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September 2013[edit]

11An erotic novel about Bitcoin. (HT usvsth3m.)
26So... what exactly "pushes the pelvis upward" when a woman drives a car? Kind of makes you wonder what vehicles these fundamentalists are driving.
52BBC News: Scientists 95% certain global warming is man made Daily Mail: Scientists not 100% certain global warming is man made
32Obama Declares National Muslim Appreciation Month. Watch as Patriot tea party types get throughly Poe'd. People are very mad about it.
10The Times goes balance fallacy with the IPCC report (and says it's more trustworthy by being "less alarmist" than 2007, despite the exact opposite.)
10Oh, so now dissent is the highest form of patriotism, you Blood-thirsty little turd?
22What's causing the spread of acceptance of gay people and the embrace of same-sex marriage? Mind control. Obviously.
19This Blogspot blog may deserve its own RW page because it's one big pantload of batshit crazy paranoia all coming from just one woman who claims to be "an investigative biblical Christian journalist." For a quick introduction, check out this post on another site where she claims that Asheville, North Carolina is really the Deep South's hub of satanism, and where teenagers confessed to her that they had participated in several human sacrifices. (She even believes one girl's claim that she sacrificed a baby when she was just four years old!)
14Lech Walesa a few months ago: "Ditch the gays!" Lech Walesa today: "Merge Germany with Poland!"
15According to UFO Digest, Vikings fought Neanderthals in Medieval Russia, as described in Beowulf Ibn Fadlan's manuscript Michael Crichton's Eaters of the Dead
-6So much for the "liberal-biased" NPR: We can't use Switzerland to justify our love of guns anymore? Ok, let's compare the US to... Russia.
36Ralph Barton was a brilliant yet mentally troubled illustrator who committed suicide just before his fortieth birthday in 1931. Ray Comfort has just crossed the line from delusional whack job to human shit stain by exploiting a quote from Barton's suicide note to promote his latest cinematic YEC-fest. (Anybody who still thinks that Banana Man is a deep-cover liberal and/or atheist should stop making that argument now.)
12Breitbart: Gene Roddenberry is secretly running the Obama administration!
13Jack Chick gives us a fairly unremarkable tract for Halloween. Notable largely for an unexpected celebrity cameo next to Satan.
24UKIP's Godfrey Bloom ingratiates himself to a roomful of female UKIP activists: "This place is full of sluts."
5Oh noes! The Muslims are getting their own “no-go” zones where they can install their own courts, government, justice and punishment.
24Workplace massacres? Now we know why they happen.
4Censorship-based secularism will work in Quebec because the BNP is more politically powerful in the UK than the Front National is in France. (Someone didn't remember 2012.)
23Glenn Beck goes from "Everyone is a Progressive Nazi" nutty to straight-up British Israelism nutty — or rather, American Israelism.
17The list of "25 Most Influential Conservatives" might as well be titled the "25 Most Batshit Insane people in US politics."
25Alex Jones claims the Washington shootings are a "globalist conspiracy to discredit him." No, Alex, you're doing a great job of that on your own.
11You would think that even the basic provisions of a media shield to prevent the a repeat of the AP fiasco a few months ago would be a good idea. To Matt Drudge, Ted Cruz and the Canadian Free Press, apparently not.
15Unlike Jerome Corsi, the Pope isn't a hateful bigot, therefore how can he be Catholic?
5Just come across this from July, but: MPs grin about food banks for the starving
14Ten things we can learn from the slaughter of the Amorites in the Old Testament - or not!
11If you need a video to prove that the theocratic bent of of US politics will (eventually) break down, Pat Robertson can hook you up with one.
39A postgraduate student at the University of Lagos has proved scientifically that gay marriage is wrong. Magnetism proves that opposites attract, therefore homosexuality is immoral.
11The real question here is "Does anybody know what a jetcopter is?". Because I want one.
7For wingnuts who endlessly wail about the slippery slope of socialism, they are seemingly uninterested in the history and implications around post-Soviet power ties.
13Nadine Dorries MP, formerly of I'm A Celebrity — Get Me Out Of Here, has taken time out of her busy schedule telling gay people that they can't get married and hiring her own daughters on expenses, to write a novel.
30Catholic website Fix the Family gives their six reasons not to send your daughter to college. They later added two more -- numbers 6 and 8 -- which, to them, somehow adds up to seven. Hmm. Just to be safe, better add this:(Warning: Poe's Law in action!)
17It's finally happened; Dennis Prager drops the pseudo-intellectual guise and goes full wingnut, by declaring tolerance promoted by the "left" to be a slippery slope to fascism. Literally, fascism.
3Putin publishes a column... in the New York Times.. As a response, John_McCain gets an op-ed in... Pravda.ru! [1]
12Another Daily Fail alert as aliens are interfering with minor league baseball
21Teenage exorcists who say Harry Potter has corrupted the world head to Britain armed with Bibles and Holy Water to tackle hotbed of occult activity (warning: Daily Mail)
10The asshole responsible for turning the Canadian government into a freakshow on climate change calls the whambulance on the Mayor of Calgary (which the latter, admittedly, should not have responded to).
6Thomas "Damn, where were you for all this time?" Friedman: Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and (next up) Syria are all the same war. Just ignore the ethnic differences, politics and timescales Ergo, we should have put troops on the ground in Libya and not left Iraq.
9The Chronicle Herald: Oh, bringing Arabs into the country will lead to our women wearing burk—Never mind. If you wear skimpy clothing you must put out!
5Why we shouldn't link to Business Insider.
23British Columbia pastor writes an op-ed calling evolution "magical, medieval sorcery." Either a lobe of this guy's brain is dedicated to cognitive dissonance and denialism, or he just wrote one of the greatest parodies ever.
18Aren't Nazi hagiographies from the Daily Fail wonderful? (Look past the headline)
29Some PUA writes a whole blog post eulogizing his jizz "liquid gold": My sperm could populate an entire society of strong good looking altruistic people and any girl who takes it in would be lucky to be a vessel towards that new world. (You can read instead the MST3Kd version on Manboobz.)
27The "National Director" of Patriot Action Network, Darla Dawald, has finally gone completely off the deep end.
14Your back-to-school lesson in irony from CNAV, which recommends that "it is always best" to choose the Federal Student Loan Program over private student loans.
6The real reason why terrorists hate America.
-71Latest wisdom from Faux News: "Don't wash your chicken."