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A misplaced Californian surfer who happens to look exactly like Miles Mathis (circa 1990, colorized)
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It has never been understood how a gas maintains its energy, despite a collosal [sic] number of collisions.
—Miles Mathis, who has never heard of conservation of energy[1]

Miles Mathis (born 1964) is an American artist, poet, writer, pseudoscientist, and conspiracy theorist.

Mathis is best known for his outlandish and often ridiculous theories. For instance, that π (pi) is actually equal to 4, with the caveat that motion be involved;[2] however, not one single reputable scientist agrees with this far-fetched nonsense. Mathis thinks that standard mathematical derivatives are incorrect — overturning almost all math and science, ever. He has also invented a charge field theory which, like all of his other myriad theories, has yet to pass the scrutiny of a basic peer review.

In addition to his math and science ineptitude, Mathis is also a raving conspiracy theorist.

Scientific thoughts[edit]

The pi=4 theory[edit]

Quantitatively, this may be THE biggest error in all of math and physics, since every single physical equation with π in it must now be thrown out and redone.
—Miles Mathis[3]

For those who want to go straight to the pure mathematics of the theory (without all the tedious verbiage), read "The extinction of pi short version",[4] which contains his comical attempt at a formal mathematical proof.

Listed below are the Mathis papers that describe his zany wronger than wrong unorthodox pi=4 theory:

A well-written critique of the pi=4 theory has been written by computer scientist Mark Chu-Carroll.[5]

Derivative falsehood[edit]

Mathis claims that the derivatives used in calculus of many elemental functions (log(x), ln(x), etc.) have been calculated wrong,[6][7] and therefore any math or physical experiment that relies on them must also be wrong. His evidence for this claim is nothing more than a reference to his own articles where he redefines the derivative;[8] basically turning it into a rough approximation (an average value).

Unified field theory[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Theory of everything
This paper is not a historical overview of failed Unified Field Theories. Nor is it a philosophical treatise on the idea of the Unified Field. Nor is it an esoteric model based on extravagant and untestable hypotheses. Nor is it the revelation of some new math, so difficult it requires large computers just to store the equations.
—Miles Mathis, The Unified Field Theory[9]
This means that if the Earth were denser, you would weigh less, not more. You weigh less on the Moon not because it is less dense, or because it has less mass, but because its foundational E/M field is stronger. And its foundational E/M field is stronger because the Moon’s radius is smaller than the Earth’s. Although the Moon’s body is less dense, as a whole, its E/M field is more dense, on the surface. And this is simply because it has so much less surface area than the Earth (13 times less). You can’t just look at mass or density, you have to look at field lines; and the density of those field lines at the surface determines the strength of the foundational E/M field.
—Miles Mathis, What is G?

Mathis is perhaps most notable for his screed on the Unified Field Theory, which purports to derive a unified field equation, "the solution of a very long mystery."[9] He provides no sources for this theory except for his own. His theory is essentially an esoteric model based on extravagant and untestable hypotheses.

This means that the dark matter math is also a type of modified Newtonian dynamics. It is modified in that it takes the definitions and turns them upside down. We could call it a FAFND: a falsified and fudged Newtonian dynamics.
—Miles Mathis, deeply diving into alternative scientific theory that no one is capable of understanding except for Miles Mathis[10]

The majority of his papers are an exercise in trying to justify a haphazard Unified Field, in which anything goes, including a mathematical proof of pi equaling 4.[2][11] He states that he can say and do anything he wants because he has to answer to nobody.[note 1]

Mathis has penned a couple of books that collect various random screeds from his web site together and attempts to pass them off as legitimate science.[1][12]

Conspiracy theories[edit]

Mathis subscribes to quite a number of conspiracy theories, usually by the effect of "X person faked their death", "Y event was a hoax/staged" or "Z is an intelligence asset". Given that belief in conspiracy theories is often motivated by a sense of "special-ness", and Mathis claims to have overturned almost all mathematics and science, this isn't surprising.

