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James Patrick Holding (born 1968, usually referred to as J. P. Holding, who has also used the name Robert Turkel) is an ex-prison librarian[1], cartoonist, and Christian apologist known best for founding and managing Tekton Education and Apologetic Ministries.

About J. P.[edit]

J. P. Holding is a Christian minister who lives in Florida.[2] He earned a Master's degree in library science and describes himself as "trained to look things up and answer questions."[3] Amongst laypeople this is also known as "typing a question into Google."

Even though he is a Christian, he claims that he does not set out to convert people.[4] Instead, he claims, he is presenting facts and clearing up misunderstandings, such as Biblical contradictions and scientific errors. He claims to be explaining the history of Judaism and Christianity in a cultural context, however it is unclear when reading his articles what this context is, since it is not mainstream academic nor mainstream revisionist Christian. He claims he doesn't have to resort to pseudohistory or logical fallacies, but again, this is not borne out in the articles from his website. His answers are his own, and they may or may not be useful for someone who is questioning his or her Christianity, but they do not resolve any of the known conflicts in the Bible any better than other apologetic writers have done.[5] He would accurately be characterized as a Cyberbully. His manner of operating led to a 2015 libel lawsuit in Washington State Court and a federal libel lawsuit in 2016, both of which Holding avoided answering on the merits by paying a lawyer more than $20,000 to seek dismissal for reasons other than the merits. The details of these lawsuits can be found at Plaintiff's website.[6]

More details about the lawsuit, including original court documents and transcripts, can be found at Holding's website. [7] Therein he explains that the lawsuit referred to ended in September 2016 with a judgment against the Plaintiff and the court ordering the Plaintiff to pay Holding $21,494.95 in attorney fees. As Holding further explains, when he sued Holding, the Plaintiff already owed more than ninety thousand dollars in debt. Some sixty five thousand of that was from other legal debts he has incurred over the past several years due to losses in court. However, he will also not be paying Holding that court-ordered debt any time soon, since he lives off disability checks and food stamps. Near the end of the hearing to award fees, the judge says, “It’s my finding that [the Plaintiff] has abused the court process to go after somebody from out of state, hale them into court in this state.”

Holding also provides numerous quotes from attorneys who opposed the Plaintiff in past litigation, such as one saying he is a "serial pro se litigant" [and a] "known vexatious litigant who intimidates his adversaries in the hope of squeezing money out of them to 'make him go away.'...[He is] “simply untrustworthy and lacks any credibility whatsoever."

Tekton Ministry Website[edit]

The Tekton website has over 1,500 articles, most written by Holding. Tekton also publishes "guest articles" written by others, which he says do not necessarily reflect his opinions. Holding's articles reference everything from a criticism of Bart Eherman's Forged to descriptions of Hell, and how to get there. Most of his writings seem to argue Biblical interpretations from context, however Holding has been critical of the need to read the Bible in its original Hebrew, Greek, or Aramaic,[citation needed] so it is unclear from which context he presumes to approach his apologetics.


  • The Mormon DefendersMormons misunderstood The Bible and are distorting the message of Jesus. No argument there.
  • Shattering the Christ Myth — Argues against the Jesus myth theory.
  • The Impossible Faith — Christianity was such a bad belief that the only way it could have survived is by divine intervention. Richard Carrier was commissioned by some dude to respond in Not the Impossible Faith, and Holding is now in the process of counter-responding via a point-by-point youtube playlist (Holding's channel is described below) on both his own arguments and Carrier's objections. [8]
  • Trusting the New Testament


  • The Spanish Inquisition(s) weren't really all that unexpected bad (and weren't really Spanish, they were the brainchild of the surrender monkeys), and it's not just me saying that, it's these two books which I misread and misapplied. But since I'm citing two books, my ideas must be true.[9]
  • Ed-u-ma-cation, and expertise in Hebrew and Greek is stupid. I have software and not one day of study so nertz to your years of training in the language.[10]


In 2010 J. P. Holding created a YouTube account where he has made several videos based on his beliefs and education. He covers topics such as Hell not being a fiery place of torture, how we know who wrote the New Testament, and Elisha and the Two bears. He doesn't allow comments or videos containing swearing (except 'dumbass') or blasphemy.

His cartoons are much better than Chick Tracts (so are those of my 4-year old nephews), and actually managed to catch us doing something stupid at one point[12] (the Stopped clock effect goes both ways, after all).

Interactions with other YouTubers[edit]

J. P. Holding is known for making replies to famous atheists, such as ProfMTH and NonStampCollector. He calls them "Fundy Atheists" because he thinks they argue like Christian fundamentalists (note that this is not a term of his making, however).[13]

In his videos, ProfMTH, dubbed Mitch, is portrayed as a short bald man with heterochromatic eyes, one of which appears to be nonfunctional. He is shown to lack scholarship and is often thrown around and beat up. Holding has made a response to several of the "Bible Blunder" videos, as well as "Christians, Why do you Celebrate Easter".

NonStampCollector, nicknamed NoSCo, is often portrayed as a yellow stickman. NoSco is given a worse treatment than Mitch, and has been killed, decapitated, and seen making fart noises sometimes in videos not about him. Holding criticizes NonStampCollector for always portraying theists as uneducated in their religion, or completely irrational about it. Holding has made responses to "Context!!!" "Quiz Show! (Bible Contradictions)", and "Jesus and the Modern Day Intrepreter".

Holding's video "NonStampCollector and ProfMTH feel the agape" is a response to their videos "God is Love?" and "1 Corinthians 13:8". They are seen as drinking buddies, and Mitch is a coward while NoSCo gives people raspberries. They are beaten up by a Bible Scholar and the personification of love.

Both NoSCo and Mitch are nasally voiced by Nick Peters, who actually just naturally sounds that way.

Critics of Holding often call his treatment of skeptics immature, but he responds saying that's how Looney Toons and political cartoons characterize authority figures.[14]

He has even poked fun at the infamous DarkMatter2525[15], having made a "test" for him, which he never took.[16]

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