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  • Americans for Truth About Homosexuality(link): Depending on your definition of "truth".
  • Askthebigot(link): An anti-gay blog run by an Evangelical Christian woman who was raised by her lesbian mother and her partner.
  • Common Filth: A fundamentalist Christian and all-round crank who has a particular grudge against LGBT rights and abortion, characterising modern western society as being run by a shadowy cabal of gay people. Almost everything bad which has happened in the world in the last half-century has apparently been the result of people doing things he thinks are icky inside their own bedrooms. Known mainly for his "Tumblrista" and "Vine Marathon" compilations, where he insults and mocks vulnerable people who are half his age. He has been highly critical of the alt-right, but this is mainly because he believes they are too lenient on homosexuality. Has a small but extremely loyal following.
  • God Hates Fags(link): The flagship website of Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church. Contains such delightful accoutrements as a counter keeping track of how many days Matthew Shepard has been in hell.
  • Mission: America(link)
  • National Organization for Marriage(link)
  • Them Before Us(link): Anti-gay site under the guise of a children's rights group.
  • Voice of the Voiceless(link): A "faith-based" organization that defends the rights of "former homosexuals, individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction, and their families."
  • World Congress of Families(link): Another one of those groups full of hateful bigots with "family" in its name. Apparently hates America and its Constitution. Loves Russia for its hard line stance on homosexuality.


  • 101principals(link): Poster of the website Manhood Academy. Claims himself to be a cult leader. Refused to agree to the claims that SickMouth gave for a debate. Had his YouTube channel deleted as according to YouTube, "This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement."
  • Alpha Game(link):
  • BadBoy(link):
  • Birdman(link): Another generic anti-feminist youtuber with a helping of fat-shaming and transphobia as well as an obnoxious overuse of "triggered".
  • Black Dragon(link):
  • The Black Pill(link):
  • Chateau Heartiste(link): Not to be outdone by Roosh, Roissy spits on any woman who doesn't look like a supermodel, marry at 16, and dedicate her life to licking her husband's boots as somehow a violation of evolutionary principles - and that's not even going into the occasional thinly-veiled (or, really, not-veiled-at-all) white nationalism.
  • CoAlpha Reactionary Forum(link):
  • Coach Red Pill(link):
  • Community of the Wrongly Accused(link): MRA website dedicated to blaming rape victims, portraying all victims who fail to successfully prosecute rapists as liars, as well as generally trying to give the impression that false rape claims are extremely common. Moved to this blog from The False Rape Society after its being listed as a hate site by the SPLC.
  • The Counter-Feminist(link):
  • Dalrock(link):
  • Deansdale's Blog(link):
  • Derek Rake(link):
  • Eivind Berge(link):
  • FACEandLMS(link):
  • Freedomain Radio(link): Stefan Molyneux is the patron saint of Euphoria, and his realm is Youtube.
  • Going Your Own Way(link):
  • Groundwork For the Metaphysics of MGTOW(link):
  • Gynocentrism(link):
  • Happier Abroad(link):
  • Hawaiian libertarian(link):
  • HenryMakow.com(link): A whiny MRA crossbred with a paranoid conspiracy theorist. Feminism is a scheme on the part of Masonic/Communist/Satanic forces spearheaded by the Rockefeller Foundation to destroy society.
  • Honey Badger Brigade(link): MRA/antifeminist website founded by women (the eponymous "honey badgers").
  • Hooking Up Smart(link): A PUA site run by self-styled dating "expert" Susan Walsh; except for the fact that it's run by a woman, it's pretty much typical of the genre.
  • Howard Dare(link):
  • Human Stupidity(link):
  • Hypergamy Doesn't Care(link):
  • The Ignored Gender(link):
  • Illimitable Men(link):
  • Jack Donovan(link):
  • Jack's Terrible Thoughts(link):
  • JackGreen(link): Vegan YouTuber who makes MGTOW content.
