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Frank Turek is a Christian apologist and anti-atheist. He co-authored the book I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist with Norman Geisler and has a television show with the same name on the Christian cable channel, NRB Network.Wikipedia[1]

Turek hosts an expansive blog called, where he peddles evangelical Christian apologetics products and services. The site also provides podcasts, and is the source for a weekly radio show on American Family Radio, the American Family Association's hate radio organ.[2]

Of course, Turek also has a YouTube channel with a quarter of a million subscribers and over 44 million views.[3]


Turek is stridently opposed to atheism and atheists. His YouTube channel has videos in which he debates and answers atheists with factually inaccurate and laughably fallacious arguments.[4][5] Turek also seems to hold the popular Christian belief that morality is objective and that atheists have no morals or "moral compass" to "guide" their ethical decision-making.[6][7]

Turek is an Old Earth creationist and an intelligent design activist.[8] He even claims to have once traveled to Iran in search of the fabled Noah's Ark.[1] In his list of the "top 20 Christian apologists" he included creationist organizations and people such as the Discovery Institute, Hugh Ross, Lee Strobel, and Ravi Zacharias.

Turek is also quite homophobic and has written articles for, a far-right website in which wingnuts rant about the evils of them goatdamn goddamn libruls and other assorted anti-'Murican bogeymen. These articles were later republished on Voice of Revolution, Michael Brown's homophobic website.[1][9][10]

Turek is also known for writing the book Correct, Not Politically Correct: How Same-Sex Marriage Hurts Everyone.[note 1][edit]

Turek created, a "non-profit" webshite that peddles evangelical Christian apologetics products and services. According to the site's official mission statement, they exist "to address the problem that 3-out-of-4 Christian youth leave the church while in college, many because they are intellectually skeptical."[11][note 2] The webshite includes the following masterpieces of Christian apologetics:

Secular Leftists Demand Christian Student Senator Resign For Disagreeing With Them

I was watching this video from Prager University[note 3] on resiliency, and it was talking about several ways that a person can make themselves defensible against unexpected setbacks.

Christian student is being persecuted by teh evul leftist fascists and teh homosexual agenda

The Darwin Tales

Everyone believed the Darwinists, boys, and girls until a few brave scientists concerned with data and following evidence came along and called their bluff.

An article about pseudoscientists Stephen C. Meyer, Tom Bethell, and Jonathan Wells showing why Darwin is wrong

If God created the universe who created God

I also want to stress that this isn’t special pleading for God. This is what the atheist has typically said about the universe; that the universe is uncreated and eternal in its existence. No atheist was asking “Who created the universe”? They thought the universe was “Just there,” that it was a brute fact. Although that conclusion is now invalidated by powerful scientific evidence and philosophical arguments.

"God was just there all along"

How Sunday Schools Are Raising the Next Generation of Secular Humanists

It’s going to take a lot for the church to catch up to the impact of culture. But it can be done. Just as parents and the church can lose the culture war together, we can win the culture war together. It starts with the realization that the battle is happening whether we want to fight or not. The choice is then ours: Prepare and engage, or keep giving kids goldfish and playing games each Sunday.

This article was tackled by YouTuber, Mr. Atheist.[12]


  1. Even just the title of the book begs the question: How exactly does two men/women who love each other getting married affect the marriage of a heterosexual couple?
  2. Really? The core beliefs of young people are changing and they're starting to think critically and ask questions as they grow up? Oh the humanity!
  3. Upon citing Prager University, Turek immediately removes any credibility from any further statements he might make on this topic.