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July 2012[edit]

25Obama is going to stage a fake assassination attempt, impose martial law, and suspend the election.
5Include F1 and NASCAR racin' in them Olympics ya'll! Poll results: 5% agree, 95% lolwut.
4Capitalism has an image problem? Ya don't say....
5A well-intentioned but ignorant racefail or a dystopia for the Stormfront set?
16Kent Hovind is working on another degree. I wonder if he's going to make this dissertation more accessible....
45Women don't want to be astronauts. Bonus: "She never gave a man such necessary and life-sustaining love that he was able to do great things, such as fly into space." Sorry, Sally, being the first US female astronaut isn't good enough.
6AiG explains how to properly fight on the forums.
24Full steam ahead for the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition!
13An Alabama preacher who supports Chick-fil-A's anti-gay marriage stance repeats a 2008 claim by a rabbi who supported Prop 8. So, can you guess what he thinks will happen if gay marriage is legalized? Hint: He's read Genesis 6.
7Margaret Wente: Because liberals! Commenters: "You know you just plagiarized Ross Douthat word by word from two weeks ago and he can sue your ass at any moment?"
4Terry's Conservative News and Views endorses Allen West Allan-with-an-"a" West for Vice President. Guess Rick Parry-with-an-"a" wasn't available.
9David Cameron continues to be in stopped clock as he rebukes a Tory MP for red-baiting the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Also, we'll leave you to search on Twitter for the American idiot who actually believes that the Voldemort statue during the NHS tribute is symbolism for death panels. Seriously.
6Forbes argues that Canuckistan, with universal health care, an income inequality rate lower by 10 points, average income tax receipts in the 40th percentile, a VAT, triple the amount of unionized workers, and banking regulations worthy of making Alan Greenspan contemplate suicide, is more libertarian than the United States because it has a lower corporate tax rate.
13The Oatmeal's 'How To Suck At Your Religion' comic is offensive to Catholics because... because... because WWWAAAAAHHHH!!!
15Aurora shooter may have been suffering from demonic possession
12Our Andy isn't the only person who likes to rewrite the Bible. Now Dr. David Barton is getting in on the actHat tip: Stuff Fundies Like]
12After the failed link between the Aurora shooter and the tea party this is bound to happen.
10Disgraced Democrats cursed America.
20No! The Aurora shootings occurred because America denies the existence of hell. Also, any victims who were not Christians are now burning in hell.
22The Aurora shootings are evolution's fault.
24Half-assed speculations about the Aurora shooting not enough for you? Let the batshit conspiracy theories begin!
11Bill-O wades into El Rushbo territory with his slavery dog-whistle.
15A mere 12 hours after the "Dark Knight massacre" in Aurora and Reason.com was already able to cherry-pick a half-dozen instances of half-assed speculations by media pundits and politicians about the shooter and his motives. Update: The NRA on Twitter: Time to do some shootin' ya'll! SHIT SHIT SHIT Update 2: Memo to Facebook and Twitter fans -- "James Holmes" is actually a fairly common name. So stop pestering them!
6Godlike Productions's owner posts a poll and pins it on the front page: Since You Don't Think Your Vote Matters - Do You Want A Revolution? (He personally thinks it's a bad idea.) So far the votes are 633/207 "for", and the comments are as usually golden. One of the saner voices: "If people can't get it together and at least register and vote, how in hell do they think they could pull off a military revolt?"
16Jerome Corsi wants to cover all the bases when it comes to birtherism.
16Bryan Fischer: Inhalants cause AIDS.
-6Need to define obtuse? Start here.
19Are you prepared for the most batshit commentary The Grauniad has ever published? Ironically, it's a pro-faith, Godwin-carpetbombing circumcision rant with some muttering about "liberalism having no sense of history."
17Bioware need to stop neglecting their Straight Male Gamer audience.
9A handful of NJ Tea Party groups get pissy about other NJ Tea Party groups pretending to speak for them, so their "small-government" solution: create the American Tea Party Congress, complete with legislative and executive divisions, to speak on behalf of Tea Parties across the entire nation. Bonus points for the way the ethnic and cultural diversity of America is represented in the founding membership
11I suppose if Alex Jones and Joe Arpaio beat the long dead birther horse enough, its constant twitching will somehow make this lie true.
11Tennessee Tea Partiers To GOP Gov: Stop Employing Muslims, Gays, Democrats!
6The allegory of the douchebag parent now has an entry for the 2012 election.
10A vote for Romney is a vote for Satan!
13Michele Bachmann - still carrying on about Muslim penetration.
8According to Bryan Fischer, Jesus loves the Second Amendment.
14"10 Baffling Romance Tips From the Sociopaths at Fox News" It has nothing to do with skepticism. But the phrase "the sociopaths at Fox News" is just so eye catching. And it's entertaining to see the seemingly endless levels of craziness in Murdochland. (Where do they find these people?)
33Memo to Samantha Brick's husband: GET OUT!! GET OUT NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!!
9Chris Hedges: O academia, academia, thou that cold-shoulderest the prophets, when wilt thou realize that "it is only our absurd 'scientific' prejudice that reality must be physical and rational that blinds us to the truth"?
15Bryan Fischer: The government should tax atheists.
15So... God is, according to CMI, the Large Hadron Collider?
8A Facebook page is trying to gin up support for "Jesus Take the Wheel Day" on 31 March 2013. The poster would like us to believe that this is a real thing. But since it seems that none of the commenters have looked at a 2013 calendar -- and since the poster has neglected to mention that March 31st is also Easter Sunday -- here's your Poe warning.(Warning: Poe's Law in action!)
2For the past few days we've been on full Poe-watch when dozens of wingnut American tweeters said they would be moving to Canada if Obamacare passed. The Globe and Mail has proved otherwise, they're not kidding.
7Tyranny, cruel punishment, anti-feminism and anti-Marxism. It has to be Thomas the Tank Engine.
12Former FBI employee claims she saw angels at 9/11 crash site.
21Obama is literally evil and is actively attempting to destroy America