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June 2012[edit]

7Project Blue Beam in the Obama Era (somehow manages to throw 9/11, birtherism and "a new, vibrationally different Yuga" into the mix)
2White girls we have problems too, we're just like you, except we're white. Welcome to the world of Margaret Wente.
7 Apparently seceeding is a great way to escape the tyranny of the Federal Government™.It's also a great tax dodge. Right Mr. "Sovereign" Citizen?
22Michael Savage: Roberts only supported Obamacare because his epilepsy medication affects his cognition.
16Feminist blog publishes a short post celebrating the Obamacare decision. Post gets linked on Reddit as "Feminists gloat over Obamacare victory, mock the pain and neglect of men, and tell men to move to Canada", MRA trolls invade the comment section to whine that the decision is a "terrible blow to men".
4Operation Omega Phoenix is go! The Earth Allies shall begin mass arrests of members of the Cabal! Don't panic. Don't turn on eachother. (sic) Don't riot. Don't run into a bank and start shooting people. Please just try to be calm and work together to meet the needs of your community.
19Chuck Norris: Obama is secretly influencing the Boy Scouts to accept gays. (Note to Chuck: if you have to open nearly every paragraph with "is it a coincidence", the answer is probably "yes".)
6Margaret Wente: The disappearing influence of churches, Boys Scouts and Girl Guides is making our children into law-breaking douchebags! Speaking of Boy Scouts...
25Accelerated Christian Education schools are using Nessie to prove evolution wrong.
10Pleased to say that I will be the first to place Thunderf00t, for the first time, into the Clogosphere.
22Disco 'Toot on Wikipedia: a bunch of layabouts who should get proper jobs.
10According to the upstanding, well-informed folks at A Voice for Men, Christianity is not patriarchal (or not sufficiently patriarchal, or something).
30Judge to Farah: fuck off, you loony.
21No doubt the editors at Snopes thought they'd seen everything. But then the spam generators at Obama Hate Machine LLC came up with this little gem for them to debunk. The saying "Oh, the stupid! It burns!" is inadequate here. (HINT: His mother's given first name was Stanley.)
34Joe the Plumber sez gun control caused the Holocaust
26Don't eat the tomatoes! They're Christian.
20 WND: God guided Nik Wallenda during his tightrope walk over Niagra Falls, and not his decades of training and experience with tightrope-walking. Not to mention his tether and a plethora of other safety equipment.
19Ken Ham: Our billboards are way better than your billboards! (Spot the fire-breathing dragon!)
15Hello, TJ.
53The metric system is COMMUNISM! Onozomg.gif
9VDARE: Hip locavore trend of raising chickens in the backyard is bad because Mexicans.
3Banning plastic bags - the new Puritanism! Margaret Wente: the new McMegan?
18Vox Day proves PZ Myers' point.
20The Institute for Creation Research launches a new blog: Your Origins Matter. Claims of conversation about "origins science" are likely overstated.
11Alex Jones debuts a social network for gibbering nutters: planet.infowars.com. (HT Skeptical Humanities.)
25Wikipedia is just part of the eugenicist New World Order conspiracy put forward by H.G. Wells.
25WND: Hawaii birthers promising an October surprise.