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Joe Rogan

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Joe Rogan (born 1967) is an American comedian, podcaster, MMA commentator, actor, and the former host of Fear Factor.

Rogan has a podcast called The Joe Rogan Experience,[1] which features guests, many times his friends, or scientists (Neil deGrasse Tyson),[2] activists, authors, social media figures, and other fellow comedians.

He is somewhat known for his fringe views, which include New Age ideas. Raised Catholic, his spiritual views are now derived from "experiences" he's had using psychedelic drugs.[3] He has promoted numerous conspiracy theories, and is notable in part because he does so.[4]

Rogan is also a personal friend of Alex Jones[5] and has been featured several times on InfoWars together with Alex, also providing "InfoWars-exclusive interviews".[6][7]

Some fundies think he's a demon[8] and/or an Illuminati member.[9][10]

Joe Rogan Questions Everything[edit]

In 2013, Joe Rogan hosted a show called Joe Rogan Questions Everything.[11] The show was aired on SyFy and only lasted 6 episodes. The show debunked conspiracy theories such as a "bigfoot human hybrid"[12] and HAARP making chemtrails.[13]

Pseudoscience Promotion[edit]

Joe Rogan has, on many different occasions, expressed doubt over fairly established medical knowledge. He has expressed doubt over the existence of some kinds of Autism, as well as ADHD ("Didn't someone just say that they invented that? And that it's not real?").[14]

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