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The Golden One: (alleged) modern Viking and slayer of beta leftists!
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Marcus Follin, better known as The Golden One is a Swedish white nationalist YouTuber[1][2], bodybuilder, and online fitness coach,[3] as well as the creator of one of the dullest SkyrimWikipedia's W.svg "let's plays" in the world. He's also a "proud" pagan Odinist, who really likes Julius Evola's traditional values.[4][2][5]

What does he do, and why should anyone care?[edit]

Despite his bizarrely reactionary views, or maybe because of them, The Golden One's YouTube channel boasts over 92,000 subscribers as of March 2019.[6] Some of his subscribers are supposedly in positions of power.[2] Keep on reading, and let that sink in.

Support for vigilantism[edit]

The Golden One has shown open support for Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines.[7] Whom he describes as a hero, role model, and textbook definition of a good leader.[2] Specifically, he supports Duterte's decision to encourage the murder of suspected drug dealers.[8] Has it ever occurred to him that some people targeted by Duterte's lynch mobs might be innocent? Yes, it has, but he views it as a necessary sacrifice[9] because everyone knows that stopping consumption of particular combinations of chemicals is more important than due process or innocent people's lives.

On women's rights[edit]

The Golden One encourages young men to forcibly prevent their female loved ones from leaving home at night.[10] His rationale is that he's keeping them safe from Middle Eastern immigrants who want to rape them. Apparently, for all his knowledge about "getting joocy" (read: becoming muscular), he has a relatively poor understanding of human rights, namely the 9th right to avoid "arbitrary arrest, imprisonment or exile". One must wonder how "alpha" he would feel if his girlfriend called the police on him.

Associating homosexuality with pedophilia[edit]

In 2015, a 12-year-old boy was recorded on video twerking at a gay pride parade.[11] The Golden One criticizes the gay community for not speaking out about this.[12] He then implies that "gay rights", as he calls them, should not be legal unless the gay community can control its members.[13]

Problems with The Golden One's argument[edit]

Who polices whom?[edit]

Unless a community is a formal organization with rules, it has no responsibility to police its members. A community can be defined as (but is not necessarily) a group of people in a geographical area who have 1 or more traits in common.[14]

Anti-pornography views[edit]

The Golden One believes that porn causes men to become "pacified sheep".[15] His explanation on how porn supposedly turns men into pacified sheep is based on his belief that it "reduces the willpower in your brain on a biological level".[2]

Scientific studies on porn use[edit]

Kohut, Stulhofer (2013)[edit]

2 independent samples of 455 and 858 teens were taken from Croatia. The purpose of this study was to determine if there was any correlation between porn consumption, well-being, depression, anxiety, and self-esteem. One flaw with this study is that the dependent variables are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to measure objectively. That said, the study showed mixed results. A correlation between porn consumption, depression, anxiety, and low well-being was found for the female teens in 1 sample but not both. [16]

More anti-porn rhetoric[edit]

Click here to see more of The Golden One's rants about porn.

Alleged conspiracies against him[edit]

Like any good right-wing nutjob, the Golden One also loves to indulge in conspiracy theories. For example, he claims that the racist indie game "Angry Goy II", which features him as a playable character, is a secret ploy of leftists to make him look bad,[17] or that right-wingers that post hateful comments under the videos of his opponents aren't really affiliated with him, but instead paid by the Jews.[18]

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