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Log in: is a fringe right website that promotes Christian fundamentalism and makes look sane in comparison (though some of their pundits also post on TownHall, their overall crazification factor is significantly higher). In fact, it is so far to the right it has criticized Roger Ailes and Fox News for not being conservative enough.[1]


The site is openly homophobic and long winded rants about how gay marriage is "Satanic", and will bring about God's punishment, are not uncommon.[2] The site also carries extreme homophobe Bryan Fischer's column, where he posts nonsense, such as claiming gays ran the Nazi Party (and thus "forgetting" that thousands of gays were murdered in concentration camps by the Nazis. You can't get real wingnuttery without a pinch of Holocaust denial, right?).[3][4]

Being a far-right website, it also promotes the usual suspects, including:

Meet the wingnuts[edit]

The site lets any fundamentalist with something of a reputation contribute articles, leading to the site having a ton of contributers. This is just some of their more notable columnists.

Michael Bresciani
Writes about the coming rapture and how we must soon do battle with the Antichrist.[11]
Tim Dunkin
Predicted a "solid" Mitt Romney victory in 2012. And a McCain victory in 2008.[12]
Bryan Fischer
Fred Hutchison
Goes on long rants against the evolutionist "old guard" of the scientific community because they oppose Intelligent Design.[13]
Alan Keyes
Cliff Kincaid
Hates Glenn Greenwald with a passion and calls Obama a socialist.[14] Likes to engage in red-baiting because he's apparently unaware that the USSR collapsed.
Barbara Kralis
Has pushed conspiracy theories about abortion being a "minority genocide".[15]
Rev. Austin Miles
Creationist who mocks the Big Bang Theory and has called Carl Sagan "corrupt". Quote mines Sagan to make arguments.[16]
Mary Mostert
Global warming denialist who uses Christopher Monckton as an appeal to authority in her arguments.[17]
Laurie Roth
Thinks Obama has sided with radical Muslims who support Sharia law.[18] She also thinks gay marriage will lead to the legalization of bestiality.[19]
Grant Swank
Gave us that lovely "evolution is a crock" quote.[20]
Marsha West
Religious lunatic who opposes yoga because, in her words, "According to God's Word, mystical practices of any sort are evil".[21]
Sher Zieve
Quite possibly the most batshit insane member of the site, which is really saying something. Her screeds freqently go into self-parody territory.[22]
Steve Kellmeyer
Rabidly batshit Christian author who compares homosexuals to murderers, parrots David Barton 'America as a Christian Nation' talking points, and has a habit of using the PIDOOMA method of fact gathering to back up his assertions.[23] Also claims secular humanism promotes abuse of women.[24]

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