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Reverend Michelle Hopkins, (called RevMichelleHopkinsMann on her YouTube channel[1]) is a fundamentalist, extreme conservative, and conspiracy theorist who literally distrusts everything except herself.

How she gets her point across[edit]

Most of her videos have headlines in ALL CAPS, and really long, rambling descriptions, with links to other conspiracy-related Youtube videos, which are usually (but not always) hers. If they are hers, expect a lot of Recursion through her videos. If you comment on her videos with refutations to what she's saying in her videos, she'll usually tell you to read the description/rest of the video, and then post the description as a reply. In some cases, she even does so multiple times in one reply! This is also assuming she doesn't disable the comments (and likes/dislikes).

Blatant lies[edit]

One of her claims is that she has Machado–Joseph diseaseWikipedia, and it's triggered when electromagnetic waves are around the air. She cited this as proof of HAARP. However, if you look at a reliable source, this is far from the case. This shows her credibility, considering she can't get the symptoms of her own condition right.[2]

She promoted a speech from Obama claiming it means Obama declaring a New World Order.[3] However, if you look in her rant description, you'll find she linked to the full speech.[4][dead link] When you watch the FULL speech instead of her pithy minute, it isn't even five minutes into the speech until you realize it's edited. What happened is that she took two part of separate paragraphs, and combined them to make it sound like Obama was saying humans need to give away freedom to succeed. If you watch the full video, you'll see that, in context, he was saying nothing of the sort. And she links right to it! Oops.

She's probably one of the worst quote-miners in history. She makes the Governor of Connecticut seem like he was told another attack would happen in the state after the Sandy Hook massacre, and therefore they would prepare.[5][dead link] Of course, the actual speech has a completely different meaning.[6] Guess where the full speech was found? Her description of the Quote-Mine.

She also promotes hour-long documentaries with misleading titles containing speeches taken out of context.[7].

Another thing that she can't grasp, along with other Conspiracy Theorists, is that whistle-blowing isn't whistle-blowing unless the whistle-blower has proof. Otherwise, it's just baseless accusations.[8][9]

Oh right, and she thinks chemtrails have left blood ALL OVER HER CAR!!![10] Also chemtrails contain blood in them too.[11]

She's obsessed with the Department of Homeland Security to the point where she often links to this video (she's apparently too lazy to make her own version). Still waiting on this one.

The mark?[edit]

She thinks these[dead link] channels[dead link] are the Antichrist, and that their symbol is the mark of the beast.[12]

When HAARP attacks[edit]

Michelle was going home, and suddenly a big storm starts. She immediately thinks this came from HAARP. She prayed to God and it all went away, and multiple rainbows showed up. Then God appears in her car and tells her that he loves her.[13] Basically we're supposed to believe this actually happened. The actual story is much more elaborate, and a lot less believable. The suckers in the comments believe it though. All's well, however, as her boyfriend confirmed the story is true[note 1], and we all know he's not lying. Also, she got random advertising from a random person regarding this video.[14][dead link]


Yep, another instance of conspiracy theorists not trusting their fellow kind![15][dead link]

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  1. Hmm, reminds me of Bill Wiese