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Joe Rogan (1967–) is an American comedian, podcaster, MMA commentator, actor, and the former host of Fear Factor.

Rogan has a podcast called The Joe Rogan Experience,[1] which features guests, many times his friends, or scientists (Neil deGrasse Tyson),[2] activists, authors, social media figures, and other fellow comedians.

He is somewhat known for his fringe views, which include New Age ideas. Raised Catholic, his spiritual views are now derived from "experiences" he's had using psychedelic drugs.[3] He has promoted numerous conspiracy theories, and is notable in part because he does so.[4]

Rogan is also a personal friend of Alex Jones[5] and has been featured several times on InfoWars together with Alex, also providing "InfoWars-exclusive interviews".[6][7]

Some fundies think he's a demon[8] and/or an Illuminati member.[9][10]

Joe Rogan Questions Everything[edit]

In 2013, Joe Rogan hosted a show called Joe Rogan Questions Everything.[11] The show was aired on SyFy and only lasted 6 episodes. The show debunked conspiracy theories such as a "bigfoot human hybrid"[12] and HAARP making chemtrails.[13]

Pseudoscience promotion[edit]

Joe Rogan has, on many different occasions, expressed doubt over fairly established medical knowledge. He has expressed doubt over the existence of some kinds of Autism, as well as ADHD as a "disease of the brain" ("Didn't someone just say that they invented that? And that it's not real?").[14]

Transgender talks[edit]

"Transgenderism" with Kyle Kulinski[edit]

Joe Rogan has many doubts over the transgender experience and invited a couple of guests to speak about it, one of them being Kyle Kulinski.[15] Specifically, he doesn't think transition is effective, despite many submitted studies speaking otherwise,[16][17][18] and claims it "doesn't have an impact on suicide rates" ...except that it does.[19][20] It is true however that studies have found a similar suicide rate for post and pre-transition gender dysphoric individuals, although these same studies mentioned typically explore what's behind the post-transition suicide rate, and the causes are never discussed. Growing and improved studies further suggest that the rate decreases post-transition. All studies thus far agree that the causes of post-transition suicidality are familial nonacceptance, social rejection, harassment, discrimination (in employment and housing), lack of access to medical care, violence, etc. [21]

Rogan also claims transition is "elective" care, and suggested that there was no difference between having gender dysphoria and feeling a need to transition to address it, and "wanting bigger tits". It is no question that gender dysphoria is debilitating (causing physiological and psychological stress that may cause mental trauma).[16] While it's not urgent for some transgender people to acquire some aspects of transitioning, wanting medical care to address debilitating conditions is not "elective".

Age of transitioning[edit]

There is a spoken concern by Rogan, that transgender people are transitioning before the age of twenty five, and too many transitioning too young. Claims that suggest transitioning before the brain stops developing entirely before the age of twenty five will mess up your brain is entirely untrue when you consider that being a child who has not entered puberty does not automatically mean you are cognitively "messed up". Endocrinologists suggest that children who reach puberty should only be put on hormone blockers to prevent undergoing changes under the wrong primary hormone,[22] and the transition to the rightful primary hormone should proceed safely at age 16.[16] Tests of individuals starting the replacement therapy at age twelve reported normal progression,[18] and the delay of hormone replacement therapy may lead to psychological and cognitive trauma.[16] Puberty suppression causes no irreversible or harmful changes.[22]

Joe Rogan misinforming about trans children in conversation with Adam Conover[edit]

Joe Rogan, while thinking women are 'hard-wired' to be attracted to athletic male bodies[23], decided to spring a conversation on Adam Conover, the host and program creator of TruTV's Adam Ruins Everything, about transgender athletes and children.[24] Conover wasn't prepared but felt compelled to defend, he later pins a tweet[25] linking to a website[26] that already confirms what was speculated above in hopes that JRE fans will read and learn that Rogan did not learn, alongside Olympic history with trans candidates.

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