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Inventing "The Other"
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Fear And Loathing

Clemens Heni (born 1970) is a German Islamophobe and blogger, currently living in Berlin. He is known for virulently spewing invectives against Muslims in Europe and for denying that Islamophobia even exists.[1] He is also noted for his anti-Palestinian views.[2] He also accuses Jews who are critical of Israeli policies of being "self-hating Jews".[3] On his blog, he regularly supports wingnut anti-Muslim writers of the David Horowitz and Manfred Gerstenfeld type.[4] A fanatical and totally uncritical supporter of the most extreme faction of the Kahanist anti-Muslim and anti-everyone-else Israeli right wing, he is also noted for having accused all parties in the German Bundestag, from the Left Party to the Christian Democrats, of being "extreme anti-Israelis".[5]