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Political Vel Craft is a website hosting the paranoid ravings of a Minnesota-based Teabagger lunatic in the form of green ink articles and a blog. The proprietor's favorite conspiracies seem to be ones of the Obamunist, birther, Illuminati, New World Order, Federal Reserve, chemtrail, and international Jewish varieties. The site is also ragingly racist and promotes bigotry of all kinds, including homophobia, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism.

It's the Jewish banksters (who aren't actually Jews)[edit]

In the world of Political Vel Craft, just about every political leader is a Rothschild stooge (and the British monarchy plays into this somehow, because apparently they have massive amounts of political power). The site, for all the anti-Islam and anti-Arab rambling, ironically dredges up an old anti-Semitic canard once popular among some in the Middle East (and Russia): Most Jews aren't really Jews![1] This is the old and widely debunked "Khazar myth" which states that Ashkenazi Jews are actually descended from the Turks of the Khazar Empire. The (pseudo?) Jews, according to the site, are in bed with the commies to create the New World Order and we need to "drive the money-changers from the temple" to stop them. It appears as though Father Coughlin never really died, he's actually locked up in someone's basement in Minnesota with only an internet connection to maintain human contact.


As should be expected, the site promotes wingnuts' favorite forms of pseudoscience: creationism[2] and global warming denialism.[3]

Notable claims[edit]

Aside from the normal Teabagger howlings of Obama being a Secret Muslim, radical Marxist, and/or black Nationalist, this person has also claimed that Obama is a member of NAMBLA. Which, even we have to admit, is a new one. Even most Tea Partiers know not to be so blatantly obvious when they make shit up.

Recycling material[edit]

The green ink is generously interspersed with images, videos, and documents ripped off from the websites of other conspiracy nuts, including Alex Jones and Lyndon LaRouche, so you know what you're dealing with here.

External links[edit]

  • Political Vel Craft (you'll probably have to wipe the bat guano off your monitor after viewing)