  • The Boston Marathon bombing was faked.[13]
  • The Sandy Hook mass shooting is a "scripted tragedy".[14]
  • Unsurprisingly, he's also a birther and 9/11 truther.[15]
  • All major internet sites, NASA, all universities, mainstream physics, and basically everything else (like bookstores) are infiltrated by the CIA.[16][17][18]
  • JFK, and all his relatives since 1944, faked their deaths and have ruled the United States from the shadows (specifically, the Kennedy compound and island of Martha's Vineyard) ever since, with only Nixon trying to bring light to the conspiracy. This resulted in Watergate getting pinned on him.[19][20]
  • John Lennon faked his death and is currently living in Canada.[21]
  • The Zodiac killings were faked.[22]
  • Stephen Hawking died and was replaced by an impostor years before his reported death.[23]
  • The Lincoln assassination was faked.[24]
  • The English Revolution was faked.[25]
  • That every single historical figure since at least the French Revolution, and perhaps since the Renaissance, Including Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, and the Romanovs has been a "gay Jewish actor" completely controlled by "mostly Jewish industrialists" and had their deaths faked.[26][27][28][29][30]
  • Every event, including the sinking of the USS Indianiapolis, the sinking of the Titanic, the Battle of Iwo Jima, Custer's Last Stand, and literally everything else was either faked entirely or almost entirely, with fake photos and storylines.[31][32]
  • That since at least Shakespeare (who was a committee led by the conspirators), there has been an intelligence conspiracy to dumb people down by making entertainment and/or education be crappy or irrational on purpose so that the people who consume it become less logical or rational and thus less likely to oppose or comprehend the conspiracy.[33][34][35][36]
  • That everything above and more that happened since WW2 was a part of "Operation Chaos/Kaos", which is referenced frequently many of his papers. The point is to make people confused, irrational and "turn their minds to mush" so that people don't question physics establishment, resist the conspiracy and buy more things they don't need.[37]
  • Just... you name it, he has a theory about it.

Mathis regularly adds dozens of other equally absurd conspiracies.[38]

You (yes, you) are in on it too[edit]

Even if we assume that everything he says is true, then we should refer to the Conspiracy theory page's checklist in part 4: especially logistics and plausibility.

Assuming him to be consistently correct, this would require the conspiracy to have potentially tens of and very possibly hundreds of millions of people being involved or more and not massively spilling the beans, including every historian, photographer/painter, the low-level grunts "in-on-it", or even just more logical than normal people in the entire world, possibly for four centuries or even millennia (one Mathis reader thinks that it goes back to before the Establishment of Israel, and the word "God" was perhaps referring to them).[39][40][41][42][43] The conspiracy would have to be at least as big as the size of the Flat Earth conspiracy (which Mathis claims to be a NASA/CIA puppet movement to prevent the questioning of physics). He takes this to parodic proportions in a paper about people confusing The Onion with "real news", which is called Poe's Law, the paper "Breaking News".[44] Because everyone's dream when they join the CIA is to work nine-to-five making "as seen on TV" jingles and writing a teleprompt for villages whose populations are in the double digits.

Besides the size, the conspiracy is also smart enough to hide from scrutiny these people’s secret allegiances with the powers that be from the masses, rumblings and exposures about inconsistencies with the official story from those not in on it (which is literally almost everyone except Mathis), eliminate the most significant leaks, etc. while at the same time being so bone-headed that they apparently can't forge photos or create consistent or believable stories for their alleged actors.[note 2] Mathis himself says that currently "something on the order of 10 million people have been hired in the US alone" and includes us at RationalWiki as "in on it".[45][46][47] Questions such as logistics, benefits, and exposure should often be considered. He almost exclusively uses Wikipedia, despite also calling Wikipedia a CIA front,, a few other "mainstream" sites for research, plus "logic".

If the stories are also allegedly so implausible/impossible/contradictory/plain crappy, say a painting that looks too new to be painted at the time, why haven’t student academics (who may have access to various archives and more knowledge then laypeople) ever piped up? Speaking of that, why has nobody “in on it” — the photographers, editors, actors, film directors, extras, storyline writers and more — ever come out publicly and explicitly reveal the centuries-long gambit? If they are just censored by the “mainstream”, in fact, if so many of the photos and stories are as obviously fake a Mathis says they are, then why has nobody, even and especially every-men on the streets, figured out what Mathis has if it is supposedly so simple to unravel?

