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Kitty Werthmann

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Kitty Werthmann is the president of the South Dakota Eagle Forum, an anti-just-about-everything-sensible group founded by Phyllis Schlafly.

Werthmann was born in Austria and lived in German-occupied territory during the Holocaust.

She invariably blames liberals for implementing policies that would send the United States of America down the slippery slope into the Fourth Reich.[1][more detail please] That doesn't stop her message from circulating across the internet via email and social media.[2]

Among the boogeymen that she blames for Adolf Hitler's successes include implementing gun control, equal rights for women, removing religious instruction from Germany's public education system, and anything even remotely close to socialism, communism or anarchism.

That Werthmann, Schlafly and the Eagle Forum preach little more than an American form of Kinder, Kuche, Kirche is an irony completely lost upon them.