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Exopaedia is a blog/wiki, owned by Manuel Lamiroy,[1] that seeks to demonstrate that alien life exists near Earth and that aliens have visited Earth multiple times. Unsurprisingly, they're quite shoddy about citing sources, and when they do give their sources, it tends to be other woo peddlers.

The site started in 2007 and claims to be the successor to HyperBase (so called because it was a database that used hyperlinks), a similar venture by "regression therapists" (read: confabulation woo peddlers) created back in 1994. In fact, a lot of their articles are direct copies of HyperBase entries, due to be revised in sometime-never. Initially, it was open-edit like Wikipedia, but after problems with porn spammers, it was closed off.[1] Now, at least in theory, anyone is welcome to contribute, but they need to contact Exopaedia first.[2]


Their page on Richard C. Hoagland completely buys into all his claims, including being the first to propose the idea that life could exist on Jupiter's moon Europa, and throws shade of its own at NASA for supposedly neglecting to credit him as such.[3]

They also believe that matter is really just energy that's vibrating at certain frequency, a claim they're parroting from a woo book called The Prism of Lyra.[4]

Earth and Humanity[edit]

Exopaedia believes that humanity did not originate on Earth, claiming that humans originated from many waves of alien migration from LyraWikipedia, VegaWikipedia, and various other star systems.[5]


While their claims that MKULTRA was proceeded by two operations called Project Artichoke and Project Bluebird really are true,[6]:387-389 they also make the silly claim that the MK in MKULTRA totally stands for "Mind Kontrol".[7] This is patently false: MK is just the designation for projects run by the CIA's Office of Technical Services Division,[8][9] which is now known as the Office of Technical ServicesWikipedia.[10] Furthermore, not every MK project was about mind control. For example, in MKNAOMIWikipedia, the CIA attempted to develop biological weapons for sabotage and assassination and created a dart gun specifically for incapacitating guard dogs.[6]:388-389

They also believe in the Project Monarch conspiracy theory.[11]


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