All these questions are handwaved by Mathis: they are all either useful idiots, in on it too, or most importantly being censored and squelched by the controlled mainstream media, saying that questions about lack of exposure are just "misdirection" and that leaks of the conspiracy are just not reported by said media (if that is true, then how did someone who "exposed" the moon landing, Bill Kaysing, become so well known among conspiracy theorists or get his book published at all if they control the media so totally? If you say they "blackwashed" him afterward, why even bother when you can squelch the bug while it's small and save the legwork?).[48][49][50][51] [52][53][54]

And the elephant in the room: If the ruling elites are so incompetent in so many respects (leaving compromising data openly available on the internet and playing games with Mathis using even crappier shills all allegedly reading from the same script instead of unpersoning him, having their actors all be gay, Jewish, and related to each other, et al., even if as Mathis claims that a single "flicker in the matrix" can be fatal to the entire conspiracy, how in the world have they gotten this far without having a fuck-up that reveals the whole charade? (Mathis says 9/11 was the big fuck up, but this whole mess should have crumbled long ago, especially since he claims througout the papers that the conspirators are also in a low-level conspiracy against themselves.)

Anti-Mathis Science Conspiracy[edit]

To quote from Mathis' page "debunking" conventional interpretations of the Cavendish experiment:Wikipedia[55]

You cannot find anything against Cavendish on the internet. I discovered the existence of one critique by S.J. Barnett, from 1902, but the abstract had recently been deleted by Harvard. Apparently too many people were beginning to look at it, and they had to take it down.

The only abstract I could find was this one, by P.V. Czipott in STI, from 1983:

A superconducting gravimeter was used in a laboratory physics problem for the first time in the inverse square law of gravitation. The gravimeter test mass was used to measure the force exerted by a 325 kg source mass as a function of the separation between the masses. The results of the experiment are interpreted in terms of two models of non-Newtonian gravity, and compared to limits established by previous experiments. A statistically significant deviation at the level of 7.5 parts in 10 to the 3rd power from Newtonian behavior is observed. It does not conform to either of the non-Newtonian models…

That sounds kind of dangerous to me, and I predict this abstract will soon be deleted as well.

The rest of the post asserts that science paywalls — rather than being relatively innocent capitalism-fueled endeavors — are set up to hide information.


Mathis exhibits blatant anti-semitism in his writings. He has claimed that many non-Jewish individuals are actually Jewish, including Jack Nicklaus,Wikipedia[56] C.S. Lewis,[57] Donald Trump,[58] Elon Musk,[59] Adolf Hitler,[60] Napoleon Bonaparte,[61] and Pierre-Simon de Laplace.[61]

Persecution complex[edit]

Unsuprisingly, Miles Mathis has a persecution complex suitably sized to his perceived genius. He thinks that everyone, other conspiracy theorists, mainstream theorists, all academics, and other assorted naysayers to his theories are never just sheeple innocently repeating what they were taught to believe, but CIA fronts/agents/hires, employed to keep people off his research, and he regularly accuses people of being controlled opposition:[62][63]

Their (QAnon, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange) main job is to keep people off my research. All three arose soon after I hit the scene and my numbers began going superviral...Google is now removing my name from all searches, Twitter and Youtube are deleting all mention of me, and so on.[note 3] It STILL isn't working, since they were too late: so many people now know of me that I can continue to exist and grow only on word of mouth. Big Tech hasn't yet figured out how to squelch word of mouth, though it is doing its best. That is part of what lockdowns are about: it stops people from talking about me in coffee shops, restaurants, and other in-person gatherings...The government is actually censoring text messages, but that just drives people to real calls. Are they actively disconnecting real phone calls? Probably.

There are far more of these people than anyone ever imagined, except me. I have been telling you for years there are millions of them and that you are surrounded by them at all times. Well, it turns out I was right, and I may even have undercounted. I estimated 6-10 million in the Intel agencies themselves, but if we include all those working somewhat normal jobs who are also paid to push ahead various agendas like Covid, trannies, Men-are-Pigs, Chaos, CRT, etc, there may be five or ten times that number. You will say that about 1/4th of the people in the US are children, so if we subtract out those I am claiming about one in four people are agents, or as good as. Yeah, but why subtract out the children?