  • Joseph Strickland (as Joseph8276)(link): Made a video regarding how women needed to lower their standards. Also made a video entitled, the problem with girls and what they should do. Brought up on charges for child pornography. Most of his videos can be found here.[1]
  • Judgy Bitch(link): aka Janet Bloomfield, alleged social media specialist for AVFM who was thrown off Twitter for harassing other users. Obnoxious, pretentious, hypocritical female MRA.
  • Just Four Guys(link): Come here for Obsidian's crankish beliefs in evolutionary psychology and internalized racism issues, Han Solo's bullshit theories on relationships, Cirian's neo-reactionary tripe and the last guy doesn't say anything.
  • Justice for Men & Boys(link):
  • Karen Straughan(link):
  • Kings Wiki(link): Roosh's "encyclopedia of neomasculinism."
  • Krauser PUA(link):
  • Liberal Lunacy(link):
  • Lifestyle Journey For Men(link):
  • Love-shy.com(link): "You fucking women had better date me, or I'll fucking cut your throats!"[2]
  • Margaret MacLennan(link):
  • Man Without Father(link):
  • Manhood Academy(link):
  • Manosphere.com(link):
  • Manthesis(link):
  • Married Man Sex Life(link): Athol Kay's PUA site.
  • Matt Forney(link):
  • Men-Factor(link):
  • Men's Rights Blog (Masculist Man)(link):
  • Men, Women, and Society(link):
  • MGTOW Forums(link): Along with Reddit, the Spearhead and A Voice For Men, is one of the Big Four men's rightster webshites. Here, the boys congregate in their treehouse to cackle with glee about how they'll punish those evil bitches and destroy society by refraining from marrying. Goes its own way by obsessing about what they're supposedly getting away from.
  • MGTOW Wiki(link):
  • The Misandry Bubble(link): An epic-length treatise by a Singularitarian known as "The Futurist" that reveals the vast feminazi conspiracy to destroy men and Western civilization as we know it!
  • Misandry Today(link): A right-wing-leaning mra/anti-feminist youtuber.
  • The Modern Savage(link):
  • National Coalition For Men(link):
  • The Obsidian Files(link):
  • Oslo MGTOW Diaries(link): Oslo MGTOW is a writer whom you wish would start producing his own videos already.
  • Owning Your Shit(link): Canadian female MRA. She also has a YouTube channel(link).
  • Patriactionary(link):
  • Prince of Queens(link): A gay mra anti-feminist/anti-sjw who, while claiming to be "mostly liberal", regularly makes videos deriding the left on various things. Also dabbles in transphobia every now and again.
  • The Problem With Women Today(link): Reads like a tantrum being thrown by a 14-year-old-boy over his girlfriend breaking up with him; you can practically envision the spittle flying out of the author's mouth as you read it.
  • The Promethean - Adam No Eve(link):
  • PUAHate(link): No, it's not for mocking PUAs. Rather, it's for Nice Guys pissed that PUA techniques aren't working for them, and who insist instead that the key to attracting women is...bucketloads of plastic surgery. Elliot Rodger, it transpires, was a regular here, and since his rampage, it's been taken offline until further notice.
  • The Ralph Retort(link): Virulently anti-feminist and a prominent pro-GamerGate blogger. Not above painfully transparent concern-trolling.
  • The Rational Male(link):
  • The Real Sexism Project(link):
  • Reaxxion(link):
  • Red Pill Philosophy(link): Some jackass who regularly cherry-picks videos of men punching women and things of the sort to parrot alt-right, pro-Trump bullshit, a shift from his earlier material levying generally legitimate criticisms toward the education system, and scientifically ignorant complaints about, well, science. Considering the view count resulting in this change, it's obvious to anyone he mainly did this for attention and money (success without school, yo). Regularly targets Black Lives Matter, feminism, and spouts nonsense about "teh maytreearkee", black supremacy, and even once claimed there was a "war on beards" (no fucking joke, search for it on YouTube, it's hilarious). Has no problem touting racist pseudoscience and boasting sexist gender norms from the 19th century.
