books typically written by Christians or other religious folk. Broken up into chapters to reduce the absurd length.
    • The Steve and Stuffy show: A grown man plays with stuffed animals.
  • Friday
    • You had to ask: A generic Q&A from Shives.

Other shows[edit]

  • The Breakfast Club (Stopped in October 2015):
  • Wrestling With Wrestling: With Doc, a show about professional wrestling, the entertainment kind.[9]
  • The Late Seating Podcast: A podcast about old movies, but occasionally has some new films as well.[10]
  • The Ensign's Log Podcast: A Star Trek themed podcast following the lives of two low ranking officers aboard a certain well-known starship. Early episodes hew closely to the plots of TOS episodes, but they later diverge.[11]

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