Response to RationalWiki[edit]

Mathis got mad at this page, alleging that we at RationalWiki "probably come out of Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, since they look to be a psychological operations unit".[64] Here are some quotes from another of his responses:[65]

RationalWiki (which is known by most people outside their offices as RatWik or RatDik[note 4]) now has a page on me, which is nice. I appreciate the promotion. They could just not mention me at all, which, considering what they say about me, would be the "rational" thing to do. If they are right and I am just a deluded crank, why have Google redirect all searches on Miles Mathis to their page? Why the obvious and pathetic smear campaign? Do you really need to smear deluded cranks? No, logically and rationally, you can ignore deluded cranks, because they are no threat to any real science. Therefore, logically and rationally, the fact that they feel it necessary to slander me with this prominent transparent project is another sign they are threatened.

I am kicking their sorry asses and the asses of their masters all over the field on a daily basis. But rather than respond in a scientific manner by addressing what I actually say, they hire a bunch of nameless pussies hiding behind fake sites to build little "snarky" pages with zero content. I encourage you to read their anonymous response to me, and compare it in content to my papers.

They actually attack Newton on a page about me! Amazing. It's an ego-trip alright, but one they just launched me on themselves. I can just see those who hired them finally getting around to reading this: "What? You compared him to Newton? You boneheads! Why not put him on the same pedestal with Leonardo and Einstein while you are at it! We hire you to slander this guy on a half-page and you can't even get that right!"

I am probably already getting more hits than all of RatDiki, and this will just add to the gap. I certainly have more content. If Google didn't pad the numbers of these Intel-front websites like RatDiki by many orders of magnitude and suppress mine, we could discover that truth, but as it is we probably never will.

While they are waving their rubber swords in the air, glorying in the movements of their own girly arms, I am lopping their genitals off—and they are already too emasculated to notice. If they had a lick of sense, they would have consulted my previous disembowelings of their confreres—who are now walking around dickless in Langley or Harvard or Berkeley or somewhere—and begged off. But as proof they can't read, they keep lining up for more.

That's right, RatDiks, while you are and your pals are writing from sub-basement 12 at Langley—sucking on fumes from the boiler room—my writing committee is nested in the spire of the Burj Khalifa, getting messages through the windows from eagles flying in from Etna and Everest. So you may as well tap out.

He — or someone who writes a lot like him — really doesn't like this page.[66][67][68]


  1. In this case, Miles needs to answer to nobody because nobody will pay attention.
  2. Guess the ever-present greed for more moolah even though it endangers the conspiracy means that the editor and photographer's budget had to get cut.
  3. As of Thursday, September 16th, 2021, they have not done this.
  4. Side note: Nobody uses "RatDik". Miles chose to say this literally only because it's a childish joke.

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  52. "The mainstream historians and other paid propagandists want you to think you can't tell anything from names, places, faces, noses, genealogies, or anything else, because they don't want you questioning any of their claims. They don't want you unwinding things like I have. The internet is stiff with anonymous experts on forums waving you off my research based on a sniff and a shrug, but it isn't working because 1) no one visits those forums but spooks, 2) my arguments are rich with facts while theirs are non-existent. All they do is call me a name, point out a couple of things they don't like, and treat that as a response. Nobody is fooled by that. To stall, the history police have begun borrowing talking points from the science police, who have long dismissed me as an egotist. No one but an egotist would ever question mainstream authorities, according to them. Anyone confident enough to think for himself must be deluded. So don't bother reading me: I couldn't possibly be worth reading. The only thing worth reading is promotion of the same old lies that got us where we are now.
  53. "Whenever I finish a paper like this, I ask myself again how historians could have missed it all. Are there any real historians, or all they all paid to lie? The evidence all points to the latter. As in every other field, historians proceed only by accepting the history they have been sold, and they are denied any advancement if they do not. Only those who regurgitate the old lies are given teaching positions and book contracts."
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