  • The Red Pill Room(link):
  • /r/Incels(link):
  • /r/KotakuInAction(link):, a place where GamerGaters gather to demand they be taken seriously. But that requires beliefs to the left of Franco. And intelligence. And the will to slither out of your mom's basement from time to time. There's not much to be said beyond "we needed to show how we're not misogynists, so here's an anime avatar with our "Daily Dose" edgy rape jokes built right into her clothes.[3] She agrees with everything we say and is our obedient waifu. (Original character do not steal.)"
  • Reddit/r/mensrights(link):
  • Reddit/r/theredpill(link):
  • Register-Her.com(link): A website for rapists to register their victims as false accusers.
  • Return of Kings(link): Roosh's second, more politically-oriented blog. Considerable overlap in content and viewership with /r/theredpill, and several writers term themselves "redpills".
  • Red Patriarch(link):
  • Red Pill Report(link):
  • Rekt Feminist Videos(link): Rekt claims to be "The #1 Channel for videos of Feminists getting owned." Makes Bearing look like a PhD candidate.
  • Rekt Media(link): Yet another "feminist/sjw gets owned" channel.
  • RooshV(link): A particularly nasty, vicious PUA blog. The owner claims that women who deign not to wear high heels are worthless and that a man is not a real man unless he has sex with as many different women as possible.
  • Sandman(link):
  • Secular Patriarchy(link): Frustrated chump who wants to subjugate people while loosely disguised as fighting for 'traditional women's rights'.
  • The Secular Traditionalist(link):
  • ShieldWife(link):
  • SlutHate(link): Effectively the new PUAHate, with an added dash of crude racism.
  • Social Justice Fails(link): A compilation video channel that revels in "showing SJW's, feminists, and BLM getting rekt and triggered by 'logic'".
  • The Spearhead(link): Feminists and manginas beware! FSTDT has a taste of what you can expect.[4]
  • spinosauruskin(link): British MRA who is known for making videos calling out anybody who criticizes the Men's Rights Movement, even if the people calling out the MRM aren't even feminists, such as BLH Productions who was an egalitarian. Made a video where he said feminists are terrorists and then went on to explain how feminists were like terrorists. While he used the definition of the word terrorist correctly, he fails to realize how feminists haven't actually killed anybody. Was recently outed as the owner of an anti-Sargon parody Twitter called Hardon For Assad.
  • StudioBrule(link):
  • thatincelblogger(link): a.k.a. governmentsgetgirlfriends, "coconut", etc. The latest den of a deluded Nice Guy who spends his days advocating that the government ought to provide him with a taxpayer-subsidized girlfriend, boasting about various actual or fantasised revenges on women who rejected him, rallying against "The Atheist Cult" (all atheists that are not raging misogynists) for calling his rubbish out for what it is, and pining for the collapse of civilization. Even /r/MensRights and /r/TheRedPill consider him too sexist and crazy for them.
  • Things that We have Heard and Known(link):
  • Tuckermax.com(link): Dedicated to a narcissistic fuckwit and Pick-Up Artist who pitched a shitfit when he realized that his fans are all love shies and virgin losers who were using him for life by proxy.
  • Turd Flinging Monkey(link):
  • Tuuli Kontio(link): Female MGTOW supporter who openly stated in her video, "Random thoughts on MGTOW, traditionalism & feminism" that she was against women having the vote.
  • Unknown Misandry(link): What would have been a fairly decent true crime blog centered around female killers - was bogged down with obvious MRA bullshit and propaganda. Has its fair share of bashing political correctness and so-called "cultural marxism". They even fell for Femitheist's little schtick, claiming he has a "misandric fixation".
  • The Venusian Arts(link): Webshite of well-known (thanks to the VH1 series) PUA Mystery, and his 'theories'. Also sells his shit-tastic books, and overpriced life coaching sessions.
