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Dave Emory (1949–) is a radio personality and conspiracy theorist whose show is carried by several noncommercial FM radio stations including KFJC, KPFK and KKUP in California and WFMU in New Jersey. He describes himself as an anti-fascist activist, but proving once again that good intentions can go so, so wrong, his research is mired in a conspiratorial analysis in which hidden Nazi and Fascist conspiracies are everywhere, with their tentacles in governments and secret societies around the world.

As an example of the mire, Emory has accused Glenn Greenwald — who is ethnically Jewish[1] — (as well as Julian Assange and Edward Snowden) of being a Nazi sympathizer.[2][3] In Greenwald's case the accusation is based on his pro bono defense of the free speech rights of Neo-Nazi Matthew Hale.[4] By this 'logic', the ACLU is a hotbed of Nazi sympathizers.

His show is a smorgasbord for the information junkie wanting to keep up with what is going on in the world, relying on annotated sources for his arguments.

According to conspiracy theorist Alex Constantine, Emory has accused other conspiracy theorists ('Nip Tuck', John Judge, and the entire board of the Mae Brussell Research Center) of being government agents.[5] Constantine in turn has accused Emory and others of being CIA stooges.[6] Where the truth lies is anyone's guess since there's little independent information about the circular firing squad among these conspiracy theorists.

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