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Fun:Anti-vaccine argument bingo

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"Hi, Billy Mays here for Anti-vaccine argument bingo!"

Since the antivaxxers tend to use such predictable arguments, this should make arguments with them go a lot smoother. Just mark their canards off as they come up.

Autism is a misdiagnosis! Jenny McCarthy does too know what she's talking about! Why do you hate my child(ren)? Hannah Poling. Boyd Haley/Russell Blaylock/Gary Null/Laura Hewitson/Robert Kennedy, Jr. cited.
Remember pink disease? But they have aborted fetuses in them! The government obviously removed thimerosal because it really was dangerous! "No study of the unvaccinated." We're not anti-vaxxers, we're just "pro-safe-vaccine" (or "pro-informed consent")!
"You didn't trust Big Tobacco's studies 50 years ago, so why should you trust Big Pharma's now?" Oh yeah? Well, Poul Thorsen stole money from the CDC! FREE SPACE Andrew Wakefield's "non-fraudulent" 12-child study. Herd immunity is totally bogus, the government just made it up to force people to comply with their evil plan.
Chelation therapy is safe and effective. Formaldehyde/Aluminum/Mercury/Polysorbate-80/other "toxins" Where are all the Amish autistics? Luc Montagnier is on our side, and he has a Nobel Prize!!! "Too many, too soon."
Lupron therapy/Testosterone "sheets". The government can't tell us what to do, this is all about personal choice. "No study of all the vaccines in the schedule." Miracle Mineral Solution works, and also is not bleach. Promoting mandatory vaccination is a religion!

Bonus Points[edit]

Addendum: It looks like someone else independently came up with the same idea. So did these guys.