  • Virgin Messiah(link):
  • Viva La Manosphere!(link):
  • A Voice for Men(link): Run by Paul Elam, The flagship website of the men's rights movement does itself no favors by classifying ordinary, harmless feminists alongside female serial killers and child molesters.
  • The Voice of Reason(link):
  • Vulcan Vivacity(link):
  • What Men Are Saying About Women(link): Another typical MRA/Antifeminist blog with frequent bouts of homophobia and/or transphobia.
  • Whoism3(link): A man's 12-year dry spell produced this combination of Love-Shy.com and The Problem With Women Today. Feast your eyes on histrionic rant.[5][6][7]
  • Wimminz(link):
  • Women Against Men(link): Don't be mistaken by the title, the blog proudly states that "Feminists, government and society trampling men's rights and their dignity into the ground - pitting women, against men."
  • The World According to Bob(link): "According to Bob", a real man is one who congratulates his neighbor for beating his wife; for he was merely asserting his rightful dominance. Did we mention he believes raped women should enjoy the free sex?
  • Worldly Game(link):

TERFs and Radfems[edit]

  • You think I just don't understand, but I don't believe you(link): Cathy Brennan's trans-harassment machine. Transphobic radical political lesbian feminist and all-around drama llama with a thing for harassing trans bloggers.
  • Cherryblossomlife(link): One of the radfemsphere main players. Appears to vaguely subscribe to nature woo and chemophobia.
  • Fair Play For Women(link): A trans-bashing terf website that once published an article praising far-right journalist Lauren Southern while strawmanning trans protection laws[8]. Horseshoe theory, anyone?
  • Femonade(link):
  • Feminist Current(link): More of a rip tide, actually. Conserve your energy and swim cross-current to get out. Go quietly so as not to attract the sharks.
  • Jenny McDermott(link): The feminist that most anti-feminists think of when people hear the words "feminist" or "feminism". Despite her status as a feminist, she claims that it must be a movement that is exclusively a women's only movement and that they must distance themselves from their male allies. Accused Armoured Skeptic of committing sexual violations against Shoe0nhead, despite their relationship being consensual and Shoe0nhead being 24, not 17 as Jenny claimed. Is willing to stab any of her allies in the back as indicated with Kevin Logan. Made a video regarding how a good majority of the anti-feminists have Asperger's syndrome or any other form of autism, in spite of the fact there are women who also have autism, some of whom are in the feminist movement. Has recently gone off the TERF deep end.
  • Gender Critical Dad(link): A rare example of a male TERF.
  • Gender Trender(link): Off the deep end blogger GallusMag, along with her(?) cronies bring you the fear that not only do trans people not exist, but the mention that they do exist by anyone not L or G warrants immediate repercussions.
  • The Lesbian Mafia(link):
  • The Liz Library(link): Elizabeth Kates; Anti-Gardner and anti-Kinsey, Reisman-quoting, parental alienation and false memory denier, holistic lawyer from Florida.
  • Magdalen Berns(link): A British Lesbian Terf who frequently misgenders the trans women she is criticizing in her videos (like Riley Deniis, who she refers to as "he"). She has also made a video called "There is no such thing as a lesbian with a penis!".
  • Mancheeze(link):
  • Melanie Murphy(link): Irish lifestyle vlogger. Has made videos where she has collaborated with Arielle Scarcella and JaclynGlenn. On Twitter, she defended Arielle Scarcella's transphobia in response to the backlash the LGBTQ+ community was throwing towards her response to neonfiona.
  • Radical Lesbian Anarchafeminist Collective(link): The name says it all. Just a group of man-hating lesbians who believed that all women should dump their men and become man-hating lesbians like themselves.
  • Radical Wind(link): Because if Cathy Brennan was too sane for you, you are therefore redirected here. She believes liberal feminism and sex-positivity to be conspiracy theories. Is also very, very transphobic.
  • Reddit/r/feminisms(link): Not to be confused with /r/feminism, this subreddit looks pretty nice until you dig.[9]
  • Reddit/r/GenderCritical(link): The phrase "gender critical" is, by itself, a TERF shibboleth. It does not fail to deliver.
