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The new and improved not-actual-logo of the illuminati. So modern, so cool, so hip. Note, this logo is just a RIP of the old Electronic Arts logo from the 1980s. Actually, it looks like it's from the 80's.
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Sheeple wakers was a scam website preying on the wallets of conspiracy theorists and cranks. It appears to be (to nobody's surprise) defunct. Alternatively, IllumiCorp is a satirical spoof video made by a Canadian filmmaker Matt Anderson.


The video[edit]

The video was made in August of 2010 by a Canadian filmmaker Matt Anderson with the actor Arthur Roberts.[1] Matt Anderson did admit that the video was just a parody[note 1] and not a-super-secret-elite-training-video-made-for-the-Illuminati. Unsurprisingly, conspiracy theorist claimed that the IllumiCorp video is definite "proof" of the existence of Illuminati[2] despite the fact it's a parody.

The website[edit]

Whilst the video was just an innocent spoof taken out of context by cranks, the website (which Matt Anderson is most likely not a part of) is a massive scam taking advantage of the paranoid. The website was created about three years after the creation of the original video and the creator of said website is Ainsley Knight.[3] The website advertises itself as having connections to the original Bavarian Illuminati[4] despite not showcasing any evidence to prove their radical claim.[note 2] You can become a "member" of IllumiCorp if you pay them anywhere from $29.99 to $399.[note 3] On a side note, the website doesn't start with https and doesn't have a padlock in the search bar so it isn't secure with banking information... Another reason to avoid that website and not buy anything.

Ainsley Knight[edit]

Ainsley Knight is not only the creator of, she also is connected to many other scam/crank sites. Most peculiarly, she is the creator of The Knight Company website which is a website with zero conspiracy content. The CEO of The Knight Company (Righ Knight) has confirmed that he and Ainsley Knight were together at one point but sadly separated in 2010. In an e-mail he sent to a skeptic, he stated:

"Hi [Name] and Thanks for reaching out.
I apologize for the confusion and I am not sure what to tell you for most of what you asked,
But I can assure you that Ainsley and I were married but separated in 2010,
Ainsley has apparently purchased a lot of domain names and made many websites.
I do run | |
But these are all managed by Ainsley and owned by her.
As I said, I update the 3 sites above from time to time,
but any other sites she owns or has re-directing, or facebook pages is beyond me.
I hope I have been of some help.
Sorry for the confusion.
May I ask what type of agency you work for?
Warm Regards,
-Righ Knight"

5 of the crank websites Ainsley has created are:, /,, and The Black Sun Society[5]

"The Official Network"[edit]

On the main page of, there is something called "The Official Network" which is a collection of even more scams.

  • — A money scam.
  • Black Sun Society — Yet another money scam.
  • T.H.U.L.E Group(another website created by, or at least connected to, Ainsley Knight)[6] - The alleged financial part of the Black Sun Society.
  • OfficialIlluminati — Conspiracy theorist's wet dream.
  • Black Sun Society Facebook — Claim to have the "knowledge" of what's going to happen by saying "MAJOR event tomorrow" and then the next day sharing some random news paper article. In other words bullshit. In addition, they have a fascination with Vril.[7]
  • Hidden Hand Facebook — Claims to be a teacher of THE WORLD! Spewing out random nonsense about random nonsense. Surprisingly, they stopped posting after they predicted, on the 6th of November 2016, that Hillary will win the elections despite Trump winning the popular vote. Oh, the irony.

Conclusion[edit], and everything associated with it, is just another attempt to benefit from conspiracy theorists and cranks. It's best to stay away from those sites and if you ever come across something similar to this, always take it with a grain of salt. Furthermore, Although the website is from Canada and the original video was made by a Canadian, that doesn't mean that Matt Anderson is a part of the website because remember:

  1. Coincidences happen.
  2. There are over 36 million people in Canada.

See also[edit]

Legit Listing[edit]

  • ILLUMICORP - This appears to be a legit business that popped up. They appear to be an investment management and design company. They have created quite a bit of commercial work for the gaming industry on as well. This may be one to watch.

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  1. Even Mark Dice, yes THAT Mark Dice, knew that the video wasn't real. However, he most likely pointed out the obvious to advertise his book.
  2. Furthermore, the website claims that the IllumiCorp video was intended for the wesbiste. Once again there is nor proof of that.
  3. For the sake of everything that is good in the world, DON'T GIVE THEM MONEY!