  • A Room of Our Own(link): Radical feminist blogger Cherry picks crimes by transwomen in order to portray all transgender people as criminals.
  • Shit Reddit Says(link): Subreddit ostensibly dedicated to calling out the toxic misogynists and racists on Reddit... by doing the exact same thing but with white people and men as their target instead of women and minorities. Is also a proud "circlequeef" that bans anyone attempting a discussion. Is also quite hostile to feminists outside their bubble, often claiming that feminist subreddits are too friendly with MRAs. However, the SRSDiscussion(link) subreddit is somewhat better, and is much less toxic than the main page.
  • Sarah Ditum(link): An English journalist/concern troll and terf who pulls the usual schtick of fighting sexism, while bashing trans people [10]. Also more or less came to the defence of Leelah Alcorn's transphobic parents [11].
  • Story Ending Never(link): A white racist lesbian atheist radfem with lots of sexist generalizations about those violent stupid animals of the male persuasion. Also hates women of color and strongly believes that only white women are being oppressed.
  • Taylor Fogarty(link): A typical man-hating lesbian radfem.
  • Transgender Reality: A blog that is ran by a radfem who believes that transgender people are being "recruited and coached" into becoming transgender. It's as full of shit as it sounds.
  • Transgender Trend(link): A website for UK parents that claims to simply "questioning the transgender narrative" in regards to children. While not quite as feminist oriented as others, it does give support to at least one terfy individual.[12]
  • Trust Your Perceptions(link): A man-hating radical lesbian separatist feminist site that believe that semen suppresses women's "natural" ability to reproduce via parthenogenesis.
  • Twanzphobic Since Forever(link): Exactly what it it says on the tin. (At least they let you know what you're getting into right up front, unlike the more bashful TERF webshites. Credit for honesty is due.) Most TERF websites devote 70 to 80% of their bandwith to shitting on transwomen. This one devotes 100% of it. Also notable is its fucking obnoxious "parodical" style, which is just essentially replacing "R" with "W", and saying "Lol" every three words.
  • When Women Were Warriors(link): Another TERF blog. And also witchcraft. And eugenics-style arguments for the inferiority and evil of males. Just an all-around crazy place.

Christian doormathood[edit]

  • Above Rubies(link): Quiverfull site.
  • Biblical Gender Roles(link):
  • The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood(link): Set up to combat amongst other things, "the increasing promotion given to feminist egalitarianism with accompanying distortions or neglect of the glad harmony portrayed in Scripture between the loving, humble leadership of redeemed husbands and the intelligent, willing support of that leadership by redeemed wives."
  • God Hates Feminists(link): About as misogynistic as you can get; contains lots and lots of Bible verses, most with seemingly little relevance to what the author’s talking about.
  • It's the Women, Not the Men!(link):
  • There is this thing called biology(link):
  • Ladies Against Feminism(link):
  • LeeLee in Babylon(link):
  • Loving in the Ruins(link):
  • Peacefulwife's Blog(link):
  • QuiverFull.com(link):
  • Recovering Feminist(link):
  • Sunshine Mary(link):
  • Simple Southern Spirit(link):
  • The Thinking Housewife(link):
  • Unmasking Feminism(link):
  • Visionary Daughters(link):
  • Whats Wrong With Equal Rights(link):

Secular doormathood[edit]

  • The Conservative Woman(link):
  • Darling Doll(link):
  • Embrace Your Femininity(link):
  • Girls being Girls(link):
  • The New Femininity(link):
  • Laura Doyle(link): Author of The Surrendered Wife, Supporter of lying to save your marriage, and not asking for help in the home
  • Notes from a Red Pill Girl(link):
  • On the Rock(link):
  • Red Pill Wifery(link):
  • /r/redpillwomen(link): now r/RedPillWives
  • Stupid Girl(link):
  • The Voice of Reason(link):
  • Your Slaviswife Is Evolving(link):